Saturday, April 8, 2017

FLASH: Hacked Photo Shows Russian Meddling in Fathers' Day 8k!

Documents released by the anti-secrecy group "Klimmyleaks" have revealed a Russian plan to influence the results of the 2017 Fathers' Day 8k Race. A photograph obtained by a hacker using the alias "Klucifer" (no relation to former GRC Viceroy Jake Klim) clearly shows that the Kremlin is attempting to tip the scales in favor of race contestant Patrick Murphy (seen below), to the detriment of race rivals Ryan Witters and Joe Wiegner. The photograph, tantalizing entitled "Murph_Russia_Trip_With_FLYNN_FD8K," was reportedly taken from Murphy's computer. A website affiliated with the Klimmyleaks organization affirmed that neither Jake Klim nor Sean O'Leary, who looks like a younger version of Klim, were involved in the disclosure.

If you believe in fair play, democracy, and the American Way, then this blog encourages you to register for this year's Fathers' Day 8k and make your voice heard.  This year's race falls on June 18 and registration is available HERE

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Luke said...

Pretty sure there should be a "© 2017 Doc Ellis" under that photo...