Monday, August 31, 2009

Newsflash-Palavecino wins in Chicago!

Matias won the international elite amateur division of the Chicago triathlon this weekend, in true GRC style running down the leaders. He swam sub 20 on 1500m (=very very fast), cycled 25.5 MPH for 40k and still ran 34.00 10k! Very impressive! He should be doing good in the pro races very soon!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

GRC-ers on the bike?!

Since this year, I have decided to change from being a runner to an (aspiring) duathlete. I've picked up cycling, even though I'm not quite as fast as Matias, Ryan McGrath or LJ!

So far, I've done my first 40k Time Trial in church creek last week: 1.01.49, 5th in cat 5 and middle of the pack on the whole day. The level of cycling is pretty good in the DC area, and some older guys handily beat me!

Yesterday, I did my first bigger duathlon, a race in the Netherlands over 4M-18M-3M. I was leading the first run in 20.11, being chased by former world duathlon champ Armand van der Smissen! I felt it on the (non-drafting) bike leg though and I rode only 22.5MPH, came off the bike in 10th. The second run was ok with 16.40 (despite being misdirected costing 10-15sec), and getting back to 7th (45sec behind #4). My main lesson: never give up, no matter how many people pass on the bike!!


Greetings from Holland!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

please lets do 8am tomorrow

Guys, i need to be back at the store at 11am to meet some folks for tri clinic and need to get going 8ish. I am looking for slow 2 hr run.

can you all take one for the old man?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009


i saw someone posted difficult run on sunday. I propose 8-830 as the time. i would like to run 2 hrs or so but need to be totally done by 11am.

i can bring some special characters to join in on the fun

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wednesday workout

The plan is to take a week off from the track. Red Fox is wandering around the West for a week and Dirk is homeward bound, but Murphy and I are planning to meet at The Line on Wednesday at 6:30 for a tempo run. Any takers?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend Runs

Dickson and I are running the CCT-RCP Loop (21 miles) on Sunday morning at 8:30am. Starting at Barnes & Noble in Bethesda, then head down the CCT, cross over to the C&O Towpath, run past the Gtown Store, left on Rock Creek Parkway, back up to The Line and then take the Georgetown Branch Trail back to Barnes & Noble.

SEE ROUGH MAP HERE - this can be adjusted/amended to go more/less.

If you want to run 20+ this is a good one. If you want to join in for part of the fun, you might be able to jump on our train at a few different places (ie - the Store which is roughly mile 7)

I'm running the usual 10 from the Store on Saturday at 9am.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Local Ace Culley Just Misses Final


Early this Morning, BERLIN
Local runner Julie Culley just missed qualifying for the final in the women's 5,000m at the World Outdoor Champs with a time of 15:32. A tremendous effort whilst running with the best women on the planet. I believe this is one of her fastest times ever. Congrats!

1 330 Sentayehu Ejigu ETH 15:17.64 Q
2 590 Sylvia Jebiwott Kibet KEN 15:17.77 Q
3 335 Meselech Melkamu ETH 15:18.39 Q
4 483 Krisztina Papp HUN 15:19.90 Q (SB)
5 740 Sara Moreira POR 15:19.93 Q
6 571 Yurika Nakamura JPN 15:21.01 q (PB)
7 979 Julie Culley USA 15:32.33
8 816 Natalya Popkova RUS 15:32.62
9 701 Inés Melchor PER 16:00.83
10 637 Marriam Thole MAW 17:12.21
921 Elvan Abeylegesse TUR DNS

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Flavor flave and Chuck D rapping those powerful words.

Nothing like Public Enemy to get the running juices flowing.

Rather than run the Klim death run on Sunday. I met some tamer souls and did a 2 hr and 50 minute slow run on the tender loving rolling hills at Difficult run. Ran with ease.

upon conclusion of the run zipped back to the Running Store and served the running community all day. Made approximately 75 trips up and down the fabled Gtown RunCo slate stairwell.

Doing a workout like this is like running a marathon and then runing up and down stairs for the next 6 hrs.

My legs are now on fire 24/7. We keep large buckets of ice in the back to soak and stay fresh.

During the day of service at the store, you deal with bunions, plantar faciitis, defective asics, the new Reebok line, novice runners looking for affirmation, 20 year old elite college runners sneaking peaks at Let's Run, token appearances from local famous runners, educating people about the value of GU and Cliff Shots, hydration 101, talking to various tourists about the national mall and the wonders of DC and the same scenarios repeat themselves over and over and yes, there are the vaunted stairs. Those stairs have tamed many a runner.

A day in the life of running

Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturday at 9am

I am hitting up the store tomorrow for the usual 9-11 miles. Anyone else going?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Towpath Workout on Sunday

On Sunday, Dickson and I are going to meet at Old Angler's Inn at 8:30am and then drive north/west to Riley's Lock and run 3-4 x 2-mile on, 1-mile off back south to Old Anglers (some of us might keep going). We'll likely place Gatorade/water at the halfway mark.

Let me know if you are interested so we know how many cars we need to drive up to Riley's.

UPDATE: Details on the ACTUAL mileage between mile markers can be found in this old report - HERE

Friday, August 7, 2009

GRC in Europe

LATE: Diego wins 3k in Netherlands - 8:36...

I just did a pretty happy come back to the tracks (in Utrecht, NL) and I felt I wanted to tell you about it. As I said I would, I run for GRC so some people already know about over here; expanding the empire yeah! (i think there is a crappy picture from the race, ill attach it to prove it...)

I was planning on trying to go under 1'54'' in the 800 but I changed my mind when I saw no competition in that race. I went in in the 3k and I run a weird 8'36'' (check out this splits: 3'03'', 2'52'', 2'41''(oh yeah), with a 57'' the last lap). I am pretty happy with it. As you can imagine by the splits, it wasnt a high level competition so I also won the race.


I am meeting Mighty Chuck Moeser and some others at Difficult Run on Sunday at 8am for a 16 mile easy run.

anyone can come so long as they run shirtless as is the custom with Moeser led runs.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


with that being said, its always fun to run. For those not hitting the Falmouth roads this weekend I am opening the store at 7am for some DCROADRUNNERS. I would like to do a GRC team run around 7:45am of 10 miles or so. This would be much easier on the store-end.

Please try to make this early time. If not, I am afraid the store will be closed at 9 as I need to get back to accomodate DCROADRUNNERS upon their return from their training run.

Sorry for the late notice.


Monday, August 3, 2009


the last race i ran with any level of respectively was back in 2006 at the Leesburg 20k I think i did 109. I am not in very good race shape nowadays but my legs no longer hurt. I am considering jumping in this run. Dirk, Nate, Billy, Lindsey, Dangerous Dylan, Matias or anyone for that matter, are you game? Even if you are not ready to die for glory its a worthy event to participate in.

Let me know

Love Max

A Runner Pal Looking for a Roommate

A guy who ran for my college team is looking for a roommate in the DC area. He's doing the Craiglist route, but everyone knows how sketchy that can be. Runners mesh well and he's wondering if anyone might be in need of a roommate in mid-August. Shoot me an email if you are interested and I will put you both in touch -

Sunday, August 2, 2009

FLASH: Ben Cooke Goes Running!

August 2, 2009
"THE LINE", Washington DC/Silver Spring, Md

BREAKING NEWS: Ben Cooke ran today with the GRC Race Team. It was reported to be the first time Cooke has run in months...possibly years. In lieu of running, Cooke has been listening and dancing to "The Wiggles". Today he ran with an even stride and appeared content. Could this possibly be the return of the former Duke? 


FLASHBACK: Ben Cooke is a James Madison University graduate with 4:01 mile, 13:53 5K and 29:40 10K times to his credit, despite recurring injuries that have hobbled his training program for months at a time.