Friday, September 15, 2017

Weekend Preview(s)

[Disclaimer: All, if not some, direct quotes were neither stated by nor taken from associated individuals.  All takes are mine and mine alone, and may only be reproduced with direct, perfunctory permission. Lastly, I reserve the right to flip sides on any stance I may take.]

Workouts officially moved on from AU and, for at least the foreseeable future, GRCharriers will be hammering the grit and the glamour of the National Mall.  But don't take my word for it, check out this lit instagram. Did Robby Andrews come to DC just to take in the sights? I don't think so folks.  

Let's get down to business.  We've got a YUGE weekend of competition as #fallracingszn kicks up a notch.  

1st on the docket is the very gorgeous, very wonderful Philly RnR [1/2 'thon] of the renowned Rock 'n Roll marathon series. Toeing the line will be Lucas Stalnaker, Sean B., and Graham Tribble for the men and Maura Linde, Kerry, and Emily D. for the women.  

Lucas, making his debut in the teal&white, is hot off a 5th place finish in the 10k at NCAAs last June.  Sources close to Lucas tell me he's "extremely fit" and "has a great, very wonderful, very big chance to make a big splash".  Sean B, as previously reported, is on a tear and looking to continue in the city of brotherly love [insert dumpster fire meme].  Graham's status is 50/50 but should he step to the line, competitors are likely to be enveloped in a sense shock and awe. 

Maura will be debuting in the half for 2017. If workouts are any indication, she's fit and prepared to fly, figuratively and possibly literally too [jury is still out]. Kerry has been crushing the #hardtraining and looks to giddyup smartly and efficiently.  And similar to Graham, if Emily D. races, there's no telling the damage it will do to competitor's psyches.

The other big, and I mean big folks, event going on is the Navy 1/2.  The lively bunch featuring Kieran, Outlaw, other Ryan [S], Charlie, Ian, Sean OHHH, Mark, Tom, Tyler, and the silent killer Dr. Fridge are looking to send it for the men while Steph, Julie, Hallie, and Keely plan to own. Just own.

Don't forget the Navy 8k goes off this weekend as well with Stewart, Luk, and Chris running the race into indiscriminate and politically correct submission. Stew looks to be a major factor fresh of the first sub-14 5k GRC has ever seen.  You might call that fake news, but just connect the dots folks. Luk has been getting his studies on in College Park, and just generally getting more hip by the hour, so it should suffice to say speed is the largest byproduct, and the natural 8k-er will bring style and pizazz to the event.  Chris...well its Chris. He'll complete the race in a vanilla, esoteric manner. Because of this, he's the top dark-horse candidate in the race.  He's a blue collar working man hailing from Wisconsin [or Minnesota, somewhere up there]. When the Eau Claire native brings his lunch pail, watch out. Grit and grind at its finest.

That's it for now folks. Hammer it here for your #fallracingszn updates.



Steph switches to Navy 8k to make Stewart earn his keep and Graham stays close to home as he traded in garbage for gold [philly=garbage for all you readers out there, mainly Wiggy].  Look for Graham lacing it up with the Navy 1/2 gang.  The key to both these races will be keeping a healthy, compact pad level.  Low man always wins.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Marathon Mondays

There is no more certain sign that #fallracingszn is upon us than GRC marathoners cranking out the hard training. What I present in this post is pictorial evidence of an oft-overlooked aspect of marathon training: namely, running under immense objects. Be sure to add at least 2x running under large objects (as demonstrated above) to take things to 11 this marathon season.

("Why include this nonsensical drivel when there exists a medium - in this case, Instagram - through which to photo-document the hard training?" is one relevant question the author has theoretically received. "What's Instagram?" is what he probably hollered from his porch.)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

FLASH: Stewart Breaks 14?

If the results are to be believed, Stewart Reich has supposedly broken 14 minutes for 5k at this morning's Discover Downtown 5k in Columbia, MD. His reported time of 13:36 is a PR by 54 seconds.

Excuse me for editorializing here, but I think this is bull crap and I suspect foul play.

Exhibit A: Stephanie and Stewart raced and won the Market Street Mile yesterday in 5:01 and 4:16 respectively. I don't care if you're a Reich, running two races in a weekend is not conducive for a PR, let alone one of this magnitude.

Exhibit B: We all know that Patrick Murphy has continued to spend a good amount of time in the DC area since "moving" to Boston, and followers of this very blog may recall that "Murph" attempted to doctor the results of the Fathers' Day 8k, but seemingly got cold feet at the last minute. If anyone has photographic evidence of Patrick in Columbia this morning, please post on our Facebook page.

Let me be clear - I don't necessarily think Steph is implicated in all of this, but the question remains: what did she know and when did she know it?


Friday, September 8, 2017

Weekend Preview(s)

[Disclaimer: All, if not some, direct quotes were neither stated by nor taken from associated individuals.  All takes are mine and mine alone, and may only be reproduced with direct, perfunctory permission. I reserve the right to flip sides on any stance I may take.]

You can smell it, I can smell it, and we're all getting the feels for the #fallracingszn.  Gone is the hard training of summer. The sun is officially relegated to a #beta with its shorter days and questionable temperature.  And #PSLs are back in a big way.  A witty man once said "Legends are born in July, but they're remembered in September".

We've got big races on the docket folks, but first make sure to be a hero and volunteer for Pacer's waterstops and DCXC.  Get. @. Sean O.

This weekend, budding superstar Gina McNamara makes her low-key debut in the Parks Half [marathon]. Speaking of the half, Sean and multi-Boston harrier Chris Bain will be looking to open #fallracingszn in a big way. Look for Bain to keep it steady and strong, unlike that snowflake, the Sun. And sources say Sean plans to "put one foot in front of the other" and see how it shakes out.  Bold strategy, bolder mindset but they don't call him the peoples' runner for nothin'.

The Reich duo [Stew & Steph], taking the summer harvest to the Market [Street Mile] Saturday and a low-key 5k in Columbia on Sunday.  The mile sets up well for the couple; fast pace and even faster post-race boomerang instastories.  Be sure to mash that refresh button Saturday and Sunday.

Finally, Kyle W will be snowshoeing back home in Canada, well as close as you can get without technically being in Canada.  He'll be prepping for harsh winter-like conditions at his college alumni race somewhere near a lake.  But you know what they say about the weather in Minnesota folks? If you don't like it, wait 5 min.

That's it for now.  Be on the lookout for more weekend previews later this month.

Hammer it here for updates and results.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Make Running Fun Again

It's a new month and a new szn folks. If you've been sweating out the summer, the wait is over. Put away your white [crop tops], and pull out the plaid.  The turn of the calendar brought with it cooler temps and shorter days and I, for one, am getting all the autumn feels.  *NOTE: this blog post reserves its right to revert back to summer due to any increase in heat/humidity next week.

We've got updates.

Sean B is running like a man on the run in Cali and he's "preparing for a great fall [szn]" per Coach Jerry. 21:37 at Balboa Park in San Diego is no joke! 

People have come out in the masses for water stop volunteers at Pacers races this fall [it is Fall Racing szn btw].  These are the real heroes folks.  We're still looking for a few more volunteers/heroes to re-hydrate the harriers for Clarendon Day 5k, Vets Day 10k, turkey trot, and Jingle All the Way.  Two things about H2O that never change: 1) it always flows downhill, and 2) It can't pass itself out at water stops.

-Obligatory reference to Sean O's DCXC email-

Yesterday was our last Wednesday Workout at AU, RIP in peace.  It is Fall Racing szn, which means we're moving to the Mall.  Be on the lookout for some lit content on Witty's instagram.

Reminder: Saturday workouts still at Cell Tower Field. Legends may be born in July, but they're remembered in September.

That's it for now. Just sit back, relax, and volunteer. Nats are up 18 games, Clubs is around the corner, and football is back! What a time to be alive.

Giddyup 'em,



*Nats are up 18 games, they just called up MLB #4 overall prospect Victor Robles, Clubs is in the near future, and football is waaaaay back! What a time to be alive.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

FLASH: Klim married, assures wedding attendees his MCM training will not be affected

The Red Fox married Katie Mischenko today in Luray, VA.

Those in attendance report that Jake included a pledge to run the 42nd Marine Corps Marathon within his wedding vows.

Congratulations, Jake!