Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GRC Year in Review


At Home in Derwood
GRC Turns heads around the country and WINS(!) the USATF XC Championships in Derwood, Md.

Where it is Warmer
Mike Coterell wins the Ocala Marathon in 2:54


GRC dominates the Shamrock 5k in Baltimore. Klim, Reaves and Blasiak go 1, 2, 3. Then GRCer, Melissa Tanner wins the women's race

GRC hosts first annual GRC 5k Invite. Unfortunately Bert bests Klim, Reaves and Diego. However, Klim and Reaves PR.


The Spaniard's Kick
Diego goes from 5th place to 2nd in the last lap at the Terrapin Invite and runs 15:03 for 5k.

The Big Show
GRC wins team title at Cherry Blossom. 3 runners are sub-51:30, 10 runners break 55:00

The Spaniard Says Adios
GRC bids Diego Miralles adieu as he ventures back to Amsterdam

Winning the Watch
GRC wins team title at Penn Relays 20K. Patricks Reaves, Murphy and Hughes place 2nd, 6th and 11th respectively

Thunder Strikes Twice!
After missing all of February due to injury, Chris Bain runs 2:36 at Boston...then, 5 days later, against all odds, runs 2:31 halfway around the world in Seol, South Korea. Bain's second place finish makes him a millionaire in Korea.


Away at Philly...
GRC places 4th in heavy competition at Broad Street Run in Philly.

...And Back Closer to Home
Dickson Mercer makes debut for GRC and wins the Frederick Marathon coasting home in 2:37


The White Kenyan
Chris Raabe becomes the 1st American in 12 years to win Grandma's Marathon with a PR, and Olympic Trials Qualifying Time, of 2:15!

Enter The Beastman
Dirk de Heer, from Holland via UTEP, joins GRC with collegiate bests of 3:47 and 14:07


The Beastman is a Beast!
Dirk runs 24:45 and 15:02 for 8k and 5k respectively in Twilight Races on warm summer evenings.


GRC bids adieu to Billy Askey and Patrick Reaves who leave the area but still don GRC singlets. GRC says hello to Karl Dusen who boasts PRs of 29:00 and 2:20


Karl Dusen wins Ryan McGrath Memorial 5k in 15:06!

Klim & Dickson record personal bests at Philly Distance Run

Dirk finishes 12th at World Duathlon Champs!

Wilson runs 2:26 in Charm City

Matias muscles his way through IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in 9:49…finishing 29th in the 25-29 AG


A Cold Wet Hell
Patrick Reaves runs the race of his life and wins the City of Oaks Marathon (2:33) in a cold deluge

Brotherly Love
Dickson records his second best marathon with a 2:31:34 (good for 11th place) in Philly


The Land of Bourbon & Horses
GRC takes 19th at USATF XC Club Champs. Peter Silverman runs race of the day

New to GRC in 2009: Jake Marren, Chris Sloane, Chix Tender Runner, Karl & Emily Dusen, Dirk De Heer, Joey Wiggy, Mike Smith, Charlie Ban, Neal Hannan...and others?

Finall, please remember to update your 2009 race results HERE. These results should refelct races you ran while running for GRC.



Listen. I am taking a poll as who is the best "pound per pound" runner in land today. Think it through and send your choice with slight but meaningful rationale. The runner can be of American Dissent and or of another nation.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


What seems to be true and right is sometimes an illusion


the NEW YEAR is coming........................................

Ran 10 miles in the freezing cold this am along the waterfront and loved it.

Remember to buy your cold weather running gear at the RunCO

Monday, December 28, 2009

Runs this Week

I am heading to the track on Wednesday evening. I wouldn't mind doing 4 x 1600m (400 rest) slightly cutdown, but I am open to suggestions. Any takers?

I propose THE LINE on New Year's Day (Friday)...a late(r) start - 10am.

I will be at the Store on Saturday and plan to hit up Riley's Lock for 18 on Sunday. If anyone wants another option, feel free to post. The regular Riley's loop is 13 or 15, but you can add on via the towpath.



YEsterday i met Frank and the TOWPATH at the line. Frank. thanks for coming out at a reasonable time and having fun with us. welcome aboard.

We ran with the TOWPATH for about 15 minutes until he complained of a slight pain in his lower Gastrocnemius muscle and some tightness in the upper right hand region of the Iliotibial band and he needed to cut the run short:) sorry Towpath but I needed to throw that out there for the masses. Please do not take offence.

Oh Yea, Dirk joined us but alas, Dirk has no infamy nor lore, attached to his name(for the moment)

Love MAx

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Does anyone want to run the National Marathon? If so, and you can run well, I can get some entries. I already have one guy who plans on running around 2.27.

We should be able to dominate. C'mon Towpath. the four massages you get a week should be putting you in superstar shape:)

The world is yours

there is no more snow

Christmas is over and the New Year awaits like a growling bear emerging from hibernation.

Love Max

Thursday, December 24, 2009


store run and sunday run

who is coming to the 9am store run? also, in order to meet the needs of the many, i suggest 9am at the line on sunday. i know of some who want to run but need to make it 9, at the latest. Yo Frank, I have seen your posts many times but have never seen you at any of our runs. are you a real person or ghost?

merry xmas and holidays and much love from the RunCo

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weekend Runs

FYI - I am not around this weekend. If people are, and want to run, please post a meet-up spot.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


No, I am not scheduling a run on New Year's Eve (although I would be happy to run in the morning).

Yes, I am letting you know that everyone is invited to a party at my place at 406 4th St. SE., a couple blocks from Eastern Market metro.

I have not yet established an itinerary, but we do plan to make it a bit more than the usual house party (not that I am, like, against the usual house party -- quite the opposite). Dodgeball, maybe?

If you are interested in coming, please let me know.

Happy holidays to all, and safe travels this week.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

THE LINE @ 9:30am

For those who can make it...

I will post, no later than 8:30am, if I can/can't get out of my parking lot . As of now, I plan to hit up THE LINE as it is one of the only places to run sans cars which is also plowed...

"Comment" if you are interested.


Due to the metro closures and dangerous driving conditions, we don't expect a great turnout at the holiday party. Instead of bothering to open the store, the GRC holiday party has been relocated to my place. The time has not changed (8:30). Anyone that plans on coming should post a comment below and plan to bring whatever they wrote in the spreadsheet.

2750 14th St, NW, Apt #601
Washington, DC 20009

3 blocks south of the Columbia Heights Metro Station (Green/Yellow Lines).

Call my cell (607.621.8047) when you're in the lobby.

*** As an alternate, Klim's neighbor is hosting a party. Get in contact with him for details.

1111 Grosvenor Place
North Bethesda, Md

GRC snow angel?

WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 19: Jogger Max Lockwood is covered with snow and and ice while running down Pennsylvania Avenue December 19, 2009 in Washington, DC. Heavy snowfall has blanketed portions of the east coast with the Washington, DC area expecting up to two feet of snow. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) Source: Getty Images

Friday, December 18, 2009


If the snow is not too horrendous I will be at the store Saturday morning. Hot Chocolate and bagels to follow for those brave souls willing to make the trek.

"Biggest December Snowstorm on Record"

Cloudy with snow showers becoming a steady accumulating snow later on. Low 29F. Winds NE at 15 to 25 mph. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

Snow and gusty winds. Snow will become heavy during the afternoon. Cold. High around 30F. Winds N at 20 to 30 mph. Snow accumulating 8 to 12 inches.

Tomorrow night:
Periods of snow and windy. Low 26F. Winds NNW at 20 to 30 mph. 3 to 5 inches of snow expected.



Watch out Bain!

Grote Poll

I guess I need to just be honest with everyone and apologize for not running Club Nationals. Because according to the Grote Poll, had I run we would have done even better than a solid 19th. (Note: This is a big, fat joke. Ryan Grote is a friend of mine.)

But it's pretty cool that Jake's recap of the race was posted on Grote Poll. The site is very well read. Check it out at

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Weather Advisory

Check it HERE.

*Snow from 5-10 Inches starting Friday night/Saturday morning and stretching until Sunday.

Five inches is not such a big deal, but 10 inches of white makes running interesting.

This event should trigger a general discussion of how we should schedule our weekend runs. I am debating running my long run Saturday, during the heart of the storm but when less is accumulated, versus running long on Sunday in lighter snowfall but with more on the ground.

What do you guys think?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chris Raabe in ad in Jan/Feb Running Times

I was skimming through the most recent Running Times and I saw an ad for the 2010 Grandma's Marathon. On it is a picture of a runner who caught my attention because he had a Georgetown Running Company jersey on! Pretty sure this is the winner of the 2009 Grandma's Marathon, Chris Raabe. Just thought I'd share!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


All, I would like to know if folks have a genuine interest in having an end of year party at the Chevy Chase store this Sat eve? It will be a potluck and folks can bring their own beer and festive cheer. We had one last year and it was fun.

You can invite anyone you want. We need to know now if there is some serious interest.

Please post your thoughts in the comments section here.


Jake here...I have hijacked this post. I noted this in the "comments" below, but I should do it here as well:

Like last time, I made a tab under the 2009 Race Calender Spreadsheet to indicate whether YOU are coming and what YOU will bring.

This link should also get you there:

Please go here and let us know if you're coming...and what you're bringing.

Start Time is 8:30PM

PMurph here... The party has been relocated to my place. See blog post above.

Wednesday Workout

I don't think I am going. I have an unpredictable week at work and my legs are still a bit battered from Saturday...and I am fighting off a cold.

If you're going, please "comment" and post the workout.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

National Club XC pictures

*Special thanks to Ernst for coming out to support us and snap these pictures!


The runCo Race team captured the team crown for the Jingle Bell 10k down at Haines Point. We had solid performances by all. Congrats! below are the top five scorers

1. 2:12:36 GEORGETOWN RUNNING COMPANY       (  33:09)
1 31:50 Wilson Komen M
2 33:04 Murat Kayali M
3 33:29 Chris Sloane M
4 34:13 Maggie Infeld F

Jake, looks like Bert has taken his running to another level. Not sure if you can match his ferocity

enjoy and stay dry out there.


GRC Takes Home Team Title at JATW

2nd Wilson Komen* 31:50
6th Murat Kayali* 33:04
9th Chris Sloane* 33:29 PR
11th Matias Palavecino 34:00
13th Andrew Sovonick 34:05 PR
14th Phillippe Roly 34:46
38th Max Lockwood 37:34
127th Sean Baumann 41:52

1st Maggie Infeld* 34:13 PR
7th Hilary Cairns 38:07
614th Emily Bitetto 55:56

*Team Scorers

GREAT JOB EVERYONE. Wilson, Murat, & Maggie, I have trophies for each of you. I will drop them off at the running store in Georgetown(I will probably give them to Wilson since he works there)

Saturday, December 12, 2009



Someone just delivered all of the race bibs and pins to me. this means that I will have them and will hand them out at the start line at 7am. this means you do not need to collect them at the registration tent but rather with me at 7am. Please try and be at the start line no later than 710am.

Please email me at




Nice job everyone - one of the better team spreads. Jake leads the way.

Race Day

GRC Thoroughbreds do shake out run on the Red Mile Horse Track. Races time is set at 1:30PM.

Friday, December 11, 2009

GRCXC Update #1

Somewhere, West Virginia

No one wants to get behind the wheel of the Beige Van. "It's a lot of car" noted one driver. Spirits are high and the stench is down.



All, just a reminder that there will be a run from the store on Sat at 9am. Please come. Bring friends and foe, alike.


Thursday, December 10, 2009



Chris Sloane (captain)
Andrew Sovonick
Sean Baumann
Matias Palavecino
Philippe Rolly
Wilson Komen
Murat Kuatali
Emily Bitetto
Hillary Cairns
Maggie Infeld

Of all team members, I have met Matias, Andrew, & Wilson. I will be wearing a Virginia Tech Jacket. I look foward to meeting everyone else. Lets all meet in front of the start line at 7AM SHARP for a warm up. After the race, lets get everyone together for a cool down. After I finish, I will put on some warm clothes, and then meet on the opposite side closest to the river near the finishline for a cooldown(on the paved path). So lets meet there for the cooldown, as each person finishes. Lets try to keep track of everyone as they come through the finish so we can regroup. So, if you finish 1st out of all 10 GRC runners, start looking out for the next GRCrs finishing on the team, 2nd the same. Remember, the race starts at 7:45 AM! Looking foward to seeing everyone on Sunday!


Chris, we have an army of people running this race. I think it would be a good idea if you name a spot to meet and a time to accompany it. Mighty Max

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There Will Be Mud

In a recent dispatch, my contact on the ground (Matt Ernst) tells me that the ground in Lexington is "slop". Temperatures are expected to dip into the teens tonight before rising to mid 30s on race day.
Bring it on.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



we want to put on a big party at our Chevy Chase store. Its going to be a Holiday party. We want to have it in the next week or two. Please send out your opinion as to what weekend dates work best with you. We are thinking a Saturday.

The party will be for race team members, their friends and others associated with the running world here in DC.

Its going to be a potluck so all will be asked to contribute accordingly.

Jake and Co. If you can help with coordination and planning that would be great.


Upcoming Opportunities

Al Lewis 10 miler -Saturday, 09 Jan 2010 9am
Entry Fee: $5 for non-DCRRC members
Course Description: The race starts on the Rock Creek Trail approximately 0.25 miles north of the Ken-Gar Rec Center. The course is an out and back that proceeds south along the trail before turning off on Old Spring Road. There is a waterstop at the intersection of the trail and Old Spring which is the 4.25/5.75 mile points. The entire course is on a paved surface
Location: Ken-Gar Recreation Center, Kensington, MD

Cloud Snapple Half Marathon - Saturday, 30 Jan 2010 9am
Entry Fee: $25 by January 8
Course Description: A towpath favorite, the course is out-and-back along the canal starting at Carderock Rec Area and turn around just before Chain Bridge Rd.
Location: Carderock Recreation Area, MD
Packet Pickup at the GRC DC store Friday, January 29, 3-6 PM
All race proceeds will benefit the High Cloud Foundation and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Monday, December 7, 2009

Workouts this week

Since a slew of the guys are out of commission for Wednesday and Saturday workouts with Club Nationals this weekend, I have a few ideas to toss up-

I was thinking of at least 4xmile Wednesday at B-CC. I'm planning on 5:15-5:20 pace with 2:30 rest. If anyone is up for that, reply by Wednesday at 5, otherwise I'll just do that workout in Fairfax on Thursday and do an easy run Wednesday from the store.

Saturday, I know a skein of you (it's a pack of birds in flight, look it up) will be taking it easy for the Jingle all the Way 10k, but if anyone else is interested and the towpath is as dry as I expect it to be, I plan to do a 30 min. tempo out, cool down the way back. Again, any takers? We might not be able to battle the other top club teams in the county Saturday morning, but we can emulate our compatriots for 9/10s of the time they'll spend doing it...

In Memory: Larry Olsen's Lifetime Love...

Yesterday, the world lost a truly unique and gracious man. For those of you from Southern New England, you may have come across Larry Olsen at one time or another. He was a 63 year old local MA running legend and he died yesterday of an apparent heart attack while doing what he loved doing most: running.

In his lifetime, Larry ran a 2:19 at the Boston Marathon and broke two national records since becoming a masters runner including a 1:05:46 20K when 46-years-old and 43:30 12K when 61. He was a two-time Olympic trials marathon qualifier with more than 130,000 lifetime miles, having run 1,100 races and 273 career wins.

What made Larry so unique was that he literally would give the shirt off his back to the kids he coached as the assistant coach of a local high school team in Hopedale, MA. He was a man of meager possessions as he did not even own a car, a TV, or a computer but the little he made through odd-jobs, coaching and winning he would donate to the poorest kids on the team. He was truly selfless and he will be missed.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Matias Tops at Gar Williams Half

Mike Cotterell takes second.

Matias Palavecino M 28 20-29 1:17:21.4 1:17:21.7 1 1 1
Mike Cotterell M 28 20-29 1:19:56.1 1:20:04.7 2 2 2

The Chicken Tender Runner

I've heard stories about this guy...he is a "vegetarian" who is married to a vegetarian who supposedly sneaks out of the house after runs to eat chicken tenders...and only chicken tenders. What gives Andy?

Saturday, December 5, 2009



Do it! Brave the elements!

Running the Sahara - Film & Run

I received an email yesterday and will paste the import details below. In short, Running the Sahara will be shown on Wednesday, December 9 at 7:30pm at the Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema. There will also be a run with of the stars on Wednesday.This is a GRC sponsored event. I am fairly confident I am going to the film. It looks interesting.

We are having a film screening of our latest documentary
Running the Sahara in Bethesda, Maryland. This public screening will be at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 9, 2009, at the Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema on Woodmont Avenue. Directed by Academy Award™ winner James Moll and produced and narrated by actor Matt Damon, Running the Sahara follows three Ultra Marathoners as they cross six countries in their attempt to become the first to run across the world’s largest desert. This moving documentary captures desert life in Egypt. I would like to reach out to members of your Running Club and their families to personal invite them to this special screening. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Ultra Marathoner Charlie Engle and ask questions about his experience.

"GROUPSALE" is a promo code to use when you purchase the tickets online at It will save you $5 off the ticket price.

Charlie Engle will also be hosting a 3-5 mile run an the Capital Crescent Trail at 12noon on Wednesday, December 9th. It will start and end at the CHEVY CHASE Georgetown Running Company....they will be giving anyone who comes to the 3-5 mile run a 15% discount on all shoes and apparel!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Just wanted to extend an invite to all to an apartmentwarming party at my place at 8 on Saturday. All our welcome, and it would be great to see people.

The address is 406 4th St. #1 SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. Eastern Market metro is a couple blocks away.

If you can't come -- no worries. I am sure Emily and I will have to move again in a couple months and thus host another party.

Email at if you have any questions.

And have a good XC workout on Saturday!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Workouts - Wednesday & Saturday

Assuming my left shin is okay, I am going to head to B-CC tomorrow for some track. I know plenty of others are heading over that way as well. Any ideas for a workout? Rock Bottom has been proposed as a post-workout carbo loading exercise.

GRC is sending 10 harriers to Kentucky to fight it out in the mud at the USATFXC Club Cross Country Championships. For those of us going, we need to get at least one good xc-style workout in before the big throw down. Some of us were thinking about heading to the Farm Park in Derwood on Saturday, but Derwood is a bit of a hike, especially for those in DC/VA, so I am proposing THIS spot HERE. It is a 1+ mile loop that rolls over nice grass just 2.5 miles from my apartment. There is a beaten down path that outlines the field but you can run 2-3 abreast as the grass is very low. It rolls and is reminiscent of a USATF-style course...and there is usually a patch or two of mud. I propose a 1-2-3 min on/off type of workout so that we hit all the different parts of the trail. We can fine-tune this later. I am game for Derwood as well, I simply offer his up as a closer alternative. Let me know what you think. Either way, bring the spikes...

***There will still be the standard group run from the Georgetown Store on Saturday, this is just for those of us heading to Lexington.