Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GRC Year in Review


At Home in Derwood
GRC Turns heads around the country and WINS(!) the USATF XC Championships in Derwood, Md.

Where it is Warmer
Mike Coterell wins the Ocala Marathon in 2:54


GRC dominates the Shamrock 5k in Baltimore. Klim, Reaves and Blasiak go 1, 2, 3. Then GRCer, Melissa Tanner wins the women's race

GRC hosts first annual GRC 5k Invite. Unfortunately Bert bests Klim, Reaves and Diego. However, Klim and Reaves PR.


The Spaniard's Kick
Diego goes from 5th place to 2nd in the last lap at the Terrapin Invite and runs 15:03 for 5k.

The Big Show
GRC wins team title at Cherry Blossom. 3 runners are sub-51:30, 10 runners break 55:00

The Spaniard Says Adios
GRC bids Diego Miralles adieu as he ventures back to Amsterdam

Winning the Watch
GRC wins team title at Penn Relays 20K. Patricks Reaves, Murphy and Hughes place 2nd, 6th and 11th respectively

Thunder Strikes Twice!
After missing all of February due to injury, Chris Bain runs 2:36 at Boston...then, 5 days later, against all odds, runs 2:31 halfway around the world in Seol, South Korea. Bain's second place finish makes him a millionaire in Korea.


Away at Philly...
GRC places 4th in heavy competition at Broad Street Run in Philly.

...And Back Closer to Home
Dickson Mercer makes debut for GRC and wins the Frederick Marathon coasting home in 2:37


The White Kenyan
Chris Raabe becomes the 1st American in 12 years to win Grandma's Marathon with a PR, and Olympic Trials Qualifying Time, of 2:15!

Enter The Beastman
Dirk de Heer, from Holland via UTEP, joins GRC with collegiate bests of 3:47 and 14:07


The Beastman is a Beast!
Dirk runs 24:45 and 15:02 for 8k and 5k respectively in Twilight Races on warm summer evenings.


GRC bids adieu to Billy Askey and Patrick Reaves who leave the area but still don GRC singlets. GRC says hello to Karl Dusen who boasts PRs of 29:00 and 2:20


Karl Dusen wins Ryan McGrath Memorial 5k in 15:06!

Klim & Dickson record personal bests at Philly Distance Run

Dirk finishes 12th at World Duathlon Champs!

Wilson runs 2:26 in Charm City

Matias muscles his way through IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in 9:49…finishing 29th in the 25-29 AG


A Cold Wet Hell
Patrick Reaves runs the race of his life and wins the City of Oaks Marathon (2:33) in a cold deluge

Brotherly Love
Dickson records his second best marathon with a 2:31:34 (good for 11th place) in Philly


The Land of Bourbon & Horses
GRC takes 19th at USATF XC Club Champs. Peter Silverman runs race of the day

New to GRC in 2009: Jake Marren, Chris Sloane, Chix Tender Runner, Karl & Emily Dusen, Dirk De Heer, Joey Wiggy, Mike Smith, Charlie Ban, Neal Hannan...and others?

Finall, please remember to update your 2009 race results HERE. These results should refelct races you ran while running for GRC.


KLIM said...

Okay, so that is not everything. But damn that post took awhile to compose!! Feel free to "comment" on other 2009 accomplishments. There were a lot and I tried to cover most.

Here is to an even better 2010 (raises half empty scotch glass)!

Andy said...

GRC won the team title at Jingle All the Way 10K! Team comprised of 3 male runners in the top 10 and 1st female overall!

Dane said...

Fantastic Year by all. Congrats!