Thursday, April 29, 2010

May 6th Maryland Twilight Track meet

Any takers? cost is 20 dollars for unlimited events. i was asked to rabbit the 5,000 but depending on what the proposed pace is, I may try to drop off the front and hang on after 3k... It would be nice to see some GRCers out it is an opportunity to run under the lights = fast times! Apparently there are several guys going after it in the 5000 (as it is a last chance meet for regionals). I assume the 1500 will be competitive as well. Send me an email at by monday 5/3/10. Include Name, Event and Seed Time. I will give list to Danielle on Monday evening.
Schedule is below:

Maryland Twilight Meet (Thursday May 6th)
Tentative Schedule:
6:00 p.m. 100m Dash (Men followed by Women)
6:20 p.m. 110 HH Men
6:45 p.m. 100 HH Women
7:00 p.m. 400m (Men followed by Women)
7:20 p.m. Jim Kehoe 800m Men
7:30 p.m. 800m Women
7:40 p.m. Maryland Alumni Mile
7:55 p.m. 4x100m Relay (Men followed by Women)
8:15 p.m. 200 Meters (Men followed by Women)
8:30 p.m. Mark Coogan 3,000 Meter Steeplechase Men
8:45 p.m. 3,000 Meter Steeplechase Women
9:00 p.m. 400 Hurdles (Men followed by Women)
9:15 p.m. Rosalind Taylor 1,500 Meters Women
9:30 p.m. 1,500 Meters Men
9:45 p.m. 5000m (Men followed by Women)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wednesday Workout @ BCC

Hey guys... I am planning on 3 mile progression to 10 mile race pace on the CCT- warm up from BCC. I want to be at tempo effort through mile 1. Mile 2 and 3 jump down to 10mile goal pace. I would like to follow this up with 4 x 30 seconds moderately hard w/ 1 minute recovery.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Jake, great race. You are doing amazing things despite not doing yoga, not stretching and drinking huge quantities of alchohol.

You have one mission, from my perspective and that is to defeat Aaron Church. He has been racing in this area almost as long as Jim Hage and thus, his legs must be mush.

Maybe if you stretch, do hot yoga and eat organic, you can catch him..................

Love Max

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Minor Technical Difficulties

I didn't race this weekend at Shippensburg because I fell while running and busted up my knees, hip, and chest. I had to have x-rays on my chest (I am a skinny guy after all) but after a few more days off my feet I should be able to jog by wednesday. I am still planning on racing May 8th, so I may do a race simulation on saturday May 1st if anyone is interested in helping out. This development has me looking for more meets later in the year as well to quench my thirst for track that I am missing out on right now.

FLASH! Chix Tender qualifies for WORLD Duathlon Championships!


16:43 5K
23.1 MPH on bike
17:01 5K

= 24th place overall, 7th in age group.

News from Andy (via Facebook):

"26th overall at Duathon National Championships, 7th in age group, so I qualify for World Championships! Included the best bike ride of my life."

Andy will head to Scotland to represent the USA.

Raabe Sub-50 at GW Parkway!

49:57...places 4th!

MORE: Chicken Tender is 26th (7th in AG) at USA Duathlon Champs in Richmond; 16:43, 23.2mph bike, 17:01


Pike's Peek 10k Results


GRC runners storm down Rockville Pike.

Wiggy continues his comeback with a 31:55.

Klim nets another PR with a 30:56 for 20th. Officials demand EPO test. "I've never seen someone net so many PRs in a season. He doesn't even stretch, much less do yoga," says anonymous masters runner in red shorts.

UPDATE - There will be a post-race celebration* at Hank Dietle's at 3pm for anyone who might be interested. They have cheap pitchers, cheese curls, bar stools and a pool table. Wiggy and Klim will be there at 2:59pm.

*we would be going even if there was nothing to celebrate.

Dietle's Tavern
(301) 881-8711
11010 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Difficult Run

For anyone not watching a bunch of the GRC studs at Pikes Peek 10k up in Rockville (7:50 AM race start) I propose a trip to Difficult Run, I only have about 4 weeks left in the DC area so I want to get there at least once. Comment if you have an alternate suggestion or an intention to attend, 9:00 AM? -Dylan

The Chicago Plan

There is a tab under the spreadsheet called "Chicago" that lays out a 20 week plan for the marathon on October 10.

Please take a look at this first draft. It still needs some work but we are getting there.

We used a basic plan I developed along with a calendar Dickson etched out...then Wiggy, Murphy and I tried to combine the two. We focused on workouts and not mileage totals (except during the workout days). We also plotted in places where we thought these workouts would be ideal.

That last 6 weeks was tough to plan per PDR - which some of us will be running and others not. What say you Reaves, Karl etc?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am looking for some hot models to strut their stuff for a RunCo apparel ad. You get some free apparel and get to be seen by DC's best and brightest. NOTE: I need men and women to wear spring and summer apparel. In all seriousness, if interested and willing, please send me an email.

Please let me know in the next few days.

love Max


Guys and Gals, the Chevy Chase run is at 830am on Sat. Max Smith, a sub four minute miler and Puma employee is coming to lead the run and talk about the latest and in Puma footwear. there will be a raffle and other goodies and such including bagels and coffee and running community love.

830 is the start time rather than 9am so please take note.

Hope to see all of you out there.


Saturday at Chevy Chase

Due to a Puma affair, we're going to run from the Chevy Chase Store on Saturday morning (9am).

I know it is early, but would folks be interested in etching out a 20-week training plan for Chicago post-run at Panera Bread (next to Store)? I have a calendar and I've spoken with a number of Windy City bound marathoners (Dickson, Karl et al) about producing a rough training plan...specifically the weekend long runs/workouts schedule.

Looking for roommate in 2 bedroom - 17th & U St NW

Hi All,

I'm looking for a roommate to move into a SPACIOUS 2 BR apt on U St on June 1 (my current roommate is moving out of town). It's an English basement on U St near 17th between Dupont Circle, the U St. Corridor, and Adams Morgan, and less than a mile from Rock Creek Park (to entrances: P St AND Connecticut Ave/Calvert St bridges). I have lived here since March 2009 and the lease is month-to-month.

The available bedroom is well light with two windows and a paned door that leads to the back alley. There's also a good sized closet with shelves (AMPLE space for running shoes). We would share a bathroom.

It's in a great location; a 10-15 min walk to TWO metro stations: U St. and Dupont Circle, and bus stops all around. Safeway and Harris Teeter are both a 7 min walk from the apartment and plenty of restaurants, bars, and shopping are nearby.

Rent is $875/month + utilities.
E-mail me, Lindsey, at: ljerdonek (at) gmail dot com

tranquility CAN be yours. any leads of potential roommates would be appreciated as well. thanks!


Towpath to rent "swingin' bachelor pad" in NW! Developing.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Run Like You Can't Fail

Check out what Ryan Hall posted a week out from Boston. Pretty epic stuff.

Run Like You Can’t Fail

by ryanhall | Apr 13, 2010 | 234 views

With one week to go before Marathon Monday the challenging aspects of training shift from the physical to the mental. Anyone who has run a marathon knows how long (mentally) that last week can be. All the physical training is done. The only physical benefits to be gained come from resting and eating well over the next week. Crushing last minute workouts has no place in these final days. However, there is still time to prepare the heart.

As Sara and I were sitting and chatting before my last 90 minute run yesterday (Monday) morning we were talking about the heart that I want to have during my race. A heart that is free from all worries, completely trusting God’s goodness, connected to Him. Sara reminded me of another good word we received months earlier: “run the race like you can’t fail.” I knew as soon as the words trickled from her mouth they were exactly what I needed for this moment.

So often there is the temptation to over think race strategy. We want to have an exact race plan that will be carried out exactly how we have visualized it. It’s not that planning is bad, one should be prepared for whatever lies ahead, however there comes a point where we are over analysing and putting more confidence in having to execute the perfect race strategy then trusting in our ability to respond to whatever is thrown our way. Freedom, in terms of a free-flowing race strategy, can be scary. It’s scary because we have to let go of control. However, the benefits of freedom are great. It allows flexibility, an open mind, an open vision, an open heart to whatever the day may hold. It gives us the opportunity to receive the moment to the fullest whether or not it is the perfect race day or pouring rain. I encourage you to let go and run free and run like you can’t fail!


JaKe Marren at Boston? Did he die or get carted off the course? I know he was all prepped for this race so I want the scoop. I went to his blog site but all it says is .......................................

Falmouth Entries Online Today

Lets get a group up to the Cape again for this truly great race...Entries on line now. PS-Thanks to all for good wishes in Boston, Matt.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wednesday Workout

Wiggy and I are running 4-6 x 800m at slightly faster than 10k pace at B-CC at 6:30pm. I am sure there will be another workout or two going on so please post what you have in mind.

Quasi-decent Boston photos

I somehow didn't see Matias and I don't know what Gabler looks like, but here's what I managed to get at about 23.6. I clearly haven't been able to edit the Ernst photo yet...

Matias - 2:34:40!!!

2-3 minute PR for Matias!

Ernst - 3:04:42...PRs by 2 mins!

JARRIN - 2:52:58

Bain - 2:53:47


Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Time!

Marathon Monday is here!

Ernst, Marren, Matias, Bain, Jarrin, O'Neill, Gabler all running for GRC.

Athlete Tracking is

Watch it live HERE

Updated Apr 19 08:25 a.m. ET
Daytime High: 59°F
Overnight Low: 42°F
Probability of Precipitation: 20%
Wind: From the Northwest at 15 mph
MIGHTY MATIAS finishes Boston Marathon in 2:34:40 (5:54/mi pace) for 117th overall!
JARRIN in at 2:52:58 (6:36/mi)!
BAIN in at 2:53:47 (6:38/mi) on a bum foot!
ERNST finishes in 3:04:42 (7:03/mi)!
SHANNON finishes in 3:09:01 (7:13/mi) for 190th female!
GRC team still in top 20 at 35K.

Jarrin and Bain catch up to Marren, all through in 2:22
Ernst on pace to run 3:01.
Shannon on pace to run 3:09.

AFTER 25K...

Matias on 2:34 pace (1:16:40 at 13.1), Marren on 2:39 pace (1:18:27 at 13.1)

Buddies Bain and Jarrin hover at 2:49

Ernst steady at 2:57 pace
At the half...

Shannon on 3:02 pace, Gabler on 3:28 pace

1:33 for O'Neill at half, 1:45 for Gabler at half

After 20K...

Matias and Jake at 2:33 and 2:36 pace respectively

Bain and Jarrin still together on 2:48 pace

Ernst at 2:58 pace

Matias on 2:33 pace after 10K

Jake Marren on 2:36 pace after 10k (36:57)

Bain and Jarrin are together and are at 2:49 pace

Ernst on 2:57 pace

Breaking News: Penn Relays 20K

Reports are coming in from PMurph:

10:07 AM
~1:08:40 for 6th, just 1 min slower than my college time. The team title is a controversy yet again, but three teams within 10 min, Bucknell and PSU petitioning the officials for the win.

10:37 AM
We won. Buck Fucknell. Coach Harry Groves' 65th Penn Relays and 80th bday this week.


Charlie Ban runs 16:12 at BAA 5k before noting "the red eye bus trip was a bad choice"

Chuck - 1:56.72!

...season debut in 800m

ALSO - Chris Vames Sloane runs last race for GRC with a 1:13:50 13.1 at Dismal Swamp. Good for 7th


We can make/rebuild you into a running machine.

If anyone knows of a young soul looking to try and make the Olympics in a distance of 5K and up, let me know.

The person needs to be serious and willing to work with a team of experts including the following:

Massage Therapist
Personal Trainer
Physical Therapist

this person will receive these services as well as some shoes and equipment and more at no cost.

they need to be committed and willing to work with the team until the trials and possibly beyond.

Obviously this is not for most but in case some lurker on the blog knows of that diamond in the rough, so to speak. Let me know.

This can be a wonderful opportunity for a person at the right stage of life for such and endeavor.

Seize the moment


Who's picking who for Boston? Though Meb's knee is a bit tweaked, running through pain at their level is the nature of the business. Meb wins and Hall comes in #3.

SIDE NOTE: Jarrin makes history running 2:40 while swearing the entire time.

Ernst breaks PR, retires from running and commits to opening a brewery.

Other predictions?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Runs

I am running 5 x mile from the Store along the Towpath on Saturday with Karl...anyone else interested?

We could always do The Line on Sunday, unless someone has a better idea? I am open to whatever.


I need someone to write an article about the race team. Something that mixes all of the ingrediants together as to its benefits, goals and so on. A picture or two works

I vote for the line on Sunday at 9am.

Went running with some guys today who think the whole GRC team is on EPO. Oooooops. LetsRun redone

drama and action second to none.

serious about the article though. Let me know.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Stats

The GRC blog had just shy of 200 unique viewers on Monday (day after CUCB). This might be a record.

The daily average seems to hover north of 150

Viewers from Portugal, Canada, Finland, Netherlands and Switzerland...

638 Self Referring / Bookmarker
183 Google Search
7 Yahoo Search

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FLASH: Wiggy Sets Record @ Firebirds Mile

Unofficial Results: Wiggy - 4:22, Klim - 4:25

Both were "controlled" efforts.

Karl took Wiggy out in 2:09ish, I followed in 2:11ish.

Karl stepped off the track at 800m.

Our plan to run 10:00 for 2 miles after turned out to be a bad idea and we ditched it after mile (Klim) and 1.5 miles (Wiggy)

Cherry Blossom extras

A few extras that didn't make it into the official race video


I need someone who is better at photos than towpath(he is unable) to come to the Georgetown store tomorrow and shoot some pictures of Wilson and Co working with customers. This is for some marketing we are doing. This is important so if you are able and willing and have some skill, your service to the RunCo will forever be remembered.

If you are such an individual email me at


I need you to call the Chevy store


As you know, The Father's Day 8k is the race being used to raise some money for the race team. Jay Wind has collected the permit, is timing the race and doing quite a bit of promotion. This is/was not really to be his job. However, due to circumstances he is now doing these tasks.

Bottom line is the more people you get to sign up and the less we/you rely on others, the more money the race team makes for its own use.

I am not privy to how the dollars are to be broken out but its best to start marketing and getting people to register.

Get to the local run clubs and hand out fliers at local races and hit the pavement in all directions in order to secure top billing is my humble advice.

Over and out

GRC Club Records

Awhile back Karl and I were wondering what the all time best GRC times I started to do some research. You can now see the UPDATED club records as a tab under our results spreadsheet.

Now, let's break 'em.

If there are any corrections/questions, please email me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anyone for a track workout Wednesday?

I was thinking of 5-6 x mile at B-CC, between 5:10-5:15 pace. Respond by 5 pm Wednesday if there's any interest, otherwise I'll be doing it on a road loop in Falls Church.


I noticed that Potomac River Running won the Cherry Blossom team challenge. I am a bit surprised. I did not think they were gathering forces in order to mount a serious attack. I was wrong.

They now seem to be capturing runners from different areas. Chris Sloan and others, maybe.......oooops.

All kidding aside, when is the next team challenge and what, if anything is needed from a Company/sponsorship standpoint to continue to entice runners to come our way?

Monday, April 12, 2010

MCRRC Firebirds Mile

The Firebirds Mile @ Gaithersburg high school is this wednesday April 14th. I have been going back and forth on whether or not to stick to the plan of using this race just as a hard workout (being that the mile will be a hard effort, followed by a 2-3 mile @ 10mile race pace). I finally decided yesterday that I am going to stick to my plan (prior to getting sick last week). If anyone wants to make a workout out of this event, there will be company in Klim, Karl and myself.
Information is at the following link

Track Tuesday/ Wednesday?

Hey guys, anyone (non-cherry blossomers) interested in track (miles, ladder?) or tempo/minutes on CC-trail tuesday night? Anyone for wednesday? I'd be up for any (longer) workout.

Cherry Blossom 2010 Video

Towpath says: "For the optimal cinematic experience, watch it here on YouTube in 720p HD , with quality headphones or speakers."

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cherry Blossom Results

Official Male Results

Place Div /Tot Num Name Ag Hometown 5 Mile Gun Tim Net Tim Pace
===== =========== ====== ====================== ==
1 1/446 19 Stephen Tum 24 Kenya 22:42 45:43 45:43# 4:35
2 2/446 7 Lelisa Desisa 20 Ethiopia 22:46 45:44 45:44# 4:35
3 3/446 5 Tilahun Regassa 20 Ethiopia 22:46 45:50 45:50# 4:35
4 1/1402 3 John Korir 34 Kenya 22:46 46:05 46:05# 4:37
5 1/1471 29 Stephen Muange 28 Kenya 22:47 46:34 46:34# 4:40
6 2/1402 1 Gilbert Okari 31 Kenya 22:46 46:39 46:39# 4:40
7 2/1471 11 Enock Mitei 29 Kenya 22:50 46:54 46:54# 4:42
8 3/1471 49 Jairus Chanchaima 25 Kenya 22:47 47:00 47:00# 4:42
9 4/446 51 Simon Cheprot 20 Kenya 22:47 47:04 47:04# 4:43
10 4/1471 13 Robert Letting 25 Kenya 22:48 47:05 47:05# 4:43
11 3/1402 17 James Kipketer 32 Kenya 23:03 47:18 47:18# 4:44
12 5/1471 35 Tesfaye Bekele 27 Ethiopia 23:04 47:20 47:20# 4:44
13 6/1471 23 Philemon Terer 25 Kenya 41:17 47:42 47:42# 4:47
14 4/1402 21 Samuel Ndereba 33 Kenya 23:46 47:48 47:48# 4:47
15 7/1471 47 Ketema Nigusse 29 Ethiopia 47:50 47:50# 4:47
16 8/1471 9 Shadrack Biwott 25 Kenya 23:02 47:53 47:53# 4:48
17 5/446 31 Bado Worku 21 Ethiopia 23:45 48:03 48:03# 4:49
18 6/446 309 Tim Young 23 Fredericksburg VA 24:01 49:04 49:04# 4:55
19 5/1402 27 Julius Kiptoo 32 Kenya 23:05 49:07 49:07# 4:55
20 6/1402 104 Bert Rodriguez 30 Arlington VA 25:23 50:52 50:52 5:06
21 7/1402 109 Aaron Church 34 South Riding VA 25:24 50:52 50:52 5:06
22 9/1471 105 Jake Klim 29 N Bethesda MD 24:52 50:56 50:56 5:06
23 10/1471 25 Mohamed Fadil 25 Morocco 24:22 51:29 51:29 5:09
24 1/76 450 Graham Bazell 19 Columbia MD 51:41 51:41* 5:11
25 7/446 103 Jerry Greenlaw 22 Warwick NY 25:30 51:42 51:42 5:11
26 1/816 112 Ray Pugsley 41 Potomac Falls VA 25:48 52:10 52:08* 5:13
27 41 Dan Kahn Houston TX 25:36 52:38 52:36 5:16
28 11/1471 110 Darryl Brown 27 Exton PA 25:31 52:39 52:38 5:16
29 2/816 6086 Tim Dietz 40 Silver Spring MD 45:23 1:12:17 52:46* 5:17
30 8/1402 310 Ben Ingram 33 Baltimore MD 26:08 52:47 52:47 5:17
31 9/1402 43 Wilson Komen 32 Kenya 25:36 52:55 52:54 5:18
32 12/1471 115 Patrick Reaves 25 Durham NC 25:55 52:56 52:54 5:18
33 10/1402 131 Jeffrey Rios 32 New York NY 26:25 53:02 52:59 5:18
34 13/1471 111 Izzy Mehmedovic 25 Columbia MD 25:55 53:24 53:22 5:21
35 8/446 135 John Compton 24 Charlotte NC 26:53 53:31 53:29 5:21
36 14/1471 427 David Strubbe 28 Chicago IL 26:51 53:35 53:32 5:22
37 15/1471 121 Jordan Kinley 25 Charlotte NC 26:05 53:35 53:33 5:22
38 16/1471 132 Carlos Renjifo 27 Columbia MD 26:16 53:37 53:34 5:22
39 17/1471 120 Daniel Matena 26 Charlotte NC 26:53 53:36 53:36 5:22
40 11/1402 435 Sam Blasiak 30 Fairfax VA 26:31 53:40 53:36 5:22
41 9/446 466 Caleb Doan 20 Charlottesville VA 26:39 53:51 53:46 5:23
42 12/1402 419 Brian Lombardo 32 Tonawanda NY 12:57 53:49 53:48 5:23
43 10/446 101 Conor Lanz 24 Brooklyn NY 27:10 53:51 53:49 5:23
44 11/446 130 Evan Jurkovich 24 Washington DC 27:02 53:59 53:55 5:24
45 13/1402 118 Ben Hovis 32 Charlotte NC 26:54 53:58 53:58 5:24
46 18/1471 117 Patrick Murphy 25 Washington DC 26:20 54:09 54:06 5:25
47 19/1471 125 Christopher Sloane 26 N Potomac MD 26:54 54:18 54:16 5:26
48 14/1402 119 Jeffrey Diephuis 30 Portland OR 26:31 54:23 54:19 5:26
49 20/1471 126 Billy Askey 27 New York NY 26:39 54:24 54:21 5:27
50 21/1471 19803 Charlie Ban 27 Falls Church VA 26:25 54:24 54:24 5:27
51 1/1052 134 Ulrich Fluhme 35 New York NY 54:30 54:27* 5:27
52 15/1402 113 Kyle Smits 31 Baltimore MD 26:22 54:47 54:46 5:29
53 22/1471 19651 Kevin McHale 25 Clifton VA 26:30 55:01 54:57 5:30
54 23/1471 19808 Wylie Belasik 26 Washington DC 27:12 55:03 54:57 5:30
55 12/446 426 Andrew Midland 22 Virginia Beach VA 27:39 55:03 54:57 5:30
56 13/446 501 John Hall 24 Arlington VA 27:31 55:12 54:57 5:30
57 24/1471 447 Philip Turner 25 Linthicum MD 27:10 55:00 54:58 5:30
58 25/1471 449 Joshua Jabaut 26 Washington DC 27:09 55:03 54:59 5:30
59 2/1052 502 Karsten Brown 35 Front Royal VA 27:31 55:26 55:21 5:33
60 26/1471 122 Dylan Keith 25 Arlington VA 27:17 55:36 55:33 5:34
61 27/1471 313 Justin Fritzius 25 Purcellville VA 26:59 55:42 55:40 5:34
62 14/446 471 Alvin Yew 24 Annapolis MD 27:37 55:52 55:44 5:35
63 1/628 140 David Haaga 48 Rockville MD 27:35 55:50 55:46* 5:35
64 15/446 485 Kyle Schmid 24 Annapolis MD 27:42 55:59 55:55 5:36
65 28/1471 116 Carlos Hunt 28 Washington DC 27:12 56:03 55:59 5:36
66 16/446 311 Benjamin Bartlett 22 Fairfax VA 27:57 56:04 56:01 5:37
67 29/1471 487 Luke Holman 26 McLean VA 28:00 56:05 56:03 5:37
68 16/1402 477 David Biko 33 Abington PA 27:22 56:09 56:06 5:37
69 3/816 128 Mike Colaiacovo 40 Baltimore MD 27:31 56:15 56:13* 5:38
70 17/446 20853 Scott Allen 23 Washington DC 27:55 56:17 56:15 5:38
71 17/1402 459 Mike Beigay 31 Concord NC 28:01 56:19 56:19 5:38
72 18/446 751 Jonathan Ross 24 Durham NC 28:06 56:35 56:19 5:38
73 18/1402 467 Elijah Shekinah 32 State College PA 27:43 56:27 56:24 5:39
74 30/1471 495 Rodee Schneider 28 Washington DC 28:15 56:29 56:26 5:39
75 31/1471 493 Kevin Timp 26 Chapel Hill NC 28:36 56:38 56:32 5:40
76 1/422 312 John Tuttle 51 Villa Rica GA 27:44 56:42 56:39* 5:40
77 3/1052 482 Abraham Dahan 36 Washington DC 28:01 56:42 56:41 5:40
78 32/1471 480 Chris Johnson 28 Washington DC 28:12 56:52 56:46 5:41
79 19/1402 138 Joseph Racine 31 Arlington VA 27:25 56:47 56:47 5:41
80 33/1471 498 Sam Allin 29 Arlington VA 28:30 57:02 56:51 5:42
81 19/446 474 Cooper Linde 22 York PA 28:32 57:02 56:56 5:42
82 4/1052 462 Pavel Frelich 39 Chevy Chase MD 28:14 56:59 56:57 5:42
83 34/1471 470 John Kelly 26 Arlington VA 27:42 57:06 57:01 5:43
84 35/1471 522 Stephen Schaefer 28 Washington DC 29:05 1:06:21 57:03 5:43
85 5/1052 154 Brent Jones 39 Las Vegas NV 27:58 57:11 57:07 5:43
86 20/446 463 Chuck Love Iv 24 Madison VA 28:52 59:51 57:11 5:44
87 2/628 148 David Cascio 47 Reston VA 27:58 57:15 57:12* 5:44
88 21/446 582 Craig Sauers 24 Laporte IN 27:51 57:21 57:17 5:44
89 6/1052 481 Tyrell Heaton 35 Falls Church VA 30:30 57:23 57:20 5:44
90 22/446 555 Jimmy Daly 24 Kensington MD 28:22 57:24 57:20 5:44
91 36/1471 526 Fabio Casadio 28 New York NY 28:31 57:26 57:22 5:45
92 20/1402 537 Tim Sandfort 33 Kirksville MO 28:10 57:26 57:23 5:45
93 37/1471 468 Charles Ballew 25 Washington DC 29:09 57:51 57:24 5:45
94 7/1052 547 Anthony Belber 37 Washington DC 28:21 57:42 57:35 5:46
95 21/1402 527 David Wertz 34 Arlington VA 28:36 57:41 57:36 5:46
96 4/816 143 Jon Williams 41 Miami FL 28:06 57:44 57:40 5:46
97 22/1402 531 Jared Tootell 32 Hoboken NJ 28:42 57:52 57:49 5:47
98 23/1402 315 Mike Niederhausen 33 Arlington VA 28:13 57:55 57:52 5:48
99 2/76 519 Benjamin Jones 19 Chapel Hill NC 28:30 58:13 57:59 5:48
100 23/446 722 Gregory Mariano 24 Arlington VA 29:18 58:18 58:02 5:49

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The race starts at 7:40am and it's a madhouse getting down there. I plan to arrive between 6-6:30am and start my warm-up no later than 6:45am. Anyone who wants to meet to warm-up should meet me at the start line at that time. I feel that you can't get to this race too early.

6:45-7:15 warm-up (only 20 mins or so, but a 10 min buffer)
7:15-7:30 bathroom/stretch
7:30 head to starting line

Will anyone be hanging out at the start/finish line who is not running who might be able to take warm-ups?

Update: Meet here post race for team photo.

DU in PA


No complete results...only pieces:

Dirk and Wade of PACERS lead first 5k in 15:20 "shoulder to shoulder"

Chicken Tender winds up 6th overall after 16:54/16:49 5k splits

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Balance

From Jessica (at the Georgetown Store):

On Saturday April 10th, there will be a New Balance rep at the Georgetown Store in the morning and he will bring shoes for everyone to try on their run risk free. Arrive a little early to be fitted.

There will be giveaways for all the runners that participate and a raffle for a free pair of shoes following the run, plus food and drinks.

I will be running an EASY 5-6 miles from the Store that morning before heading to the expo to pick up my CUCB number.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Boston Marathon Pacing & Info

Two weeks from now some of us will be in post-Boston Marathon leg trauma. The downhill nature of the course puts a serious hurt on the quads.

I'll be joining big brother Dave Orton, who's Project BQ earned him a spot down at Virginia Beach last year. Dave's been kind enough to share a neat little spreadsheet to help strategize the race down to each mile.

Boston Marathon Pacing & Info

Back in Gear

I'm really starting to feel sharp again, and I set a goal for May 8th at Lock Haven since it is an evening meet late in the season, but before that I am going to need to tune up in an actual race. Does anyone know when and where I can race locally in the 800? I would like to race twice before hand.

VCU 4/17 - rust buster
??? 4/25
LHU 5/8

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wednesday Workout

After a two week hiatus, I'll be at B-CC on Wednesday for a light workout. Traditionally before Cherry Blossom (or Army Ten Miler) I run 2.5 miles at goal pace down the CCT. I treat it like the first 2.5 miles of the race. If anyone wants to join, let me know. I am shooting for 5:04-5:05s. CONTROLLED!

I will warm up from the track to CCT, then starts south of the Little Falls Pkwy intersection. On the way back, we can cooldown in the Kenwood section of the trail and see Chevy Chase's version of the cherry blossoms.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Father’s Day 8K - Sunday, June 20 at 6:30pm



Please post in "comments" below if you are available on race day and you will be given a duty. Race day duties may include; lead bike, course marshall, water stop and/or packet pick-up.

This race will benefit US (the Running Company Race Team) so we need all of you to spread the word.

Father's Day 8K
Sunday, June 20, 2010 - 6:30 pm
Enter on-line at
Celebrating National Men’s Health Week
Capital Crescent Trail on the Georgetown Waterfront
530 Water Street NW, Washington DC (under Key Bridge)

This race replaces the race we were planning to do on the CCT in Bethesda.

This is the same flat, fast, out-and-back USATF certified 8k course that GRC did last year.

We have a 350 limit, so let's get as many bodies as we can.

I will be in touch with those of you helping me with "pre-race" things.

Friday, April 2, 2010




Does anyone want to venture to Difficult Run on Sunday for a long run? The weather is beautiful and greenery and lushness out that way should be second to none. Need to get the run in early.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekend Runs

Since I'll be busy hunting for Easter Eggs on Sunday morning, I'm going to try to do my long run on Saturday, and a regular run from The Line on Sunday afternoon. Is anyone interested in joining me later on Sunday? I'm flexible about the time.

The Runner's High

Check out Max & Coach K in action!