Sunday, April 18, 2010

Breaking News: Penn Relays 20K

Reports are coming in from PMurph:

10:07 AM
~1:08:40 for 6th, just 1 min slower than my college time. The team title is a controversy yet again, but three teams within 10 min, Bucknell and PSU petitioning the officials for the win.

10:37 AM
We won. Buck Fucknell. Coach Harry Groves' 65th Penn Relays and 80th bday this week.


Charlie Ban runs 16:12 at BAA 5k before noting "the red eye bus trip was a bad choice"


Anonymous said...

So they developed this efficient and accurate way to find your time nowadays... they call them results and you can find your actual times and not have to write estimations. So PMurph I'm pretty sure your exact time was 1:08:45...yeah too bad you didn't go to "Fucknell" where you might have gotten a good education.

P Murph said...

My dearest Anon,

To your credit, you're becoming an equal opportunity offender and no longer exist for the sole purpose of disparaging Max. Still, the GRC is a collection of good-natured, competitive runners that genuinely get along with each other. We may snark, tease, or make fun of each other, but we do it to each other's faces. We can also expect to receive the same treatment in return. When an outsider challenges us - either on the roads or on our blog - we put aside our differences and confront them as a team.

So it is in that spirit I'm telling you enough is enough. I take your comments about me in jest, as I would from any person on our team. But your more recent posts about Max have been disturbingly disrespectful and personal. Anonymous ad hominem attacks are simply cowardly.

If you have legitimate criticism of anything about our team, express it respectfully and with your signature. We all want a better team. If you are a member of GRC, I'm disappointed in you for behaving like this. If you are not a member of GRC, why do you even waste your time on this blog?

Hopefully this nonsense will come to an end. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some teammates to cheer for in the Boston Marathon.

-Patrick Murphy

PR said...

Anonymous runner bashing?? There's already a place for that on the internet.I suggest you go there instead.

dirkdeheer said...

Anyhow, congrats on good times and if so, a win(?). By the way, anyone who knows any of us knows how hospitable, friendly and encouraging to every team member we are. Maybe 'anonymous' should come out for a workout.