Wednesday, April 14, 2010


As you know, The Father's Day 8k is the race being used to raise some money for the race team. Jay Wind has collected the permit, is timing the race and doing quite a bit of promotion. This is/was not really to be his job. However, due to circumstances he is now doing these tasks.

Bottom line is the more people you get to sign up and the less we/you rely on others, the more money the race team makes for its own use.

I am not privy to how the dollars are to be broken out but its best to start marketing and getting people to register.

Get to the local run clubs and hand out fliers at local races and hit the pavement in all directions in order to secure top billing is my humble advice.

Over and out


Charlie Ban said...

So far, Dylan and I ventured out into Arlington at night on bikes last week to contribute our efforts to stuffing one thousand bags, many of which were distributed at Cherry Blossom, which included GRC race entry forms

company billing software said...

Hey that's a good running keep you fit.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

if someone send me a copy of flyer and/or entry form in doc/pdf format; i will forward them out in my address book...