Monday, April 5, 2010

Back in Gear

I'm really starting to feel sharp again, and I set a goal for May 8th at Lock Haven since it is an evening meet late in the season, but before that I am going to need to tune up in an actual race. Does anyone know when and where I can race locally in the 800? I would like to race twice before hand.

VCU 4/17 - rust buster
??? 4/25
LHU 5/8


Andy said...

Get in touch with Joe Wiegner (aka Wiggy), he used to race and coach there.

Big City said...

I am already entered at LHU, I just need two races before hand that are close to DC

Joe Wiggy said...

Chuck... due to losing some training due to sickness, I am seriously entertaining the thought now of racing at the LHU meet on may 8th. Jake also expressed interest.

Big City said...

Its a great meet to run fast, since its in the evening and you don't have to wait through tons of heats. Next weekend I am going to race at for the first time in 10 months!

KLIM said...

Chuck - what are the 5k times like?

NotDan said...

Chuck, the Kaiser Classic at Shippensburg which you signed up for on the race calendar appears to be Saturday, April 24, not Sunday the 25th, so I moved it over a day. I just emailed their asst. coach about entering the steeple so hopefully i'll see you there.

Also, do you know if LHU has a steeple?