Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FLASH: Wiggy Sets Record @ Firebirds Mile

Unofficial Results: Wiggy - 4:22, Klim - 4:25

Both were "controlled" efforts.

Karl took Wiggy out in 2:09ish, I followed in 2:11ish.

Karl stepped off the track at 800m.

Our plan to run 10:00 for 2 miles after turned out to be a bad idea and we ditched it after mile (Klim) and 1.5 miles (Wiggy)


Andy said...

Nice to see that you're back to health, Wiggy!

dirkdeheer said...

nice job guys. Wiggy- get in consistent practice for a while and I predict you might even surprise yourself.

Jake Marren said...

Did Chuck K run?

Big City said...

I ran, I dropped out after 1200 only a second behind Klim, and felt great. My first track meet is this weekend, and I thought I'd hold on to my kick for saturday. Rest assured, I would have been under 4:30, which gave me a lot of confidence that I will still P.R. in the future.