Sunday, November 30, 2008

NEEDED: Jingle All the Way Volunteers


We are in need of volunteers for the JINGLE ALL THE WAY 10K on Sunday, December 14. I am not sure what slave labor you'll be doing, but I promise it'll be "fun". There will be 15 of us racing so if you are not racing and would like to "give back" c/o the GRC, please let me know via comments or e-mail ( Thank you.

Pittsburgh Turkey Trot

Just look at this fabulous trophy!

Ran 18:06 for 5K. It was a fair course, but flat by Pittsburgh standards. I was pretty happy considering 1) I can count the number of speed workouts I've done in the last 8 months on one hand; 2) it was 26 degrees at the start and the race got off 20 minutes late; and 3) I nearly bagged a few times on black ice underneath the bridges. In the end, it was a nice way to earn my turkey dinner. (FYI, DaveO placed 8th with a fabulous road PR of 16:13.)

This race got me excited for running the Pittsburgh Marathon. Yes, I decided to forgo a flat, fast course for the hilly torture that is Pittsburgh. Running in Dave's hometown just seemed too exciting to pass up. Not to mention, my in-laws are fantastic folks to have cheering for me (and provide a free place to stay). So... it's off to the Steel City and the famous (infamous?) two-and-a-half-mile-long hill from miles 11 to 13.5 to try to run a PR! Wish me luck....

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mr. Palmer Goes National

Andrew (who works at the store, runner in blue) finished 5th overall at the Nike Cross Country SE Nationals and earns a birth at the National Meet. (top five individuals go on). His performance was noted in today's Washington Post (sports section). Andrew also recently finished runner-up at the MD State meet. The winner finished first at NE Footlocker and set a course record.

Well done Andrew!

Friday, November 28, 2008


For the first and hopefully, last time in life, I will borrow a Robert Jarrin saying which is "Don't Run like a ........................."(you all know the word)---- Which is what I did yesterday. Right when my legs were starting to feel good again, I let reckless abandon get the better of me and I pushed them too hard before they were ready. Now, I must pay the price and go back to square 1 for a bit.

Whatever the case might be--It is as Edmund Burke so eloquently stated yesterday at the run when referring to a long bout with an injury; it was something along these lines---" I was injured for long time and the tendonitis would just not go away. Its better now but it may come back. Such is life".

Its Black Friday all and if you are around and able, go by one of the Running Company stores, say hello, buy some shoes and or some winter gear and do what you will.

Enjoy and take it easy out there.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I must confess that I have read some people's blogs on running. I have talked to and been worked on by massage therapists, YOGA Gurus, Podiatrists, PTs, CHI RUNNERS, CHUCK MOESER, WILSON, read books, etc.

There are 10,000000000000 opinions. Every expert has insight. Training is everywhere.

In the end, the human body is a greater mystery than all science and human brain analysis combined.

So, with this said, I like to think of running and staying on the roads as a ongoing painting that never will be complete.

I used to seek answers and remedies. Now, I simply seek knowledge and intelligent questions that lead to further knowledge and greater wisdom.

FYI---Ran 1 hr and 37 minutes on some treadmill that is known for its steep incline. They call it the glute machine.

I basically ran uphill the whole time. While on this machine, I watched the Bernie Mac Show and some tv documentary on Paris Hilton. Bernie Mac was the man. Not sure what people see in Paris Hilton.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I will say, that indeed, the GRC race team/club/spirit/etc. has grown quite a bit in recent years. I can remember when the store was captained by Ben Cooke and Wilson and maybe one other. I would run over there in the evenings or on Sunday mornings and we would just sneak out for runs of various distances with Wilson lecturing us about what it means to be "true runner".

We did things piece meal and with no real agenda or such. We talked on and on as we ran throughout the Glover Archibald trail and C&O. Our vision was to create a mecca for runners; a place for runners to come to and be themselves and promote the sport through camaraderie and good will.

We wanted to make something unique and different.

Though all of this is still a work in progress, the investment of time and patience and whatever other intangibles have been thrown into the mix are yielding great results.

Everyone who reads this blog, comes to the runs, listens to my ramblings and so on is to be commended and thanked for helping grow this.

You all have made the vision come to fruition.

Happy Holidays and see you all soon.

Ernst PRs at Philly

3:06! Apparently the "Old Man" was 1:26 at 13.1 but suffered serious leg cramps beginning at mile 20. Still held on for a PR. Nice work!
Picture is from LAST YEAR.

GRC Holiday Party - Friday 12/12

It's that time of year again...
As previously noted, GRC will be having a holiday party at the Chevy Chase Store on Friday, December 12. It was decided that this would be a pot luck thing, so please bring a dish that will feed 30 people (just kidding...maybe 6 people?). I suggest RSVP-ing in comments and noting what you plan to bring. That way we can determine how many to feed and what ti bring. The last thing we want is 25 fruitcakes! If you're culinary inadequate like me, plan to bring something else that can help the party. For instance, I am bringing eggnog and an evening liqueur. This is sure to "help the party".
Max, handsomely pictured here, is working on getting libations.
A rough timeline is below. Plan on arriving at 7pm.
5-7pm - open gathering
7:00pm - people begin arriving with dishes
7:30pm - people begin eating
8:30pm - Emmcee Max Lockwood makes statement
9:00pm - dance part starts
8:30am (Saturday) - runs begins from the store - yikes!

NCAA Division-I XC Championships on TV Today

It's on CBS Sports (CSTV), but can also be viewed on the Internet:

This is probably the most competitive cross country race anywhere outside of the World Championships, so it's definitely worth a viewing. I'm assuming that some of you actually raced it and have firsthand knowledge.

The women race at noon, and the men race at 12:45.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My GRC Anniversary...

The difference a year makes....

from Robert Jarrin
to Max Lockwood
date Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 8:20 PM
subject Running

Max - We've never met. My name is Robert Jarrin and I'm a runner. Not a great runner, but a runner. I want to get better. Towards that end I was in the store the other day. I spoke with Ben who suggested I try to run with you and your group, depending on whether or not I can hang with you. He directed me away from the meetup page and to the blog. I was going to meet you guys today but pussed out on account of the rain. Instead I ran 10 miles tonight in miserably 10 degree colder weather which was probably just as shitty as this morning.

Again, would like to join you guys sometime but not sure I can hack the speeds. I usually train in 7-7:30 minute pace. I've run 5 marathons starting with my first one in 2005. I've run 5 marathons starting with my first one in 2005. My PR is 2:58. My PR half marathon is 1:23. I have no ego and want to improve. Two problems though: 1) I'm old (37). 2) I'm nowhere near sub-6 minute laps.

Are you running tomorrow (Friday November 16)? Or do you recommend that I come out for the meetup run at the store on Saturday?

Would appreciate any info you can lend.


from Max Lockwood
to Robert Jarrin
date Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 8:33 PM
subject Re: Running

Hey jarrin, nice of you to drop a line. Sure, come along and join the
fray. I am meeting my friend michelle for a run tomorrow at the store
at 3:45pm. It will be 10 miles. You are welcome to come along. Don't
worry about speed and age. I am 37 too! Stay in touch and welcome



He actually made me meet him at the store at 3:42pm that Friday. That run changed my life. Thanks Max.



Yet another yoga plug

I have been won over by the recent yoga fad and am now a member at hot yoga on Wisconsin Ave near the Natl. Cathedral. Jarrin is meeting me for the Wednesday class at 5:45pm. They have a good intro offer of 10 days/10$. The teacher for that session is very intense and you will get a very good core/stretching session. Join us if you are interested.


I noticed someone put this down as my training blog sight. I am not sure if this is meant as a humorous gesture. Regardless, I will take advantage of such generosity and post a run report.

For the first time in many months I ran 4 days in one week. This includes the 1 hr and 45 minute adventure watching M&M outrap his adversaries.

Yesterday I went running with the usual cast of young race team comrades. As per the custom, everyone starting racing over the last few miles and dropped the old man back a few yards. This is ok as I no longer have the leg power nor ego to respond to such ferocity.

Today, I went running with Nate Timm and one of the best local master runners around, Andreas Wright. We ran 11 miles or so at a decent clip. Andreas twisted his ankle.

The run was fun. Nate and Andreas are high school running coaches and talked the whole time about coaching.

I worked all day at the running shop. Its a very interesting experience. People come in with many woes and issues ranging from a banged up knee to Plantar problems and through it all, a obsessive desire to overcome all to continue on the run.

What is it about running and moving at such a rate that drives the inner self to rise above pain, go to therapies of many types and stay committed? Not sure but will continue to explore this topic.

My legs are tired and my feet hurt.

Happy Holidays and run well.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


We are meeting at the line tomorrow at 8:30am. I plan on running an easy 10-12. The is at the intersection of beach drive and rock creek park(where the park is closed off for the weekend). Basically where Silver Spring and the District meet. Please e-mail me at if you need better directions.

Hope all are doing well and enjoying the holiday season.

take care,


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I ran for 1 hr and 45 minutes on the treadmill. For the entire time I was glued to the tv as I watched vintage M&M in some movie(semi biographical I think).

The movie reminds me of what a great rapper he was(does he still perform?). Also, he is not a bad actor considering his training, acting background, etc.

Anyway, even though running on the treadmill is boring, the M&M film made it bearable.

A day in the life of a runner

GRC Items for Review

Jingle All the Way 10K
At the end of the week I will work with Max/GRC to get entries for the JINGLE ALL THE WAY 10K. If you plan to race, please amend the GRC calendar accordingly. God, I love that calendar...

If YOU plan on racing the "big dance" in February, you need to become a member (or renew your membership) with the USATF. Information can be found in the link below. Once you're a member, put a " USATF " next to your name on the GRC Calendar. The fee is $30.

Club Name = The Georgetown Running Company
Club Number = 10-1016

Holiday Party!
We will be having a GRC Holiday Party at the Chevy Chase Store on Friday, December 12. This promises to be a lot of fun. We're still working out details, but early arrangements indicate this will be a pot-luck style affair (everyone brings a "dish") while GRC supplies a keg or 2...or 3. We will have music and dancing and ice swans...probably not ice swans. Maybe an ice cockatiel? MARK your calendars and stay tuned for updates...

Saturday Run
Come on out to the GRC store on Saturday at 8:30am. This should be a good crowd with a variety of running abilities.

Sunday Run
A few of us are going camping after the Saturday run so I defer to someone else to post a Sunday long run

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hall to Run Boston

I will see if he will run for GRC that day...

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to compete on the John Hancock elite team at the 2009 Boston Marathon,” said Hall. “The Boston Marathon is the grand daddy of the World Marathon Majors, to win here would mean as much to me as winning any marathon in the world, including the Olympic Games. To win in Boston would show the world that American distance running is indeed back to the days of Salazar, Beardsley, and Rodgers. I hope that I can contribute to bringing American marathoning back to the forefront. There is no better place to do that than Boston. What is done in Boston lives on for all time.”

Monday, November 17, 2008


Went running yesterday morning with Mighty Chuck Moeser, little Andrew Palmer and a bunch of Accelerade tri guys out in Great Falls.

The scenery was awesome but the legs were like mush/raw hamberger/non-responsive.

After the run, worked at the running shop all day and talked to people about running shoes and enduring pain. Walked up and down stairs carrying shoes back and forth for customers. This really works the heck out of your calves and butt muscles. A workout onto itself.

Went running 3 miles later in the eve.

Talked to mom and Dad and had a glass of wine.

Change/Hope and a bright future loom on the horizon.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pacers/MCRRC Cross Country 8K Videos

Here are 3 different videos from the Pacers/MCRRC Cross Country 8K.

Women's Race:

Men's Race:

GRC & Friends Highlights:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pacers/MCRRC Cross Country 8K Pictures

My friend Ken Trombatore took all kinds of pictures at today's cross country race. He regrets missing the women's race, but got some pretty good shots of our guys' team. Enjoy:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekend Runs


A. The GRC group run will start at 8:00am instead of 8:30am tomorrow in order to align with the National Marathon training class.

B. The XC races at Derwood begin mid-morning. A number of us plan to preview the course/support those racing and run some of the surrounding trails.


A. Max and an eclectic group of runners are meeting at Difficult Run at 8:00am. Directions from DC to Difficult Run are HERE

B. Patrick Reaves, me and maybe some others are meeting for a run in Beltsville, Md at 10:00am. Below is a map.

View Larger Map

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Its funny, it really is. I am a reflective sort of guy and feel that I have lived enough lives to put the running addiction piece of my life in proper context.

I love to run and always have(but not to this extent(last 10 years). I love sports and fitness and always have.

Will say that my love affair with running is certainly interesting. Never before have I encountered a sport that causes so much inner turmoil and obsession with the entire body. An insatiable desire to get out and run the road and feel some freedom and breath some air. Not a bad way to express a piece of one's humanity.

Is this the right way to approach anything? probably not but alas, it is what it is.

Sorry to throw some philosophical G at the masses but so be it.

peace out and stay in one piece out there.


For the cross country race on Sat we are supposed to have five to field a team. I think we are at four. If someone who reads this blog and has not been involved with this race, wants to do it, let me know asap.

thanks Max

GRC Race Calendar is LIVE!

Matias created the GRC Race Calendar (found on the right hand side of the blog). It's a great tool and it should help coordinate upcoming (team) races much easier than before. Anyone can add/strike their name to any can also add a race which I hope you will all do. This document can be updated as often as we like. Take a look and make sure things are accurate.

ALSO - if you intend to run a Turkey Trot, please add that to the race calendar as GRC might be able to assist in comp entries. If you're running the Jingle Bell race on Haines Point, please make sure we have you down for that. Max plans to send in the names for this race very soon.

Names in parenthesis (First Last) denote "maybes"

ANOTHER new runner


I'm running with the group for the first time this Saturday. I come to you from the triathlon world so am looking forward to racing without the swim/bike warmup--I'm planning to do the jingle all the way 10k next month. See you Sat!



I'm running my first race with GRC this weekend, so I wanted to say hi. I've come to a few group runs at the Chevy Chase store, but I'm looking forward to meeting more of you. And if anyone wants to try and carpool or meet up before/after the 8k race this Saturday, let me know...


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RunWash Summer Rankings

The always controversial RunWashington Summer Rankings are out...a few GRCers on the list. I disagree with a lot of this (I should not be ahead 10, 11, 12), but it's good fodder nonetheless. If anything, it's people to aim to beat next time.

Melissa Tanner was 7th in the female rankings. For some reason I could not paste it without all sorts of formatting issues.

PL Name Age Hometown
1 Crane, Steven*8 26 Silver Spring, MD
2 Abebe, Abiyot***** 21 Silver Spring, MD
3 Young, Tim** 21 Fredericksburg, VA
4 Berdan, Dave*** 27 Parkville, MD
5 Nigussie, Dejeme* 22 Wheaton, MD
6 Hawkins, Jaron**** 25 Frostburg, MD
7 Wardian, Michael*** 34 Arlington, VA
8 Abuya, Jared* 31 Fairfax, VA
9 Klim, Jake 28 North Bethesda, MD
10 Borghuis, Bart 32 Arlington, VA
11 Wade, Robert** 25 Arlington, VA
12 Carroll, Ryan*6 25 Portsmouth, VA
13 Bitok, John 28 Baltimore, MD
14 Alton, Guy 24 Richmond, VA
15 Brigham, Nathan 25 Washington, DC
16 Bray, Derryn** 24 Poquoson, VA
17 Baxter, David** 23 Roanoke, VA
18 Whitlow, Dustin 22 Ashburn, VA
19 Condit, Adam* 25 Centreville, VA
20 Fritzius, Justin*** 24 Purcellville, VA
21 Dwyer, Jason 28 Arlington, VA (he was then) :(
22 Rolly, Philippe* 35 Fairfax, VA
23 Tepovich, Danny* 29 Virginia Beach, VA
24 McHale, Kevin 24 Burke, VA
25 Pugsley, Ray 39 Potomac Falls, VA
26 Butler, Lewis 23 Arlington, VA
27 Burton, Orlando* 17 Newport News, VA
28 Bain, Christopher 31 North Bethesda, MD
29 Jones, Marcus** 26 Richmond, VA
30 DeWitt, Daniel 20 Frostburg, MD
31 Murphy, Patrick 24 Washington, DC
32 Reaves, Patrick** 23 Silver Spring, MD
33 Koch, Benjamin 28 Damascus, MD
34 Woodson, David 21 Newport News, VA
35 Turner, Phil* 24 Linthicum, MD
36 Mammen, Ryan* 31 Woodbridge, VA
37 Sillery, Spider 36 York, PA
38 Askey, Billy 25 Arlington, VA
39 Jubb, Greg** 18 Westminster, MD
40 Anderson, Scott 34 Washington, DC
41 Ingham, George 23 Herndon, VA
42 Jacoby, Bert* 25 Fredericksburg, VA
43 Coombes, James 45 Norfolk, VA
44 Flemming, Victor* 29 Smithfield, VA
45 Sullivan, Zach** 17 Pasadena, MD
46 Probst, George** 34 Blacksburg, VA
47 Werner, Christopher 18 Chesapeake, VA
48 Stickley, Mark 46 Winchester, VA
49 Wingo, Lee* 20 Mechanicsville, VA
50 Kendall, Justin* 17 Glen Allen, VA
51 Mercer, Dickson 27 Takoma Park, MD
52 Sprtel, Frank 35 Silver Spring, MD
53 Brown, Karsten** 34 Front Royal, VA
54 Jaeger, Jesse* 20 Kingsville, MD


I went running last night with a head light. I took a crew from our Chevy Chase location and we went out on the Capital Crescent trail with lights plastered to our heads. We must have looked like something from a horror movie as we sped down the desolate path and addressed solo bikers coming our way.

The next night run will be in Rock Creek Park on trails. This one will be for only the brave and adventurous.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shoe recycling?

Hey, do any of you guys know of a good place to donate and/or recycle old running shoes?

I am starting quite a collection, and I'm sure they could be of better use than sitting idly in my closet or hallway.

Of course, you all know what happens to shoes that don't get donated or recycled...

Don't let this happen!

If you do know of a location, please post a comment here. Thanks!

My Book!

First off, I want to take this time to thank everyone who inquired as to when my book would be available for purchase. When I was asked what sort of book tour I would be going on, I was extremely flattered as well. (Currently there is no book tour planned per se but that will all change, hopefully, when sales are spectacular!)

Regardless, I am in the final stretch here before its first printing run and the book chronicling my 52 Marathons in 52 weeks is about to hit the shelves! More than just a book about running, or even my running, it is a book which was meant to entertain and inspire. Note, just 14 months before I started the adventure, I had only run 2 lifetime marathons!

More detailed information about how and when it will become available to the mass public will be following very soon. As for now, you can visit the publisher's website HERE. They are currently accepting advance orders of the book and you can do so by contacting Michelle at this email address:

Stay tuned for more information! And thank you Georgetown Running Company for all your support both before, during and after the 52 Marathons!

Monday, November 10, 2008

MCM Team Results

Looks like the finally compiled the team results for Marine Corps.


Way to go GRC!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

For the Record

As per Jake's request and a general interest in easily tracking the progress of our team mates and friends, I will be maintaining a rough database of everyone's performance at every distance they race. I will also maintain some sort of stats board on the blog. If you could all fill my inbox with delicious delicious times from the past year that would be awesome! ( I will be trying to actively maintain the database from here on out. Please include the time, race, and race date.

Props to all of the Vet's day racers!



Team Scores

1. 2:41:46 PACERS-BROOKS                    (  32:22)
1 30:33 Steven Crane M
2 31:16 Bert Rodriguez M
3 31:29 Steve Mance M
4 31:30 Willy Viviani M
5 36:58 Barb Fallon Wallace F

2. 2:49:14 GEORGETOWN RUNNING CO ( 33:51)
1 31:12 Wilson Komen M
2 33:32 Diego Miralles M
3 33:46 Alex Eversmeyer M
4 33:52 Peter Silverman M
5 36:52 Caroline White F

Vets Day 10k Photos

With Jarrin noticeably absent, Sara filled in as team photographer. Check out the pictures here. Congrats to everyone for their fine performances.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reminder - GRC Meeting!


WHAT: GRC Team Meeting

WHEN: Saturday Nov 8, 2008

After the Saturday Run

WHERE: Dean & Delucas on M Street

AGENDA: Open discussion on the upcoming winter and spring seasons. Also - goals, training plans, races, improving the team and ideas from the masses

Please come to this historic event! Run starts at 8:30am...meeting to convene after.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Science of Sport - NYC Marathon

Did you know Dos Santos dropped a 14:24 5k towards the end of the NYC marathon? Yup, 4:38 pace. Or Paula Radcliffe's fastest 5k was her last, closing in a 16:27? Yikes. So in an attempt to fill my data needs, below is a plot of the time for 5km intervals for the 2008 New York City Marathon.

Paula Radcliffe sandwiched between Dos Santos and me. Dos Santos and I ran similar races for the first 20k, then the lead pack decided to crush Queesboro Bridge (uphill). Amazing they got faster then, but can see that last 5k was tough for all the lead guys, as Dos Santos came back from behind but slowed up even though the second to last 5k is more challenging than the last 5k.

But I think Radcliffe's race was more impressive - besides Queesboro Bridge (25k) and 5th Ave (35k mark), she got faster and faster and faster as the race went on.

Conclusion - If you want to run well at NYC, you need to negative split. Radcliffe went 1:13/1:10, Dos Santos 1:06/1:02. Dos Santos was able to hold on after crushing the 15th mile, but I think he's the exception - the Queesboro Bridge will make or break your NYC experience.

For the rest of the analysis, click here

Hell Freezes Over...


You may have heard that loud crack sometime around 9:46pm last night - yup, it's was the sound of hell freezing over and cracking as our very own RED FOX succumbed to the battle of age and frailty by engaging in (gulp) YOGA. It was hinted that such an occurrence would need photographic evidence so behold the enclosed.

Exhibit A - Pre-Yoga Jitters and Nervous Smile

Notice the Adidas striped shorts (red stripes on black shorts) sported by the RED FOX. I had to sneak in a pocket camera as being open and notorious would be disruptive to the class and worse, possibly spook said FOX and raise risk of flight.

Exhibit B - God Only Knows...

This is the only shot I was able to trigger as the startled FOX glared ferociously towards me and the Yogi threatened to chaturanga the camera straight up my namaste'. Notice red striped shorts (same as in Exhibit A).

The scene: Down Dog Yoga, 4733 Elm Street, 4th Floor, Bethesda, MD.

The participants: Chris Silent Thunder Bain, Jake Red Fox Klim and yours truly.


PS - Everyone please go vote...especially in VA.

Santa Clarita Marathon Recap

Can be found HERE.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I looked at the v-day race website and the list of registered runners. Pacers is stacked. They have all of their horses.

We need one or two stallions. I might be able to convince Wilson or maybe Chris Raabe.

Klim, this is not a good time to go AWOL.

Also, I noticed the "OLD MAN" Chuck Moeser is running. Some of you might want to help achieve some sort of local age group record. The national record is 32:27 and I am sure he is not in that good of shape. However, I am sure he can run some 33 and change if he is on his game.

Cardinal 5k

For those NOT racing Veteran's Day, there is a fairly fast 5k in Chevy Chase/Kensington on Saturday at for top 3. $100 for the winner.

I ran this race last year and battled a local high school ace through a suicidal 4:38 opening mile...the kid held on and eventually passed me at mile 2.5. The story, fortunately, had a happy least for me.

This is an actual picture from the event.

USATF XC Preview 8K - 11/15

Please "comment" whether you are interested in racing the cross country 8k on 11/15...we want to field a team. This is where the USATF XC Champs will be held in February. It's a great opportunity to preview the course.

Saturday November 15, 2008
Women’s Open 8K Race: 10:00AM
Men’s Open 8K Race: 11:00AM
$10 Race Fee

Prize Purse for all Races

Agricultural History Farm Park
8410 Muncaster Rd.
Derwood, MD 20855

More details here -

Run! Geek! Run! 8K photos...

I shot a large part of the Run! Geek! Run! 8K yesterday and those pictures can be found here:

Congratulations to Towpath, Laurel, Murphy, Nietzsche and Double C.


Sunday, November 2, 2008


2:38:49 at NYC
MORE: Mark Barela, who after the marathon will start training with us, ran a 2:43:51

Towpath...for the win!

Peter "Towpath" Silverman wins the Run Geek Run 8k in ~26:13 as GRC sweeps the top three spots.

More to come...

The NYC Marathon...

Is on live now on Universal Sports (channel 207 on Comcast).

The race is also live on the internet.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Race day info (Run geek run)

Registration starts at 6:30am. (All GRC racers have been pre-registered and just need to pick up their numbers)

Perfect Race day weather is forecast. 49°F at 8am.

GRC warm up run will commence ~7:10am. Meet near registration area (polo fields next to Ohio Drive) I will probably warm up for 30 minutes.

Suggested parking area (courtesy J.Klim)

Brew Crew

My fellow Americans, my fellow GRC runners. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? Or perhaps you have pondered the infinity of space or how gummy bears are made. Well, I can't answer all of those questions, but I can reveal the fun and rewarding process that is brewing. Sunday afternoon at around 1:00 PM I will fire up the boiler and start adding hops and malt in an attempt to create a Belgian Witbier. You are all invited to hang out, help out and veg out. I live right across the river from the Georgetown store. Drop me an e-mail for more details: