Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend Recap: Mostly Clarendon

It seems as though the vast majority of GRCers ran down Wilson Boulevard at least once on Saturday, with several running down it twice. Isn't Clarendon Day a hoot?

Clarendon Day 5k
Paul T 14:59 (winner)
Kyle W 15:02
Sam from Cornell 15:09
Daniel T 15:10
Max 15:24
Luk 15:24
Alex 15:25
Outlaw 15:29
Graham 15:33
Jordan 15:47
Mitch 15:48
Cabell 16:01
Trever 16:01
Evan 16:20
Matt 16:53
Sean O 16:56
Sam D 17:13

Gina 17:42 (winer)
Liz R 18:15
Liz T 18:46
Jackie 18:48
Rebekah 18:52
Angelina 20:01
Theresa 20:50
Jesse 21:15

Clarendon Day 10k
Luke 32:50 (winner)
Graham 34:20
Luk 35:10
Outlaw 35:21
Sam D 35:50
Kyle 36:04
Evan 36:16
Matt 37:16

Natalie 38:20 (winner)

In outside action, TK4 took home the W at the Run! Geek! Run! 5k in 16:16, leaving behind several nerds wearing glasses in the process.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Weekend Preview: Pacers Racers Edition

Our munificent corporate overlords and all-around good guys Pacers are hosting one of the jewels of the local running calendar this weekend, the Clarendon 5k & 10k. The weather is starting to round into shape just as our roadsters do the same. Relative to the question of quantity and also of quality, GRC is bringing the metaphorical lumber this weekend. Here are some reasons why Clarendon Day is great:

1) Saturday race

2) The double!
3) Day drinking
4) Heading eastbound on Wilson

The forecast calls for torrential PRs this weekend on the perennially quick course. On the men's side, there are whispers, nasty little blasphemies about attacking the club record (14:35). Even if many of the men have the talent, fitness, and youth to undertake such an endeavor, one doubts if they have the dashing good looks affiliated with the current record. We'll also have some GRC debuts this weekend, including Liz R, Max P, Alex A, and probably some other ones I'm missing:

5k - Kyle Wagener, Sam Chauvin, Daniel Trettel, Lars Benner, Alex Archer, Jerry Greenlaw,  Max Pedrotti, Cabell Willis, Lukasz Olenginski, Mitchell Abrams, Jordan Psaltakis, Trever Reed, Paul Thistle

10k - Luke Meyer

Double - Matt Hassett, Samuel Doud, Evan Jurkovich, Sean O'Leary

For the women:

5k - Jesse Carlin, Jackie Kasal, Rebekah Hernandez, Liz Reynolds, Angelina Oputa, Annyck Besso, Gina McNamara, Theresa Kennedy, Liz Tawa

10k - Natalie Patterson

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Weekend Recap: Do two halves make a whole?

Withstanding Mid-Atlantic humidity is remarkably similar to running a half marathon: both efforts last longer than what seems appropriate. Despite swampy conditions on Sunday morning, our crew logged strong efforts and placed well at both the Navy-Air Force Half/5 Miler and the Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half.

NAF Half

Kieran 1:10:56
Sam D 1:11:59
Trever 1:16:21
Mark 1:16:41
Evan 1:17:34

Kerry 1:21:28
Maura C 1:23:05
Chelsea V 1:26:24
Keely 1:31:15

NAF 5-Mile
Paul T 25:19 (winner)
Outlaw 27:03
Jordan 27:15

Emily d 28:34 (winner, course record)
Kelly C 28:45
Maura L 28:47
Hallie 31:36

Up in Philly, Lucas made a valiant run at an OTQ, while Dickson and Hashem placed well in the midst of some hard marathon training.

RnR Philly Half
Lucas 66:34
Hashem 71:23
Dickson 72:09

If you squint really hard, you can see Hashem and Dickson mixing it up with Des and Kellyn Taylor in the photo below.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Weekend Preview: Debonair Debutante Edition

With Florence heading south, no doubt ducking the terrible rage awaiting her were she to delay what promises to be a debut-filled weekend, GRC is ready to roll. Keep your eyes on flooded roadways, though: Coach Jerry's salty tears after a Vanderbilt meltdown on Saturday night could rival what Flo has in store.

Our good friends at the Navy Air Force Half Marathon are hosting the finest half and five-miler around this weekend. Our women's 5 contingent features Kelly C, Emily d, Molly A, Emily P, Hallie F, (and Jerry did not say Maura L, but I'm pretty sure she said she was running at practice on Wednesday?). Holy talent! Not to be outdone, the men will send Paul T, Outlaw, Jordan P,  and late entrant Sean B to the line. Paul's time will need to be converted from lane 4 of Hains Point.

In the half, Maura C, Margaret J, Keely E, and Chelsea V will represent the women, joined by Trevor R, Evan J, Charlie B, Mark H, Sam D, and Kieran O.

Kelly C
Molly A
Sam D
Margaret J
Chelsea V

One seems to recall that RNR Philly will feature some GRC representation, but the ignorance and stubbornness of the author will shroud those participants in mystery until results are available.

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Explosive New Book: RUN (and Hide)!

Fresh off his latest book, FEAR: Trump in the Whitehouse, famed author, Bob Woodward, has penned a non-fiction thriller detailing the GRC during the tumultuous years Patrick Murphy skippered the fledgling team. The book is entitled, "RUN (and Hide): The GRC Administration Under Patrick Murphy". 

Although the book has yet to be released, I've (amazingly) come across a copy, and some of the charges are explosive. Below are a few excerpts. Though you might think I enjoy sharing these snippets, please know that it really pains me to post them here on this beloved blog: 

 On page 1,276 (it's a 3,000+ page epic!), a team member known only as "B. Young" (narrowing the source down to two people) claims Patrick "colluded with PACERS during the 2009 Veteran's Day 10k, essentially handing PACERS the win." This collusion occurred years before the teams officially merged. In 2009, the two teams were rivals. This is by far one of the devastating accusations in the book. 

In an earlier chapter, former President of the GRC, Sam Luff (AKA "Sam from Cornell #2") is reported to have called Patrick a "dumby (sic) face" in April 2012, after a contentious board meeting. 

During that same board meeting, Charlie Ban was drinking a concoction that resembled “a mix of both coffee and beer, two drinks Charlie claims he never touches…” He also, according to one account, wore blue jeans, or, according to another, blue jean shorts (jorts) to this same meeting. 

Kyle Cooke, it’s said in the book, “has hoarded upwards of six to eight different singlets.” 

According to official membership paperwork, current GRC President Kerry Allen's real name is Allen Kerry, and she was named after her father, Allen Kerry Sr. 

Although he joined the team after Patrick’s tenure, the book also claims that Cabell Willis has a “ghost writer, who pens all of Cabell’s Instagram posts.” 

An author known only as Enamanoos (sic) has written the book's Foreword.

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Zak won the Lehigh Valley Marathon this morning, blasting a 2:38:40 to win by a minute and a half. A cursory glance at splits reveals the race story: Zak had gapped the field by 10k, and ran evenly the rest of the way to stretch the margin to its final resting place. Being out front in a marathon is a lonely endeavor, but Zak kept steady and brought home the victory.

There are no confirmed reports that Zak was fueled in his heart and his legs by the pent-up anguish of a thousand Orioles losses, nor that he screamed "Time to slam brews!" at the finish. There are, however, confirmed reports that Zak said it was "'...definitely not an ideal day for a marathon, and the course was pretty sloppy in a lot places, but I was able to send 'em nonetheless."

At Parks Half, Dear Leader Kerry (80:28) followed suit by wrapping up an early season victory, a great indicator of successful marathon pain to come.

On the men's side of the ledger, Sam C (70:52) took home second in his GRC debut, followed by Sean O (77:33) in ninth.

Kyle had a top 10 finish at the City of Lakes Half, clocking in at 71:03.

Emily d broke 5 in the Fifth Ave Mile with a 4:59.

On Saturday evening, Outlaw got the party started with a 2nd place finish in the 9/11 Memorial 5k, blazing a 15:58.


Friday, September 7, 2018

Weekend Preview: Zak Attack edition

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was also really damn hot," is how Dickens probably would have started A Tale of Two Cities were he writing the past couple weeks. And then! Sweet temperate relief on the horizon this weekend, just in time for GRCers to supply the missing heat. Here's what we've got cooking:

Zak takes on the first big US soil (sorry Frances) marathon of the season, in what is probably the Lehigh Valley marathon according to Google but is definitely in Pennsylvania if not.

Emily d takes on the mile up the coast in the sub-elite heat of the 5th Ave Mile (club record is 4:49.07, be on the watch?)

Native son Kyle W will return to Minnesota to run in some sort of half marathon, and is likely to return with a sizable PR that won't fit in the overhead.

Closer to home, Kerry, Sam C, and Sean O are running the Parks Half. This will be Sam's GRC debut.

Outlaw will look to stretch his vicious summer speed into the 5k at the 9/11 Memorial race as he transitions to the "hard training" for the marathon.

Other people are also probably running, but due to the idiocy and crippling fallibility of the author, they are not recorded here.