Tuesday, September 30, 2008



There is a great cross country race coming up the week after marine corps. Its managed by the Howard County Striders. We can field a team and do battle if people are interested. I can get a team comped in. First come first serve entry policy.

Let me know asap if you want to do it. Here is the site. (http://striders.net/races/grapevine/2008/)


I know some have expressed recent interest in running this on sat. Does not matter what your time is we, we can get you in. send me your info at max.lockwood@gmail.com

peace out

Monday, September 29, 2008


Assuming the Army does not go bankrupt or is called upon to calm massive unrest due to economic catastrophe, I am putting my money on Steve Crane to win the Army ten miler. I just interviewed him for an article and he seems like he is in peek condition: First American at Cherry Blossom, first American at the Philly half and he is pretty low key about it all. No hype, no stress, just running. Plus he trains without a watch, which gives him some cool points. He will have his hands full as I know some Ethiopians from Georgia are coming as are some Brazilians from their military.

If he does win, he will be the first local non-pro to win in eons. I think Chris Graff one it sometime ago but he was a pro runner and thus, sort of in a different category.

Like most of you, Crane is just a 9-5 working guy who likes to run and is good at it.

In any case, good luck to all.

Army Ten Miler

Who is running Army Ten Miler and who is going to watch? I am going to try and be at the start around 7am...then warm up. I don't recall if metro is open that early or not...need to investigate. Plan to head to packet pick-up after the GRC group run on Saturday morning.

Apparently there is going to be a small fiesta post-race at one of the two stores...so long as there is interest from all of you?

Akron Road Runner Marathon Recap

CLICK HERE to see how my pacing job went.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I hate to admit it...

...but Max is right.

Do Yoga. Bikram Yoga. Hot Yoga. It will make you a better athlete.

Not only does it work your core, it's a beater of a workout. So now when we run I'll be pushing (1) becoming a duathlete/triathlete and (2) becoming a Yogi master. Namaste


Since dancing with the stars seems to be such an hip show right now, I figured these GRC runs might be advertised as something similar. For example, come run with Rob Jarrin and listen to his spiel or run with mighty Pat Reaves on one of his epic 20 milers or what about the feerless red-head, Mr Klim and if nonthing else, one can take a long flat run along the Canal with none-other than "towpath"

OK, all kidding aside, I am putting out a few race team ideas for the masses to mull on.

Next Sat is the Aids 5K. So far I have Kelly Behan and Mighty Murphy. Any others let me know.

Also, next Sunday is the Army ten-miler. I figure we can have a post run bash/celebration at one of the stores. Either CC or G-town. CC is on the Red line and might be easier for people to get to. Send a comment about whether you think this idea is worth pursuing.

FYI---for those that have lost faith, given up, etc. on the concept of Singlets coming. I have heard from a reliable source that they are on the way and might/should be here for the Army race.(knock on wood and pray).

peace out



That's quick.

Friday, September 26, 2008

speaking of abuse and love and subsequent repair of the body...................

A PT from Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation, Inc will be providing free evaluations at the store tomorrow from 10-12. If you are nursing a sore something please come in and get a free evaluation from a certified PT familiar with the runner's body.

peace out

get used to it

I have read some of the running blogs recently. Some people are getting beaten up. my only insight here is "get used to it".

I have run for 6 years on an arthritic toe that does not bend at all. the hamstrings have always been tight.

yes, i complain but that's all one can do.

you can go to all of the doctors, massage people, pts and gurus galore and in the end, if you want to compete and be abusive to your body, you will keep going and going and going until............................................

Obama vs........tonight---will McCain show? who lost money in the stock market, this is an exciting time in American history. Be part of it and make a difference.

Peace out

sat run

the store will be open at 830am tomorrow. this means you can hang out before the run, leave your stuff at the store, etc.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weekend Runs

On Saturday I can do a 12 mile easy run from the store that's mostly soft surface and rolling terrain. (no, no- not TR island)

On Sunday I will go 20 easy and am game for wherever folks want to go... perhaps the line and then the pancake house in bethesda afterwards?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MORE! Philadelphia Distance Run Pictures

I am just going to post a link to a bunch more pictures from philly this past sunday morning. Enjoy the chicken-man runner.

Pictures Here

love, Dylan

Baltimore Marathon Charity Chaser

If you are doing Baltimore, I hope I get the chance to pass you. Read why HERE.

Boulder Marathon Recap


Short version:

Tough (but not too hard) race at 6,000 feet results in an 11th place overall finish for me in 3:09.

Next up: Akron on Saturday. If anyone is going to be there, let me know!

Army 10 Miler Help

Anyone have any ideas how I can get into the Army 10 miler at this late date? Thanks.

Philadelphia Distance Run Pictures...

On Sunday, I shot some photo's at the Philadelphia Distance Run of our racing team in action. They're uploading as I write, so they should all be up and available by morning.

Go here to view the entire collection: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robert_jarrin/. There are a few pics of other notables including some Pacers.


Monday, September 22, 2008

everybody is running well

its great that everyone is having fun and running like the wind. all I can say is love it, relish the moment and take time off to heal.

If you can stave off the addiction/compulsion to run, I suggest take a mental and physical break. Even if you are running well. Go to a tanning salon, get a $200 massage, go listen to some Reggae and chill out and get the groove on and let the body completely heal and relax. Take a few days off. You are all in such great shape you will lose not a thing.

The beautiful fall awaits and the leaves are turning.

If anyone wants to go apple picking in Vermont, let me know.

peace out

Towpath Wins!

26:46 at Somerset back to Skool 8k.

Not a bad season opener. Good work. We need to get this guy a singlet.

Photo - Peter Silverman (Towpath) approaches the finish line on Sunday. Courtesy RunWashington.

Friday, September 19, 2008

FLASH: Philly Weather Report

WIRE: Nearly ideal temperatures and conditions for Philly Distance Run...

Sunday - Sept 21, 2008 - Phila, PA

6:00am - 55 degs
9:00am - 61 degs

Wind: WNW 5 mph
Max. Humidity:58%
UV Index: 6 High

Thursday, September 18, 2008

two races and more.................................

For those doing the Marine Corps Marathon, the National Capital 20miler is a great tune up run on September 28th. Its a classic run put on by the DC Road Runners. It costs next to nothing and one can use it as a nice pre-marine corps marathon tune-up tempo. If interested, go to the DC Road Runners web site at http://dcroadrunners.org/


On October 4th(the day before the army ten miler), the Georgetown Running Company needs some runners for the Aids Walk/Run 5k downtown. Its a nice little PR type 5k downtown to support a great cause(cure Aids). I can get comp entries for any male who will run under 17 minutes and any woman who will go under 19 minutes. Reach me at max.lockwood@gmail.com

Quote of the day.............................................


Saturday Run - 8:30am

GRC will open for runners at 8:15am on Saturday. Per the race the next day, I am only going to run an easy 6 miles while others will probably run the standard 10. Maybe the Haines Point Loop would be best?

See you then?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Murray Rules Run at Nation's Triathlon...

(Photo taken by JARRIN at the Georgetown Classic 8K)

Big congrats go out to our compadre Patrick Murray who this past Sunday competed in his first triathlon ever. The Nation's Triathlon is an Olympic Distance 1.5K swim, 40K bike and 10K run. Patrick finished in 89th place overall (2:24:07) but killed the run coming in 1st place out of 2,396 finishers. Murray's time for the 10k was 37:42.

Not sure if anyone else from GRC competed but kudos to all the finishers.


Monday, September 15, 2008

G-town Running Company Elite Team Profiles

Please check out the profiles of the Georgetown Running Company's Elite Racing team. The profiles are located at the top right hand section of this page.

For more information on the team please contact Jake Klim at jklim007@yahoo.com.

B-CC Workout - Tuesday

Reaves and I are meeting at B-CC on Tuesday at 6:30pm for the following workout:

2 mile w/u
3 miles at HALF MARATHON pace
5 mile c/d

I am in the middle of my taper and my plan is to run an easy warm-up from the school down the CCT and then run 3 miles at roughly 16:00. Reaves will run about 10 minutes further.

Any other takers? 5:20, 5:20, 5:20...even Steven.


I noticed some people ran the half marathon in the heat yesterday. good job. all i can say is listen to your body and not your brain.

Sheena had a great dance party the other night. thanks for good tunes and positive vibes.

having not run in three weeks or done anything really related(no impact), its a weird but good feeling. its like getting all of the wrinkles and scars and other messed up tissue caused by years of running, ironed out and unwound.

I figure, why not keep on going and see what emerges. life is a grand experiment and no use trying to control what you can't.

as Jarrin would say, "go hug some bushes"

peace out

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fallen Comrade

Jake's knee is busted. While we will mourn our fallen comrade's tragic misfortune, we must soldier on, carry the torch, etc.
Towpath Lock 5. 8:30AM. Distance 8-20 miles. Pace: 7min/mile


View Larger Map


Is coming back to race the Tour next year! I was watching the Jim Rome show while doing some work on the stairclimber the other day and low and behold, he announces Lance is coming back. Is this the year of un-retirements are what!

First its mighty Brett Farve, now the greatest non-doping cyclist of all time. He says he wants to come back and win to prove that a totally clean and ancient person(by pro riding standards) can accomplish such a feat.

I do not care what anyone says or thinks regarding whether he doped or not during his hey day. The guy is a cancer survivor and on top of that, came back to win the tour seven times. That is something that very few humans could do, no matter how many performance enhancing things they pump into their system.

On top of that, he runs marathons to raise money for fighting cancer and is committed to making this earth a better place for the next generation.

Go Lance!

Friday, September 12, 2008



The store will not be open tomorrow for the run. I am still taking a rest. For those interested in meeting at the store, please still come. I am sure someone will have an auto available to leave their belongings.

I will be out for the run the following sat to begin some type of comeback and can have the store open at 8:30am.

peace out

Sunday Run

A bunch of the guys are running the PARKS HALF MARATHON on Sunday morning for a workout. I may watch them run by my place and then head out an easy 18 or so at Rileys Lock at 9am. Let me know if you are interested.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saturday Tempo

I am planning on doing a 20 min tempo on Saturday. I could either do it during the latter half of the Saturday morning GRC store run or in the afternoon. I plan on doing it in the range of 5:35-5:45 min/mile. Let me know if you are interested. I have a good trail in mind for this workout. It's got mile markers, earthen surface and is fairly flat.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Robert Jarrin's Birthday

A number of us will be celebrating Robert's 38th birthday on Saturday night at Poste Brasserie (http://www.postebrasserie.com/). He is now the same age as Max!

Meet at 7pm - it's a half block away from the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro station in DC. We can congregate there for however long we need to and then scatter/go get food/party harder/whatever.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TWC Half Marathon

Check out the link below if you're curious to see one of the projects I've been working on lately. If you didn't know, I am tasked with documenting the efforts of Johnathan as he trains for The Weather Channel Half Marathon in Atlanta on Thanksgiving. We'll document Johnathan 7 different times over the course of 3 months. We've already shot 3 and shooting the 4th on Saturday. This one (below) is the first to air and should be airing all this week.
I'm working to get GRC involved in one of these upcoming shoots. Enjoy.



Local running legend Alisa Harvey is one of the best masters runners in the country, if not the world. She made the Olympic trials four times in three different distances and has been a dominant force on the roads and the track for over 20 years. Her key to survival and success is not to over-train. She is kind of like a very efficient car. She does more with less.

Her actions and training have withstood the ultimate test; that of time.

She gives her training advice out freely


Results: EX2 Off Road Half-Marathon

Congrats go out to Jennifer Tetric May who on Sunday took 2nd place in the women's division in the EX2 Off Road Half-Marathon in Maryland and took 14th place overall. The course was apparently so bad the race directors shortened it; too many felled trees and washed out trails. Overall results can be found here.

14 85 May Jennifer 26 1:29:26

(Photo courtesy of Will Ramos Sports Gallery:


Monday, September 8, 2008


I am curious what some of you think about the use of a heart rate monitor. When working at the store, I sell many of these but typically, to fitness runners who are looking to get in shape and want to gauge progress using the heart rate monitor. Rarely, does an elite runner/triathlete, etc. come in and buy one. It could be that these folks get them all on the Internet or perhaps, another factor. I have not thought about it until recently.

Anyway, please share your opinion one way or the other.


Good Location for Future Workouts

Agricultural History Farm Park - Derwood, Maryland
Site of the 2009 USA Cross Country Championships and World Cross Country Team Trials.
See the course in this video I made for Nate's CC team.

Cabin John Half Mile Hills - Wednesday

PReaves is in ATL all week, so I am going to propose a workout...

I am going to meet here (see map) on Wednesday afternoon around 6:15 or 6:30 and run a series of hill repeats. The course is a "J-shaped" blue stone road that exponentially gets steeper and steeper...nothing ridiculous, but a good workout and a heart pumper. You can see the outline of the course through the trees in the satellite map below. It's a half mile. Plenty of trails for an adequate warm-up/cool-down. Bathrooms and water available too.

Let me know if you are interested.

View Larger Map

Saturday, September 6, 2008


It seems like many people are PRing and running their very best race times. This is fantastic. I bring this up having just read an article on Roger Federer, perhaps the greatest male tennis player ever. Why is he considered so? Its because he maintained his optimal performance level for so long(still right up there as the # 2 ranked player in the world). If he wins this year's US Open he will go back to # 1. Bottom line, he and athletes like him are the exception rather than the norm. Most hit a peak and either over train and get injured, slack off or simply break from the amount of hard work it takes to stay on top of their game.

In the DC area I can think of a few who have stood the test of time and remained on top or near so for a long time.

Alisa Harvey
Jim Hage
Chuck Moeser
(and yes, Mike Wardian). He is 34 and 35 is coming on.
Philippe Rolly(He's been running hard in the area for 10 years)

There are probably a few more but the point is, these folks have survived the rigor of hard training coupled with busy lives to remain on top of their game without burning out.

Whats the trick? Is there one? Is it genetics and luck that allow some to keep going and others to drop? Don't know but the answer is one many crave to own.

The question for some of you is what do you do now that you are peaking? How do you stay on top without losing fitness but also not tiring yourself out and getting hurt. The body is so fragile and this feat of keeping things going at an optimal level is an interesting challenge.

Perhaps you all can see yourselves like knights of the round table on a quest for the Holy Grail..........(OK, enough)

peace out

Swan Song?

In an hour, I will be racing three miles in a tropical storm for our alumni race. I may get airborn or smassed against a tree from the 50 mph winds. I predict the winning time will be 25 minutes if we survive.

It will be a tropical storm 3 mile PR.

Reaves 15:14 !

Atlanta, GA - Patrick Reaves smashed his previous PR by 20 seconds this morning by running 15:14 at a large 5k in Atlanta.

This breakthrough performance comes during the lead up to the Philly Distance Run and later the Marine Corps Marathon. PRs will soon follow like dominoes.

Reaves and I are both slated to run the National Press Club 5k next Saturday.

Friday, September 5, 2008


THE GEORGETOWN RUNNING COMPANY IS HELPING to support this local 8k in Chevy Chase. Its close to our store there and we want to take a leadership role in making running and fitness a priority for that community. With this said, I need some troops to run the race. You do not need to be super fast or run it all out if you do not want to. Its about supporting the cause, the team, the store, etc.

The race is taking place on September 21st, I believe the same day as the Philly run some of you are doing so I know I cannot count on Bain, Klim, Melissa and others who are doing that one.

However, for all those that are in town, please consider it. If interested, we can get you a comp entry and a free cup of starbucks:) Just send me an e-mail at Max.Lockwood@gmail.com


Rockville Twiligher Video

Greatest Running Video of All Time.

Love the Price is Right-like sound effects towards the end.


Weekend Runs

I'll be at the store Saturday morning at 8:30am for the weekly group run. We should beat the rain by running that early.
I was thinking of starting the Riley's Run at 9:00am on Sunday. It should be a slopfest.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

TOTAL REST......................

What do people think about this novel concept? In almost all sports where heavy physical exertion takes place, athletes take weeks/months off their sport and athletics in general during the off season. They take the time to recover mentally, physically and emotionally from the drive. Perhaps this break is as important a discipline as the discipline to always go at it and push as it forces us to fight and reign in the compulsive desire to do something we have become addicted to. I am not a sports psychologist but I am sure the term "addicted to exercise" is not new.

As for the rest part, perhaps long periods of rest should apply to the sport of running. I have not thought about it much until my body has/was and is beaten up a bit and as a result, my psyche/ego and core being has and is effected to some extent. This is/has been a good thing as for a while, I was almost too focused on athletics and neglected other aspects of life. Being "on the shelf", so to speak has re-trained me to put life in perspective and regain some balance and some of the "old Max Lockwood". Perhaps, in retrospect, while I was fully healthy and addicted to running, I should have taken more trips to Jamaica or just weeks and or months off from the regimen of hard exercise and pushing the body to its limits all of those years.

Its water under the bridge now but I am curious what others think.

Be an artist with your life and paint a complete picture along the way.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We have until October 10th to submit our squad(s). A little bit of strategy might be in place here, depending on who is running. Please email me if you are registered as an individual (which is fine... no problems for signing up for the team).

There are categories for a Men's squad, a women's squad, and a mixed squad. In all three categories, 3 runners score, and we can list 5 on each roster... no overlapping however.

Boston FYI

For you eager beavers, registration opens today. It filled up in early February last year.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Watermelon Curse Ended

Earlier in August, Peter Silverman, was given the #1 worst nickname by Runnersworld.com by a very fatigued high school teacher and coach following a long run. This curse has plagued poor Peter Silverman over the past several weeks. Although the awful nickname had no reasoning, logic, or even any humor behind it - the nickname stuck. How? No one really knows.

To end this curse - a golden key had to found. The catch was it must be found during a long run along the canal over 20+ miles away from the naming point. Silverman has been frustrated by this nickname, but hasn't let it get to him. He was even discouraged about finding this golden key along the canal. How does anyone find a key along the canal? With keen eyes and maybe some other motives. But, at the mid point of this epic long run to end the watermelon curse the key was discovered in the middle of the towpath on a stone. What does this mean?

Towpath reigns. Watermelon dies. No further debate.

And I had a safe drive home in my Nissan Xterra and Silverman has a real nickname.

It's towpath.

Hey, anyone else feel like a workout??

Aside from Carl Lewis and his closest friends, of course.

Jake and I (and players to be named later) are headed to B-CC tomorrow at 6:30 for a track workout in Bethesda

I was shooting for in 8-10 x 1000 w/ 200 jog recoveries in 3:05-3:10, though I'm open to other ideas.

Leave comments if you want to join!

"Let's all work together/ You can't win on your own...."

GRC's Raabe 14th at New Haven!

1 1 2 Carney James 30 M M3039 59:11 29:01 59:11 4:46
2 1 7 Rohatinsky Josh 26 M M2029 59:58 29:02 59:58 4:50
3 2 1 Browne Dan 33 M M3039 1:00:06 29:02 1:00:06 4:51
4 2 15 Cabada Fernando 26 M M2029 1:00:39 28:58 1:00:39 4:53
5 3 81 Rodriguez Celedonino 27 M M2029 1:00:42 29:36 1:00:42 4:54
6 4 22 Arsianiaga Nica 25 M M2029 1:00:47 30:16 1:00:47 4:54
7 5 12 Torres Edwardo 28 M M2029 1:01:01 29:51 1:01:01 4:55
8 6 29 Burrell Ian 23 M M2029 1:01:01 29:51 1:01:02 4:55
9 7 6 Young Justin 29 M M2029 1:01:11 29:40 1:01:12 4:56
10 3 8 Downin Matt 31 M M3039 1:01:21 30:14 1:01:21 4:57
11 8 14 Bizuneh Fasil 28 M M2029 1:01:32 29:52 1:01:32 4:58
12 9 85 Koborsi Rod 24 M M2029 1:02:09 29:43 1:02:10 5:01
13 10 87 Nuci Miguel 28 M M2029 1:02:17 31:02 1:02:18 5:01
14 11 79 Raabe Christopher 29 M M2029 1:02:34 30:14 1:02:35 5:03
15 12 10 Eggleston Jeff 23 M M2029 1:02:40 31:01 1:02:41 5:03
16 13 13 Reyes Sergio 26 M M2029 1:02:52 30:12 1:02:53 5:04
17 14 89 Canaday Sage 22 M M2029 1:03:10 31:12 1:03:11 5:06
18 15 30 Daniels Matthew 20 M M2029 1:03:50 30:45 1:03:51 5:09
19 4 5 Briney Trent 30 M M3039 1:03:53 30:18 1:03:53 5:09
20 16 1607 Pelletier Matt 29 M M2029 1:04:20 31:37 1:04:22 5:11
21 17 16 Blake Eric 29 M M2029 1:04:23 31:27 1:04:23 5:11
22 18 25 Callahan Brendan 27 M M2029 1:04:42 31:26 1:04:43 5:13
23 19 86 O'Brian Kyle 28 M M2029 1:04:58 31:26 1:04:58 5:14
24 20 75 Polk Nick 23 M M2029 1:06:33 31:29 1:06:34 5:22
25 21 21 Handler Carlos 25 M M2029 1:06:33 31:27 1:06:34 5:22
26 5 93 Larosa Mark 30 M M3039 1:06:39 33:22 1:06:41 5:22
27 22 433 Wadecki Jeff 25 M M2029 1:06:35 33:19 1:06:45 5:23
28 23 28 Laboy Ramon 26 M M2029 1:06:57 33:25 1:06:59 5:24
29 1 1493 Lynch Jimmy 43 M M4044 1:06:59 33:05 1:07:00 5:24
30 6 83 Frieder Elliott 37 M M3039 1:07:15 33:23 1:07:16 5:25

Riley's on Sunday

I am throwing Riley's Lock out there early for a Sunday Long Run option.

Distances include - 13, 15 or 20ish with a post-run gathering in Potomac at Starbucks and/or French Bread/brkfst place.
Time TBD per weather reports.
Any takers?