Saturday, September 13, 2008


Is coming back to race the Tour next year! I was watching the Jim Rome show while doing some work on the stairclimber the other day and low and behold, he announces Lance is coming back. Is this the year of un-retirements are what!

First its mighty Brett Farve, now the greatest non-doping cyclist of all time. He says he wants to come back and win to prove that a totally clean and ancient person(by pro riding standards) can accomplish such a feat.

I do not care what anyone says or thinks regarding whether he doped or not during his hey day. The guy is a cancer survivor and on top of that, came back to win the tour seven times. That is something that very few humans could do, no matter how many performance enhancing things they pump into their system.

On top of that, he runs marathons to raise money for fighting cancer and is committed to making this earth a better place for the next generation.

Go Lance!

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