Sunday, September 28, 2008


Since dancing with the stars seems to be such an hip show right now, I figured these GRC runs might be advertised as something similar. For example, come run with Rob Jarrin and listen to his spiel or run with mighty Pat Reaves on one of his epic 20 milers or what about the feerless red-head, Mr Klim and if nonthing else, one can take a long flat run along the Canal with none-other than "towpath"

OK, all kidding aside, I am putting out a few race team ideas for the masses to mull on.

Next Sat is the Aids 5K. So far I have Kelly Behan and Mighty Murphy. Any others let me know.

Also, next Sunday is the Army ten-miler. I figure we can have a post run bash/celebration at one of the stores. Either CC or G-town. CC is on the Red line and might be easier for people to get to. Send a comment about whether you think this idea is worth pursuing.

FYI---for those that have lost faith, given up, etc. on the concept of Singlets coming. I have heard from a reliable source that they are on the way and might/should be here for the Army race.(knock on wood and pray).

peace out


KLIM said...

I like the idea of a post-race party/gathering.

I think since the Chevy Chase Store is a bit larger we should head there. Assuming my stomach doesn't implode again, I will be there.

Anyone else?

Peter said...

You forgot "Endless Islands" with Jason Dwyer. My head is still spinning from running 20 miles of loops there on Sunday.

havegoats said...

Even I have never run 20 miles on it. Careful TP, or your nickname may change to TRI...

Anonymous said...

hey max, still spots for the 5k? i'd be interested in doing it!