Monday, September 8, 2008


I am curious what some of you think about the use of a heart rate monitor. When working at the store, I sell many of these but typically, to fitness runners who are looking to get in shape and want to gauge progress using the heart rate monitor. Rarely, does an elite runner/triathlete, etc. come in and buy one. It could be that these folks get them all on the Internet or perhaps, another factor. I have not thought about it until recently.

Anyway, please share your opinion one way or the other.



Peter said...

I like to use a HR monitor to make sure my heart is not about to explode while running with the top guns of the team. If I can see that I am at 95% HR max on a long run, I know I need to ease up a little bit before rigor mortis sets in.

Matias said...

Read this

Also interesting to see what goes on during a race, heart rate monitors can help answer question on why you felt good or not so good during certain parts of a race.

And for guys who like to crush it day in and day out, it can be your coach or leash and get you to chill so you can smash those workouts

Use a heart rate monitor as one of the many tools in your arsenal in hopes of become the most awesomest athlete.

MAX said...


would both or one of you be willing to come to one of our stores in the near future to make a presentation on the use of Heart Rate Monitors? We will advertise this so that people come. Nothing big but just a question and answer thing.

2 hrs max

we will give you something such as shoe or piece of apparel in return.

let me know

Peter said...

Ironman Matias would probably be your best bet for a spokesman.

RM said...

A lot of people use them; a lot of people use them improperly. Like any other data, it's only as good as what you do with it. Mark Allen's training was pretty unreal: 500 mile bike weeks with 80 mpw running and over 25k in the pool. You've got to know your values for intensity and a host of other information to make the HRM work for you. Once you get it, it's a great tool. That's my two cents, I go through periods where I'll use it religiously and then times when I never touch it. ~ Ryan

JARRIN said...
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JARRIN said...

I've used them extensively and only recently stopped for no reason other than laziness. For cycling in particular, I religiously still use my heart rate monitors. That said, I wholly believe in their utility for any athlete. In 2006 and 2007 I was sponsored by Polar as a non-pro athlete (mostly because of cycling). I'd be glad to join Matias or anyone in discussing the benefits of training with a heart rate monitor.


MAX said...

Jarrin, provided you behave yourself and Matias, if you are able and willing, perhaps you two can script a presentation up and make us a pitch. The audience will be runners/athletes of all abilities who may or may not know a thing about a HRM and what it does to enahnce a runner's performance, etc. We can use the Polar as the featured product since we sell them. If agreeable, lets aim for a date in mid-October.

from now on, please shoot me an e-mail to my personal account.