Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Watermelon Curse Ended

Earlier in August, Peter Silverman, was given the #1 worst nickname by Runnersworld.com by a very fatigued high school teacher and coach following a long run. This curse has plagued poor Peter Silverman over the past several weeks. Although the awful nickname had no reasoning, logic, or even any humor behind it - the nickname stuck. How? No one really knows.

To end this curse - a golden key had to found. The catch was it must be found during a long run along the canal over 20+ miles away from the naming point. Silverman has been frustrated by this nickname, but hasn't let it get to him. He was even discouraged about finding this golden key along the canal. How does anyone find a key along the canal? With keen eyes and maybe some other motives. But, at the mid point of this epic long run to end the watermelon curse the key was discovered in the middle of the towpath on a stone. What does this mean?

Towpath reigns. Watermelon dies. No further debate.

And I had a safe drive home in my Nissan Xterra and Silverman has a real nickname.

It's towpath.

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