Monday, October 31, 2011

UPDATED! 11/2 Wednesday and 11/5 Saturday Workouts

UPDATED Weekend Workout Plans from Jerry:

We will meet on Saturday at the Cell Tower field in Rockville at 8 am for our first cross-country specific workout.  Please be ready to start the warm up at 8 am, and we'll get going with the workout at 8:30.  The goal for Saturday is simply to get in some time on grass, and we're not going to do anything too intense.  The men will do 8-7-6-5-4-2-2-1 (that's MINUTES, not meters) with recoveries of half the time of the interval, so 4 minutes off after the 8 minutes on.  The pace should be comfortably hard, somewhere in the 10k race pace zone.  The women will do 7-6-5-4-3-2-1, with the same recovery ie 3:30 off after the 7 on, and the pace should also be approximately 10k race pace.  For those of you who have not had the pleasure of running at this location, it's a huge open field with some rolling hills, and you can run around the perimeter or into the interior as you please on your intervals.  One word of caution--folks use this as a dog park, so there are often dogs who are unleashed.  It hasn't been a problem in the past, but if you end up with dog doo-doo on your shoes, don't say i didn't warn you.  On the topic of shoes, I would recommend that you NOT wear spikes.  To my way of thinking, it's not worth getting sore the week before Veterans Day 10k, because I'd like to see some confidence-bulilding performances in that race.  We'll have a couple more workouts on grass before Seattle, so you can use spikes on the last couple of reps when we get close to the big day.  Directions to the field are found in the "Where We Run" page of

Also, there is an alternate workout for those of you who can't make it saturday (or who don't like being chased by pitbulls) on Sunday at BCC.  The warm up Sunday is at 9, and the workout starts at 9:30.  The Philly marathon group will be getting after it on the track, and if anyone wants to join in, you're more than welcome. 

If you have any questions, give me a shout.  See you over the weekend.

Congratulations to Brian Young on his 2:49 at MCM, which is more than a two minute PR. Brian has worked extremely hard and he will continue to lop time off his PR in 2012. I’m also quite pleased with Lavar’s performance. Lavar’s training was compromised by injury, and he endured calf cramps from mile 10 to the finish, but he battled through to run a very solid 2:52. Lavar is running Boston this spring, and with some injury-free preparation, he will run much, much faster.

We also had some excellent performances as our cross-country squad sharpened up for Veterans Day. The highlight of the Goblin Gallop 5k was Kristie’s stellar GRC debut. Because of her prior focus on tris and a variety of injuries, Kristie has not put together an extended period of running-specific training for quite some time, but it’s apparent to me that she’s back, and she’ll be ready to run fast at Clubs. Anna ran another solid race despite being limited by a tender hamstring for the last couple of weeks, and Maura ran well again. On the men’s side, Ryan looked extremely comfortable and handled one of the GRC Ethiopians with ease, and Jerry Outlaw and Jason looked strong. Finally, Susan braved the elements and a very slow course to easily win the AIDS 5k. Well done!

For the workout this week, we’ll be at BCC as normal. The men’s workout will be 6 x 800, 6 x 400, all with a 3 minute recovery. For the A group, the 8s will be 2 @ 72s, 2 @ 70s, 2 @ 68s, and the 4s will be 2 @ 66, 2 @ 64, 2 @ 62. The B group will do 2 x 8 @ 75s, 73s, 71s, and 2 x 4 @ 68, 66, 64.

Also, we will meet at the cell tower field for the warmup on Saturday at 8:00 am, and we’ll get the workout started at 8:30. I’ll send more details later in the week.  Here is a helpful link to the locations where we run, including Cell Tower Field (AKA Three Towers Field).  As always, check for info about the team.

I’ll send the women’s workout separately. See you at BCC on Wednesday.


WRR Summer Rankings and Amanda Rice Article

Even more press:

Our runners are all over the latest edition of the Washington Running Report. First, there is a great article featuring Lt. Amanda Rice beginning on page 22. In the interview she discusses balancing her dental residency while training for the the 2012 Olympic Trials in January.

Also, quite a few racing team members made the 2011 summer rankings:

Open Men
9. Joey Wiegner
19. Paul Guevara

Open Women
4. Anna Holt- Gosselin
12. Kate Dart

Women, 40-44
5. Lisa Chilcote

WRR Article on Goblin Gallop

Great quotation: "Still there was a new gunslinger in town and Anna Holt-Gosselin already has a fine reputation with a fall win at the Run! Geek! Run 8K and a smartly done Army ten Miler in 59:19."

And lots of GRC pictures too:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

YOUNG - 2:49!


Brian "Breezy" Young sets PR at Marine Corps Marathon this morning with a time of 2:49:02

Chevy Chase Running Company employee Lavar Curley runs 2:52:14.

GRC turncoat Chris Sloane slows to 2:37 after hitting halfway in 1:12. Sloane also set a PR.

Lisa Chilcote was 5th in the MCM 10k in 41:17.

In other weekend racing news, Ryan Hanson wins the Goblin Gallop 5k in 15:46. Coach Jerry reports "Hanson ran controlled, pulled away from GRC Ethiopian on last hill."

1 1/21 1540 Ryan Hanson 24 BETHESDA MD 15:43 15:43 5:04
2 1/64 1519 Seife Geletu 29 WASHINGTON DC 15:48 15:48 5:05
3 2/21 1262 Jerry Greenlaw 23 ALEXANDRIA VA 16:26 16:26 5:18
4 2/64 1406 Jason Myers 26 ALEXANDRIA VA 16:32 16:32 5:20

Jerry adds: "another strong run for Anna, and a great GRC debut for Kristie Connelly. Maura also runs a solid race."

1 1/119 1520 Hirut Mandefro 30 Washington DC 17:42 17:42 5:42
2 2/61 951 Anna Holt-Gosselin 23 Vienna VA 17:55 17:55 5:46
3 1/112 713 Kristie Connelly 36 Alexandria VA 18:05 18:05 5:49
4 3/61 1215 Jenn Ennis 23 Richmond VA 18:35 18:35 5:59
5 4/61 1306 Maura Carroll 22 Washington DC 18:44 18:44 6:02

Susan Hendrick won the AIDS Run 5k in freezing rain on Saturday with a 19:05.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunday Run to watch MCM

Join us for a Sunday run AND to cheer on our teammates at SEVEN different locations on the course:

7:45: Meet at the Georgetown Store, wake Klim up from a pile of socks. Give yourself extra time to deal with traffic and parking.

7:55: Run from the store across the Key Bridge to see the runners go by at mile 1.

8:00: Cannons go off to start MCM

8:10: Run back to store to see the race go by at miles 4.5 and 8.5.

9:00: Begin run from the store. If you're joining us late, please try to get to the store by 8:30. Traffic will only get worse as the race goes on.
From there we'll run to see our teammates run by at miles 15.5, 17, 19.5, and the finish. The total run is 7 miles, but you can add on easily while we wait for everyone, or take out the first mile and only do 6 total.

Options for tempo work: Charlie and Patrick will help pace Young Breezy for several miles throughout the race (~6:15/mi pace). Feel free to join.

And here is a link to a course map.

GRC MCM Team Roster:

Young Breezy

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Butcher of Damascus

George Banker wrote extensively about Michelle Miller's finish as the top American woman at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon.

Miller adds, “My main motivation is my undying love to compete and test myself. It is very satisfying to set goals and then create and execute a plan to achieve those goals. There are times when you question yourself or motivation wanes and that's when it helps to surround yourself with the right people. The Georgetown Running Company Race(sic) Team has been an invaluable addition to my training. Not only do I have a supportive and 3 talented group(sic) of athletes to train with, I also have a coach who is there to pick me up when I am down and to raise the bar when training is going well.”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wednesday Oct. 26 workout and links

From Coach Jerry:
It looks like we should be clear to use BCC for the rest of the year without any interference from those pesky high school kids (they have a a lot of chutzpah to want to use their own field to play varsity games at a time that is inconvenient for us). But I think it would be in our interest to have at least one more Wednesday workout on the mall, as that is an excellent way to prep for Club x-c Nationals, so stay tuned on that front. I'm also planning to hold a series of Saturday workouts on grass to help our preparation. We discovered on Saturday that Tilden Middle School has an excellent grass loop, so that is a venue we can use, and we'll also use the cell tower field in Rockville at least once. I'll get those plans finalized shortly and let you know. Futher to the topic of Clubs, Andy will be coordinating entries, so expect an informative message from him soon.
For the workout this week, the men will do 2 x 2k with a 4 minute recovery, 4 x 1k with a 3 minute recovery. The A group will go 76s and 75s on the 2ks, and 72s, 71s, 70s, 69s on the 1ks. The B group will go 79s, 77s on the 2ks, and 74s, 73s, 72s, 71s on the 1ks.

Please show up to BCC ready to warm up at 6:30. If you've been late in recent weeks, leave for practice a few minutes earlier.

Some links for your perusal:

UPDATE: this Sunday is the Marine Corps Marathon, and we have Brian Young, Lavar Curley and Sam "Kirby" Cole going for it- they can use whatever support you can provide. The course passes or comes close to the M Street store in miles two, four and nine, and Edoardo has said he wants to put on quite a show for the runners, so if you don't have other plans, try to be part of the effort there. Also, former GRC runner Chris Sloane will be racing.

The GRC is opening up the apartment above their store for those who want to participate in Halloween action on Saturday and then wake up on the race course Sunday morning.

Contact for more information.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Make Money at MCM Expo

With the new acquisition of the Running Company, it's important that we keep growing our relationship with the running community. Let's spread the Running Company goodness and get some recognition for the racing team. This weekend is the Marine Corps Marathon and it's a great opportunity to show our support, as well as make some cash. I need a few extra hands on Friday and Saturday at the Expo. You'll get paid! It's the who's who of DC running and a great time to be an elite runner.

Email if you can help out.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Here is a nice excerpt from a piece on Dathan Ritzenhein, who has struggled with never ending injury but keeps plugging away.

His internal fire and love for running is what keeps the torch lit. Its inspirational to me simply because I enjoy being able to run as it reminds me of a side of me that I really like.

check it out

You've been at this a long time. Is the training enjoyable enough in itself or is it chiefly something that leads to the races that are the payoff?
DR: I really enjoy training. That's one of the biggest things I missed in that whole time away. I couldn't train at all. I don't particularly care to cross-train, but I would rather cross-train than do nothing, but there were a few periods between the surgeries and the infections and all of that when I couldn't do anything for six weeks at a time. You know, I'd never really had that (before). I could always usually do something. And I realized that I like training, I like to be fit. I like the everyday satisfaction of having done something that most people can't do. It was something I missed a whole lot. So I really do enjoy the training. I don't particularly like it when I'm out there doing quarters (400s) and it's super hard, but I like the satisfaction of having done it every day.

That's what sometimes separates people who always run and always train and people who maybe move on in life and do something else. I think I'm a lot more likely to be someone like Joan Benoit (Samuelson), who keeps going forever, just because I actually really like it, as opposed to someone who stops and never runs again.


Maybe you all can get Ed to put speakers outside of the store and let the music roar.
For the Marine Corps Runners, if you all can play music play something fun like the SUGAR HILL GANG. Make the runners want to move and groove.

Don't know. just a thought....ML

Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend Runs?

Anyone running from the Store tomorrow? I am interested in going an hour or so.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Workout on The Mall (not White Flint, however)

From Coach Jerry:
We had another weekend of strong performances, led by Maura’s victorious GRC debut in the GTSI 5k in the excellent time of 17:58. What is most notable about Maura’s performance is that she started running workouts less than 2 months ago, and is already in PR shape. I know I speak for all of GRC when I say that after this auspicious start, I will accept nothing less than an undefeated season! Ryan Witty also ran a nice PR of 14:51, so it was a good day for our civil engineering duo. A hearty well done also goes to Matt Logan who ran a big marathon PR of 2:33:31 in Grand Rapids. Matt executed his race plan perfectly, running even pace throughout, and he had enough gas left in the tank to run his fastest 2 miles of the day on miles 25-26. Matt will be a real threat to break 2:30 the next time out.

I’m excited to announce that the workout this week will be on the Capital Mall. The mall is essentially a giant cinder track (and if you don’t know what a cinder track is, please don’t tell me that because that is going to make me feel even older than I already do) and it’s a great place to work out. We will use a a loop between 4th and 7th streets that is almost precisely 800 meters. I’ve been out there many times for lunch time workouts with Laura, and I can assure you this is a great venue, and it is certainly unique to DC.

This is also a great marketing opportunity for us, as there are lots and lots of runners/joggers out on the mall at that hour, so if you have GRC sweats and/or workout gear, please wear it. We will try to take some pictures for the web site, so please show your GRC colors if you have any GRC colors to show.

As for logistics, we will start on the 7th street side, between Independence and Constitution, directly opposite the Capital. Let’s meet at 6:30 for the warmup and try to roll right at 7:15. I will be out there at 6:30 and can watch your gear during the warm up. The weather forecast is not all that promising, so I will bring several large trash bags that we can use to keep stuff dry if need be. If you don’t work downtown and you’re taking metro, which is probably wise, the closest stops are Gallery Place on the red/yellow/green lines and Smithsonian on the blue/orange lines. If you go to Gallery Place, exit on the 7th street side and head down towards the mall. Our meeting spot is 4 or 5 blocks away. If you go to Smithsonian, exit on the mall side, and you’ll come out around 14th street, so head toward the Capital. If you drive, there should be ample street parking in the area. If not, there are plenty of garages that are open for the bar/restaurant/arena crowd. As for bathrooms, your best bet is probably to duck into one of the many bars between Gallery Place and the mall.

For the workout itself, the A group will do 6 x mile with a 3 minute rest, 2 @ 5:10, 2 @ 5:00, 2 @ 4:50. The B group will do up to 6 x mile with a 3 minute rest, 2 @ 5:20, 2 @ 5:10, 2 @ 5:00. The surface is a little softer than the track, and there are 90 degree turns at each corner of the loop, but the long straightaways are extremely conducive to finding a rhythm, so these times should be fairly close to what they would be on the track.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Maura is throwing the next party...

Because in winning the GTSI 5k Saturday, she ran herself into the next tax bracket. She won in 17:58, by more than 80 seconds.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

FLASH: Logan Logs PR in Grand Rapids, Captures Second

Matt "Lethal" Logan hit a PR of 2:33:31 today in the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon. Said to be very pleased with result.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

All Hail the Uber Smashmeister

Ryan Witters SUB 15 at the GTSI Charity 5K
P First Last G Age  City St Time

-- ----- ---- - -- --- -- ----

1 Girma Desta M 36 Washington DC 14:28.0

2 Gunmessa Megerssa M 37 Washington DC 14:36.6

3 Ryan  Witters M 23 Washington DC 14:51.2

4 Demissia Gulti M 27 Washington DC 15:22.0

5 Scott Maxfield M 44 Oak Hill VA 15:26.7

Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Runs

I am going to run long tomorrow since I am out of town on Sunday. Would anyone like to meet at the Store at 8am for 15?

Please note that the Store will NOT be open at that hour.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

It was certainly an eventful weekend for GRC. Karl was not able to get his long-sought qualifying mark in Chicago, and he wisely shut it down after half way when he recognized it was not going to be his day. Don’t count Karl out-–he is determined to get back to the Trials and he will take another shot in the next few weeks. When I first started coaching Karl he told me that if he failed to make the Trials, it would not be for lack of effort, and he surely will give it everything he’s got the next time out. With his fitness level and good weather, he has a great chance of getting the job done.

Our Army 10 Mile contingent turned in some excellent performances, led by Anna’s 10 mile debut in 59:19. Anna ran very aggressively early and paid the price in the last 5k, and while she is pleased by the prospect of not having to race farther than 10k for the foreseeable future, she clearly has great potential at the longer distances. On the men’s side, Sam ran very well for this early in his season, and he will be ready to roll once he turns his focus to shorter races. Dave Wertz ran a 35 second PR, and he continues to amaze with his rapid improvement.

Last but not least, LJ finished third in Myrtle Beach, and earned an invitation to the Olympic Development team. Well done to all!

For the workout this week: we’ll try to keep the men together in one group. The framework of the workout is 5 sets of 4 x 400. Set one will be 72s, set two 71s, set three 70s, set four 69s, set five 68s. We’ll take a one minute rest within each set, and three minutes between sets. There won’t be too many of you who want to do all 5 sets, so we can modify this for individual needs.

Note that we’re at BCC this week, but we will be at a yet-to-be-determined alternate location next week.

PHOTOS - Dustin Whitlow

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dusen - 2:26:26 @ Chicago, GRC Women Finish 2nd

UPDATE: The GRC Women's Team, featuring Anna Holt-Gosselin, Laura O'Hara, Kate Dart, and Susan Hendrick takes 2nd in the Open Women's Team competition at the Army Ten Miler behind a stacked all-African team. Interestingly, the women would have finished 2nd in the men's division and 3rd overall in the mixed team division on their own. Had the GRC run a true Mixed Open Team, it would have run away with the title by TWENTY-ONE MINUTES! The Men's team of Luff, Outlaw, Wertz, and Bain would have easily finished 2nd in the men's division.

Dusen finishes Chicago Marathon in 2:26:26, 5:36 pace
. After coming through the half over trials qualifying pace (he was 1:09:41), he shut it down, got a scenic long run and saved himself for another shot

"Karl is not making excuses, but it's clear to me that the weather was not conducive today," Coach Jerry Alexander said. " He made the right decision not running all out the last half when he knew qualification was out of the question. His fitness is superb, and with a short recovery and a couple of good weeks of training, he will be ready for a second shot later this fall."

**Claire Hallissey of Arlington via Great Britain (who runs for C.A.R.) finished 6th in 2:29!


OFFICIAL RESULTS for Army Ten Miler:

Sam Luff is top GRCer, runs 51:17
Jerry Outlaw - 52:56
Dave Wertz - 53:56
Chris Bain - 56:25
Amanda Rice - 57:16
Anna Holt-Gosselin - 59:19
Laura O'Hara - 1:01:29
Scott Koonce - 1:01:34
Kate Dart - 1:01:40
Susan Hendrick - 1:04:23

Dustin Whitlow of PRR is responsible for this one

At mile 5:
Luff 25:28
Outlaw 25:50
Wertz 27:09
Koonce 30:28

Rice 28:18
Holt 29:11
LTO 30:10
Dart 30:24

Scuttlebutt: Was ATM course long?



Thursday, October 6, 2011


GRC athletes will take national-class competition to the brink of exhaustion this weekend in Chicago and at home. Karl Dusen, wearing bib #290, is going for his second-straight U.S. Olympic Trials qualifier at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon--the race where he qualified for the 2008 trials. Meanwhile, the women's team gets together for the first time at the Army Ten Miler, and will be joined by a few men who just can't stay away from the race course.

"Karl is absolutely ready to go," GRC Coach Jerry Alexander said. "His workouts have been phenomenal, jaw-dropping stuff and his is sharp as a tack."

Dusen, who ran 2:20:35 in 2006 at Chicago, is coming off a summer of solid training and racing, which included a half marathon PR at the Rock 'n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon -- 66:52 -- while measuring his effort with the windy city in mind. To show he wasn't all endurance, he ran 4:19 for the last 1600 of a workout in a steady rain last Wednesday.
"He's tapered and ready to roll, and now it's go time," Alexander said. "The qualification standard is more than 90 seconds faster than his PR, so it's not going to be easy, but I believe he will get the job done."

Meanwhile, the strongest GRC women's team to compete is assembling for the Army Ten Miler. Anna "Usain" Holt, Laura O'Hara, Kate Dart and Susan Hendrick will take on the annual rite of mid-October in the DC area.
"Anna will be in uncharted territory, as she's never raced longer than 10k, but she's in great shape and will be ready to lead the charge for GRC," Alexander said. "Laura ran very well at the Great Race two weeks ago and is ready to take another step in her return to PR shape. Kate had an excellent performance at the Philly half and is poised for a major breakthrough at 10 miles. Susan has been a little dinged up the last couple of weeks but had a solid week of injury-free training and is ready to run well in her first serious race of the season.
Danielle Siebert will also make her fall racing debut.

The men will also sport a team on Sunday, but it is one largely in transition to racing, with Sam Luff and Jerry Greenlaw sharpening up for 10ks in November and December. Dangerous Dave Wertz will be the one to watch, though it would be hard not to, considering his bright orange attire.

"He has made huge breakthroughs in the last year at 5k, 8k and 10k but his 10 mile PR is comparatively soft, and he's in great shape, so I expect a big PR from Dave," Alexander said.
Jason Myers will also don his singlet so bright he has no chance of being hit by a car at night.

Scott Koonce is also running Army for GRC and looks to improve on his Cherry Blossom mark and possibly PR in the process.

Charlie Ban will open the weekend at the Anthem Great Pumpkin 5k in Reston Saturday morning.

Others will meet at 9 am at the Georgetown store for a shop run. Perhaps those not racing Sunday can also meet in Georgetown to start a long run that will coincide with the Army 10 course so we can cheer on the competitors. Comment if you are interested in doing that.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

There was a lot of action this weekend, and some of it went great, and some of it not quite so well. Unfortunately, Paul had a tough day at Twin Cities. In the litigation business, whenever we lose a case at the trial level that we thought we would win, we consider it a delayed victory, because we know that we'll prevail on appeal. I look at Paul's performance as a delayed victory, because he did everything right in training and he clearly has the talent and determination to run sub 2:19 in the very near future. I'm fully confident that Paul will have many better days, and will be on the starting line for the trials in 2016. In happier news, we had another excellent performance from Charlie, this time in the Freedom's Run Half. Charlie is clearly in the best shape of his life, and I'm excited to see what he can do later in the season. We also had several excellent performances at the Wilson Bridge Half, led by Michelle who was 3rd overall and first American. Michelle was rewarded handsomely for her efforts, and though it wasn't quite LJ caliber money, it was a nice payday for a strong race. While Michelle missed breaking the American course record set by Laura last year by seven seconds, she would have run faster had her hard-headed coach not insisted that she run comfortably for the first 10 miles. We also had noteable performances at Wilson Bridge by Dave Burnham, who was 10th overall, Dickson who was 11th overall (and managed to write about the race for Washington Running Report to boot), Lavar and Brian, who are tuning up for MCM, and Jordan in the masters race. Well done to all.

For the workout this week, contrary to earlier reports, we will be at BCC. We'll roll at 7:15 as usual, so please be there at 6:30 for the warmup. It's getting dark much earlier, so let's try to go right at 7:15.

We're going to have several groups going for the men this week. Karl will do a 3 mile tempo at 5:15 pace, and if anyone is interested in joining him, let me know. The A group athletes who are running Army 10 will do a 4-3-2-1 ladder, the 1600 in 72s, the 12 in 70s, the 8 in 68s, and the 4 in 65 (or whatever feels comfortable). Anyone who isn't running Army but who wants in on that workout should let me know. The B group will do 4 x 1k, 6 x 500, all with a 2 minute recovery. The 1ks will be 2 @ 76s, 2 @ 74s, and the 5s will be 2 @ 70 (for the 400), 2 @ 68, 2 @ 66.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Report from the Wilson Half

A couple weeks ago, Coach Jerry recruited me to help Race Director Steve Nearman to add to our team of guides for visually impaired runners for the Nat'l Industries of the Blind 1/2 Marathon Championships. My assigned runner, 52 year old Rodan, is a regular with Back on My Feet, and meets regularly to train with Silas, his guide at a homeless shelter at Capital Hill. This was Silas's first half and Rodan's first race of any kind, so I suppose that is why they thought they needed another guide. I learned early on that Silas is training for MCM, and at half Rodan's age was in good shape and an old pro at this game, and they preferred using only verbal communications and no tether. This system worked great, but for the 3 or 4 times when I zoned out and cut Rodan off or we'd wander into each other.
We took advantage of the early start available for VI runners and after a couple miles, we settled into some smooth sailing down the GW Pkwy. With the early start, we had the benefit of seeing and hearing the leaders passing us by, and I got to cheer on the GRC crew, and they got to cheer on the spirited BoMF contingent as they passed. The road may have been a bit quiet for Rodan, who got excited when we went through a stop with some tunes. (It was a State Farm commercial). Apparently, they're considering the Rock n Roll National in March as their next race. A pitstop at mile 7 turned out to be an adventure, as Rodan understandably didn't want to wait in line and disrupt his pacing mojo, and got really agitated. After the figure 8's at the end of the bridge we headed up the final hill at 11, where a girl had stopped to walk in the middle of the water stop. There was nothing we could do. Rodan plowed into her. She was OK though. A little later, he surprised us and threw in an impromptu kick out of nowhere at mile 12.6 and ran up the back of a guy one of those goofy little triathlon shirts who glared back at us. Rodan was very apologetic, but really this guide should have been guiding better and maybe that kid should have been going a little faster. All told though, the guiding went pretty smoothly- 13.1 miles and no falls.

The bigger challenge was to get Rodan to the finish line, as this was his first race, and only time he'd run more than the 10 miles he ran last week, and the 8 he did the week before. His legs pretty much crapped out on him once we crossed the bridge (aside from the aforementioned 10 yards of furious kick), but he is amazingly tough and gutted the last 3 miles out with some running, some walking, and some staggering and teetering. He showed a ton of resilience kept a positive attitude throughout with Silas's help and crossed the finish line in 2:02, 1278th out of 2794 runners.

After a few minutes in the medical tent, Rodan was in good spirits once again afterwards and all three of us were proud of his truly great accomplishment.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Miller first American at Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half

More GRC racing action today at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge half-marathon:

Michelle Miller -- 1st American, 3rd woman (25th overall), 1:19:42 (PR)

Dave Burnham -- 10th overall, 1:10:51
Dickson Mercer -- 12th overall, 1:13:09
Lavar Curley -- 20th overall, 1:18:04
Jordan Snyder -- 28th overall, 5th master, 1:20:05
Brian Young -- 31st overall, 1:21:08

Good job!

Rebounding from an injury, Miller ran 1:19:43, a 6:05 pace she said indicates her fitness level is on the right track as she prepares for November’s Philadelphia Marathon. Her plan was to run conservatively the opening 10 miles and then pick up the pace if she felt good, she said. “I'm in better shape than I thought, so that was a great confidence booster.” - Dickson Mercer, Washington Running Report (full story can be found HERE )


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tex - 2:30:34 at TCM


Tex Paul enters St. Paul at the 30K mark in 1:43:53, on pace to run 2:26:00.

5K: 16:16 (5:14/mi avg)
10K: 33:01 (5:19/mi avg)
HM: 1:11:35 (5:27/mi avg)
30K: 1:43:53 (5:35/mi avg)
24 mile: 2:16:04


If you'd like to follow the race tomorrow, you can track online via this link: You can also get text message updates and watch the finish live. Those links can be found at this link:
The race starts at 8am central time, 9 am eastern time, 7 am moutain time, 6 am pacific time, and 4 pm eastern european time...that should cover everyone.

Set your alarm clock, Dutch Paul...

Ban Wins, Sets CR at Freedom's Run

Charlie Ban wins the half marathon in cold wet conditions with a time of 1:12:19