Saturday, January 31, 2009


The GRC is sending two teams to do battle against some of the biggest names in running next Saturday at the USATF Cross Country Championships in Derwood, Md. For most of us (including me) this will be the biggest cross country race of our lives. There are at least 3 Olympians in the race including Ritz, Fam and Torres not to mention all stars like Nate Jenkins, Fernando Cabada, MCM winner Andrew Dumm, Max King, Ed Moran, Sean Quigley, Luke Watson and Bret Schoolmeester to name just a few. The complete roster (updated every hour) is here.

The GRC is a sponsor and will be having an after party. The store might have other plans up their sleeves as well. Max has further details.

Hoping YOU will come so that we can drum up a huge cheering section...we are going to need it!

GRC's two teams include:

Patrick Reaves
Jake Klim
Kyle Smits
Sam Blasiak
Patrick Hughes
Billy Askey

Nate Timm
Patrick Murphy
Alex Eversmeyer
Jesse Keith

Friday, January 30, 2009



I have long been an advocate of indoor rowing. I have used an erg(concept 2 ergometer) as a cross trainer for years.

Next Thursday, Feb the 5th, the Georgetown Running Company and Concept 2 are partnering up to put on a ROWING FOR RUNNERS seminar at our Chevy Chase store.

Angela Hart is a local elite rower and indoor rowing instructor for Concept 2 will be on hand to lead the effort. She is also a runner.

She will be talking about the proper form to use, the benefits of rowing as cross training and will answer questions people have.

We will have 4 ergs at the store so that people can be taught the proper rowing form by Angela.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity to get some first rate instruction on how to row and have a good give and take discussion with a very well respected instructor and expert on the subject.

TIME is 6:30-8:30PM Feb the 5th and place is as noted, the CC store at 4461 Willard ave in Chevy Chase.

If interested, please shoot me an e-mail at Max.lockwood@gmail. com or e-mail the CC store at


Weekend Run Change

We still plan to meet at 10am on Saturday for a workout at Derwood. It could be brutal. If the course is ridiculous (frozen shoe foot prints that double as ankle twisters) me may opt for an alternative once we arrive. We should at least go there and try it though.

Others are meeting 9am at the Store tomorrow.

On Sunday, per the weather and trail conditions, we'll meet at THE LINE instead. This way we have the option of running trails or, if the trails are nasty, Beach Drive (no car traffic). 10am. I think the Towpath and most running trails are going to be pot-marked with icy footprints, black ice and snow.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

GRC Makes Front Cover of MCRRC Newsletter

Way to be Christian Cross Country Camacho Quatro C

FDA Peanut Butter Product Recall...

I just read how our esteemed Melissa Tanner may have fallen victim to the recent salmonella outbreak associated to certain peanut butter, peanut paste and peanut ingredients in common food products.

In an effort to help our masses, I have pasted below a live link to the official US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) web page that lists all peanut product recalls and also has a convenient search feature. The list is quite comprehensive and includes products you may not suspect like cake, cookies, ice cream, etc.

The main FDA information page on the salmonella outbreak contains wide ranging information on topics such as reporting a complaint, news updates, as well as information on salmonella itself and can be found here:

Please take a moment to check if any peanut related food items in your possession are on the recall list - it could save you unnecessary illness.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekend Runs

On Saturday a few of us will be doing a final workout at the USATF course in Derwood at 10:00am. There will also be a run from the store on M Street at 9:00am.

On Sunday we're meeting at RILEY'S LOCK for a trail run up the Greenway Trail at 10:00am. We usually run 8 up and 8 back and then add on along the Towpath. This is similar to the run we did at Difficult Run a couple weeks ago, though it won't be as muddy (I think) or as hilly.

THE SUNDAY RUN IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE IF IT IS TOO MUDDY AND THE TRAIL DEEMED "UN-RUNNABLE" (i.e. - too muddy and therefor counter intuitive for a solid run). Check back.

As always all are encouraged and welcome.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wednesday Workout at B-CC

What are people planning on running for the workout tomorrow, or is it still up for debate?

Shamrock 5K

The SHAMROCK 5K is a super fast, USATF certified race in Baltimore. It's definitely a PR course. Last year I went through the first mile in 4:32...and I was in 5th place!! They cap the race at 4,000 and it fills up very quickly. It's run in the afternoon just before a huge parade. After the race we drink Guinness and whiskey without shame.

I am sending my form in TODAY via Active. Prices go up $5 after Saturday and usually it fills to capacity shortly thereafter.

Also, there is team competition. I think this is new this year. Please write "Georgetown Running Company" on your entry form if you plan to do this race. So far it looks like Hughes, Bain, Reaves, Double C and Melissa have expessed interested.





OUR CHEVY CHASE STORE IS PUTTING ON A RACE ON MARCH 7th enitled NO RAIL ON THE TRAIL. Its a 1ok. We are working in concert with the Save the Trail coalition in Bethesda to help in their effort to prevent the development of a rail line adjacent to the beloved Capital Crescent Trail.

What would Chris Bain do if his run along the trail was disturbed?

Check out the website and register!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Singlets Needed

I am in need of 3 or 4 of the NEW GRC singlets for use at the USATF XC race next weekend (2/7). We will have 11 athletes competing on two separate teams, but a few of the guys need to borrow a singlet.

If you are not racing and have a singlet that I can borrow please let me know. I will then get it distributed. I will make sure it gets back to you...and I'll even make sure it gets washed. Thanks.

FYI - in other XC news, there is a post-race party following the event. Details are below...

Join fellow participants at the official post-race party (presented by the Georgetown Running Company) at Uncle Julio's from 4:00-6:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 7, 2009. Uncle Julio's is located .3 miles from the headquarters hotel (Courtyard Gaithersburg Washingtonian Center). Each athlete will receive one drink ticket. Appetizers will be available.

Uncle Julio's

231 Rio Boulevard
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long Run Question

After missing the running group on Saturday because I forgot to turn on my alarm, I decided to go out and do my first long run in my marathon training plan. I did 17-down the Mt. Vernon Trail, over the 14th St. Bridge, along the river to Rock Creek, then up Rock Creek to Tilden, over to the trails, down the trails and back to my place in Courthouse. I ran 2:15 for the 17 miles.

I averaged 7:30 for the first 9 miles but slowed down to 8:30 pace for the final 8 miles. Now some of the slowdown was due to some big hills in and coming out of Rock Creek, but I did lose energy during the second half of my run.

Should I be using goo or some sort of energy supplement on these runs? I'm thinking that it would have helped me after about 90 minutes into the run. When is the best time to take a goo packet? An hour in? 90 minutes in?



Friday, January 23, 2009




First and foremost,

I really enjoy running with the group on Saturdays. Its the only time I can run with everyone during the week.

For good or for worse, I need to do the run at 830am. I open the store at 10am and cannot run then.

Also, we do not want to have too many runners lingering about much past 1030am as the store begins to pick up and we need to focus on business. Our g-town store is our busiest location and we need it cleared for business.

I am not upset but rather disappointed as I will not be able to do either of the weekends runs since the Sunday run is at 10am.

As for tomorrow and every Sat, I will be at the store to open up for the National Marathon training program at 8am and then will do a run at 830am with whomever will join me.

As for the 10am run, people can leave their belongings in the back. However, post run, I would appreciate it if you socialize at a local coffee house or such.

Not trying to be a dictator but just point out some time constraint issues I am facing as well as basic store management protocol.


Weekend Runs

Track workout...followed by a trip to Rock Bottom Brewery. Do it!

Per the poll, it appears as if we'll be meeting at the store at 10am for the remainder of the winter. This allows for some extra sleep and more importantly for the mercury to rise a bit more. Route TBD.

This is a "slam dunk" place to do long runs. The "Dual Ferries" Loop is 10 miles and we usually do it twice. It is entirely on natural terrain (half on the Towpath and half on a dirt road). Often times we run it as a group for one loop before adding on (whether it is another loop or an out and back). Directions are on the "where we run" link. It's a hike, but well worth it. Come even if you don't plan to run 20. We will probably hit up "the 'bux" afterwards.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boston is CLOSED

Registration is closed for the 2009 Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon does not have a waiting list, late registration on race weekend, or race day registration. The names of all official entrants are published on the B.A.A. web site.

Please note that bib numbers are not transferrable. Those attempting to transfer their bib numbers, as well as those in receipt of a transferred entry, will be disqualified.

The Boston Athletic Association thanks you for your cooperation.

The 114th Boston Marathon will be run on Monday, April 19, 2010; tentatively, applications will begin to be accepted in September 2009.


For the first time in several years, my legs feel normal. I have been running when I can. No watch, no thinking, no analysis of running and my body, no massage people or therapists, or doctors.

I am too busy and focused on other matters. When I was running my best, running was an afterthought and done to compliment my overall life.

Once it became an all too powerful center of life it became less fun, i did too much of it and eventually, got injured.

Life lesson taken in and digested.

Max's little journey

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


No workout tonight...but that is not to say you "can't" workout!

We may hold the workout on Friday instead.


The last few days have been strange, to say the least.

I came to DC 10 years ago as a younger idealist. I got a job at the National Park Service headquarters working in a program to help economically disadvantaged youth learn job skills and get jobs in the conservation arena. This was a program heavily supported by the Clinton administration. It was a collaborative venture between the Department of the Interior and the Department of Labor.

This was a great job and gave me insight and exposure to an initiative that given breathing room, can succeed to improve the lives of the less fortunate.

Kids that normally might get shut out of the game were given an opportunity to acquire important vocational skills making them more marketable for the world they would soon enter into.

When Clinton left, Bush was elected and 9/11 happened. The world, the state of idealism and the direction of our country changed. Perhaps it changed out of necessity, perhaps not. History will judge whether this be the case.

Somewhere within this time period the program lost support and momentum.

I left and went into other worlds. Running took up some of the void and became a passion.

Monday morning(MLK day) as I was driving to meet the guys for a run, I listened to Martin Luther King Jr on the radio. He was making a sermon right before he was killed. He was talking about helping out sanitation workers who were on strike in Memphis. He was trying to communicate the value of helping others over self. His passion and ability to communicate moved millions.

As he spoke it dawned on me that without Martin Luther King Jr. there would most likely not be a Barack Obama.

King and others made sacrifices so that others might reach their potential.

For you folks in your mid-late 20s, Barack presents an avenue for you to express your ideas and and ensure that the future is brighter. Your age group, more than any other, got him elected.

He is your floor general and I really believe will define your generation.

run strong


I've started posting upcoming workouts and group runs (in a different color) on the calendar. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but I (personally) think it's a good idea to write down workouts well in advance so that I can craft my schedule around them. Many of us are training for different distances, but can meet half way when it comes to workout distance/pace.

If you have an idea for a workout feel free to throw it up on the calendar.

Monday, January 19, 2009



I am all for this Ball. However, I am working manana and will not have lots of time to buy food and drink. With this being said, please bring what you want to consume. What I can provide is an open space, some music and being situated close to the action.

Tomorrow we are kicking off the inauguration with a 9am run from the store. We will jog along the parameters of the security area and pay tribute. After the run, we will be serving some hot chocolate and having bagels at the store.



A few of us have bandied about the idea of a GRC Inaugural Ball tomorrow night at the Georgetown store around 8. It's perfect for those of us who have been forced to turn down invitations to the more fancy, pretentious affairs. Please post a reply so that we know how many might be interested. Gentlemen would be encouraged to wear ties, ladies dresses.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Marathon Recommendations

I'm looking to run my first marathon in May after I finish with classes. Right now I am looking at Pittsburgh (where my brother lives) or Frederick on May 3rd. I'm also thinking about Eugene, which is also on May 3rd. Some buddies of mine from undergraduate organize and direct the Eugene marathon. The big hurdle there is expense-I will be going to a bachelor party in March in Vegas and a wedding in Green Bay in May so I don't know how much extra fundage I will have for another cross country plane ticket plus hotel.

I have three goals for this marathon. Main Goal: Qualify for Boston in 2010. I will be 35 then, so that means running 3:15. Secondary goal: Run 3:10. Ultimate goal: Run 3:00.

I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experiences with the above marathons, or could recommend another one that I should run.



Thursday, January 15, 2009


The Georgetown Running Company is hosting a run to celebrate the Inauguration of the new president. The run will have to be in sync with the security measures already in place. With this being said, the run will start at the G-town store at 3401 M st in Georgetown at 9am and make its way to as close to the parameter of the Inauguration security. It will be an easy affair in order to take in the occasion and pay our respects.

The run will end back at the store. For the duration of the day, the store will air the Inauguration on TV and celebrate the day by serving light refreshments and drinks.

If you have any questions, please call 202-337-8626.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Summer & Fall

In an effort to project where GRC can put its resources, I started adding months (and races) to the GRC Race Calendar. I know it's not even spring, but my guess is that many of you have an "idea" on what BIG races you want to do. Take a look over the next week and start adding your names, races or additional weeks to the calendar. I'd like to find out (in advance) which of these races have team competition and, in turn, team race fees. I understand none of this is etched in stone. Thanks.

Weekend Runs

Saturday - 8:30am at the Georgetown Store. A reliable source indicates there will be bagels and hot chocolate after the run.

Sunday - there is talk about running the Greenway Trail which starts (or ends?) at Riley's Lock. The Greenway trail is an out-and-back cross country-style trail that meanders alongside Seneca Creek from the Potomac River to Derwood, Md. Rough map is here. It is quite beautiful, especially this time of year. You're well protected from the wind. We'll likely run 14 or so on the trail and then add on by finishing up on the C&O Canal via Violettes (sic) Lock. 10am. Starbucks after the run.

Monday - assuming people have it off, does anyone want to run on MLK day? Maybe "The Line" for an easy 12 miles or so? Any other thoughts?

Tuesday - it'd be fun to do a run through The Mall on Innauguration Day. Though, I don't even know if I have that day off yet.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A group of people meet at 16th and Newton in the hood at 630am. We have for the last few days and will do so tomorrow. We run for an hr or so. Good run and we see different sites and go to different areas of the city.

So far the group consists of Pat M, Pat H and Max. Not sure who else lives around the Morgan, Columbia Heights, Mt. Pleasant area, etc. If you do and lurk on this blog and want to run, show up and have fun.


Track Workout?

Hey, i didnt even know i could post in here...

I wanted to know if any of you guys is going to hit the track this week (hopefully you didnt do it today). It seems that on Saturday, while slipping I twisted my knee, and right now Im totally lame, but Id like to go to B-CC High School if I'm better tomorrow.

By the way, damned Derwood Course.
I'm so happy I'm not running in February.
Ill be there though, with a chair and a bucket of popcorn, right on that downhill curve. Ice on the ground, 200 people and 6 loops. Its gonna be cool, I hope some random guy forgets the spikes.

Thanks anyway,


ART (active release techniques)

Can anyone recommend an ART-certified doc/trainer/therapist in the DC area? I'm having tightness issues with my right leg, specifically in the region where I had a stress fracture last year (yikes). I appreciate any leads.

Boston Team

Any other men out there running Boston this year? I want to put together a men's team. We need at least three and I know of three so far: Ernst, Jarrin, and me. Ideally, we would have some more depth, especially since Jarrin probably shouldn't run it (according to a recent poll). If you're still undecided, be aware that it may fill up soon. Please post a comment here or add yourself to the race calendar.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Before there was anybody on this team, there was Steve(right on the)Money. For those that do not know, Steve Money is a great marathoner who can run 2:30 when on his game. I met him about 5 years ago at the Washington Running Club Sunday runs.

I saw him trucking up conneticut ave the other day with a determined look in his eyes. So, it appears, he is back to running.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where We Run

PMurphy created the "Where We Run" links for the sidebar. This should include a map/directions to most (if not all?) of the places we regularly meet to run. If there are others you want to include, let me know and I can add them.

Friday, January 9, 2009

WRR Fall Rankings

GRCers in RED

Pl Name Age Hometown
1 Abebe, Abiyot**** 21 Silver Spring, MD
2 Hallinan, Steve** 22 Washington, DC
3 Cheromei, David* 29 Lynchburg, VA
4 Alemu, Dagne* 27 Silver Spring, MD
5 Hawkins, Jaron* 25 Frostburg, MD
6 Christian, Will* 25 Norfolk, VA
7 Crane, Steven* 27 Arlington, VA
8 Komen, Wilson 30 Washington, DC
9 Brigham, Nate 25 Washington, DC
10 Barresi, Matt 25 Falls Church, VA
11 Nigussie, Denjene 24 Potomac, MD
12 Rodriguez, Bert*** 29 Arlington, VA
13 Sisay, Ezkyas*** 19 Burke, VA
14 Mance, Steve 24 Alexandria, VA
15 Alton, Guy* 24 Richmond, VA
16 Outaleb, Mouhcine* 30 Baltimore, MD
17 Wardian, Michael 34 Arlington, VA
18 Smits, Kyle 29 Baltimore, MD
19 Renjifo, Carlos 25 Columbia, MD
20 Carroll, Ryan**** 26 Portsmouth, VA
21 Chaffee, Cary 24 Richmond, VA
22 Macadie, Patrick 25 Washington, DC
23 Fahey, Timothy 34 Alexandria, VA
24 McGuire, Pat 26 Charlottesville, VA
25 Eversmeyer, Alex* 27 Gaithersburg, MD
26 Pierret, Derrin* 23 Williamsburg, VA
27 Angell, David* 32 Blue Ridge, VA
28 Fritzius, Justin*6 23 Purcellville, VA
29 Molz, Jon* 22 Richmond, VA
30 Tarantino, William** 25 Gloucester Point, VA
31 Tepovich, Danny* 29 Virginia Beach, VA
32 Anderson, Scott 34 Washington, DC
33 Bray, Derryn* 24 Poquoson, VA
34 Blasiak, Sam 28 Falls Church, VA
35 Pugsley, Ray 39 Potomac Falls, VA
36 Silverman, Peter** 24 Washington, DC
37 Reaves, Patrick 23 Silver Spring, MD

38 Morris, Tim 36 Richmond, VA
39 Kartalia, Steve* 43 Westminster, MD
40 Stickley, Mark 46 Winchester, VA
41 Fortin, Matt** 24 Annapolis, MD
42 Wetzel, JJ 23 Charlottesville, VA
43 Straughn, Matt* 31 Glenn Dale, MD
44 Wright, Andres 41 Frederick, MD
45 Shaeffer, Chris 24 Purcellville, VA
46 Miller, David* 25 Leesburg, VA
47 Schaefer, Tim* 30 Gaithersburg, MD
48 Piggott, John 43 Williamsburg, VA
49 Church, Aaron 33 South Riding, VA
50 Saunders, Richard* 20 Richmond, VA
51 Loper, Shawn* 30 Bel Air, MD
52 Butler, Lewis 24 Richmond, VA

Pl Name Age Hometown
1 Gebre, Belainesh* 20 Burke, VA
2 Desta, Alemgena**** 27 Silver Spring, MD
3 Mandefro, Hirut** 23 Silver Spring, MD
4 Akbar, Samia** 26 Oak Hill, VA
5 Ko, Phebe** 25 Baltimore, MD
6 Fenster, Cate** 37 Bethesda, MD
7 Tanner, Melissa** 27 Bethesda, MD
8 Manero, Lauren 27 Alexandria, VA
9 High, Renee** 27 Virginia Beach, VA
10 Orlova, Elena*** 38 Gaithersburg, MD
11 Mejdoub, Malika 26 Baltimore, MD
12 Delelecha, Yihunish 27 Washington, DC
13 Baker, Amy 24 Manassas, VA
14 Harvey, Alisa 43 Manassas, VA
15 Fallon-Wallace, Barbara 34 Alexandria, VA
16 Rudd, Julia* 25 Herndon, VA
17 Knize, Elizabeth** 26 Midlothian, VA
18 Saunders, Shannon 24 Forest, VA
19 Van Cleef, Aidan** 23 Chesapeake, VA
20 Nelson, Martha* 27 Chevy Chase, MD
21 Knickman, Denise** 40 Baltimore, MD
22 Swain, Erin 26 Arlington, VA
23 Nemmers, Erica 36 Herndon, VA
24 Jefferson, Laurel* 23 Bethesda, MD
25 Cunningham, Michelle 33 Centreville, VA
26 Davison, Mary** 36 Bristow, VA
27 Markowicz, Kristi** 38 Newport News, VA
28 Rodgers, Jilane* 24 Washington, DC
29 Cairns, Hilary 38 Washington, DC
30 Stick, Sherry* 30 Sykesville, MD
31 Fitzgerald, Jenny 29 Montclair, VA
32 Harburg, Michelle 26 Washington, DC
33 Conley, Carrie 34 Gainesville, VA
34 Uhl, Alice** 33 Fincastle, VA
35 Korbel, Faith 29 Washington, DC
36 Menk, Josephine* 47 Montpelier, VA
37 Swarts, Heidi* 34 Baltimore, MD
38 Pugsley, Cathy 39 Potomac Falls, VA
39 Smith, Julia* 40 Tappahannock, VA
40 Villani, Leisa* 50 Virginia Beach, VA
41 Kirby, Samantha 40 Arlington, VA
42 Oleynik, Anya 20 Gaithersburg, MD
43 Pak, Colleen 38 Virginia Beach, VA
44 Tripp, Ann 22 Fredericksburg, VA
45 Schrank, Brenda* 36 Winchester, VA
46 Foley, Linda 46 Oak Hill, VA
47 Russell, Danielle* 44 Ashburn, VA
48 Taylor, Kelley 23 Virginia Beach, VA
49 Perotti, Ofelia 52 Alexandria, VA
50 Sheppard, Rosalind 41 Bowie, MD
51 Freres, Anita* 43 Reston, VA
52 Schwab, Jessica** 26 Mechanisville, MD
53 DeFrancesco, Molly* 28 Suffolk, VA
54 Gauvin, Dionis** 34 Alexandria, VA
55 Tiernan, Amanda* 30 Gaithersburg, MD
56 Braner, Elyse 24 Washington, DC
57 Shannon, Laura** 46 Williamsburg, VA
58 Versendaal, Kendra 28 Alexandria, VA
59 Ramos, Laura* 29 Bethesda, MD
60 Flick, Ashley 27 South Riding, VA
61 Wilkerson, Pat* 49 Columbia , MD
62 Christopher, Mary 24 Washington, DC
63 Parks, Rebecca 20 Reisterstown, MD


I would like to do a long run on Sunday. However, I need to start at 8am. Does anyone have to get one in early? If so, let me know and we can arrange a place to meet.


If anyone is coming to the store on Sat for the run, please come early(8am). A Reebok Athlete named Lindsey Gallo will be there to lead a run and talk to people about running.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weekend Runs

A number of us have expressed interest in running workouts at the USATF XC course in Derwood. In an effort to maintain a Sunday long run, we're going to hold a handful of these workouts on Saturdays.

So, this SATURDAY we're meeting at the
Derwood course at 9am for the first of these workouts. We'll run an on/off for 5-6 laps (2k) and get a feel for the course. Nothing too crazy.

On SUNDAY a few of us are meeting at
Difficult Run at 10am. We'll be doing a 16 mile loop. Some are running longer...and I am sure there is a loop for those running shorter.

RSVP if you plan on coming so we don't roll off without you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wednesday Night Workout

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School at 6:45pm on January 7
Tentative Plan is subject to change - 10x600m @5k pace

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Health Check-Up

Thought I'd post and see what kind of physical shape everyone, yes, even Jarrin, is in at the start of 2009. So, post your name and your conditions (liver problems OK is you feel you can talk about them...) and lets all see how everyone else is doing. Oh, so no one gets left can post your mental shape. Happy New Year.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


For the last few days I have had some interesting experiences working at the Running Shop. I enjoy talking to people about running/life and more.

Yesterday, or maybe the day before, I had the privilege of talking to a young West Point officer who had spent the last 4 years of his life in Iraq leading a platoon on the front lines. He was between Pat Reaves and Jake's age. A young, handsome well spoken guy who seemed to be as humble as they come. When I found out his occupation I asked him some questions about what his experience was like. Without elaborating too much here and regardless of what your opinion of the war might be, this gent was polite, honest and seemed very much committed to the ideal of service.

When all was said and done he assured me he was just glad to be back home and be able to run without being shot at.

Later on during the same day, another young man came in. He seemed to be about the same age. We began to talk about shoes and running and somehow the conversation went towards his occupation and how running might be an asset to his life. After some time, he communicated that he did not like his job/life, etc too much and wanted to go to business school to make lots of $$$$. I asked him if he knew what made him happy. He said he was not sure but that making lots of $$$$ seemed like the reasonable path to take.

Interesting if you compare the state of existence of the two young men I spoke with. One just came back from Iraq where his life was on the line everyday. He had no choice about his assignment. He is now back in the states. When I asked him what would make him happy, what he wanted to do as a civilian, he said go for an easy/safe run. Regardless, he seemed very much appreciative of the very fact that we was just living and in the States.

The other gent seemed unhappy with his current state and seemed to think that going on to another self oriented goal would quench whatever ailment or dissatisfied bone gnaws at him.

I am not sure how either young man's plight will end.

I am thankful I am alive and can run.

Both baught shoes.

When you like what you do and find purpose in it, the money might come but you will be happy and fulfilled, which, is more valuable than money.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cougar Run

Reaves, Bain, and I are planning to do a long run at Greenbelt Park on Sunday at 10.

Some of you may remember this run from August, when Reaves introduced us to his favorite college stomping grounds - a place where he learned to live in harmony with the Cougar. Unfortunately for our friend Jarrin, the Cougar was on the prowl and looking to strike. After that eventful run, a survelince video from the Univ. of Maryland caught the Cougar on tape, where it was determined to be nothing more than a large ferral cat.

All are welcome to join us Sunday morning for this long run. It consists of several loops of a 6 mile trail so everyone can trim or extend this run as necessary. Here are directions to the parking lot where we will meet.

Friday, January 2, 2009


There will be a Saturday run tomorrow. 830AM. All are welcome.

Once a Runner Article

My HS teammate Marc Tracy has an article on about once a runner. (Link)

A quote from his article is quote of the day on

Thursday, January 1, 2009


As I ran along with mighty Chris Bain and the RED FOX on some 14 mile run yesterday(the longest and hardest run I have done in 4 months, many thoughts popped into the head. At first, I was thinking that I was nuts to run this much today and for the first time ever, I actually had some doubt at to whether I was in good enough shape to run so long.

The only tactic I could hope to use was my mouth. I decided I would try to talk the whole time in order to keep the pace down and even use the old bathroom break drill a few times. For the most part it worked until the two young bucks took off over the last 3 miles or so. I thought, during this time, to give chase but thought better of it and simply stayed content to move along with the old Lockwood shuffle. I was perfectly happy to simply mozy on at a reasonable pace and enjoy the beautiful weather.

The last year and really, the last two years have been terrible for me in terms of running. Injury after injury. Granted, none of them have been like Jarrin's that have put me on the shelf for months but just little nicks and chips in the armour to make running less fun.

Like Jarrin, I took a journey during this time to visit specialists and others to help me cure my ailments. Because I was so interested in getting fixed I listened to what the specialists said and tried their remedies for a bit. For the most part they partially worked and more or less served as band aids or temporary fixes.

In retrospect, when my body started to feel beat up I should have simply taken a month off and gone to Jamaica and lived on a beach and enjoyed the good life. This would have provided a nice break from the mental and physical addiction of running. As all of you know, the sport can be all encompassing to the point where it dominates your very existence.

This is all water the under the bridge now. The legs are feeling better and a new year awaits.

Respecting the body means letting it live an easy and harmonious existence as well as making it do things it was not really meant to do.

I ran an easy 9 or 10 miles with Bill Askey this morning. We talked about Football and random things.

Bring on 09