Sunday, January 4, 2009


For the last few days I have had some interesting experiences working at the Running Shop. I enjoy talking to people about running/life and more.

Yesterday, or maybe the day before, I had the privilege of talking to a young West Point officer who had spent the last 4 years of his life in Iraq leading a platoon on the front lines. He was between Pat Reaves and Jake's age. A young, handsome well spoken guy who seemed to be as humble as they come. When I found out his occupation I asked him some questions about what his experience was like. Without elaborating too much here and regardless of what your opinion of the war might be, this gent was polite, honest and seemed very much committed to the ideal of service.

When all was said and done he assured me he was just glad to be back home and be able to run without being shot at.

Later on during the same day, another young man came in. He seemed to be about the same age. We began to talk about shoes and running and somehow the conversation went towards his occupation and how running might be an asset to his life. After some time, he communicated that he did not like his job/life, etc too much and wanted to go to business school to make lots of $$$$. I asked him if he knew what made him happy. He said he was not sure but that making lots of $$$$ seemed like the reasonable path to take.

Interesting if you compare the state of existence of the two young men I spoke with. One just came back from Iraq where his life was on the line everyday. He had no choice about his assignment. He is now back in the states. When I asked him what would make him happy, what he wanted to do as a civilian, he said go for an easy/safe run. Regardless, he seemed very much appreciative of the very fact that we was just living and in the States.

The other gent seemed unhappy with his current state and seemed to think that going on to another self oriented goal would quench whatever ailment or dissatisfied bone gnaws at him.

I am not sure how either young man's plight will end.

I am thankful I am alive and can run.

Both baught shoes.

When you like what you do and find purpose in it, the money might come but you will be happy and fulfilled, which, is more valuable than money.

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