Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend Run Change

We still plan to meet at 10am on Saturday for a workout at Derwood. It could be brutal. If the course is ridiculous (frozen shoe foot prints that double as ankle twisters) me may opt for an alternative once we arrive. We should at least go there and try it though.

Others are meeting 9am at the Store tomorrow.

On Sunday, per the weather and trail conditions, we'll meet at THE LINE instead. This way we have the option of running trails or, if the trails are nasty, Beach Drive (no car traffic). 10am. I think the Towpath and most running trails are going to be pot-marked with icy footprints, black ice and snow.

1 comment:

Matias said...

First I saw JARRIN and Towpath, then Owen, then Sheena, then Sam, Klim, and Reaves? The last one was a blur as I shot down Conn Ave.

Oh and Melissa Saturday morning on corner of Beach and East-West. You GRCer are EVERYWHERE.

Great day for getting the heartrate up.