Monday, April 30, 2007


I think we are onto something here. Intelligence + Healthy attitude+Team support=Success. This Team/Club is getting better, running consistently as a group and having fun and we are doing this without charging too many fees or requiring too much structure. It has morphed into a team/club that emphasizes improvement for all different levels of runner without so much as lifting a finger in terms of establishing guidelines, creating rules, etc. this is special.

Can this be kept up?

My assumption is yes.

The week after next, I propose a roof party at my place on 16th St. Lets do it on a sat.

I will think of a food and drink scenario and get back to everyone.

If you all of additional thoughts or ideas, let me know asap.

Enjoy the nice weather and remember ice baths and stretching equate to a longer running career.

FYI--Within a month I hope to be 90%. I never thought I could ever get injured and this happened and everytime I think I have it licked, the pain resurfaces. At least after the race yesterdayI could walk and at most, I am sore today. I am crossing the fingers.


Pacers Throwdown!?

I received this note today via e-mail from one of the evil Pacers. I am not sure if I'll be doing it, but this individual wanted me to share the race info with members of the GRC.

"...try to get as many as your teammates who aren't doing Grandma's to run Battle of the Boulevard! It's on May 12th with a Mister Day's party to follow! Great race sponsored by Pacers and after you bums treated me like your bitch at Pikes Peak I need some sort of redemption. No really, though, it's going to be a great race through the heart of the best neighborhoods in Arlington."


Everyone ran well and it seems that all of the hard work and team support is proving effective.

Pacers is destined to start wanting to know our secrets.

Matias's BBQ was lots of fun and it was nice to unwind with some good food and cheer.

I am running something called the Apple blossom festival 10k this weekend in Winchester, VA. Its a totally cool race because its located in a small town and kicks off this Apple Blossom festival this is very much the embodiment of traditional americana. I tried to encourage our wanta be southern gentleman, Klim, to come along but he is running a long run on Sun. Anyone who is interested in a fun little 10K let me know in advance and I will see about getting us entries. the race is this sat in the am.

enjoy the nice weather.


Pikes Peek Team

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Way to represent GRC today, having 3 guys walking away with $$$$, and Tanner running sub 36 min is pretty impressive... so let's celebrate. If you're heading from the DC area, take I-270 N to exit 11 for Montgomery Village Ave (MD-124 E). You'll merge onto MV Ave, follow past 355, firestation, lakes on your left & right, and a golf course. When you get to Apple Ridge Rd (about 3 miles from I-270, there's a light), make a left. Follow for a half mile, then take a left on Dellcastle Rd. Take your first right on Octavia Ct (before the stop sign). 20016 Octavia Ct. 20886

...rumor is Christiam is bringing a few of his dancing partners. I'll try and get some of the Potomac Runners to make the trek up north. 570.490.5678 if my directions suck.

Almost forgot, I'll provide food, BYOB. Let's plan to meet around 5 pm.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nice Job Wiggy!

Joe Wiegner - Georgetown Running Company - 4:12.74

"Villanova grad Jason Jabaut wins the men's race easily in 4:02.77, with Felix Kibioywo of Auburn second in 4:03.95. Jabaut hit the 1500-meter mark in 3:47.75."

Pikes Peek

Where/when do people want to meet in the morning?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Anybody going up to Penn tomorrow for the saturday races?

Just wanted to see again if anyone would be up there saturday... If there is anybody that will be there, if you wouldn't mind lending me your singlet or if you live near max to possibly pick mine up before hand... I still did not receive one... if not, no worries...


I still might run this baby as the adrenaline flows. Even if i do not run, i will be down there to cheer the troops. I see that running warrior Mike Wardian is entered as is Pacers nemesis, Bert Rodriguez. Klim, its on you to lay down the hammer and get the monkey off of you back.

Otherwise, i read that people are drinking beer and causing mayhem at Matias's house after the race. Good deal.

Have a good weekend and be safe out there. M

Penn Relays

Hopefully we'll get some live reports? In the meantime, the distance night already took place... I don't see any real big splashes... Wardian looked to struggle (31:45 10k)... perhaps Klim can seize the moment and expose a weakness on Sunday (if he still runs?)... or perhaps he will come back roaring?

College Women 5000 championships:
1 Aine Hoban Providence 16:07.01

College Men 5000 championships:

1 Scott Wall Oregon 13:57.64
2 Mark Steed Georgia State 13:59.64
3 Jordan McDougal Liberty 14:00.14

14 Hany Abdallah New York University 14:12.46 (Division III runner)

College women 10k championships:
1 Marisa Ryan Boston University 34:11.32
2 Carol Jefferson Liberty 34:37.27
3 Jennifer Adams Keene State 34:47.55 (DIII- gotta give props)

College Men 10k championships
1 Samuel Chelanga Fairleigh Dickinson 29:16.41
2 Joe Dare La Salle 29:25.84
3 Joseph Simuchimba Louisiana State 29:39.83

Olympic Development 10k
1 Daniel Kanyaruhuru unattached 29:17.21
2 Macharia Yuot unattached 29:20.11 (former widner guy- DIII)
3 Paul Ryan unattached 29:50.8

6 Marc Jeuland Carrboro Athletics Club 30:11.35 (former Swathermore guy)
9 Bobby Cannon Haddonfield Running Co. / Brooks 30:26.07 (Haverford guy)
(Marc and Bobby have both qualified for the marathon!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007




Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wiggy in at Penn

Late Breaking News...

Joe Wiegner got into Penn Relays...he'll be racing on Friday night...either the 1500 or the mile.
Obviously this means we are down a man for Pikes Peek. Joe will have to be beaten and tortured (spending quality time with Max Lockwood) for "abandoning" us, but I am sure it'll be worth it!
Good Luck Joe! There should be a GRC cheering session on hand.


I am meeting at G-town store at 9:00am on Sat for a killer run. this is the run prior to the pikes peak race so some might want to lay low and do an easy eight and talk about life and go back to the store and eat bagels.

Munro, no more hiding at your girlfriend's house all hungover. its time to come on out. i will see if i can get local superstar Wilson to venture out and run with us. peace and be careful out there.


Monday, April 23, 2007

USA Marathon qualifies

Per general discussion, here is a link for the full list:

For curiosity- which marathon (i.e what course to run):
44 from Chicago (nearly 50 percent)
16 from Austin 06
12 from Boston 06
10 from usa marathon champ 06 (st. Paul)
10 from Houston
4 from New york
3 from usa marathon champ 05 (st. Paul)
3 from Austin 07
2 from London
0 from Boston 07

Also by state residency of qualifier (i.e. where to live):
27 California
14 Michighan
9 Colorado (a few more by way of 10k and 5k)
9 Virginia (10 if you count DC as part of MD)
5 North Carolina
5 Ohio
4 Texas
4 Mass
3 NY
3 AZ

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Riley's Lock Run

We had a swell run at Riley's Lock today...some did 13, others 15 and a few of us 17. It was good to have so many people out for such a long run in such nice weather through beautiful Poolesville...getting a bit poetic.

I finished up the week just shy of 80 miles. My shins are still a bit hot and my legs are feeling battered but I felt better on the 17 today than I did on any other day this week.

We should have a good squad for next week's Pikes Peek 10k.

London results:

Results from runnerunner:

1 » MR LEL, MARTIN (KEN) M25 2:07:41
3 » MR LIMO, FELIX (KEN) M25 2:07:47
4 » MR GHARIB, JAOUAD (MAR) M30 2:07:54
5 » MR RAMAALA, HENDRICK (RSA) M35 2:07:56
6 » MR TERGAT, PAUL (KEN) M35 2:08:05
7 » MR HALL, RYAN (USA) M20 2:08:24
8 » MR GOMES, MARILSON (BRA) M25 2:08:37
9 » MR ROBINSON, DAN (GBR) M30 2:14:14

Geb must have dropped somewhere between 30 and 40km. pretty impressive for Hall--first american and under 2:09.

so I was off on a few things: Tergat did beat Hall, but Hall was sub 2:09. Limo was third, not second. But whatever, close enough for good conversation on the run

nice run today fellas.

Friday, April 20, 2007

run on sat

I will be running some type of workout tomorrow morning. jake suggested the dc/md line. if people are interested and want to run at a particular location, please let me know. Max

Our very own Steve

Youngest american to make the trials. A shout out to the store as well.

by the way- at the houston marathon, a runner from Haverford, DIII, (my alma mater) also qualified... bobby Cannon. Bobby will face steve again at the Penn relays... which actually features many former DIII guys.

Yout from Widner, Jeuland from Swathmore (also an olympic qualifier- in fact a main rival of mine in college- I beat him a few times- but he had many more over me) I think a few others are DIII too, but I don't know them all.

I may drive up to see the race- any interest in hoping a ride?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

10k challenge?

This was posted on an alumni forum I'm part of:

"Puma is doing a 10k the first Saturday in May at a high school meet a little south of D.C. and were trying to recruit runners. It will only have 26 starters because the person in last at the end of each lap gets kicked out of the race. $500 bucks to the winner, $400, $300, and some $50 bonus laps." You should email him at if you are interested or via the information below.

Tim Callinan Athlete Coordinator PRTC/Puma 856-340-5609

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This is the story of the hurricane... (Boston 2007)

I figured I'd submit my story and let others add on. It's one for my grandkids! Other than a slightly sore left calf and the usual quad ailments that follow a marathon, I'm feeling pretty good...physically. Mentally, I'm disappointed. To be expected, I guess. In short, I was on pace for sub-2:47 (and feeling pretty good) through about 16 miles. There was no pack-- at most I ran with 2 other women-- and I was taking the brunt of the wind. At mile 17- WHAM!- I hit the wall. It was a new experience for me. I was so loopy, I forgot to count the hills and thought I'd gone up Heartbreak when I hadn't. That was a painful discovery! After guzzling gatorade all the way up the Newton Hills, my head came back, but my legs were toast. It was the longest last 10k of my life. The only way I made it down Boylston St. without falling flat on my face is that the crowd was willing me forward. In retrospect, the steady 25 mph (plus gusts) headwind had zapped me more than I had initially thought and the downhill start made it seem easier than it really was. Yes, I probably could have gone out in 1:25-1:26 for half and cruised home between 2:50 and 2:55. But why? I went for it...and...ouch! After a nice long break, it's Chicago, here I come!

The highlights (you can probably guess the lowlights):

*A police escort for our buses along the Mass turnpike. Made me feel like a celebrity politician.

*I took a Gu to the starting line and, in all the excitement of trotting through a damp graveyard with the other elite women in a driving rain storm, forgot water to wash it down with. I spotted an official holding a random, plastic water bottle as he collected various ponchos and t-shirts that we were discarding and asked him if I could grab a sip. "It belongs to her," he informed me, motioning towards... Deena Kastor! She told me to go ahead and take a drink. I did. Wow! I have Deena cooties!

*I met a new friend, Tammy, with whom I ran the first 12 or so miles. She and I vowed that we will get the qualifier together in Chicago.

*My "pit crew"-- my Mom and Dave-- who were wonderfully supportive and real troopers for standing-- not running-- in that mess.

Thanks to everyone for their support. Congrats to all those who toed the line on Monday. It was like nothing else....

Sunday LONG Run

I am trying to figure out a run to do this Sunday...16-17 miles, on natural terrain with little pavement.

Anyone interested? Any suggestions on WHERE to go? Maybe I'll do the Riley's Lock Loop plus some extras.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Final tallies: Laura- 3:01, Dawn 3:12, Matt 3:19, rough spot for Luke- looks like he's dnf. Bernie 2:29.

Great job to all who braved it!
Laura looking at 2:52. Bernie holding at 2:28 with 5k to go, Luke at 2:45 pace, Dawn 3:07, and Matt 3:12.

Laura holding pace through 15K. Luke and Bernie sliding off about three minutes. No updates on Dawn or Matt. Concern for Dawn at this point. Matt should have just gone through the 10k so may need a little time to register?

Luke through 5k at 2:40 pace. Laura through the 10k at 2:45:56 pace. Dawn and Matt through 5k at 3:04 and 3:14 respectively. Bernie at 2:25!

Everyone looks strong early

Laura: F77
Luke Merkel: 1764
Dawn Sell: 6590
Matt Ernst: 9395

(friend and former teammate) Bernie Muller: 1145.

Matias Kicks

"Well muscled Matias Palavecino (25) of Washington, DC makes the hard charge coming home just short of fifth place by three seconds in 33:18."
- from The Washington Running Report

Friday, April 13, 2007


A couple of pics from last night's mile. "Coach" Klim can be seen lecturing Joe and Christiam on why their 6th 200m was 2 seconds slow than their 2nd 200m...huh?

Friday Night & Weekend Runs

The bad thing about this blog is that all the older posts/comments get burried back behind posts that are more recent and it makes it confusing to follow through with "old business".

That being said, who is coming out tonight to wish good luck to Max et al?

Who is running the 14 mile tempo tomorrow (SATURDAY) from the store?

Reply to THIS post only.

In the spirit of the Boston Marathon, I am including a picture of me and the late, great Johnny Kelley. I am sipping an Amstel Light while listening to Mr. Boston tell me about how he lent Jesse Owens shoes so that he could run aboard the steamer en route to Berlin in 1936. Good stories...good times.

For those who don't know, Johnny Kelley was named "Runner of the century" by RW. He won the Boston Marathon twice and finished 2nd seven times. Heartbreak Hill is named after Kelley...the site where his heart was broken so many times (losing the lead). He never ran more the 60 miles in one week and often only ran 40. He passed away last year.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Steeple... looks like fun

Firebirds Mile

Who is racing this tonight? I plan to show up around 7pm and run around the fields, track and cheer on Christiam, Joe (?) and Matias (?).

Anyone else?


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Boston WX Alert!

Weather Alert - Monday's Boston Marathon Wednesday, April 11

As the Boston Athletic Association continues to make preparations for Monday's Boston Marathon, we are monitoring the upcoming weather conditions forecast for this area. Based on the National Weather Service's most recent report and in cooperation with the Executive Office of Public Safety (Commonwealth of Massachusetts) and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, together with the eight cities and towns along the 26.2-mile marathon route, we are planning for likely heavy rain and windy conditions on race day. However, all race day plans remain the same. The Boston Athletic Association advises participants in Monday's race to plan accordingly for their run, bringing with them gear and apparel to suit the conditions. The B.A.A. will continue to update its web site -- www.bostonmarathon. org -- as necessary.

Jack Fleming
Boston Athletic Association
40 Trinity Place, 4th floor
Boston, MA 02116
617-236-1652 ext 2627
fleming@baa. org

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Laura Turner: Accept no substitutes

Though there are two running phenoms named Laura Turner, one BYU graduate and one Stanford graduate, only one is poised to achieve greatness this coming Monday in Boston (as far as I know). Good luck to Laura, as well as Dawn, Max, and Matt!

Saturday Run

Are people interested in meeting up Saturday at 9am for a run? If so, where? RCP or GRC? 10-12 miles.

Jason, me and some others are also running a 14 mile tempo on Sunday along the C&O Canal...not sure where (exactly) we are starting, but it will most likely be an out-and-back type deal.


and they still had smoking in DC bars I would venture over to Chief Ikes once in a while and act....OK, I suggest that for those that are running Boston or those who want to support boston bound runners and want to have a few beers or glasses of water or the such, we meet at Chief Ikes on Columbia Road(right outside of the Morgan) at 9:00ish on Sat night. they have a dj and there is salsa dancing(for Christiam) on the 2nd floor. This is low key, quasi dive bar that was the thing back in the day. beer is cheap and the atmosphere is melow. 10 minute walk to red or green line. Takers?

Saturday, April 7, 2007


We need to form two teams for upcoming races.

The rockville twighlighter in July and the Army Ten Miler. In order to win either of these we will need one or two "A" runners. Someone or several people, who will run sub-50 for Army and sub 24:30 for the 8K. The rest is a wash.

Jake, your assignment is to scrounge the earth for that gem of a runner who is lost and seeking guidance and a team. You have a knack for this so use it---

As for competition, we can get the Pacers guys to run against us and at the Army, there will be awesome competitors from army units around the world. If we are serious, i can ask Jim Hage to write about it in the Post and give it us some PR. For the Army, I have down Matias, Justin(though I have not seen him in ages), No excuses Scott, Philippe Rolly, Dave O Hara and this is where we need someone to throw down a killer time and can put us in a great position. This person has yet to be defined. Also, so you get a sense of the excitement of it all, when you go to the G-town running company next, pick up the newest Army ten miler 2007 calander. there is a great photo of the old Reebok Enclave with Andre Williams, Ray Pugsley and Chris Graff, in these slick Reebok Singlets racing against Dan Brown and the Army team. The duel was created by George Banker and the Army ten miler race directors. Pretty cool stuff.

For the 8K we should have enough bodies to form two teams(coed).

Hopefully by this time we will have distinguishable singlets.

I know these races are way off in the distance but it will be fun billing them up and causing some commotion.

FYI--I have been thinking about a Most Improved Runner of the year award and I am totally at a loss because it seems everyone is improving or has improved. Maybe this is something all of you can be thinking about and then within the next few months we can pick a time to vote on it and then get the store to provide this person with some award like shoes or clothes, etc.

Criteria for selection is improvement in overall times per distance, training consitency, attitude, runner and team support, etc.

suggestions or ideas on this are always welcome.


Tempo run- 4/15

14 miles total- 1 warm up 1 warm down... descending times- start 6:05-6:00, drop by 5 seconds a mile down to 5:45s. canal. start at 9.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sam Howell Invitational 1500meter

It was cold. The chilly wind on the homestretch wasn't too forgiving either... However the meet directors were determined to try to get some good times in, giving the conditions. They had two princeton runners as rabbits to try to hit 60 second quarter pace for as long as they could. We came through the 400 in 61, 800 in 2:02, 1200 in 3:03-04. I felt like i was having the race of my life coming through 1200 feeling good... However, when i hit 200 to go... the bottom fell out... Had no finish kick, legs were dead, couldn't hold my form... finished in 3:54.3...


I am letting go of conventional wisdom and intelligence and all aspects of reason. I am running Boston because it needs to be done and beckons. I think of the old timers like John Kelly and Tarzan Brown who worked full time jobs in the trades and probably went running in boots or their bare feet and ran through pain. they new nothing about advil or ice baths but ran the boston marathon because it tested the human will and soul and gave them a sense of purpose.

also, the are the women at Wellesley College and the crowds that are awsome.

caution is off in the wind. I hope I live to tell about the adventure


Wednesday, April 4, 2007






Jake and I are doing a run from Riley's Lock in Potomac, MD this sat at 9:30am. It will be part trail and part road. the distance will be in the 14 or 15 mile range but others can run whatever distance they like. its an adventure run and after, i am going swimming at the lock(great alternative to ice bath). We can stop for coffee and creme filled donuts, too:(

Others should come. i am driving from the district and can give someone(BIG MONEY) a lift.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

some SICK Cherry Blossom pics...

Congrats on the great races had by all!

Bill Rodgers... watch out for my bike!!!


Pacers sandwich!

Christiam in traffic

Melissa at about 8


Wadda ya say we update our respective Blog profiles?

Under "Interests" write your goals and under "About Me" write your PRs and past (running accomplishments).

It'll be nice to know a little background on everyone...I keep learning new things/accomplishments from people everytime we chat.

Lame? Well, I am...lame.


I contacted one of the race director's some time ago about putting a team together. Dave O is interested as is Jake. I think we might be able to count on philippe Rolly and perhaps Jason Dwyer and Matias.

several important factors are health and availability of folks

the Fall is a long way off and many of you might get riddled with injuries over the summer, never know.

As for goals, we can be lofty and say we will all PR and be worthy of running against the elite army team or be more humble in our approach and vie for top local club as we can compete with the likes of pacers. this might be a more realistic goal since the army is capable of putting together a very strong team.

If we get our act together soon enough and let the race know our intention, we might be able to get comp entries and some publicity/hype, prior to the event.

Also, Yo Munro, whats up? We love your words of wisdom but where have you been? We miss your little presence out on the roads.

FYI--remember to keep your post race plans for Pikes Peek open as I have told Terrel Hale that we will go his house for crepes and a lecture about the bennefit of sports massage.

Fall racing - Yes I know it is only April

It may be a little early to be thinking this far ahead, but the Army 10 miler registration is open. Any ideas of a peak race people are training for in the fall?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Wednesday run

I'm running from the store on Wednesday. I think Money and Lockwood are in. 6:15.

Count me in for a run this Saturday. I think we're meeting up for a trail run at the MD/DC border at 9am.

I plan on doubling on Saturday... and by double I mean doublefisting carbombs at the LT and DaveO Bday bash.

Broad Street Run

I ran 3 miles this morning on the track, so I'm on my way to recovery. I am seriously considering running the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia on May 6th. Broad Street is a 10 mile race that is mostly downhill. Is anyone interested in running it?

Sunday, April 1, 2007


All of the hard, consistent and intelligent training is paying off. Keep it up and stay out of trouble. Or if you get into trouble, have lots of fun doing it:).

Begining tomorrow, i am going to start running at 6:30am from Pierce Mill in Rock Creek Park. I want to get the run done early. If anyone wants to join me, there is parking right there. we can do some hill workouts and some flat stuff.


I was talking with Melissa and Jake after the race about meeting up and keeping the club/team together for training and races, etc.

Most of the training together comes down to where people live. i think this also applies to what stores people run for or shop at, etc.

For example, most of the people that run for pacers live out that way and so its convienent.

As for us, its not so as we are spread out. This is good so as we can spread our influence far and wide.

Post your training runs as much as possible and share with all. Its better to run slow with someone else than to run alone.

More to come....................

Kliminator Goes Sub 53 min

Good job Klim, I had you at 20:40 at the 4 mile mark. You and the Pacers went out fast, but you kept it together.

Christiam looked like he was rolling at the end and two blisters to show for it. Meinelt crushed it, that guy is a machine.