Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I contacted one of the race director's some time ago about putting a team together. Dave O is interested as is Jake. I think we might be able to count on philippe Rolly and perhaps Jason Dwyer and Matias.

several important factors are health and availability of folks

the Fall is a long way off and many of you might get riddled with injuries over the summer, never know.

As for goals, we can be lofty and say we will all PR and be worthy of running against the elite army team or be more humble in our approach and vie for top local club as we can compete with the likes of pacers. this might be a more realistic goal since the army is capable of putting together a very strong team.

If we get our act together soon enough and let the race know our intention, we might be able to get comp entries and some publicity/hype, prior to the event.

Also, Yo Munro, whats up? We love your words of wisdom but where have you been? We miss your little presence out on the roads.

FYI--remember to keep your post race plans for Pikes Peek open as I have told Terrel Hale that we will go his house for crepes and a lecture about the bennefit of sports massage.

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Justin McCarthy said...

Count me in. I'm definitely interested in running the Army 10 miler.