Sunday, April 29, 2007


Way to represent GRC today, having 3 guys walking away with $$$$, and Tanner running sub 36 min is pretty impressive... so let's celebrate. If you're heading from the DC area, take I-270 N to exit 11 for Montgomery Village Ave (MD-124 E). You'll merge onto MV Ave, follow past 355, firestation, lakes on your left & right, and a golf course. When you get to Apple Ridge Rd (about 3 miles from I-270, there's a light), make a left. Follow for a half mile, then take a left on Dellcastle Rd. Take your first right on Octavia Ct (before the stop sign). 20016 Octavia Ct. 20886

...rumor is Christiam is bringing a few of his dancing partners. I'll try and get some of the Potomac Runners to make the trek up north. 570.490.5678 if my directions suck.

Almost forgot, I'll provide food, BYOB. Let's plan to meet around 5 pm.


Matias said...

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Matias said...

Going to the store to get burgers/buns, pretzels, trail mix, chips, water, gatorade mix, tomatoes. Feel free to bring boca burgers, and other goodies.