Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Singlets for Cherry Blossom & Logistics

I just got a call from Max who claims that some new singlets are coming into the store on Friday...just in the nick of time.

Most of us have these singlets already, but a few do not. We've been swapping and sharing in the meantime and I have no idea who has one and who doesn't. So please post below in comments if you need one. Assuming they arrive on Friday, I am going to swing by the store on Saturday afternoon and pick them up for distribution on Sunday morning. This is sure to be hectic, so please have a back-up plan (ie - another singlet) in case this does not work or I don't see you. I plan to get to the Washington Monument area circa 6:30am (7:40am race start) and will find my way to the elite tent. I am going to head out from the starting line at 7am SHARP for a warm-up. If you want to go, start gathering at 6:50am. It would be good to get as many GRCers out for a warm up as possible, but I understand everyone has their own individual pre-race ritual. Let me know if you are coming. Either way, get there early! Bathroom lines and crowds are wicked brutal. Wear whatever GRC garb you have.

If you are going to run from the store Saturday morning, please pick up the singlet yourself. Either way, please post in comments whether you do in fact need a singlet (for Cherry Blossom or beyond). Thanks.
Latest Weather - mostly sunny 47-62 degs.


all things pass and new aspects of life emerge. I started running with the Fleet Feet running group back in 1999. Back then phil and adrian fenty would lead sunday runs through the city every sunday. the sunday runs were 50 people strong and this was the spot to be. after, people would meet at tryst and talk politics and other matters.

Little did I know adrian fenty would become mayor and people and friends would get older, move, have kids and do different things in life.

I met Ben Cooke and Wilson and some others in rock creek park sometime in the 2000s and we became friends and ran races. Wilson taught me some running tricks and i did well in racing for a while.

Ben had a kid and did less running, adrian fenty became mayor, friends found other interests, moved and so on.

I am managing running stores now. This is more difficult than running a marathon and requires as much or more physical energy.

I enjoy it.

I enjoy seeing others discover the value of running.

Running/jogging brings balance and health to so many.

life, like running provides new challenges on a daily basis. These challenges are simply opportunities to learn about yourself and your abilities

Saturday, March 28, 2009

UMD Track 5k Results

Unofficial Results:

Diego - 15:03 (walked 3 people down in last 400m) 2nd place
Klim - 15:07...4th place
Sam - 15:27 (PR)

Event 20 Men 5000 Meter Run
Name Year School Seed Finals
1 Williams, Ryan Unattached 15:10.00 15:01.71
2 miralles, diego Georgetown RC 14:45.00 15:03.28
3 McNamara, Connor Bucknell 15:10.00 15:07.40
4 klim, jake Georgetown RC 14:45.00 15:07.64
5 Booth, Richie Maryland 14:40.00 15:09.02
6 blasiak, sam Georgetown RC 15:45.00 15:27.56
7 Karlin, Matt Unattached 15:10.00 15:28.55
8 Madison, Andrew UMBC 15:00.00 15:28.77
9 Rooney, Brian Johns Hopkins 15:30.00 15:31.44
10 Clark, Josh Bucknell 15:25.66 15:32.71
11 shore, ian Bucknell 15:32.00 15:42.05
12 centofonti, corey Hagerstown CC 15:28.46 15:45.34
13 Brown, Dave Bucknell 15:20.00 15:45.78
14 Fitzgerald, John Salisbury 15:49.45 15:47.31
15 Stokes, Jr., David Unattached 15:40.00 15:47.74
16 Bowie, Chris UMBC 15:45.00 15:47.95
17 straughn, matt Unattached 15:48.16
18 Sigmon, David Johns Hopkins 15:30.00 15:48.94
19 Nunns, Geoff Johns Hopkins 15:52.00 15:49.76
20 Berstler Jr., Stephen Salisbury 15:55.98 15:57.10
21 Shifler, Ryan Hagerstown CC 16:27.53 16:13.91
22 Allen, Brian Howard CC 16:00.00 16:14.04
23 aramayo, ed Unattached 15:50.00 16:23.84
24 Beller-Morales, Walter Unattached 16:00.00 16:24.05
25 Ladd, James Salisbury 15:58.44 16:39.68
26 Keane, Nick Howard CC 16:40.00 16:42.75

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunday Run

I was thinking THE LINE at 10am...maybe the "Zoo Loop".

Anyone want to join me, any other suggestions?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post-Cherry Blossom Party

Jason Dwyer is hosting a post-Cherry Blossom BBQ at his parent's home on Foxhall Rd in Georgetown.

Time is TBD - enough time to cooldown, shower and regroup ~ likely early afternoon.

BYOB and BYO(grill food).

Additional details to come...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Run Today

Meeting at Thompson Boathouse at 6:30pm for EZ 6-8 around tidal basin & Mt V trail. If we want to get crazy we'll head up to Iwo.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diego Send Off

Diego, the Spaniard, will soon be leaving The States for another tenure in Amsterdam. His last day in America happens to be the day of the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I am trying to drum up two send offs for our pal:

1. Next Saturday night in U Street. Diego loves jazz and has always wanted to go to U Street...so here is the opportunity. We will Dizzy Gillespie it up! Does anyone know a good place to start/go? Say 8pm.

2. It'd be fun to have a post-race brunch or something outdoorsy after Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossom is a climactic race for most of us, so it'd be nice to kick back after the race and tell war stories. Anyone have a backyard they want to lease for some tomfoolery? This will be the last chance to see Diego off before he gets deported...errr...leaves on his own accord.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pictures from the SunTrust Half Marathon

Congratulations to all those who ran in today's SunTrust National Half Marathon.

Pictures can be found here.


National Results?

Who has some? Please share...

Friday, March 20, 2009








Thursday, March 19, 2009

no run from cc store on sunday

i have to move run to the g-town store on sunday at 8am. sorry. if anyone needs to get the run in early on sunday, swing by. what are people doing for saturday? we can meet wherever to watch the marathon. let me know

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Broad Street...last call

So far, Sam Blasiak, Justin McCarthy and I are interested in racing the BROAD STREET 10 MILER (5/3). I need two more men to form a complete team (of 5). Price will then be $40 per person.

We don't NEED to form a team, but figure we should if we will, in fact, have 5 people racing.

Last call...

Let me know.


Let me know if people want to run from the Chevy Chase store at 9am on Sunday.

I need to be there at 8am for some event and can open up the store for a group run if people want. Need to get back to g-town by 1200 so it has to be around 9.

Anyone going to 2009 Track & Field Nationals?

If so, I recommend this place, where I stayed last summer during the Trials:

Greetings Track & Field Fans!

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority House will be hosting guests for the Nationals June 25 - 29, 2009 and as a return customer you will receive a 10% discount if you book by April 1, 2009. For those who book after that date, you will receive a 5% discount.

You will also notice that some of our rates have changed, including the cost of a private room which is just $65/night this year. The bunk rooms are still $45 - $55. All rates include breakfast. Click on this link for more information:


Hope to see you there!

Amanda Wooldridge, Licensed Property Manager (OR#200802020)
(541)689-4887 office (541)914-4781 cell

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hey everyone,
I am looking forward to my first race for GRC on Saturday. Any chance that I could borrow a medium-ish jersey?

Go Mom!

As many of you know, my mom is the reason I got into this sport. She's been running (and frequently winning...at least in her age group) road races for as long as I can remember.

I think this picture was taken the last time my mom and I ran the same race, but different distances. It was taken ca. 1992. She ran the 10K; I ran the 5K.

This weekend, we will encore that performance. While I tackle the National half, Mom is taking on the full marathon. Yes, my mother is trying to qualify for next year's Boston (4:05), but is aiming more for 3:45. (I personally think she's game for faster!)

So when you head out to cheer on Saturday morning, look for Holly Turner. She looks just like me (we've been mistaken for twins, much to her delight), so I doubt she'll be hard to recognize. But just in case, she's Bib 2220.

Let's just say, I TOO want to be running marathons when my oldest child is a year off 30.... She's pretty amazing.

National Marathon

Would anyone be interested in meeting at the store earlier than usual this Saturday to go over and watch (part of) the National Half and Marathon?

GRC has at least 4 people running the half; Chris Raabe, Dickson Mercer, Laura O, Lindsey...others?

The race starts at 7am...we wouldn't need to meet that early, but certainly pre-8. I have to look at a map to figure out where we would need to be and when to see these 4 run by.

Any interest?

Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Day EVE - Ri Ra in Bethesda!

So, Justin (who's about 115% more Irish than me), says that the Celts count their days from sunset to sunset. That means that TONIGHT is the true start St. Patrick's Day. A few of us will be meeting at Ri Ra in Bethesda for happy hour libations and/or food.

ALSO, let us have plans for tomorrow instead/as well (Jake?)...

Here are the details for tonight:

Date: TONIGHT, Monday March 16
Time: Happy Hour runs from 7-9 pm, but feel free to come earlier or stay later
Place: Ri Ra in Bethesda
4931 Elm Street
Bethesda, MD 20814

Hope to see some of you tonight!

More Pictures! Shamrock 5k

I took a couple shots from the same location near the finish line, copy and paste the pictures at will.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

5K photos

Here's a link to the full gallery. Some highlights:

St. Patrick's Day 8K - Men

   7  5963 Diego Miralles           M 26 College Park MD         16:22   25:53   25:50 
13 5 Billy Askey M 26 Arlington VA 16:23 26:17 26:14
14 13 Dylan Keith M 24 Arlington VA 16:28 26:22 26:19
16 7 Alex Eversmeyer M 27 Gaithersburg MD 16:24 26:27 26:25
18 11 Patrick Hughes M 22 Washington DC 16:32 26:40 26:38
20 9 Patrick Murphy M 24 Washington DC 16:40 26:51 26:48

Nice run by the guys here in DC as well. A PR for Diego?



P. Murphy reports that Red Fox Jake Klim won in 14:55 with P. Reaves finishing 2nd, Sam Blasiak 3rd, Injured Thunder Bain 6th and Melissa Tanner winning women's!!


Peachtree Road Race!

If anyone is by chance interested in racing at the Peachtree Road Race this year, it's July 4th in Atlanta. This is the one race I do every year.

It's the largest race in the U.S. with 55,000 people, but because of a wave starts, you'll probably get in toward the front with a sea of humanity behind you. Thanks to the new disposable timing chips, everyone will be timed this year for the first time. It's also serving as the U.S. 10k Championships this year, so competition should be fiercer than usual.

Sign-up, however, goes pretty quickly. If anyone's game to run it this year, click here.

It's definitely not a "PR" course, but it's pretty much the largest and deepest race around outside of one of the major marathons. Like the Boston Marathon, it's been a couple of decades since an American has won, so I'm hoping this is the year when we end the drought. Will it be you???

Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Patty's Day....Night

Anyone have any plans for the night of St. Patty's Day?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday Races

Soooo... I guess I signed up for both races on Sunday. I can't remember signing up for the 5k in Bmore, but they assured me I have. So I have two options:

1) Be epic and run both
2) Be shady and let someone else run as covert operative "Patrick Hughes"

Any takers for option two?

(I realize the third option is to pick one, but then I wouldn't be able to find out what my 13k-with-a-3-hour-break-between-the-first-8k-and-second-5k PR is.)

Wednesday Run

Is anyone showing up for the Wednesday night run at the Georgetown store today? I've missed the past several weeks for various reasons and am wondering if people are still meeting on Wednesdays or if I should just do a workout on my own.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Boston for GGRF

Dear GRC -

I recently joined the Board of the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, Inc., an organization that raises money to provide support for impoverished Ethiopian girls who are training to be runners. On April 20, 2009, I will be running the 113th Annual Boston Marathon. I ran the marathon last year for personal reasons, but this year I have decided to give back and will be running to support "the girls."
I am thrilled to be running a prestigious race for an incredibly worthy cause. My goal is to raise $1,000 in sponsorship before the event and I would greatly appreciate contributions of any amount to help me achieve my goal. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

For years I have taken for granted my basic freedom to go to school, marry when I please, and run for fitness and pleasure. In Ethiopia, education is not guaranteed and girls often get married as adolescents. GGRF provides money for running shoes, training clothes, extra food ("calorie money"), coach subsidies, and other training-related expenses for young women training to be runners in Ethiopia. Training to be athletes allows them to stay in school, avoid early marriage, and gain personal independence.

To read more about the organization, please visit our website at: http://www.girlsgottarun.org/

You can donate by visiting my fundraising page at: http://www.firstgiving.com/sheenadahlke.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Your help is truly appreciated!

your pal,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Long run tomorrow

For all interested parties, PMurphy, Dickson M, and I are running tomorrow afternoon at the Line. Dickson and I are starting at 2:30 (for the firat four miles) and will then meet Patrick at 3:00 for ~16. Post here of you wanna join in and we'll look out for you!

Also, whether you're running with us or not, don't forget to set your clocks an hour ahead...

Beyond the Epic Run - Documentary Film Screening

From a press release on WRR:

This public screening of "Beyond the Epic Run" takes place at George Washington University's Jack Morton Theater on Sunday, March 8 at 5 pm. Admission is free. The theater is located at 805 21st Street NW in Washington, DC. For directions/more information, call 202-994-7736.

I'm headed down to see the screening of this movie with Allen, Melissa and others. If you'd like to join us, just let us know. The movie's promoter asked Allen and I to speak as part of a panel (even after I assured him that I am horribly awkward in front of crowds). If anyone wants to fill in for me, lemme know...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was running on the treadmill at 10pm last night. I was watching some movie with Denzel Washington. I was at the gym.

People can run at all times and at all places nowadays.

With this being said, you/we should all be proud.

-Great Boston Marathon for the team
-USATF cross country National Champions
-Multiple race team wins at local races style
-Won the Marine Corps Marathon store team challenge
-Many people PR'd

other noteworthy accomplishments:

Dylan graduated from being a Vegan to.........
Jarrin is no longer plagued with a foot problem but has some other mysterious virus.
Jake won Runner of the year for the Montgomery County Road Runners.
I left WORKING FOR THE MAN to manage running stores.
Chris Bain figured out he is not Mike Wardian
I am sure there is other lore to go around.
Take care and keep it real out there.


Can anyone guess who this is?

In my last day of freedom before starting my new job tomorrow, I am adding profiles for everyone who doesn't currently have one (by gleening the internet). I added Wilson, Ben and Max...looking for others.

If Peter Silverman has NOT produced YOUR profile and you have one online, please send me an email and I will add the link. Thanks.

Weekend Runs

On SATURDAY, instead of going to the GRC Store, please head to the NO RAIL ON THE TRAIL 10K for the 9:00am race. You can run it as a tempo, group run or race. Details are below:


If anyone has a suggestion for a SUNDAY run, please throw it out.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow-Free Tracks

Does anyone know if they clear off the Washington-Lee or the Georgetown track after snowfalls? I want to do an interval workout tomorrow but if there are no tracks that are cleared off I can wait until later in the week when the weather is warmer and the snow melts.



Got Medium GRC Singlet?

I'm running No Rail on the Trail 10k this Saturday and would like to borrow someone's medium singlet for the race... it doesn't matter if it's a men's or women's. Please let me know at ljerdonek at gmail.com. Thank you!

Don't Forget to Run Today

Spring is only 18 days away...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time Trial

Congrats to the guys who ran the time trial today at UMD. I think Bert, Jake, and Patrick all set PRs. Here are the photos.