Tuesday, March 17, 2009

National Marathon

Would anyone be interested in meeting at the store earlier than usual this Saturday to go over and watch (part of) the National Half and Marathon?

GRC has at least 4 people running the half; Chris Raabe, Dickson Mercer, Laura O, Lindsey...others?

The race starts at 7am...we wouldn't need to meet that early, but certainly pre-8. I have to look at a map to figure out where we would need to be and when to see these 4 run by.

Any interest?


RM said...

Shoot, is it a 7am start? Man that's early.

See you guys out there; Arjun and I will be running around cheering on a few people.

KLIM said...

Map is here.

In order to see the leaders (Raabe) we'd need to hit the 4 mile mark at 18th/Virgina/Constit at 7:15 (coming through at 7:19ish?)

From there we can run counter race traffic and see the others before dipping up North Capitol street to see everyone come through 10 miles at North Cap & K.

After that we could finish our run, run back to the GRC or whatever. Any takers?

Shoot, I just realized after doing all this research that I am scheduled to run an all out mile on Saturday! Hmmm, maybe I will do this on Friday instead if I do generate interest for this spectator run...TBD.

JARRIN said...

I'll be rolling out my front door and shooting the runners as they come through at the corner of 20th and Connecticut Avenue. That's the spot right after you come out of the tunnel that goes under Dupont Circle on Connecticut Avenue. The minute you pop out, smile pretty for the camera. There are lots of places to spectate on that corner, so come by.


Diego said...

Im in... but Jake, didnt we have a 1 mile all out on Saturday??

Billy said...

I'm willing to run early to watch those that are racing. What are you planning to do now Jake?

KLIM said...

I need to do this workout instead. I had forgotten. I want to do both, but I think running around DC before my mile will be no good.