Tuesday, March 31, 2009


all things pass and new aspects of life emerge. I started running with the Fleet Feet running group back in 1999. Back then phil and adrian fenty would lead sunday runs through the city every sunday. the sunday runs were 50 people strong and this was the spot to be. after, people would meet at tryst and talk politics and other matters.

Little did I know adrian fenty would become mayor and people and friends would get older, move, have kids and do different things in life.

I met Ben Cooke and Wilson and some others in rock creek park sometime in the 2000s and we became friends and ran races. Wilson taught me some running tricks and i did well in racing for a while.

Ben had a kid and did less running, adrian fenty became mayor, friends found other interests, moved and so on.

I am managing running stores now. This is more difficult than running a marathon and requires as much or more physical energy.

I enjoy it.

I enjoy seeing others discover the value of running.

Running/jogging brings balance and health to so many.

life, like running provides new challenges on a daily basis. These challenges are simply opportunities to learn about yourself and your abilities

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