Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was running on the treadmill at 10pm last night. I was watching some movie with Denzel Washington. I was at the gym.

People can run at all times and at all places nowadays.

With this being said, you/we should all be proud.

-Great Boston Marathon for the team
-USATF cross country National Champions
-Multiple race team wins at local races style
-Won the Marine Corps Marathon store team challenge
-Many people PR'd

other noteworthy accomplishments:

Dylan graduated from being a Vegan to.........
Jarrin is no longer plagued with a foot problem but has some other mysterious virus.
Jake won Runner of the year for the Montgomery County Road Runners.
I left WORKING FOR THE MAN to manage running stores.
Chris Bain figured out he is not Mike Wardian
I am sure there is other lore to go around.
Take care and keep it real out there.


Matias said...

Max lets not forget the greatest accomplishment of all...


best viewed with volume set to HIGH.

Nietzche said...

I only eat nuts and berries now.