Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hey everyone,
I am looking forward to my first race for GRC on Saturday. Any chance that I could borrow a medium-ish jersey?


Peter said...

Hey Dickson,

You can have mine, it is medium. Whoever has the jersey with "towpath" in red marker on the label that you borrowed for XC nats, give it to Dickson.

KLIM said...

I think Kyle has your singlet. He is in Bmore, so that will be tough.

Diego said...

I remember last time Jake was encouraging us who didn't compete to lend the singlets. Dickson I think Jake should lend you his singlet.

DM said...

Well, I am meeting Reaves Thursday morning, so maybe anyone going to the track workout, which I assume he is going to, could give him the jersey to give to me. If it's dirty, I can just wash it before the race. No big deal. I'll even returned it clean ... What a deal!

DM said...

Got a jersey from Reaves this morning. We're all set.