Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Singlets for Cherry Blossom & Logistics

I just got a call from Max who claims that some new singlets are coming into the store on Friday...just in the nick of time.

Most of us have these singlets already, but a few do not. We've been swapping and sharing in the meantime and I have no idea who has one and who doesn't. So please post below in comments if you need one. Assuming they arrive on Friday, I am going to swing by the store on Saturday afternoon and pick them up for distribution on Sunday morning. This is sure to be hectic, so please have a back-up plan (ie - another singlet) in case this does not work or I don't see you. I plan to get to the Washington Monument area circa 6:30am (7:40am race start) and will find my way to the elite tent. I am going to head out from the starting line at 7am SHARP for a warm-up. If you want to go, start gathering at 6:50am. It would be good to get as many GRCers out for a warm up as possible, but I understand everyone has their own individual pre-race ritual. Let me know if you are coming. Either way, get there early! Bathroom lines and crowds are wicked brutal. Wear whatever GRC garb you have.

If you are going to run from the store Saturday morning, please pick up the singlet yourself. Either way, please post in comments whether you do in fact need a singlet (for Cherry Blossom or beyond). Thanks.
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Peter said...

Mr. Red Fox,

My singlet was donated to the GRC USATFXC effort.

I now am in need of a new one. Thanks.

Matias said...

Wilson Komen
Jake Klim
Kyle Smits
Chris Raabe
Patrick Reaves
Chris Bain
Patrick Murphy
Billy Askey
Sam Blasiak
Dylan Keith
Diego Miralles
Nate Timm
Christiam Camacho
Justin McCarthy
Patrick Hughes
Jonathan Amato

Melissa Tanner
Sheena Dalhke
Laura O’Hara
Caroline White
Amanda Trotter
Shannon O'Neill

From: Matias

Subject: CB10M

"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them" - Michael Jordan

Establish a goal, visualize/vocalize that goal, then execute.

Patrick Hughes said...

I don't have a white singlet yet - I still have your old blue singlet, Jake.

Patrick Hughes said...

I'll see you guys at the monument tomorrow morning.