Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diego Send Off

Diego, the Spaniard, will soon be leaving The States for another tenure in Amsterdam. His last day in America happens to be the day of the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I am trying to drum up two send offs for our pal:

1. Next Saturday night in U Street. Diego loves jazz and has always wanted to go to U here is the opportunity. We will Dizzy Gillespie it up! Does anyone know a good place to start/go? Say 8pm.

2. It'd be fun to have a post-race brunch or something outdoorsy after Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossom is a climactic race for most of us, so it'd be nice to kick back after the race and tell war stories. Anyone have a backyard they want to lease for some tomfoolery? This will be the last chance to see Diego off before he gets deported...errr...leaves on his own accord.


Snizow said...

Top picks for Diego: HR-57, U-topia.

Your U St. excursion should start a few blocks OFF U St. on 14th at "HR-57," favored jazz club of multiple members of the Washington Junto. It's "real" (not chi-chi or snooty), BYOB (which is nice-- bring some wine or beers, although they do have some for purchase), and those who are hungry can order some REAL SOUL FOOD, i.e., fried chicken, greens, rice-n-beans. The jazz acts are up-and-comers who have already cut their teeth on some big gigs, and the quality is usually high. Showtimes start circa 9pm. If I know Diego, I know he's looking for "real," not refined. For quality, not image. For BYOB, not fancy $20 cocktails and minimum drink orders. He needs to go to HR-57.

Also good: Bohemian Caverns. Never been to Twins Jazz but hear it's good. AND U-Topia has a SLAM-DUNK house quintet (I think it's quint) every Saturday night. U-topia is good for drinks and socializing, although the music can often overbear conversation-- speak loudly.

Allen Carr said...

Ive always wanted to go to hr57. That would have been my first suggestion.

JARRIN said...

Others I know have expressed wild endorsement of HR-57.


Diego said...

Hey, thanks a lot guys. Ive been to HR-57 before and I love it. But on Saturdays they have like special performances and a drummer called Winnard Harper ( will be playing from 8.30 to 1am on Sat. That means the admision is $15, I dont know if you guys are willing to pay that much. Thnx again :)

P Murph said...

FYI - $15 cover, an extra $3 if you BYOB (any alcohol it seems, though most bring wine). Doors open at 8:30, show starts at 9:30. Jake, Diego, and I plan on arriving around 8:30-9 to grab some seats.