Sunday, December 9, 2018

Weekend Recap: ClubsClubsClubs and Jingle All The Way

We've got a whole bunch of impressive results this weekend out of both Washington State and Washington, DC.

USATF National Club Cross Country Championships

16. Pacers Running//GRC New Balance Women ( 22:06 || 1:50:28 || 1:27)
1 42 Maura Linde 21:23
2 70 Molly Applegate 21:50
3 78 Caroline Smith 21:58
4 106 Chelsea Vane 22:27
5 125 Natalie Patterson 22:50
6 (139) Emily Koehle 23:13
7 (146) Rebekah Hernandez 23:17
8 (175) Chelsie Pennello 23:59

17. Pacers Running//GRC New Balance Men ( 32:14 || 2:41:09 || 0:48)
1 77 Nicholas Posada 31:55
2 82 Samuel Chauvin 31:59
3 99 Kyle Wagener 32:08
4 113 Paul Thistle 32:24
5 139 Daniel Trettel 32:43
6 (153) Sean Barrett 32:55
7 (181) John-Louis Pane 33:16
8 (207) Cabell Willis 33:48

Reports indicate the men's course was at least 300m long.

Jingle All The Way 5k

1. TK4 16:02 (winner!)
3. Dave Wertz 16:09
7. Zak 16:33

2. Margaret 18:30
5. Liz R 19:04
6. Kelly 19:10
9. Sarah C 20:06
17. Theresa K 21:25
27. LTO 21:53

Jingle All The Way 15k

5. Hoya Rob 50:20
7. Pat K 53:24

Princeton New Years' Invitational

1. Liz T - 5:12

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Weekend Recap: CIM Extravaganza

Capping off several months of The Hard Training, a large contingency of GRCers made the trek from Washington, DC to Sacramento over the weekend to run the California International Marathon. With picture-perfect conditions and a light breeze from the northeast, magic was in the air, and many were rewarded with lifetime bests over the 26.2-mile distance. Coach Jerry has the full recap:

"Congratulations to Kieran for qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Trials!  Kieran ran 2:18:52 at CIM, which is a PR, and the second fastest time in GRC history.  Kieran had a fantastic training cycle, and he had Trials qualification written all over him.  Kieran executed the plan on race day, running even pace throughout and picking guys off the second half of the race, despite dealing with some hamstring issues that made the task of qualifying more difficult than it otherwise would have been.  This was another great run for Kieran, and I'm really excited for him to have a chance to improve on his fantastic finish at the 2016 Trials. Well done!

Kieran wasn't the only one of our athletes to run great at CIM.  Sam D ran a 7 minute PR(!) of 2:19:52, which puts him third on the GRC all-time list.  Sam put in a whole lot of miles this training cycle, and all of that strength paid off in a huge way as he was able to run even pace almost the entire way, and move forward steadily in the second half of the race.  Sam proved that he is a legitimate candidate to join Kieran in Atlanta, and with this huge confidence builder and another cycle of solid training under his belt, I very much like his chances to qualify the next time out. 

Dickson ran the best race of his long career, with an outstanding PR of 2:28:01.  To put into context just how impressive that is, Dickson's previous PR of 2:29:06 is from 2006, and in the interim he has run many marathons, and logged tens of thousands of miles, but despite his best efforts, he had not been able to improve on that venerable performance until now.  Dickson has been in great shape many times during that period, but he brought a different kind of urgency to this training cycle, and his intensity and focus paid off big-time on race day.  For Dix to be able to PR after 12 years of trying, at age 37, while working a demanding job with a youngster at home, is a true testament to his dedication to the sport, and I could not be more proud of his great performance.

Evan ran a very strong 2:29:36 in his last race for GRC, as he is off to pursue fame and fortune in Denver.  Evan and I have been working together since before I started with GRC, and it's been my pleasure to see his dedication and intensity over the last 9+ years. He's been a great teammate and role model for the younger guys, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'm going to miss him.

On the women's side, Hallie ran a huge PR of over 8 minutes, finishing in 3:00:01.  Hallie was justifiably thrilled with that breakthrough performance, and her big PR was well-earned after an outstanding training cycle.  Very nice work!

It wasn't all good news at CIM unfortunately, as Mark and Sean both had promising races get away from them after 15 miles, proving once again that the marathon can be a cruel event.  Both Mark and Sean were very well prepared, and deserved better.  They'll both be back, and the big PRs will come.

We also had excellent performances at CIM from several former GRC superstars.  Teal ran a major PR of 2:39:08, and the only bad part is that it's going to be tough for me to figure out how to take credit for that outstanding performance (but don't worry, I'm sure I'll think of something).  For the men, we had very nice PRs from David McKay in 2:24:30, Balmer in 2:27:41, and that other Sam from Cornell in 2:27:57.  For the real old-timers, Patrick Reaves ran an outstanding 2:17:40, and qualified for the Trials for the first time.  Mazel tov!"

Friday, November 23, 2018

DEVELOPING: Turkey Trot Results

As many know, this blog has chronicled the Turkey Trot exploits of GRCers since the first recorded Thanksgiving Day race in 1896. In keeping with tradition, our men and women logged impressive performances both near and far from Washington, DC.

Alexandria Turkey Trot 5-Miler

Maura L snuck under 28, and Nick Posada logged his most impressive finish thus far in a GRC singlet with a sub-25 performance.

4. Nick 24:58
6. Paul T 25:09
12. Charlie 26:16
17. Dave W 26:27
18. TK 26:31
19. Trever 26:37
20. Sam D 26:42
21. Jordan 26:43
22. Sean O 26:53
64. Breezy 30:41

2. Maura L 27:59
4. Natalie 29:45
5. Gina 29:52
8. Chelsea V 30:21
9. Kerry 30:58
14. Rebekah 31:53

SOME Trot for Hunger 5k

Hallie ran a strong 18:25 for 2nd place in what looks to be a potential PR over 5k. Our fact-checkers are furiously working behind the scenes to verify this claim.

RRRC Turkey Trot 10k

Cabell just barely lost out in a sit-and-kick battle with a college-aged speedster. His time of 33:17 was good for 2nd place.

Run to Feed the Hungry 5k

Max ran 15:44 for 8th overall, narrowly outkicking his fluffy dog as depicted in the photo to the right.

Piedmont Turkey Trot 5k

Sean B and ex-pat Sam Luff finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively, with times of 16:28 and 16:40. Reports indicate that the second mile is dramatically uphill.

MPLS Turkey Day 5K

Kyle W ran a solid 15:09 for 4th place in arctic conditions, proving true the old maxim that you can take the boy out of Minnesota, but you can't take Minnesota out of the boy.

Charlotte Southpark 5.13-Miler

Panhandle Crew standout Lucas S came close to besting his time from last year with a 23:57 clocking for 1st place. While it's a bummer that this year's course was accidentally long, I'm sure Lucas is happy that he can now claim two course records from one race.

Unnamed Chicago 5k

Ryan, the other half of the Panhandle Crew, ran 16:08 for 2nd (?) place. This race probably has a name but Ryan has chosen not to share it.

Greater Woodbury Turkey Trot 5k

Margaret ran a strong PR of 18:19 and finished as the first female in this small New Jersey race.

Race for the Park Turkey Trot 5k

Up in Long Island, Sarah finished 2nd overall in 17:45.

Portland Thanksgiving Day 4-Miler

Rob braved arctic Maine conditions for 4th overall in 20:52. Local Maine residents reportedly made fun of him on the cooldown for only tolerating cold weather as well as a normal person.

Bedford Springs Turkey Trot 5k

Bucking the trend of Thanksgiving races held on Thanksgiving Day, Emily K ran 17:55 for 5k in Bedford Springs, PA on Saturday. While the course may have been short, she finished as the 1st female and placed 3rd overall.


Monday, November 19, 2018

Weekend Recap: Brotherly Love Galore

Yo, Adrian! The City of Brotherly Love has been kind to GRC over the past few years, and this year was no exception.

Luk and Mitch started off the weekend with a bang in the half marathon on Saturday, running 71:09 and 71:51 for 16th and 24th place. Both results were pleasant surprises -- this was Luk's first race over 10k, and Mitch spent a fair amount of time in Europe earlier in the month for academic purposes.

Maura C kept the good vibes rolling on Sunday in the marathon with a 2.5-minute PR. Her 2:49:54 performance for 17th place represented another reasonably large breakthrough, and Coach Jerry was particularly pleased with her effort:

"Maura's training was outstanding, and she was confident enough in her training that she decided to go with the 2:45 pace group.  Maura was on target past half way, but she cramped up around 15 miles, and it was a struggle from there.  Despite questioning whether she could even finish during the last 5k, Maura put in a late surge that allowed her to break the 2:50 barrier.  Maura took a calculated risk to go for the Trials standard, and even after it became clear that the aggressive early pace had caught up to her, she fought all the way to the tape, and her tenacity allowed her to come away with a big PR.  I could not be more proud ofMaura's preparation, and her tenacity on race day.  Well done!"

Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekend Recap: Richmond Saturday, Vets Day Sunday

In a weekend filled with seemingly perfect racing weather, GRC took the world by storm with strong performances up and down I-95. Is November the new October? The jury is still out on that one.

On Saturday, Natalie Patterson was the star of the day at the Richmond Marathon with a breakthrough PR of 2:55. Alex Archer also ran his best race in a GRC singlet with a 1:09:52 half marathon.
Photo from

Richmond Marathon
Natalie Patterson - 2:55:17

Chris Bain - 2:48:30

Richmond Half Marathon
Alex Archer - 1:09:52
Charlie - 1:11:26
Sean O - 1:13:58

Liz R - 1:24:15

Richmond 8k
Mark - 25:13
JLP - 25:36
Cabell - 25:41

At the Veteran's Day 10k on Sunday, Kyle W continued his meteoric rise to greatness with a solid win/50-second PR combo. Our women also swept the podium, with Maura L, Emily d, and Katie taking home the hardware.

Veteran's Day 10k
Kyle W - 30:54 (winner!)
Sam from Cornell - 31:29
Nick - 32:11
Hoya Rob - 32:41
Paul T - 33:16
Max - 33:16
Jordan - 33:32

Maura L - 34:44 (winner!)
Emily d - 35:05
Katie - 36:19
Molly - 37:44
Caroline - 37:47
Chelsea V - 38:06
Hallie - 38:59
Emily K - 39:19

A special congrats is also in order for the dynamic high school coaching duo of Dave O'Hara and Joe LoRusso. Dave led the Woodson HS Cavaliers to their first ever boys' cross country 6A State Title on Saturday and Joe helped.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Weekend Recap: NYC action, St. Rita's action

As is customary for the first weekend in November, NYC was the center of the running universe over the weekend. Since GRC is never a club to be left out of the limelight, a few of our harriers took advantage of the opportunity and logged some impressive times against tough fields. It didn't seem like any of them made the ESPN broadcast, but hey, there's always next year for that.

NYC Marathon
Hashem - 2:32:51 (debut!)
Fridge - 2:43:32

Margaret - 3:03:51

Abbot Dash 5k
Emily d - 16:59

Back near our nation's capital at the St. Rita's 5k, a number of top spots in both the men's and women's races went to those wearing white and blue singlets. Sam from Cornell seems to be on quite the hot streak with road 5k's lately.

St. Rita's 5k
Sam C - 15:28 (winner)
Mike P - 15:43
TK4 - 16:00
Luk - 16:06

Taylor - 17:40 (winner)
Molly - 17:49
Gina - 18:13
Liz R - 18:43
Rebekah - 19:14

There are also some grab bag results from over the weekend: Mileage Sam placed 4th at the St. Louis Half Marathon in 1:11:55, and Panhandle Crew member Lucas ran 4:15 for bronze in at the Myrtle Mile in South Carolina.

Lastly, a belated congratulations is in order for our resident Masters marathoner Pat Kulhmann, who placed 20th overall and first in the 45-49 age group with a 2:38:00 clocking at the Marine Corps Marathon. Who says that Father Time is undefeated?

Monday, October 22, 2018

Weekend Recap: Making Memories at the Run for Remembrance

GRC made our beloved sponsors proud on Saturday by sweeping most of the top spots at the inaugural Run for Remembrance 5k. The one and only Sam from Cornell took home the victory, and he was gifted a nice wooden American flag for his solo effort.

Run for Remembrance 5k
Sam from Cornell 15:25 (winner)
Craig 15:56
Mark 15:57
Jordan 16:06
Trever 16:12

Jackie 18:55
Rebekah 18:56
Chelsie 19:20

Up I-95, Hallie and Chelsea V tackled the Bal'more Half Marathon. There was plenty of wooter and Old Bay on the course, plus number of "How 'bout them O's, hon" cheers from spectators near Camden Yards.

Baltimore Half Marathon
Hallie 1:25:15
Chelsea 1:26:10

Finally, outside of Bahstun, Cabell and JLP took on the historic Mayor's Cup 8k. JLP held off fast-charging ex-pat Phil Royer down the homestretch, proving to the world that moving and leaving GRC is always a terrible mistake.

Mayor's Cup 8k
JLP 26:05
Cabell 27:07

Monday, October 15, 2018

Weekend Recap: Battle at Gettysburg, random road stuff

In what has become an annual tradition, a motley crew of men trekked up to Gettysburg on Saturday morning with an aim of capturing a team title over a variety of mostly Division III schools. While they may have lost that particular battle, they haven't yet lost the war, or something like that.

Gettysburg Invitational
Kyle W - 25:48 (winner)
Daniel - 26:27
JLP - 27:02
Luk - 27:03
Mitch - 27:45
Cabell - 27:38
Trever - 27:42
Jordan - 27:56

Chelsea - 23:17
Jackie - 23:47
Angelina - 24:39

Further east, Maura L took home the win at the Inter-Regional Border Battle, followed closely by Caroline and Liz T.

Rowan Invitational
Maura L -21:28 (winner)
Caroline - 22:06
Liz T - 23:17

We also had a handful of stray road results, highlighted by Natalie's third PR in four weeks.

Hartford Half Marathon
Graham - 1:11:33

Border Patrol "5k"
Taylor - 15:27** (this is a Barry Bonds-ian asterisk; does not belong in the record books)

Race Against Heart Disease
Natalie - 18:13

Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekend Recap: Kerry takes over the Twin Cities

Unless you live under a rock, you've likely heard by now that GRC President Kerry Allen laid down a 10-minute PR on Sunday to qualify for a certain high-profile race in Atlanta. Coach Jerry has the scoop:

"At Twin Cities yesterday, Kerry ran an outstanding 2:41:33, a PR of over ten minutes, which is the second fastest time in GRC history, and was good for seventh place in a very competitive field.  I can't overstate what an exceptional run that was, or how excited I am to see Kerry get the breakthrough she worked so hard for.

As I've told Kerry many times in the last couple of years, she's had Olympic Trials qualifier written all over her, but despite several big PRs at shorter distances, she's had bad luck with weather on race day and a series of nagging injuries that had her questioning whether she would ever be able to reach her potential in the marathon.  After another injury setback that scuttled her spring plans, Kerry put in a really good block of training for the past few months, and the weather in Twin Cities was perfect, and Kerry took advantage of her opportunity in a huge way.

Kerry's fabulous performance was the product of years of hard work and unrelenting persistence in the face of daunting obstacles, and I'm really, really proud of what she accomplished.  And Kerry is just getting started, and the best is yet to come in Atlanta on February 29, 2020."

D.C.’s Kerry Allen qualified for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials with a 2:41:33 at the Twin Cities Marathon this...
Posted by RunWashington on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Here's the rest of notable happenings from the weekend:

Twin Cities Marathon
Kerry 2:41:33
Emily P 2:53:10

Chicago Marathon
Keely 3:03:03

Army 10-Miler
Emily d 59:09
Kelly 59:39
Maura L 61:10
Natalie 64:58
Molly 66:17

Thistle (the Missile) 52:29
Sam C 54:09
Max 54:28
Graham 54:47
Kyle 55:33
Sean B 55:38

Monday, October 1, 2018

Weekend Recap: Too much variety

This weekend's race results are like a really long menu at a chain diner: there's a lot of good stuff there, but it's going to take a while to sift through it all.

Here's what we've got:

Navy Mile
Taylor 5:00.28 (#3 All-Time)
Gina 5:05.87 (#5 All-Time)
Jesse 5:23.71

Daniel T 4:19.77 (#4 All-Time)
Mitch 4:37.18

Paul Short XC
Caroline 21:34

Chealsea V 23:06
Liz T 23:34
Angelina 24:24

Great Race 10k
Maura 35:52

Alex A 31:42

Prince William Half Marathon
Natalie 1:23:43 (winner)

Outlaw 1:13:43

National Capital 20 Miler
Evan 2:01:39
Dickson 2:01:40