Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saturday workout, March 2

It's going to be an exciting night at the Armory in New York on Saturday as Hilary, Witty, and Sean set out to rewrite the GRC recordbooks in the 3000 at the Columbia Last Chance meet.  Sean was originally entered in the 5000, but it turns out that Oregon Track Club's A team of Olympians and American Record holders is running the 5k in an attempt to obtain the World Championships qualifying time. Sean selflessly agreed to run the 3k instead in his final tuneup for the World Military Cross Country Championships in Serbia on March 16.  Good luck to all! 

Please take a few minutes to enter your schedule on the GRC spreadsheet.  It's important that you all do this for a number of reasons, including so that I have up to date information when I enter folks in track meets, and request comps for road races.  If you want to discuss potential races, feel free to give me a shout.  Putting your name on the spreadsheet does not etch your participation in stone, and you will be free to make adjustments to your schedule as needed, but for now, it's a helpful tool.  
Speaking of comp entries, our friends at Pacers have generously offered comps for the St Patricks Day 8k in DC on March 10.  If you want to be considered for a comp, please let me know right away.  There is a team competition with a cash prize, so if you're on the fence about which of the St Paddys day races to run, I'll nudge you in the direction of the 8k.
We'll be at BCC on Saturday morning for a 10:00 start, so meet for the warmup at 9:15.  I'll send details about the specifics of the workout shortly.

See you Saturday.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Wednesday workout, February 27


We had several strong performances at Kirby's 5k on Saturday.  Catherine, Lindsay, and Maura all ran well in their seasonal debuts, finishing in 18:01, 18:08, and 18:12 respectively.  The men were led by Alex and Dave Wertz, who were also making their seasonal debuts, and who finished in 15:47 and 16:00 respectively. 
In addition, two athletes made impressive GRC debuts.  Julie Tarallo, who ran 18:23 off of marathon training that has not included any work faster than 6:00 pace, was Patriot League 10,000 meter champion during her stellar career at Colgate.  Ken Rayner, who ran 16:15 on Saturday, raced at every distance from 800 to the marathon during his collegiate career at Bentley, and he has great potential for growth.  Both Julie and Ken will be great additions to the team.  Welcome aboard!
We still need a volunteer to serve as captain for Cherry Blossom.  Don't be shy about stepping forward to accept this awesome responsibility.
We're getting to the time of year when most of you will want to run a weekend workout if you're not racing.  We'll have practice Saturday morning at BCC, so mark your calendar accordingly.
As spring approaches, we're going to start encountering conflicts at BCC.  It appears that we'll be fine through the end of March, but after that, we'll need a certain degree of flexibility with our workout schedule.  Be sure to pay close attention to the workout emails, so you know when and where practice will be.
We'll be at BCC for our normal 7:15 start, so plan to meet for the warmup at 6:30.
The men will do 3 x mile, 4 x 800, all with a 2:30 recovery. 
See you Wednesday at BCC.

Friday, February 22, 2013

2/23-24 Weekend runs

We've got a big group running Kirby's 5k on Saturday.  There will be many of you doing a long cooldown, and/or doing a 5k tempo prior to the race.  I suggest that everyone who is running plan to meet at tthe starting line at 7:45 to figure out who's doing what.  If you haven't preregisterd, or you need any information about the race, you can email Kirby directly at

For those who are not racing, there will be practice on Saturday at BCC at 11:15, so meet for the warmup at 10:30.

On Sunday, there should be a large group of men and women meeting at the Line at the north end of Rock Creek Park at 9am for a long run.  There are options for 10, 15, or longer.  For those new to The Line, directions below:

View GRC: Where We Run in a larger map

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday workout, Feb 20


The coveted GRC Athlete of the Week award goes to Kerry Allen, who made quite a splash in her GRC debut, running a huge half marathon PR of 1:21:05 in Birmgingham.  This will be the first of many major breakthroughs for Kerry in a GRC singlet.    We also had some excellent performances on the track this weekend at Princeton.  Hilary ran a club record 10:13 for 3k, followed closely by Meghan's PR of 10:18.  Sean ran a solid 8:33 for 3k, and Witty ran a strong double of 1:56.3 for 800, and 4:20.1 for the mile.  We're going to see some very fast times on the track this spring from all four of them.  Well done!


If you're running Kirby's 5k on Saturday, please email her your address, and date of birth, and she will get you pre-registered at the discount rate of $15. 

Another option for Saturday is practice at BCC.  I plan to attend the race, so practice will be either in the early morning before I leave for the race, or in the late morning after I get back.  I know which one I'd prefer, but I'm willing to bend to the will of the majority, so if you plan to attend the workout and have a strong preference, let me know.

On Sunday, Murph and the race organizing crew will conduct a survey of the course for the race in Lauren's honor at Candy Cane City.  Everyone will be welcome to join in for a run from the Line, which is adjacent to Candy Cane City, at approximately 9 am.  We'll have further details later in the week. 
I'm looking for a volunteer to be our Captain for Cherry Blossom.  If you're willing to step forward to handle this awesome responsibility, please let me know.
We'll be at BCC at 7:15 as usual, so meet for the warmup at 6:30.
Most of the men will do 4 x 2k with a 3:00 recovery.  The other option is a much faster workout that Witty and Sean are running, and if anyone wants to join them, you're welcome to do so.
I'll send the women's workout separately.
See you at BCC tomorrow.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Race Results: Allen Huge PR in 13.1

Kerry Allen runs a humongous PR of 1:21:05 in the Mercedes Benz Half in Birmingham, Alabama good for 5th place.  Allen ran a 10k PR of 37:22 en route.  

Coach Alexander: "This is a huge, huge breakthrough."


Meanwhile, closer to Washington...

Ken Raynor finishes 8th and runs 34:35 at the GW Birthday Classic 10k

Splits 5:19,5:24, 5:58, 5:30, 5:32, 5:25.

Non sequitor:

Charlie adds that it is worth your while to see Chris Bain and Shannon O'Neil's son Seamus, now eight months, run like crazy if you hold him with his feet touching the floor. Adorable and promising for his athletic career.

Presidents Day Run

Meet at The Line at 9. Comment if you plan to join.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Witty Wins Mile at Princeton!


Witty - 1:56.35 (3rd), 4:20 (1st) 
Barrett - 8:33 (2nd) 

May - 10:13 (2nd) 
Lockett - 10:18 (3rd) 


Friday, February 15, 2013

Sleep In Saturday

Sam and I are running at The Line tomorrow at....10am.

Comment if interested.

GRC Weekend Races and Runs


UPDATE: Ryan Witters will race the 800m and the mile run on Saturday at Princeton.

On Saturday, Sean Barrett will make his 2013 indoor racing debut at the Princeton Invitational where he will be racing the 3,000m. Arguably the fastest harrier on the team right now, Barrett, an active duty Marine, will use the race as a lead up for the World Military Championships in Serbia next month.

Said Coach Jerry Alexander, "Sean is coming off an outstanding performance at USATF XC, and he's using the 3k at Princeton, and the 5k at Columbia in 2 weeks, to sharpen up."

Barrett should easily crack into the top 5 times posted by a GRC athlete in the event.

"Sean is in PR shape", added Coach Alexander, "and if there is competition for him, he could threaten the club record tomorrow."

Top 5 All Time - 3,000m
1. Ryan Hanson - 8:23i - Boston 2011
2. Sam Luff - 8:24.91 - Forget the Towson Invite 2012
3. Karl Dusen - 8:31.25 - UMD 2010
4. Jake Klim - 8:41.71i - UMD 2010
5. Ryan Witters - 8:43 - GRC Invite 2011

Thousand-meter specialist Hilary May will also be racing the 3k at Princeton and her result will undoubtedly be a club record...since no record exists.

"Hilary was disappointed to lose the chance to compete in the 3k at BU last weekend," said Coach Alexander. "She's looking great in workouts, and is ready to prove that she's made the transition to longer distances."

Kerry Allen is making her GRC debut in the Birmingham Half Marathon on Sunday.  

"Kerry is a wonderful addition to GRC", Coach Alexander noted. "She's made the transition from high school phenom to marathoner, and is using the half this weekend to prepare for Boston.

Ken Rayner is also making his GRC debut in the By George 10k, which will be held on flat-fast Hains Point.

"Ken has excellent range, and while he's running Boston this spring, he will look to run PRs at every distance from 5k up in 2013."

It was thought that Ken might succumb to hypothermia after showing up to practice on Wednesday donning only shorts and a t-shirt. The temperature hovered around freezing and precipitation ranged from pelting rain, to slushy sleet to large flakes of snow. Thankfully, Ken was outfitted with proper clothing from kind-hearted teammates. 


Dickson and I are going to run "Duel Ferries" on Sunday at 9:00am. Comment if you are interested. Some have hinted of a possible record attempt...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wednesday workout, February 13

While the weather in New England prevented the all-but-inevitable 3000 meter club records by Hilary and Witty, no force of man or nature, not even the unholy wrath of an incensed race official, could prevent the trimuphant return of Joe Wiggy, who won a low-key 5 miler on Sunday in a very credible time.  This will be the first of many excellent results from Wiggy in 2013.  As for Hilary and Witty, they will be staking their claims to those club records before indoor season is over, so stay tuned.

In the spirit of award season, we can add Meghan Lockett to the list of decorated GRC filmmakers.  Towpath and Klim will be hard-pressed to capture the youthful intensity, raw energy, and fresh perspective displayed by Meghan in her debut release.

We'll be at BCC on Wednesday at 7:15 as usual, so meet for the warmup at 6:30.  Most of the men will start with 1 mile, and then do 4 sets of 4 x 400.  We can arrange a separate workout for the marathon group.  Witty and Sean will do some faster work, and anyone who would like to jump in with them will be welcome to do so.

I'll send the women's workout separately.

See you Wednesday at BCC.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Making his long return to racing...

Wiggy wins the Country Road Run 5 Mile in Olney, and J.R. runs 16:23 for the Love the Run You're With 5k in Arlington

(C) Ken Trombatore

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weekend Runs

We'll have practice at BCC on Saturday at 9, so meet for the warm up at 8:15.  Due to the cancellation of the BU Valentine Invite on account of weather, we'll have the pleasure of Ryan Witty's attendance, so it's going to be a can't-miss event. 

On Sunday, we'll have a long run from Riley's Lock at 9am.  You'll have options for anywhere from 11-16 miles (or more).  Check out the "where we run" link on the side of the blog for directions.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wednesday, February 6th Workout and Results


It was a banner weekend for Sean, as his excellent race at the USATF Cross Country Championships allowed him to earn a spot on the US team for the World Military Cross Country Championships, which will be contested on March 16 in Serbia.  Representing your country in an international competition is the highest honor an athlete can receive, so let's give a hearty GRC mazel tov to Sean.  Well done, young man! 

We had some other noteable results this weekend as well. Susan made her long-awaited return to the track, and ran a very relaxed 5:14 to win the PG County All-Comers meet.  Also at the PG County meet, Chuck and Matt went 1-2 in the mile in 4:34 and 4:35 respectively, with Chuck running a PR.  Last but not least, Meghan ran well in the USATF xc junior race, finishing the 6k in very challenging conditions in 23:10.  We're going to see great things from all four of those athletes on the track later this season.


Most of you are not sending me weekly training updates.  It would be very helpful to me if more of you got into the habit of sending me a short email every week.

I need to submit the entries for the Princeton indoor meet in the next few days, so if you're planning to run, please let me know promptly.

Everyone who intends to run Cherry Blossom should have sumbitted an application for a seeded entry directly to the race folks.  If you have not done so, time is running short.

We will have practice at BCC on Saturday morning.  I'll send the details later in the week.


We'll be at BCC for the normal 7:15 start, so meet for the warmup at 6:30.

This week will be one of the rare occassions this training cycle when most of the men can do essentially the same workout.

The marathon group will do 5 x mile with a 2:30 recovery.  Most of the B group should plan to do the first 4 of those miles.  Most of the A group should plan to do the last 4 of those miles.  Witty is going to do a short workout to get ready for his assault on the 3k club record in Boston, so if anyone wants to join him, they're welcome to do so, but for most of you, some variation on the mile workout will be appropriate.  If you have any questions on what makes sense for you, give me a shout.

I'll send the women's workout separately.

See you out there tomorrow.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Trivia Results!

Karl Dusen is the winner. 

In fact (and it pains me to admit this), Karl informed me that Chuck Kacsur had lost a race to a GRC teammate - Joe Wiegner. So, question #1 is void (myself and a few others were certain Chuck hadn't lost a race to a teammate).

Karl also informed me that Jordan Snyder represented the USA at the World Duathlon Championships. In researching this I found Jordan's old blog, which confirms this as fact. 

Karl got a perfect score.

Below are the results. Thanks for playing.

1.  VOID
2.  LTO
3.  LDO
4.  Boston 2008.  Patrick Reaves, Chris Bain, Jake Klim. Patrick Murphy, Jason Dwyer
5.  Hilary May
6.  Caroline White (2009 USATF XC Champs. Ran for the USAF in Ivory Coast)
7. Gerald Greenlaw
8.  Ryan Witters
9. Harvard (3)
10a.  E. Young
10b.  Alex Benway
11.  Princeton...all other Ivy League schools are, in fact, represented
Bonus: Peter "Towpath" Silverman

GRC Monday Morning Coffee Pub Trivia

RULES: you have until 11:59pm EST TONIGHT to e-mail me (jklim007 *at* the answers to these questions. The person with the most correct answers (and subsequent points) when competition ends will win a prize courtesy of Patrick Murphy.

Anyone on the team, the GRC Board & Jerry outstanding, can play.

The answers to most of these questions can be determined by gleaning the blog history and reviewing teammates' profile pages.

Points should total 110...with the bonus.

I'll post the correct answers on the blog tomorrow.

1. Who is the only GRC athlete who has yet to lose to a single teammate during competition? (10 Points)

2. Which GRC athlete boasts the most accomplished high school cross country career, qualifying for the Footlocker National High School Championships twice? (5)

3. Which GRC athlete boasts the most accomplished collegiate cross country career, finishing third in the NCAA Division One Championship? (5)

4. What marathon did the fabled “Dream Team” run and who were its members (the top 5)? (2 per runner for a total of 10)

5. What GRC athlete was a member of 2 national high school champion relay teams? (10)

6. Aside from Sean Barrett, who is the only other GRC athlete (past or present) to represent the U.S.A in international competition?  (10)

(i.e. – running FOR the U.S.A. not simply running as an American citizen in an international race)

7. What GRC athlete ran on an NCAA champion cross country team? (10)

8. What GRC club record holder in a track event went to a college that does not have a track team? (10)

9. What college boasts the most alumni currently running for (and donning the singlet of) the GRC? (10)

10. Name the GRC athlete participated in the following sports at a collegiate level:

Field hockey? (5)

Skiing? (5)

11. What is the only Ivy League school not represented by an alma mater on the GRC? (10)

BONUS: Which team member beat Nick Symmonds in a collegiate cross country race? (10)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monday Morning Trivia

This is a warning: I will post an assortment of GRC-themed trivia questions on the blog tomorrow morning around 9:00am. The post will include instructions as to how to play, but I wanted to give an advanced "heads up" to those who wish to partake. 


Saturday, February 2, 2013


Sean Barrett ran an excellent race at the USATF Individual Cross Country Championships in St. Louis to place in the top 50.  His 7th place finish among the military qualifies him to serve his country at the World Cross Country Championships in Serbia!

Back closer to home, the GRC swept the men's and women's open indoor miles at the PG Sports Complex.

Susan Hendrick:  5:14

Chuck Kacsur: 4:34
Matt Hassett: 4:35

Friday, February 1, 2013


Ladies and gents,

First let me apologize for the late notice, but I'm having a Superbowl party on Sunday.  It's the third annual shindig at the ranch.  Comment if you're interested and I'll post more details tomorrow. Expect chili, burgers, football and a good time.  I'll start prepping the grill around 5 pm and have some stuff ready prior to kickoff.