Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Race Results: Allen Huge PR in 13.1

Kerry Allen runs a humongous PR of 1:21:05 in the Mercedes Benz Half in Birmingham, Alabama good for 5th place.  Allen ran a 10k PR of 37:22 en route.  

Coach Alexander: "This is a huge, huge breakthrough."


Meanwhile, closer to Washington...

Ken Raynor finishes 8th and runs 34:35 at the GW Birthday Classic 10k

Splits 5:19,5:24, 5:58, 5:30, 5:32, 5:25.

Non sequitor:

Charlie adds that it is worth your while to see Chris Bain and Shannon O'Neil's son Seamus, now eight months, run like crazy if you hold him with his feet touching the floor. Adorable and promising for his athletic career.

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