Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Dirk de Heer of the Netherlands coming out of transition at the ITU Duathlon World Championships.


if anyone wants to run a five k downtown on sat let me know. our store is sponsoring the aids run. nice flat course.

michael wardian is running twin cities this weekend and wants to run 2:17. i have given him strict instructions to not run at all this week with the hope that 5 days of rest will shave 5 minutes off of his usual 2:20 with no rest.

i met this guy at the store yesterday who home schooled his kids and both got their PhDs by the age of 18. they were on dateline sometime back.

lesson here is home school your kids if you want them fastracked

peace out

Pickin up Dudes

On Monday, I met up with JARRIN at Hains Point.

Yesterday, I ran into this dude

We met near the national monument and took him to HP. He'd been on his bike for 3,200+ miles so a few more wouldn't hurt. The guy sure can write.

Then I saw Lindsay J, it was a good day. I feel like Max.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesday workout

What are our plans? Will BCC be available?

Congrats again to Matias and Dirk for their great performances!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dirk takes 12th @ ITU World Duathlon Championships pro race...Matias finishes as 7th amateur

Not too shabby gentlemen...way to throw it down against an international field.

12th and 7th in the world is very respectable, to say the least.

1.Jarrod Shoemaker - USA1:49:02
2.Damien Derobert - FRA1:49:02
3.Jurgen Dereere - BEL1:49:09
4.Sergio Silva - POR1:49:26
5.Victor Manue Del Corral Morales1:49:28
6.Raphael Baugh - AUS1:49:33
7.Richard Hobby - GBR1:49:44
8.Alessandro Fabian - ITA1:49:50
9.Lino Barruncho - POR1:49:52
10.Morimichi Iihoshi - JPN1:49:53
11.Yuya Fukaura - JPN1:49:56
12.Dirk De Heer - NED1:50:00
13.Philip Wylie - GBR1:50:02
14.Antoine Duvivier - BEL1:50:03
15.Tiago Silva - POR1:50:07

1.Matthew Sheeks - USA1:43:30
2.Justin Harris - USA1:43:34
3.Dirk Heinze - USA1:45:24
4.Rocha Jonas - BRA1:45:28
5.Frank Silvestrin De Souza1:45:44
6.Ian Cardy - GBR1:46:34
7.Matias Palavecino - USA1:46:55
8.Nicholas Sterghos - USA1:46:59
9.Kevin Oconnor - USA1:47:23
10.Todd Wiley - USA1:47:32

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday Run

Dylan has proposed meeting for a Sunday long run at Difficult Run. Any takers? Let's plan to meet at 9.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Please confirm that you are signed up tonight. Sloan, Murphy, etc. Dylan, you should run it so I can run with you and beat you at the end:) Seriously, some of you guys can run it as a tempo without too much stress.

FYI--Mike Wardian came into the store today to buy ZOOT compression tights to sleep in and help with recovery.

Run with a smile


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Magical Mystery Track Workout

As part of our adventures in discovering new fun places to do track workouts, Wednesday evenings' fun will take place at Tilden Middle School. It is 1.6 miles from the Grosvenor metro stop on the red line. Time is still TBD, but right now I am thinking of meeting anyone coming by metro just outside the station and running from there (drop bags in my car nearby if need be).


Workout will most likely be some moderately paced mile repeats mixed with 400's or 800's between the miles to simulate lactic acid buildup, unless someone has got a specific workout in mind.

Post in comments......with comments.

-Dylan, Dwight, and Dwayne



So far Chris Sloan, Dirk, Nate, Natalie, Myself, Will Knox, and Pat Murray are on the team. We need two more to make up the two teams. I can get these three people in for the team so you do not need to be registered. Chris Bain, Karl, Dickson, Shannon, Young Dylan, Murphy, etc? let me know today as I need to have you sign up via a link.

According to the Marine Corps Marathon, nobody is signed up yet so please go to this link and sign up.

let me know this is done.

FYI--we are the defending champions and cannot be left out

Here is the link

the Dirk, Chris, Will, Patrick and Natalie are on the Chevy Chase team

Myself and Nate are on Gtown so far. need three more.

the password for Chevy Chase is Gtownchevy and the one for Georgetown is GTOWNDC

this is urgent so get back to me today.


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Official GRC results:

Jake Klim: 1:09:32 (26th overall)

Dickson Mercer: 1:10:14 (36th)

Dylan Kieth: 1:13:47 (78th)

Chris BAIN: 1:14:20 (88th)

Shannon O'Neill: 1:29:31 (77th female)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


For a few years in the ealry 2000s i used to wake up at the crack of dawn to meet with the DC ROAD RUNNERs at the IWA JIMA memorial every saturday for their long runs. they are well organized and the running leaders hand out sheets of paper with the route so that all are taken care of and nobody gets lost. on a typical sat in the summer or Fall they get 70 runners of all abilities. All I remember is that we would run and run and then there would be juice at the end.

Nobody wore water belts in those days.

Today I opened the store for a DC ROAD RUNNERS Army ten mile training run and there must have been 30 of them. All of them had water belts and little pouches for gu and other things.

Times have changed.

the fall is here and the air is cooler and the leaves will soon change.

Peace out

Friday, September 18, 2009

GRC Sends Army to Philly

Dickson, The Man with Three Names, Silent Thunder & His Woman, and I, the Red Fox, will venture to the City of Brotherly Love this weekend to battle the streets of Philly. For most of us, this is the first big race of the fall season. Army Ten Miler, Marine Corps Marathon, New York Marathon and the Philly Marathon will follow.

The PDR begins at 7:45am on Sunday. Results are forthcoming...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Group running this weekend? Little long, but interesting.

DATHAN RITZENHEIN, one of America's most talented runners, was in a slump. He had been a national star since high school but, starting several years ago, he felt as if he had reached a plateau. He wasn't improving the way he'd hoped, and had been suffering stress fractures, repeatedly breaking a small bone in his left foot.

He and his coach tried to figure out what was wrong and seized upon the idea that perhaps it was the altitude training. He had been living and training in Boulder, Colo., hoping to take advantage of the thin air, which can increase the red blood cells that help deliver more oxygen to muscles. But maybe, Mr. Ritzenhein and his coach reasoned, training at Boulder's elevation (about 5,430 feet) was putting too much stress on Mr. Ritzenhein's body.

So Mr. Ritzenhein, his coach and his family moved to Eugene, Ore. (430 feet). "It didn't work," Mr. Ritzenhein said. He did not improve and, to his dismay, suffered another stress fracture.

In June, Mr. Ritzenhein joined a running group, a team of elite runners coached by Alberto Salazar, winner of three consecutive New York City marathons in the early 1980s. It made all the difference, Mr. Ritzenhein said. He was re-energized, excited about running again. And, he said, most important, he trained with fast runners who pushed him to work harder than he ever could alone.

At a track meet in Zurich on Aug. 28, Mr. Ritzenhein, 27, broke the American record for a 5,000-meter race, finishing in 12 minutes 56.27 seconds — a pace of 4:09 a mile in a race that is 3.1 miles long. The American record before that, 12:58.21, had stood for 13 years.

Mr. Ritzenhein is convinced his success is because of running and training with a group. Running alone, he said, "You can't push yourself as hard — you feed off the energy of other people."

Mr. Salazar said in an e-mail message that he is a firm believer in group training. He had trained with a group himself, he said, and group training "helped develop our great runners of the '70s and '80s."

Group training is an aspect of performance that has never been scientifically studied. Exercise physiologists say it can be impossible to demonstrate its value because usually too many things change simultaneously when people start to run in groups: the coach, the location, the training regimen. To do a proper study, it would be necessary to assign athletes at random to train alone or with a group, assessing their performances after a period of time — something that would be extremely hard, if not impossible.

But despite the lack of solid evidence that group training helps, more and more athletes are starting to think it does. And, they say, there are lessons for amateurs who want to run or swim or cycle faster. The right workout companions, they say, can make all the difference.

"In sports, you need to train at race pace," said Edward Coyle, an exercise physiologist at the University of Texas at Austin. "To do that, you need a coach and you need teammates to push you."

Recreational athletes can benefit, too, Dr. Coyle said. Many run by themselves or without a specific program. "They probably underestimate their ability," he said. Group runs "would help them tremendously.


Many amateurs already train with groups — masters swimmers, competitive road cyclists and runners who join clubs or groups that run together regularly.

And there can be drawbacks. Slower athletes may try to push themselves beyond their abilities, and faster ones may not be challenged enough.

Michael Berry, an exercise physiologist at Wake Forest University and a competitive cyclist, said he just can't ride with his group on his recovery days, when a workout should be easy. He always finds himself riding too hard.

Before he started cycling, he was a runner, and he had the same problem. "Say Monday would be a recovery day, an easy five-mile run," said Dr. Berry, 53. "Someone would show up who hadn't run all weekend. My competitive urge was such that I said to myself that I didn't need to recover." But, he added, "As I get older I realize that, yes, I do need to recover."

Kevin Hanson said he and his brother got the idea for the elite team when they began asking why American performances had declined so much in the 1990s from the golden days of the '70s and '80s.

"Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, Greg Meyer," who, in 1983, was the last American man to with the Boston Marathon, "all trained in groups," Mr. Hanson said.

But in the 1990s, distance runners began training on their own, with the guidance of a coach. And Americans were no longer among the best in the world.

"We started to see a decline in the sport," Mr. Hanson said. The countries whose distance runners were the best — Ethiopia, Kenya and Japan — all emphasized training in groups, he noted.

"You say: `Wait a minute. We were most successful in the U.S. when we trained in groups. The three most successful countries in the world are doing group training,' " Mr. Hanson said. There must be a message there.

So he and his brother started recruiting runners for their elite group. Its advantages, he said, are that athletes have "shared motivation, a shared sense of ideas." And they encourage one another.

"So often it may be hard to drag yourself outdoors," to go for a training run, Mr. Hanson said. "But when you have 8 or 10 or whatever number of teammates counting on you, then you're there."

That's also what Kara Goucher says. She ran her first marathon last year, in New York, and came in third among women. Her time, 2:32:25, was the fastest ever for an American woman running her first marathon. Ms. Goucher attributes her success to group training.

She graduated from college in 2001 and ran on her own, coached by her college coach, for three years.

"I really struggled," Ms. Goucher said. "I kept getting injured." She had multiple stress fractures, a knee injury and shin splints. Her husband, Adam Goucher, was also running alone, coached by his college coach, and was also struggling, she said.

In the fall of 2004, the Gouchers moved to Oregon and joined Mr. Salazar's team. It made all the difference, Ms. Goucher said.

"I think it's possible to train on your own, but I do think it is better in a group," she said. "You see success in each other. Everything seems more in reach."

"And it holds you accountable," she continued. "Instead of waiting all day to do my run, I have to go out and meet the girls."

Kevin Hanson adds that when one person in a group has an outstanding performance, others gain confidence that they might be able to do it, too. They know how hard everyone works, they know they can run with that person in practice. If that person did it, if they ran that fast, then, team members think, why not me?

That happened this year when Desiree Davila, one of his team's members, ran the Berlin marathon in 2:27:53, finishing 11th. She was 26 years old; Mr. Hanson said the only other American woman to run a marathon that fast that young was Joan Benoit Samuelson in 1983.

"It was a huge motivating factor for all of our women," Mr. Hanson said.

Jamie Carruthers
Wakefield, UK

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Draft-legal Duathlons, great for runners!

Next saturday the 26th are the world duathlon champs in Concord, NC, where Matias and I will compete!

As prep, last week I did a draft-legal (like LJ regularly does in tri's) duathlon in France, which was quite an experience! It was about 2.9M run-12M bike-1.5M run. I ran the first 2.9M in 14.21 and was in a group of 4. One guy was fast in the exchange and got away, while the other 3 of us got caught by a group of about 12 guys. The drafting is fun, exciting (a bit dangerous at times) and a lot better for runners than the time trial rides! The group stayed together til the end of the ride, but I changed terribly and started the run in 11th. Luckily the differences were small and I was able to move back to 3rd. Quite and experience and good preparation for the worlds, where it will be drafting for me as well, even though the distance is longer 10k-40k-5k.

Definitely a recommendation for any runner that enjoys a change!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday Run

Anybody interested in heading to Greenbelt for loops x 3 (or 2 or 1)? For Sunday long run, in prep for all those fast marathons and 1/2s everybody is going to run.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wednesday Workout

Dickson and I were planning to run 3 miles on the track or on the CCT at half marathon pace. There was some talk about others joining in on this workout and then hitting some 400s afterwards. Anyone interested? I am leaving work at 5:45. Metro-pending, I should be at B-CC at 6:30pm. If not, commence the warm-up without me and I'll warm-up on the track.

Track Workout

For the Wednesday night B-CC workout crew, it looks like the track will be closed off to us again this week as there will be field hockey on the field. Tuesday and Thursday are also both no good (soccer). Anyone know a good alternative? Landon is nearby on Wilson (here), but I don't know if we can get on the track. (Klim, you've worked out there before, haven't you?) It looks like all of their athletic events should be done by 6:30. Or we could run on the CCT again, since several of us are going to do 3 miles at 1/2 marathon pace. My vote is to keep it on a track if possible.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


FLASH: Dusen tops Smits at McGrath 5k

Karl Dusen ran away from Kyle Smits in the last 600m to win the first annual Ryan McGrath Invite.
15:06 - Dusen
15:14 - Smits
15:35 - Mike Smith
15:52 - Ben Ingram
Jeff Gaudette dropped out per calf pain
Splits - 4:49, 9:40

REPORT FROM RACE DIRECTOR McGRATH (reprinted withOUT permission):

In heat #1, Barf took things out and led a small group composed of Mellow Mike, Kristen Till and Eileen. They came through 4 laps in roughly 5:43 it looked like, which is definitely a quick pace. Ultimately Eileen and Kristen opened a gap and came through 3200 in 11:33. With Kristen in hot pursuit, Eileen just kept burning up the track and crossed the line in 18:08 with Kristen at 18:18. Mellow came through in 18:51 and then Diane was 3rd lady to cross the line at 19:12 (a post-collegiate PR!). Alex made a return to running for this special occasion, running 19:39, and Barf faded but got under 20 (19:55). Lisa and Lauren ran close together for most of the race, finishing in superb times of 20:15 and 20:34. Chrissie and Claire were both out enjoying the Saturday chill run, going 22:02 and 22:09, and then Alix Ruth with a 30 second all-time PR came through at 23:49.

Heat #2 was pretty stacked. The collective resumes of the field boast quite a few sub 30min 10k guys, some 2:20 marathons - basically a pretty awesome group. The race was on from the start with a pack of 5 (Karl Dusen, Kyle Smits, Mike Smith, Jeff Gaudette and Ben) leading the charge. After a fairly relaxed 74 second first quarter the speed increased and the leaders split the 1600 somewhere between 4:48 and 4:50. Jeff, winner of last week's KOC 10k, was having trouble with his calf and made the wise decision to drop out. This left Kyle and Karl on the front, switching the lead and coming through 3200 in 9:40. Not far behind, Ben and Mike were doing battle. With a little over a lap to go, Karl put a little gap between himself and Kyle to solo to victory in the impressive time of 15:06. Kyle was 2nd in 15:14 and Mike gritted it out for 3rd in 15:35. Ben held on for 4th at 15:52. 4 people under 16 is a pretty sweet day.

Jake had the unenviable task of running a solo 16:41 effort, which, given his new workload, is quite impressive. Joel Brusewitz managed to get under 17 (16:57) with a great last lap, and Jeff Rumbaugh was next through in 17:48. John Blatz ran 18:14. He pointed out to me that normally he would place top 5 in races around here with that kind of time, but it's good to be reminded sometimes. Final finisher in this heat was Tank at what I've got as an unofficial 21:5x.

Awards will be sent out to top 3 finishers and I'll try and do that this week as I continue couching it up in NJ.

Many thanks to my dad, who drove me down here last night (and we were back in the car right after the race).

Next year hopefully we can call it the RM Classic as I will try to be out there running myself.

Friday, September 11, 2009



so far I have the following

Nate's girlfriend(name escapes me)
the new kid BILL
Maybe me
this kid Brandon who works for the store
Will Knox(hired gun)

I need two more. i have a few entries through the store team. Bain, mighty Sam, interested?


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunday Run - The Line?

Anyone interested? We could mix up the route like last time (ie - not Zoo Loop). I know JARRIN wants (needs?) to run 18 and he is bringing someone new to the group.

I'll also be at the Gtown Store on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Track Workout

Any thoughts on emphasis of workout tomorrow night? I am good with speed, strength or both. Some ideas I will throw out.
1. 4 sets of 600, 400, 200. 200 rest b/w reps (400 b/w sets)

2. 16 x 400 (4 sets of 4) getting quicker each set.
100-200 rest b/w reps (400 b/w sets)
3. 2 mile tempo (400 rest),
400 (200 rest)
400 (200 rest)
600 (200 rest)
600 (200 rest)
400 (200 rest)

Let me know what you all are planning... I am flexible. Just happy to have people to train with


Monday, September 7, 2009

But Taking Time Off Ain't Easy


Hey Jake, i read some of your recent blog posts. Take a week off and chill. let the leg fully heal. play hooky from running. You have been running hard and well for two years. You have tons of fitness in the tank. a week or two(not two days) off will help heal the micro tears and other damage done. get some massages, hang out at a spa and let some TLC just take over man. integrate massage or some form of PT into your running regimen while you are still not too beat up(wish I had)

you have nothing to lose but the fear of losing(on the roads)

Love Max:)

Page's Run - Oct 4

A couple of my friends put this race on to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis which claimed the lives of someone in their community. The USATF certified 5k is run through the streets of Potomac.
New for 2009! Cash prizes for top finishers!

Elite Runners
Page's Run welcomes elite runners and offers cash prizes for top finishers!

1st place overall for male and female finishers – $300
2nd place overall for male and female finishers – $150
3rd place overall for male and female finishers – $75
In addition, anyone who sets a new course record (male or female) will automatically win a $100 bonus!

Current Records:
Male: Steve Crane 15:06 (2008)
Female: Melissa Tanner 18:00 (2008)

Additional info can be found here -

More Results: VA Beach Half

Chris Sloane - 1:15
Nate Timm - 1:20

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kentlands 5K Results

REPORT: Dusen takes 3rd at Kentlands...15:09. Wiggy takes 5th (15:30) and Blasiak takes 7th (15:51)

Friday, September 4, 2009


Is anyone planning on running from the Georgetown store tomorrow at 9am? Please let me know. Max


WASHINGTON, D.C., August 12, 2009 – Snapple LYTeWater, a new electrolyte-enhanced water source for the active, is pleased to announce that it is currently accepting applications for its 2010 squad. The Team is comprised of top-flight professional and amateur athletes dedicated to promoting the multi-sport lifestyle.

While not all 2010 sponsorship agreements are in place, members of the 2009 team received:

* Champion Systems Apparel including tri kits, cycling kits, cycling jackets, arm warmers, leg warmers, and vests.
* Xterra Vendetta Wetsuits
* Spiuk helmets, shoes, and eyewear
* Discounts and shoes from the Georgetown Running Company
* Crocs Sandals
* Discounts on service, fittings, and products from Elite Bicycles
* Snapple LYTeWater and Snapple Antioxidant Water
* Accelerade, Endurox, and Accel Gel
* Headsweats Visors
* Media Bonus Policy
* Pro Discounts and additional product from sponsors

2010 athletes will be required to race and train in team apparel and with team gear. In 2009, athletes wore Champion Systems Apparel (w/ GRC logos); helmets (cycling and TT), shoes, and eyewear from Spiuk; and Xterra wetsuits. While additional apparel and gear is available at discounted prices, athletes are not required to make any purchases.

Before joining, athletes must agree to race and train in sponsors’ apparel and gear and to make periodic posts on the Team’s blog and calendar. Depending on their location, athletes may be asked to participate in 1 or 2 clinics or events during the year.

Interested athletes should email the below information to by September 30, 2009. Finalists should expect a brief phone interview in October.

Additional information is available at

Phone number:
Current Sponsors (we accommodate existing sponsorship if possible):
Top 5 results in past 3 years:

Tentative 2010 Race Schedule:

Goals for 2010 Season:

Club and Team Affiliations:

Do you hold an official position in any of these organizations?

Multisport Accomplishments (e.g., USAT All American, Kona qualifier, etc.):

Do you currently maintain a blog?

If you were to race on Team Snapple, are you willing to write on the Team’s blog?

Why do you want to be a part of Team Snapple?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunday run

Any interest in meeting at the line Sunday morning?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So far I have Dirk and Chris on the store team. We need a bunch more people. please let me know in the next few days if you are game.

remember, we are defending our title from last year. Pacers and Potomac are fielding teams.

Mighty Chris Bain, Klim, Billy, Dylan big Sam, etc. you all can run a 245 marathon as a long run.

Where is the love?


More race results

PReaves was back in town- 4th at the annapolis 10M in 54.47, fastest ever on the course in a week of 94Miles! PMurphy followed in a respectable 57.14. Nice job guys!
Winner was Matt Llano from University of Richmond in a very fast 49.32 (he's a 29.06 guy).

Dickson was 4th in his alumni XC meet I heard, any more info anyone?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


First off, congrats to Matias and Dirk for great racing! I can't wait to race with you guys soon. As far as this week goes, I'll be at BCC tomorrow for the track workout at 6:30. Who else will be there? Any ideas for the workout?

Also, I will be making my racing debut for the GRC this Saturday at the Kentlands 5K. Any one else racing there? I might need one of your old Brooks jerseys to race in if any of you guys have a medium one.


Out of Town

I am out of town (again) starting tomorrow. I won't be at the workout or around for runs this weekend. I am game for a Monday (Labor Day) run, however. I defer to the GRC community to come up with running plans in my absence.

As a parting gift I leave you with this website address.