Sunday, May 30, 2010

FLASH: Wiggy Takes Teal Ribbon in 15:07!

GRC's own Joey Wiegner shows his hometown he still means business by outkicking Andrew Cloke of NYAC for the win in 15:07 at the Teal Ribbon 5K in Philly.

To quote the man himself: "My best race since 2008."

Results to come...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Weekend Runs

For those of you staying in town this weekend, let's take advantage of the long weekend for some great runs. This weekend begins marks 20 WEEKS UNTIL CHICAGO!

Saturday: I believe Max wants our help at the Save the Trail 5K in Bethesda. The race begins at 9AM at Elm Street Park. I'll let Max chime in with a comment about what he's looking for. We should use this to promote our upcoming race in just three weeks (!). If you also bring your used shoes to donate to Chuck's charity, you can do whatever the heck you want the rest of the weekend and still get into heaven. We can go for a run on the Capital Crescent Trail when our duties are done.

Sunday: I'm proposing a long run at Greenbelt Park. This gives people flexibility to run together as long as they like and jump off at any point. Let's plan to meet at 9 AM. Perhaps we can stop over in College Park for breakfast afterwards.

Monady: This seems like a cop out, but how about we meet at The Line at 9AM? If anybody is up for something more adventurous or creative, I'll happily change plans.

Please post in the comments if you will be able to attend any of these runs, and if you have any other ideas for locations or times.


Hey guys, we are doing a shoe drive at work and Soles4Souls would love your "gently" used shoes to distribute to needy individuals. Not only do GRC runner's go through a lot of shoes, I know you guys are thoughtful people. Please bring me shoes to donate at the saturday Georgetown runs. Perhaps they could be a partner to work with at our 8k.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Facebook race promotion

As far as I know, I have "invited" you to the GRC Father's Day 8k event on Facebook. Please, invite anyone and everyone who might be interested in attending or who may be able to spread the word. That helped me bring in a few dozen extra people in the last few years for a race I promote in Pittsburgh, and it sure as heck will work here. Dickson already has a few people committed.

Let's go to work!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chicago Seeded Start Corral

All those running Chicago in October...I was looking at the website for the marathon and ran across the seating for the start. Besides the Elites (sub 2:30:59) there are 5 corrals. This is what they say:

Proof of qualifying times must be faxed to 312.904.9808. Address your fax to: Bank of America Chicago Marathon Start Corrals. Start Corral qualifying times will not be accepted after Friday, August 13, 2010.

Hope this helps...

Difficult Run This (Tuesday) Evening

I will be stopping in Difficult Run on the way home from work today and was hoping for some company. Please call me (215-859-8528) if interested and we can pick a time to meet.

Father's Day 8k June 20th

I just checked the calendar and noticed the father's day race is not on there yet- I checked and you can just register and submit your event. I can do this, but wanted to make sure that nobody has already done so or check in case someone has a registration there etc.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

CTR is 40th at Columbia


Beats half of the elite field...


Wiggy runs sub-32 split for 10k leg in relay.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weekend runs

I am thinking about doing a light fartlek from the store Saturday morning, and looking for people for a Sunday long run of about 16 miles, plus suggestions on where to do it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Washington Running Report Winter Rankings '09-'10

Ryan Carroll of Portsmouth, VA has always been a terror in the Tidewater Region, winning 25 races in 2009. Still, he was only 20th in the fall and 20th for 2009. Once the winter rankings period started, he blitzed the division in the first week and it was all over. At the Cape Henry Runfest 10 Mile, he was tops in 50:13. Four days later he had the top 5K in 14:40 among qualifiers at the Turkey Derby 5K.

For the second place listing in the rankings, Dirk De Heer of Silver Spring, MD edges Tim Young of Fredericksburg, VA. De Heer's photo finish win against eighth place Robert Wade at the MCRRC Shooting Starr 4 Mile (21:04) is no match for Young's third overall YMCA Turkey Trot 5K in 14:41. Still, by the end of the period using the "what have you done for me lately" principle, de Heer's Van Metre 5 Mile victory in 24:18 (ahead of last year's Runner of the Year Demesse Tefera's 24:22) trumps that and Young's period-ending 24:37 victory at the Organ Donor 8K.

Karl Dusen crowns the dozen with a nifty win at the YMCA Turkey Chase 10K in 32:13 and a solid win in the snow at the DCRRC Al Lewis 10 Mile in 53:40. Edmund Burke of Burtonsville, MD is lucky 13 and top master with an excellent Alexandria Turkey Trot 5 Mile, third overall in 25:29.

1 Carroll, Ryan*7 27 Portsmouth, VA
2 De Heer, Dirk** 28 Silver Spring, MD
3 Young, Tim* 22 Fredericksburg, VA
4 Tefera, Demesse 27 Silver Spring, MD
5 Alton, Guy** 25 Richmond, VA
6 Wardian, Michael 35 Arlington, VA
7 Molz, Jon* 23 Richmond, VA
8 Wade, Robert** 27 Arlington, VA
9 Crane, Steve 28 Arlington, VA
10 Condit, Adam 26 Ashburn, VA
11 Vivani, Will* 27 Arlington, VA
12 Dusen, Karl** 27 North Bethesda, MD
13 Burke, Edmund 40 Burtonsville, MD
14 Otstot, Adam* 27 Williamsburg, VA
15 Hryvniak, David 25 Chesapeake, VA
16 Dewitt, Daniel*** 22 Frostburg, MD
17 Rhodes, Tom 26 Arlington, VA
18 Burnham, David 25 Arlington, VA
19 Fishwick, Colin* 32 Washington, DC
20 Mutisya, Stephen** 25 Richmond, VA
21 Simpson, Darren* 19 Crewe, VA
22 Oates, Doug** 31 Hagerstown, MD
23 Angell, David* 33 Blue Ridge, VA
24 Cavanaugh, Matthew 30 Arlington, VA
25 Horner, Randy* 25 Colonial Heights, VA
26 Sloane, Christopher 26 Gaithersburg, MD
27 Probst, George* 36 Blacksburg, VA
28 Fritzius, Justin** 25 Purcellville, VA
29 Belford, Luke 27 Baltimore, MD
30 Schneider, Rodee* 28 Washington, DC
31 Tompkins, Mark* 34 Newport News, VA
32 Peters, Gareth 30 Annandale, VA
33 Smith, Tim** 19 Roanoke, VA
34 Jacoby, Bert 27 Fredericksburg, VA
35 Borghuis, Bart 34 Arlington, VA
36Fortin, Matt** 25 Annapolis, MD
37 Sovonick, Andrew 23 Gaithersburg, MD

Ninth place Hilary Cairns won the sub-masters with her Alexandria Turkey Trot 5 Mile in 29:59.

1 Read, Katie * 24 Arlington, VA
2 High, Renee *6 28 Virginia Beach, VA
3 Taylor, Kelley * 25 Virginia Beach, VA
4 Sherbak, Natalie * 24 Virginia Beach, VA
5 Gurmu, Muluye ** 26 Silver Spring, MD
6 Yetman, Peggy *** 41 Leesburg, VA
7 Bertram, Mary ** 22 Richmond, VA
8 Miller, Michelle ** 29 Damascus, MD
9 Cairns, Hilary 39 Washington, DC
10 Swain, Erin 27 Arlington, VA

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tuesday workout

B-CC. Who's in? Something offbeat, 2ks?


Here is the scoop. As of today 12 people are signed up. We need 300. I have put on races and been involved with races for a long time and its sort of like working on a political campaign. You need to hit the pavement and work the streets and either pester people until they sign up or be convincing enough in your marketing to make them want to run it. A website alone will not work.

So, if there is anyone who is reads this blog who want to help out, I am looking for one ambitious and powerful soul to get people to sign up and go after some sponsorship money.

We are offering an ample reward for this yoeman-like task.

email if interested.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Guys, as of today there is something like 16 people signed up for this race. This is not good. If you are serious about raising funds for your team you need to get sponsors and you need to get people to sign up. This is a RunCo race team race.

I need someone or several people to step up to the plate to get some major registration going. This will take some work but so doesn't training. Bottom line is this needs to be a priority for a few willing souls over the next two weeks.

Is anyone able and or willing?

I suggest we/you (if you do not want me there), have some sort of pow wow post run on Sunday to discuss and nail down some plans that will bring in $$$$.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fox Steals More than 100 Shoes


A forest worker stumbled upon shoes strewn near the fox's den and found a trove of footwear down the hole which had recently been stolen overnight from outside locals' front doors.

"There was everything from ladies' shoes to trainers," said a local police spokesman. "We've found between 110 and 120 so far. It seems a vixen stole them for her cubs to play with."

Although many were missing laces, the shoes were in good condition and their owners were delighted to reclaim them, he said, adding that no reprisals were planned against the culprit.

PUMA 2010 Battle Royale

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BCC Tomorrow

Anyone going BCC tomorrow? Wiggy? I don't know if the track is free or not...

Saturday, May 8, 2010


The Barking Dog in Bethesda has been proposed for an evening get together. 8pm?

Those who have expressed interest - Wiggy, Karl, Dwight, Ernst, Marren...etc.

Also, the "jackhammer" guy from Hanks will likely be the bouncer.

And regarding tomorrow - 9:15am at Difficult Run.

Friday, May 7, 2010


At the RuCo on May the 8th at 9am. Reebok's Keith Dowling will be visiting the Georgetown Running Company at 9am to talk about the latest and greatest in Reebok running footwear.

Keith will provide a technical analysis of the shoe and then allow people to try them on, ask questions and so on.

All those attending will receive a 20% discount on a purchase.

The store is located in historic Georgetown at 3401 M st.

Please come to learn and enjoy. There will be bagels and coffee.

Weekend Runs

I will be at the Store on Saturday.

From Jessica: We will have the Reebok Rep at our Georgetown store at 9am on Saturday May 8th. He will be talking about the new Zigtech shoe! Everyone will be able to try the new Zig on! There will be food and drinks for and everyone!!!

Thinking of maybe Difficult Run (for Dylan - he loves this place) on Sunday.

Any interest?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


All, one of our employees, Ben Hall, a Georgetown student is writing a paper on barefoot running. He wanted to get some feedback from the masses. Please look at his note below and respond accordingly. please post your responses as comments and he can collect and integrate into his paper.


If it's relevant: What advantages do you (personally) gain from a more minimalist approach to running?

What new challenges does running barefoot or running in a minimalist shoe bring?

Talk about your experience with running; has barefoot running (innovative) peaked your curiousity (assuming you were already running in a 'traditional' running shoe?)

What is your response to barefoot enthusiasts who claim that a traditional running shoe takes us away from our awareness, that it encourages us to depend more on shoes for cushioning, and neglect our own natural mechanics for running?

IMPORTANT: Please leave email, estimated number of years running, professional info, name and age- as I do wish to quote professionals.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Workout at BCC tomorrow?

I know some have ended their season and are on down time... so it probably will be a small group but I wanted to see who is up for a 4 x 2k workout tomorrow. I want to do two workouts this week that are entirely strength workouts... the 2k's tomorrow and a 4 mile tempo run 2 miles into the run from the store saturday morning.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mayfair 5k

A former PSAC Runner, and now coach at a college near Allentown, PA is organizing a 5k race with prize money on May 29th. I told him I would throw the event out there since he is looking for some elite guys to kick off the first year.


Joe Wiegner Interview

More than you want to know about Joe


I assume everyone saw this on video. How big is that guy? He looks like a football player next to Rupp. Totally incredible. That's what good coaching, training, nutrition, hot yoga and hard work can get you.

Jake, you could be the next Solinsky.........story unfolding

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FLASH: Broad Street 10-miler

Hot and muggy morning doesn't deter GRCers from running hard and strong for 10 miles...

Jake Klim -- 55:20, 38th overall

Dickson Mercer -- 56:01, 51st overall

Patrick Murphy -- 57:38, 73rd overall

Saturday, May 1, 2010

FLASH: Beastman at European Du Championships

Results are up but aren't correct... but point to some great run and bike times. Will check back later.


Dirk to Race in France TONIGHT


NANCY, France - Dirk de Heer is set to compete in the European Duathlon Championships for the Netherlands this evening. Mr. Wade, of Pacers, is racing for Ireland. Fellow Duathlete Andy Sovonick will be flashing results when available.

1st Run:10 KM Bike:40 KM 2nd Run: 5 KM

1st Run Course:
Number of laps: 4 X 2.5 KM

Bike Course:
Number of laps:8 X 5 KM

2nd Run Course:
Number of laps:2 X 2.5 KM

Event Website: