Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saturday at the store, Sunday at Old Angler's Inn


Saturday run at 9AM at the Georgetown Store
Sunday run at 8:30AM at Old Angler's Inn

Keeping in mind Dickson's plan to meet Sunday at the store for a longish run, I am planning to do about 10 miles from the store Saturday at 9. It will be easy. If I should wait for you, please post a comment.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here is the team that will defeat Pacers and Potomac River Running

Jim Daly
Lauren Gabler
Ian Hankins
Dave Burnham


I need two others

some lurker out there who is young and full of life and so on should just do it for the team. Its not that big a deal.

I remember running a marathon some years back with a young Scott Munro. We talked the whole time about actuarial science and risk management

there is no time but the present

Update: Hall out of Chicago


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BCC, Sunday

UPDATE:  Sunday at Old Angler's Inn at 8:30am.

Chicago-bound folks will meet at BCC tomorrow for 3 by 1600 at 5K-ish pace (or whatever you want) plus some 150s. All, of course, are welcome to come and do something more or less or something else.

For the weekend, my suggestion WAS to meet at the store Sunday for 13 and perhaps skip the usual Saturday meet up. But the store won't open until noon Sunday, so should we just meet at The Line again?
I am only scheduled to go 8 Saturday, but if other people are heading to the store, chime in.


I need several more people to run the marine corps marathon. We have Jim Daly and Ian(the vocal one)Hankins so far but I need at least three more bodies. Jake, maybe you can use this as your comeback race.

"Jake Klim, known in these parts as the Red Fox, bursts out to the lead after a long layoff with a serious broken groin and wins in record time"! Maybe???

We also need at least one woman to make the team viable with the race officials.

Last year Potomac River Running won, which is embarrassing considering our team is and was far superior. This year we need to reclaim the title.


Home Run 5k/10k: This sunday in Rockville

There is a somewhat competitive race in rockville on sunday, The Home Run 5k/10k. Both races have prize money and are competitive up front. The start is next to my place in the panera parking lot at Federal Plaza. Both courses are rolly out and back courses. Some expressed interest so I wanted to get this out.

race info at:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

UNDY 500 on Sunday

Jay Wind sent me the following email earlier this week. I meant to post it earlier but I didnt want it to get buried in the weekend. If you would like to assist, please follow the instructions below and post in comments.

Colon Cancer Alliance conducts "Undy 5000s" -- 5K races in cities around the USA.There will be one of these races on Sunday, October 3, at 8:00 AM at Hains Point, East Potomac Park, Washington DC.

Packet pickup is 2-6 PM on Saturday, October 2, at Georgetown Running Company, 3401 M Street NW. I will need help starting at 1 PM on Saturday, October 2, to set up. Then on Sunday, October 3, starting at 5:30 AM at Hains Point, I will need help to get everything set up and ready, and then to host packet pickup,then to conduct a successful race. We invite your assistance and everyone else on the Georgetown Running Company team. We offer $25 stipend for each volunteer. Also, if someone helps with pre-race packet pick-up Saturday or Sunday,or post-race clean-up on Sunday, we can offer up to 10 complimentary entries (9 remaining).I created a GoogleDocs form that your team members can complete and submit.


A quick gander at the finish of the Berlin Marathon proves that the Kenyans are from another planet. So easy. So happy. Americans may some day run 2:05 but they will never make it look so effortless.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chicago Video....Damn, Its Flat!

Not sure if people have checked this out...


Sunday run moved to 7:45am

Still at The Line.

C-H-A-R-L-I-E B-A-N......W-I-N-S!!!!!!

Charlie Ban had a 'Banful' morning earlier today winning the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K.

BEASTMAN: 15:02 at Clarendon 5k!

FLASH: Dirk (Hendrik) de Heer runs 15:02 at Clarendon 5k this morning...much faster than his "goal" of 15:45.

TOP 10
1 2411 Bert Rodriguez 31 M Arlington VA 14:58.0 14:58.0 4:50
2 2062 Mark Drath 24 M Arlington VA 15:00.8 15:00.8 4:50
3 2638 Dirk De Heer 29 M Silver Spring MD 15:02.1 15:02.1 4:51
4 2236 Stefan Kolata 29 M Washington DC 15:10.5 15:10.5 4:54
5 2626 Wylie Belasik 26 M Washington Dc DC 15:29.4 15:29.4 5:00
6 2548 Edmund Burke 41 M Burtonsville MD 15:38.8 15:38.8 5:03
7 2386 Sean Prinz 25 M Wantagh NY 15:44.0 15:44.0 5:04
8 77 Scott Anderson 36 M Washington DC 15:57.2 15:57.2 5:09
9 2295 Brian McCabe 24 M Washington DC 16:20.3 16:20.3 5:16
10 2034 Michaela Courtney 26 F Arlington VA 17:11.6 17:11.6 5:33

All Hands Meeting: Sat, Oct 23

The GRC Race Team is having its "winter/spring goals" meeting on Saturday, October 23 after the group run. All GRCers are strongly encouraged to come. Mark it on your calendar. We will meet at the Chevy Chase Store at 8:30am, run the usual 10 miles or hour and then either set-up camp at Panera or the area just outside the Chevy Chase Store. If you can't make the run, the meeting will start at 10am. In the past we had met at Dean & Delucas, but our group is growing and it was very hard to hear there. According to my roster, the men's team is 40 strong.

We have two of these meetings per year, usually the main point is to discuss team goals for the upcoming season, but we'll also be discussing these bullet points below (if you have any thing else to add, please let me know). If you are a lurker who has been reading the blog and wants to start coming out for practice, please come. We're not an exclusive race team, but please note that most of the individuals ran xc/track in college and we're all still quite serious about training/running while we juggle the working world.
- welcome new members/introductions/what is GRC/2011 Team
- USATF XC Club Natls - who is going/rough training plans (Dusen/Klim)
- Winter races 
- Spring races ~ Cherry Blossom
- discuss new middle distance team (Chuck Kacsur)
- Weekend runs/workouts in general (Klim/Murphy)
- Update contact list (Klim
- Women's Team (Charle Ban)
- Update on the team budget, what we're spending money on (Klim)
- FD8K 2011 (Murphy/Klim) 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend Runs

After talking to some of the guys this week, I think we've settled on this weekend's plan:

Saturday, 8:30AM, Georgetown Store (~10 miles, add on as necessary)

Sunday, 8:30AM, The Line (zoo loop for 15-17 miles)

Original, I know...

Clarendon 5k/10k

Anyone running this saturday in Arlington deep into hostile pacers territory (just kidding)?

I am running the 5k and shooting for 15.45 or so.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Training this week

I will not be at the track Wednesday. My plan -- first week of taper -- does not call for a track workout this week, and I have a lot of work/school related things to take care of. I really like Pete Pfitzinger's taper; check it out if you are interested:

I'm doing some accelerations on grass tomorrow and a 5-mile tempo on Friday in Hains Point. Paul does plan to be at BCC, so perhaps he can share his plan ... For now on, let's shoot to have the workout prepared before we all show up.

Next week, I'll be ready to hit the track for 3 by 1 mile at 5K effort, plus like 4 150s.

The Wednesday after that -- race week -- I would like to meet for our 3-mile dress rehearsal.

Lastly, I've heard from some of you about dinner at Frankie's the night before the marathon. The reservation is in, but I have a window where I can add on. If you are in, please e-mail me before Friday.

The real lastly: I am going 17 on Sunday. The Line is fine by me, but if anyone has something else in mind, do suggest ...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Race Results

Please take a moment and update YOUR race results on the link near the top right hand side of the screen. If you have a second (or third) mark, please note that as well. Results must be obtained while wearing a GRC singlet...or in Jordan's case on Sunday, at least STARTING the race with a GRC singlet!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wilson Runs 1:08:30 at Wilson Bridge Half

Closer to home, Wilson Komen finishes 6th in the inaugural Wilson Bridge Half Marathon; tops locals Wardian and Wade.

MORE: Jordan Snyder is 3rd master in 1:18!

1 7 Deresse Deniboba 25 M New York NY 48:57 1:04:44 1:04:44 4:56
2 2 Tesfaye Senduku 26 M Ellicott City MD 48:58 1:04:46 1:04:46 4:57
3 15 Isaac Birir 31 M Chapel Hill NC 49:25 1:05:26 1:05:26 5:00
4 6 Bado Merdessa 25 M New York NY 50:01 1:05:47 1:05:47 5:02
5 9 Ronald Kurui 28 M Fayetteville GA 51:11 1:07:49 1:07:49 5:11
6 32 Wilson Komen 32 M DC 51:52 1:08:31 1:08:31 5:14
7 36 Michael Wardian 36 M Arlington VA 51:52 1:08:52 1:08:52 5:16
8 68 Robbie Wade 28 M Arlington VA 53:23 1:10:35 1:10:35 5:24
9 241 Jared Campbell 24 M Alexandria VA 55:39 1:13:11 1:13:11 5:36
10 1 Catherine Ndereba 38 F Royersford PA 55:11 1:13:17 1:13:17 5:36
11 21 Aliya Aziza 24 F New York NY 56:08 1:13:30 1:13:30 5:37
12 22 Alemtsehay Misganaw 30 F New York NY 55:40 1:13:32 1:13:32 5:37
13 11 Retta Feyissa 34 M New York NY 56:08 1:13:36 1:13:36 5:38
14 3820 Yuri Horwitz 31 M Washington DC 56:07 1:14:11 1:14:11 5:40
15 45 John Piggott 45 M Williamsburg VA 56:58 1:15:20 1:15:20 5:45
16 29 Daniel Yi 30 M Alexandria VA 58:32 1:17:01 1:17:01 5:53
17 43 Alexander Hethering 43 M Vienna VA 59:40 1:17:51 1:17:51 5:57
18 33 Jordan Snyder 44 M Rockville MD 58:56 1:18:13 1:18:13 5:59
19 275 Brian Savitch 31 M Washington DC 59:19 1:18:41 1:18:41 6:01
20 273 Geoff King 31 M Washington DC 59:52 1:18:46 1:18:46 6:01

Philadelphia Half - Cotterell PRs Big!

LIVE stream: 63 Degrees and sunny

Wiegner looks for huge PR.

Chicken Tender Runner (CTR) hoping to capitalize on recent multi-sport success.


5K UPDATE: Murphy (17:04), CTR (17:37), Daly (18:08)...Murphy running 5:30s, Tender 5:40s...Daly/MikeC together running 5:50s...15:36 for Wiggy (5:02s)

10K UPDATE: Murphy (34:05), continues to run 5:30s, CTR (35:36), slows slightly to 5:45s, Mike C running 5:50s, Jimmy is running 5:55s. No update from Wiggy. 

10 MILE UPDATE: Murphy - 56:09, MikeC - 58:37 (steady 5:51s throughout race), CTR/Daley together at 59:41. Still no update from Wiggy. Note that tracking was late delivering his 5k split

FINISH: New GRCer Jerry Greenlaw - 1:10:18, Patrick Murphy - 1:14:47, Mike Cotterell - 1:16:25, Andy Sovonick - 1:18:40, Jimmy Daly - 1:19:20

REPORT: Men's leaders go out VERY fast; 4:30, 9:06, 13:30 (14:00 - 5k). Race favorite Ryan Hall, "running his own race", is nowhere to be seen near front. Former NCAA XC Champ Bairu among leaders. Shalane Flanagan his 10k in 31:45, 10 miles in 51:44 (is in 4th). 45:42 split for men's leader at 10.

10 Matthew Kisoro 1:00:15
3 Gebre Gebremariam 1:00:25
2 Abderrahim Goumri 1:01:33
11 Peter Some 1:01:34
8 Simon Bairu 1:02:08
14 Alistair Cragg 1:02:15
9 Wesley Korir 1:02:40
6 Shawn Forest 1:02:44
5 Brett Gotcher 1:02:50
39 Boaz Cheboiywo 1:03:01

EYEWITNESS: Surprisingly tough day. Not terribly hot, but muggy and sunny on last 4 miles. Music was slow and lame out along the river.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Long Run Sunday

Is anyone coming to the suggested long run in Bethesda tomorrow?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday Run

For whoever is in town, I will be at the store in Georgetown at the normal 8:30 time. Looking to run anywhere from 10-13 easy.

Dusens Have Baby Girl!

From baby_dusen on Twitter:

Lily is here. She actually held out until the 17th. 6lbs 10ozs at 12:55am. Most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

JARRIN Joins GRC Master's Team

Happy 40th Birthday JARRIN!

PHOTO - Jarrin (left) & Chris Bain run the 2010 Boston Marathon

BTW, where the heck has Bain been?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Week - plus Chicago weekend

For those who do a three-week taper (that would include me), this is the last week in our training buildup to the Chicago Marathon.

Wednesday: Who is in for BCC on Wednesday? I like 5 by 1 mile. Of course, those heading to PDR will have a different agenda.

Saturday: Someone else can propose a Saturday meet up at the store. I have class on Saturday from now through eternity, which means I now have to get started at an ungodly hour.

Sunday: I say we meet at CCT parking lot in Bethesda. The route is ~22 miles, but there is a way to shorten it for people who don't want to go that far. You head south on CCT til the end of the towpath; take the bike trail along Rock Creek Pkwy until you hit the zoo; follow Beach Drive, pass The Line; turn right on East-West Highway and left on Grubb; take Georgetown Branch Trail back to the starting point. (I had to double check the details with Klim; last time we did this, Dirk picked it up somewhere in Rock Creek Park and Klim hung on and I think I nearly blacked out. Anyway ...)

Chicago: This is just one option for dinner the night before, but I'm suggesting Frankies at 6:30 p.m. Saturday. It used to be called Tucci Benucch -- but the new name is so much more Jersey! -- and I've eaten here a couple times. Good Italian food, not expensive. Pasta: yes. It's at 900 N. Michigan ... in a mall; you go up an escalator. Let me know if you want to go and I'll make a reservation.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

NEWS FLASH: "EPIC DAY" for GRC at Nations Tri

Reports coming in from West Potomac Park... STOP

Dirk 7th elite... STOP

Chicken Tender 12th elite... STOP

CTR: "I had my fastest run off the bike (35:22 10K) and fastest 40K ride." ... STOP

Splits to come... STOP

UPDATE from the Flying Dutchman:

22:08 - 1500m swim
60:42 - 40K bike
34:04 - 10K run

Hilary Cairns finishes as the 3rd female, 81st overall, in 2:12:29!

23:46 1500m swim
1:04:09 (23.2 mph) 40k bike
40:05 10k run

Robbie Wade takes the elite title.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Early Run Tomorrow at Cabin John Park Trails

Mike Smith will be there at 7AM and will loop around and meet me there at 7:45. Please feel free to come at either time. I've attached the map of where to meet, please park on the right side of Tuckerman Lane (coming from Old Georgetown Road) in front of the campground entrance.,-77.153821&spn=0.000461,0.001316&t=h&z=20&msid=102836929078849430422.00048ff1fb0c89240650d

Nominated for Best Running Store

I was reading the Express's nominations for Best of DC, and I saw GRC was nominated for best running store

Thursday, September 9, 2010

DEVELOPING ... Marathon Simulator

Some people are running Parks this weekend, others are running the Distance Run next weekend, others are injured, others naturally wouldn't want any part of this. I am fairly sure, in fact, that no one will. But ... I want to put this out there anyway so people have options.

On Sunday, I plan to do a Hansons-style 26.2K marathon simulator -- here is some info on it:,7120,s6-239-399--12148-0,00.html -- in Hains Point, which mimics Chicago's pancake flatness.

The rumored length of "the loop," which incorporates Buckeye Drive, is 3.2 miles. Can anyone confirm? 5 laps, then, is a perfect 16 -- and a good excuse to nix the last .3 to make it 26.2. Hopefully I will have time to drive out there this early evening and doublecheck the length (no need to be exact, just want to make sure it's close).

The last logistical issue is, of course, the Nation's Tri. The 10K goes through Hains Point. My intel from Chicken Tenders says that the first wave starts at 7, so the race should not make it through Hains until 8:30 "at the latest." Start time is 6:45. Afterward, I am going to try to yell something at Tenders (just not, "Go, Charlie!")

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

situation saturday

hey to the guys running Phili if you wanted to meet up Saturday for a few miles I was going to probably do a psuedo-long run.. maybe at Greenbelt if you wanted, or anywhere else, im open to new stuff since I just moved down. I figured it'd be good to meet ya a week out rather than 5 min and on the starting line. Shoot me an email or post up on here if you want to join. - Jerry

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Workout Wednesday

Alabama Paul proposes 1000s with a short rest at BCC. So that's what it will be.

Battle of the Kentlands

The blog needed a picture. This will suffice.

Sept 11 - International Peace Half Marathon

The High Cloud Foundation is hosting a half marathon on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010.

$1000 prize package with a participant cap of just 250 runners. Easy access on Canal Path.

Full details and registration here:

If you can, come out, support a great charity, run a PR, get a great training day, and hopefully take home some cash.

Hope to see you guys there!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Monday, THE LINE, 8:30

I think most of us are only running 10-12, but join us however long you're running.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


UPDATE: Joey Wiegner
runs 14:44 at the Kentlands 5k this morning and finishes 2nd in a kick behind GRC-ETHIOPIA's Demesse Teferra. This is a new GRC record.

Splits: 4:47, 9:30


AP FILE PHOTO - Wiggy during Father's Day 8k Press Conference

Friday, September 3, 2010

UPDATE: Georgetown Store, Saturday, 8 a.m.

Rather than go to Dueling Ferries, we'll meet at the store tomorrow at 8 a.m. for a repeat of the workout we did some weeks ago. 5 out, 5 back, repeat on the Towpath. This will allow the option to go long or get in 10 or 12 or whatever.

Hoping this will prove to be a bit more convenient. See ya in the morning.

Who will ...

come to Dueling Ferries on Saturday morning for our classic 20-miler?

Murphy and I are in. 8:30 start time?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Attention anyone looking for a great, cheap place to live...

One of my roommates is moving out and we (Danielle and I) are looking for someone to take her room. She will be moving out the last weekend in September. We have a 3 bedroom condo in South Rockville/North Bethesda. 1/2 mile walk to Twinbrook Metro, great place to live and SUPER CHEAP!!!

email if interested at




The average professional athlete spends far more time in the trainer's room than on the field of battle.

There is one spends their short time on the earth.

how profound

stay hydrated, at the least.

Does anyone want to run the Aids Walk and 5k on October 3, the Back to School 8k in Chevy Chase on the 17th of October or the Prevent Cancer 5k on the 25th of September?

If there is a yes to any of the above, let me know

PS.....Jake, rather than getting an MRI I suggest going to Jamaica for a month and just chill on the beach, go to reggae shows, flirt with some love and avoid running like its the plague. You will come back a new man.

from the land of lost runners