Sunday, September 12, 2010

NEWS FLASH: "EPIC DAY" for GRC at Nations Tri

Reports coming in from West Potomac Park... STOP

Dirk 7th elite... STOP

Chicken Tender 12th elite... STOP

CTR: "I had my fastest run off the bike (35:22 10K) and fastest 40K ride." ... STOP

Splits to come... STOP

UPDATE from the Flying Dutchman:

22:08 - 1500m swim
60:42 - 40K bike
34:04 - 10K run

Hilary Cairns finishes as the 3rd female, 81st overall, in 2:12:29!

23:46 1500m swim
1:04:09 (23.2 mph) 40k bike
40:05 10k run

Robbie Wade takes the elite title.


Matias said...


KLIM said...

Nice. It also looks like GRC had a sold showing at the wet, slick Parks 13.1.

dirkdeheer said...

Splits for Andy:
23.12 swim
1.02.18 bike
35.22 run

Anonymous said...

Great job to the GRC today well done guys. We took 1,2,6,10 in the Parks Half.