Friday, September 10, 2010

Early Run Tomorrow at Cabin John Park Trails

Mike Smith will be there at 7AM and will loop around and meet me there at 7:45. Please feel free to come at either time. I've attached the map of where to meet, please park on the right side of Tuckerman Lane (coming from Old Georgetown Road) in front of the campground entrance.,-77.153821&spn=0.000461,0.001316&t=h&z=20&msid=102836929078849430422.00048ff1fb0c89240650d


Mike Smith said...

yeah, whoever meets me at 7 has to put up with my f*cking morning cheer, artificially induced by 7-11 coffee and glazed don dons.

P Murph said...

What am I getting myself into?