Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BCC, Sunday

UPDATE:  Sunday at Old Angler's Inn at 8:30am.

Chicago-bound folks will meet at BCC tomorrow for 3 by 1600 at 5K-ish pace (or whatever you want) plus some 150s. All, of course, are welcome to come and do something more or less or something else.

For the weekend, my suggestion WAS to meet at the store Sunday for 13 and perhaps skip the usual Saturday meet up. But the store won't open until noon Sunday, so should we just meet at The Line again?
I am only scheduled to go 8 Saturday, but if other people are heading to the store, chime in.


djb said...

I probably won't make it, but here's a link to the B-CC school calendar: http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/bcchs/about/calendar.aspx

We could have used it last week!

Mike C said...

They made that calendar way less convenient to use! Anyway, I'll be there as usual

P Murph said...

For those of you driving to the workout tonight, be prepared for heavy traffic on 270/495...