Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I need several more people to run the marine corps marathon. We have Jim Daly and Ian(the vocal one)Hankins so far but I need at least three more bodies. Jake, maybe you can use this as your comeback race.

"Jake Klim, known in these parts as the Red Fox, bursts out to the lead after a long layoff with a serious broken groin and wins in record time"! Maybe???

We also need at least one woman to make the team viable with the race officials.

Last year Potomac River Running won, which is embarrassing considering our team is and was far superior. This year we need to reclaim the title.



djb said...

I'm signed up to run -- forgot to email you in response to the last roll call. Jake can get you my contact info.


KLIM said...

You pitched this nicely. I'll run it.