Monday, February 28, 2011


I have thought about and discussed some of Towpath's in depth analysis of Ryan Hall's merits to be our greatest runner at the distance of marathon. The conclusion is to simply have a race in DC staging local running legend in the making "Towpath" vs. Hall. Towpath, you will not be able to hide behind overly complicated mounds of never heard of vocabulary and so on. This will be a race where sheer force and power generated via the legs, heart and lungs will win. It will be a race at any distance over 5k. The location is your choice.

Good luck

LATE FLASH: Mighty Matias Beats Up Colonial Half Marathon

Matias, he of the bowling ball calves, crushes/smashes/destroys/pummels/bullies/stabs/strangles/throws a heavy object at/(insert violent verb here) the tough Colonial Half Marathon, in 1:16:40, good for 9th overall. Notes he kept an even effort and is a good indicator of where he is now in his running fitness.

Says the calven one: "Happy with performance, looking forward to getting back out there Wednesday nights... all that work through the winter is starting to pay dividends."

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Brothers and Sisters/Friends and Foes(anonymous) and so on

It would be pleasant and nice to have a full compliment of athletes to win the Marine Corps Marathon team competition.

The race is now officially sold out so the best and or, only way of entry is via the team route.

Jake, this can be your comeback race. I can hear it now. "Jake Klim, former local road racing star, makes comeback with miraculous win at Marine Corps Marathon" the local crowds will be cheering and Jake becomes a running legend that little kids will talk about for generations to come.

OK, aside from this side story others can and should join the fray. Please think it over and consider this opportunity.


GRC Social: Tonight at Buffalo Billiards, 6pm

A bunch of us are meeting up there after work...come if you wish.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


FLASH: Dusen splits 4:29 for 1600m at the end of a 4 x 1.5 mile rep this evening...

WITNESS: "most amazing performance in a GRC workout...ever"


Hey (reprint from 2007)

whats up. My name is Joe Wiegner. I met Jake Klim at the Shamrock 5k in Baltimore 2 weeks ago and he talked to me about the georgetown running co and sent me an email to be a part of this blog. I live in Germantown and have been running solo since I moved down to maryland from philadelphia (in the summer). I went to JMU with Ben for a year (he was a senior, i was a frosh). I talked to ben about the club a while back but with my busy schedule starting up my first year as a teacher, I didn't have too much time to run earlier this fall/winter. Ben, i apoligize for not getting back to you sooner... it has been crazy with my job and helping to plan a [REDACTED] for june. Recently I have gotten back into it and am racing again.... I am really looking for an organized team to race with/maybe meet up with 2 times a week or so to run/workout with. As you all know, its tough to stay motivated when your running solo. I previously ran with the Brooks Manhattan TC and after leaving philadelphia, the distance was too far to get up to the city on weekends... I really want to get involved with this team cause Ben and Jake both have told me some good things about the club. I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I look forward to meeting everyone.
Also, I wasn't sure who is up for running any track meets this spring but I was looking at possibly running at the U of MD meet in two weeks (as a workout).
See you soon,
Joe Wiegner

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wednesday Workout is ON

UPDATE from Jerry:

I just took a sneak peek and BCC is totally clear, so we are a GO for tomorrow. I'll see you all then.

From Coach Jerry:

We'll do 4 x 1.5 miles with a 4 minute recovery. The A group will go 74s, 73s, 72s, 71s. The B group should shoot for 79s, 78s, 77s, 76s.

Charlie has Cherry Blossom entry forms for the following people: Dave Burnham, Bain, Lindsey Jerdonek, Ruth Morgan, Dickson, Matias, Shannon, YF, Jimmy, Nugget and Dirk. Come get them.

Outlaw leads pioneering work that sheds light into the benefits of consuming a diet high in figs

Monday, February 21, 2011

can a fox become man's best friend?

UPDATE: Yes, apparently a fox can.

Last Call for Profiles!

If you haven't sent me info, please do it soon.  Some of our fastest guys are missing!  Also, feel free to send me any changes.  If you already sent them, don't worry I have them and am getting to them.

If you hold a club record, please send me a link to the results or a video as I'd like to include these.  See Hanson's for an example.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunday Run: The Line, 9AM

"This is legit pie."

Pies, Presidents, and WIND!

Fighting through steady 30+ MPH winds and even stronger gusts, the GRC team put together some decent efforts at the By George 5K and 10K this morning. The times tell the story... At least everyone got a pie.

Approximate results:


2. Ban - 16:55


1. Dusen - 31:52
2. Outlaw - 32:25
3. Wiggy - 32:42
4. Luff - 33:10
6. Murphy - 35:11
7. Hughes - 35:52

The flag blows at full attention on Hains Point at the By George 10K

Thursday, February 17, 2011

By George 5K/10K Coordination

After a solid workout by everyone last night (arguably one of the best team-wide workout to date) we should have a good showing at this weekend's races.  Let's plan to meet at the packet pick up around 6:45 on Saturday morning (see map below). Note that the packet pick up is at the golf course on Hains Point, not up near the FDR Memorial like Vets Day 10K and Jingle All The Way.  There should be plenty of parking on Ohio Drive.

If you haven't already signed up, you still can online here. There are no race-day sign ups.

Those of you not running the races this Saturday can still meet at the Georgetown store at 9 for the usual maintenance run.

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I am not sure why, but I am on a Ryan Hall love kick. Don't know. I always like it when one(an individual) has the confidence and gusto to go against the grain and try their own thing. Most people do not and conform to the norm.

All musing aside, Hall is the most talented marathoner ever produced by American running coaches and the system created here.

People poke some fun of him because of his religious committment, they ridicule him for breaking off from his coach. I think this is dumb. People who make fun of others for their decisions usually are envious or do it because they have no motive of their own.

In any case, Hall is running Boston on his own. Meb is not running and Hall is the lone American with any chance of winning.

He has no coach and big system behind him at his point.

He does however, have faith in himself and is going for it.

Go Ryan Hall.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

"If you plan to run [By George 10K] and haven't signed up, you want to get on that pronto [before the price goes up to $20 on Wednesday]. I want to do a little bit of turnover work on Wednesday to help everyone feel somewhat sharp on Saturday, but not back down too much on volume for what is nothing more than a rust-buster. With that in mind, the workout will be 2 x mile, 2 x 800, 4 x 400, all with a 400 recovery. Group A will shoot for 5:00, 4:55, 2:24, 2:22, 2 @ 68, 2 @ 66. Group B should try to go something like 5:12, 5:08, 2:30, 2:28, 2 @ 71, 2 @ 69, but we'll adjust as necessary."


The blog is one piece of social media/communication used to educate and promote the business of running. I am 41 years young and cannot remember what I was like when i was 2o something. it does not matter. I do know however, that blogs and facebook and whatever other electronic methods are used to communicate in this day and age, were non-existent. Can you imagine?

As for the running shop paradigm, in the general, I support all of the running shops as they are more or less, the same. I disagree however, with whoever the anonymous person is as our Willard street shop does fine and is a champion store. As a matter of principle, I think that "anonymous" should be kicked out of the discussion as no matter what rationale is provided, it is a cowardly way to go. I mean, this is a running geek blog and is designed to enhance and promote freedom of speech and thought.

So "anonymous", if you have some true courage and gusto, you will come out of "anonymous" closet land and allow your vulnerability to show(sign of courage).

Go Mighty Bert/Pacers/Running Co/Potomac River Running/Fleet Feet and so on.....


St. Patrick's day 8k is coming up. Pacers vs the RunCo. Someone should come up with a wager and make it live in Vegas.

At this point, Pacers is the heavy favorite based on recent results but things can change fast.

Mighty Bert is getting old and the new guys must deal with day to day life stress so there is a window of opportunity.

in any case if people need to get in as a team we can get entries.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Racing Team Profiles

Hey Guys - Please take a look at your profiles and let me know what you think.  I'm happy to make modifications, just email me at

Congrats to our racers this weekend, awesome job!

Flash: Outlaw sends um with another fine weekend performance for GRC!

Jerry Greenlaw runs 1458 at the pacers sponsored Love the run You're With 5k. Jerry ran with
the leaders in a close finish for 3rd place.
Great work Outlaw! union jack pointing is paying off!

FLASH: Hanson PR's big with 8:23 3k!!!!! This is a NEW GRC Record!!!!



I see Jerry beat Mighty Bert by one second at a race. Allen Carr, who ran very well years ago and now works for Pacers, seems to be coming back after years and years of drinking beer and discovering the city life.

Looks like Pacers is putting together a big team though.

someone should stage a showdown just like Showdown at the OK corral. What about Showdown at Haines Point? Towpath can make a movie and Jake can play Wyatt Earp.

I am predicting that God and Ryan Hall will work together to win Boston.

Peace out


Sorry but true love is all. Showdown on Penn ave at the Irish day race. I am looking at a 2001 Washington Running Report when Philippe Rolly won it. In those days he was better than all of the runners around today and Chuck Moeser, at 50 something years old, ran 33 minutes without a shirt. Jim Hage, at 42, ran it in 32 minutes. In those days it was a 10k.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunday Run

For those of you running long on Sunday, let's plan to meet at Riley's Lock at 9am.  Finally, the weather is cooperating and we don't have to run at The Line...

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Long Run Progression from the store Saturday morning

Hey guys,
  Anybody interested in starting at 8:30am from the store tomorrow?  I am going long progression tomorrow (18).  I want to get the long run progression out of the way because I have to hit the track tuesday again.  Let me know if anyone wants in.
miles 1-3: easy
miles 4-10: med
miles 11-17miles: hard but controlled
mile 18: easy

Joe Wiggy

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Races, Fees, and The City

In case you didn't have time to scour the NY times today, check out this thought provoking article about the NY Police attempting to recoup their expenses for helping put on the NYC Marathon.

As a municipal bureaucrat responsible for administrating utility services myself, I feel the police's pain when they claim they are not being fully reimbursed for all of their costs. In essence, NY Road Runners makes a mint by using city workers for less than cost because the City pays police salaries, not the Road Runners. On the other hand, Mary Wittenberg has an excellent point when she says that any fee for service needs to be predictable, otherwise the whole business of putting on a race breaks down.

I think this article also highlights why marathons are the only running event that matter anymore in America. It is the only part of the sport that is profitable. Maybe the NCAA should consider scrapping XC and holding a marathon instead. The public can participate to make it profitable. Discuss.

FREE Boston Marathon Registration Up for Grabs

DC Rainmaker is raffling away a FREE Boston Marathon registration on his website. Who is he? Ray is a DC local who does triathlons and is THE sports tech guru--he writes a weekly column on

Here are the conditions for entry:
1) you already have a Boston qualifying time
2) you MUST be willing to run the Boston Marathon THIS YEAR (April 18, 2011)
3) it MUST be your FIRST Boston Marathon
4) you MUST have the time of your life

If you meet the above criteria and want to register, simply leave a comment on his post linked above. The entry period closes on Sunday, February 13th.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FINAL Cherry Blossom Team

UPDATE: I am submitting the FINAL list of GRCers interested in Cherry Blossom at the end of this week. If you are already registered for Cherry Blossom (ie - got into the lottery) or no longer running Cherry Blossom (injury, not fit, more of an Apple Blossom person), PLEASE take your name off the list ASAP. This list can be found as a "CUCB 2011" tab on the GRC Spreadsheet. Thanks.

By George 10K

Several guys are looking at running the By George 10K on Hains Point 2/19 as a tune up/workout.  It's a low key race, but the more guys we have run it, the better it will be for everyone.  Here are the details:

By George 10K sponsored by PVTC
Saturday, February 19th, 8:00am
Registration online only, $15 until 2/16, then $20.
Cherry Pies to the top 3 in each age group.

East Potomac Park Golf Course, 972 Ohio Drive SW, Washington DC

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry: The good news is that BCC is clear and ready to use tomorrow.  there are still some icy patches in the outer lanes but lane 1 is clear all the way around, so as long as we're mindful of the icy spots we'll have no problems getting in the workout.  What I have in mind is 6 x 1200 with a 400 jog.  The A group will shoot for 2 @ 3:42, 2 @ 3:36, 2 @ 3:30, ie 74s, 72s, 70s,  and the B group will be a tad slower, probably in the 2 @ 79, 2 @ 77, 2 @ 75 range, but those targets are definitely not firm, so we can adjust as necessary.  See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The CC Store Needs Help

All, I got the following msg from Ben Cooke. Please "comment" if you can help and which night you might be able to do this. Perhaps Tuesday night? I will do my best to make it, but I have a crazy work week scheduled. 

We need some help on bib assembly. I would offer store credit and pizza and beer. my guess this would take a few hours on evening at Chevy Chase.. like a 7 pm to 9pm shift. I would like 3 people. next monday tuesday or wednesday.


Also if anyone in the group has any interest in learing how to time races it could benefit the race team and the individual. We have the equipment but we need someone who is organized, has a natural interest, and is somewhat comfortable with computers. They do not need to be a programer or anything just need to be comfortable with technology. (the last is probablly the least importnant.


So two different things above.  Please send the word out.                  


What:  Bib assembly scanning and affixing electronic chips to bibs

Where: Chevy Chase running Co

When: any evening next week after work. (7pm)


Saturday, February 5, 2011


Dave burnham and I will be running from the alexandria marina where we'll go on the mt vernon trail for a lr with 4 miles of tempo to tempo+ effort in there

Wiggy is 50th in 39:38 at USATFXC

MORE: Wiggy was "perfect" at 3k in 9:18 before slowing to 15:50 at 5k. He struggled from 5k on.

Coach: "effort was strong, but result was not what was hoped for"

Race Day in San Diego

From Joe: the mission bay xc course is a set up like i have never seen before. The 2k loop that will be run 6 times, is in a very small area of the park. the best way to describe it is like a roller coaster. you are pretty much either turning right, left, or going up or down small hills. the start stretch runs about 350meters which is a nice however i like the flow of this technical course... the final wrap around turn on the bell lap should be crazy.

UPDATE: glorious weather greets harriers on starting line

2:00PM - Wiggy blasts off from starting line, 12k to go...

Leaders, including Moran, Bruce, hit 1K in 2:54

Leaders pass 2k in manageable 5:55

Williamsburg-based Moran leads pack, 3k is hit in 8:53

Moran, Quigley lead giant pack. Most favorites appear in pack. 11:52 at 4k (2.5 miles)

14:54 at 5k. Torres, Teg Vaughn also among leaders

17:50 at 6k - King, Teg, Torres, Bauhs, Vaughn, Jankowski, Carloson, Mack, Cheseret


Brent Vaughn breaks away, has 20m lead, 20:50 at 7k. Vaughn is murdering the field at 9 k

Teg, Bumby, Jankowski, lead the chase pack, hit 26:51 at 9k

Brent Vaughn still has commanding lead, is running race of life

Brent Vaughn will win USATF XC Champs, easily. Moran, True, King (7), Carlson (8), Jankowski, Torres, Cheseret, Mack

No Wiggy reports yet


Sunday 9am at The Line?

If something has been proposed, I will amend accordingly, but, if not, how about The Line at 9am? I am only running approximately 7 miles.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wiggy set for USATF XC Champs


Joe Wiegner (right) is carrying the GRC flag at the USATF Cross Country Championships on Saturday in San Diego, CA. This meet serves as the trials for the US team for the World Championships so the field will be loaded. While Wiggy will likely not be in contention for a spot on the US team (not this year anyway) he looks ready for a breakout performance. "Joe is fit and ready to roll" said his coach, Jerry Alexander. "Joe hoped to sharpen up with an indoor 5k two weeks ago but had to sit out with a minor illness, but he's bounced back and is rested and should be well positioned to compete. This is the first race in what is going to be a huge 2011 for Joe".

The 12k race begins at 2pm pacific time on Saturday.

MORE: race reports should trickle in HERE sometime after 5pm local time...

UPDATE: 2:09pm PDT, Wiggy giving course a test drive, sees shalane and tegs, and they nod their approval of his GRC jacket.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

saturday 4-6M tempo at noon

Hi all,

Just in case anyone's interested (especially those who like to sleep in the weekend): I'm running a 4-6 Mile tempo (or fartlek) on beach drive starting at the line, warmup start at 12 noon.

I know whether won't be great, but the road is clear and not too crowded on the weekend. Course is out and back miles+50yards each way. Goal pace: 5.15-5.20s or so.
Anyone of any pace welcome to join and go faster/ slower.

dirk (480-414-3993)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chicago Marathon

Registration for Chicago opens today.  Last year, it sold out in 51 days and I'm guessing it will be less than that this year.  I just signed up and here is the link for anyone else interested.