Saturday, July 31, 2010

Party Tonight


9:00pm - 3:33am

3479 S. Stafford St., Unit B-2
Arlington, VA 22206 View Map

It's baaaaaaaack.... "ONE MORE TIME" (1MT), our "kickoff to a summer of blisteringly good times" blew your mind. 1MT2, our inter-holiday follow-up, established a new precedent of dance party phatness. 2010 is here, and it's high time that the rug-cutting insanity be brought to the blazing DC summer. Buoyed by the fantastic memories of 1MT and 1MT2 and our unending belief in the powers of good that emanate from dance parties,... ONE MORE TIME, Part Trois is here!

Bring your friends...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saturday Long Run

We will meet on Saturday at the store at 8 a.m. sharp for a long run on the towpath. The plan is simply to go 5 out, 5 back and repeat. This will allow anyone planning to go long on Sunday to do the usual 10-12. Also, with the heat, it's an easy way to make sure we have access to water. We can stash some drinks near where we start and also stop along the way. There are water fountains or pumps out there, right? If not, I'll get out early and put some water out around Fletcher's.

Wiggy and I have discussed treating the second half of the workout as a progression run, though this is of course optional. Let us know if you are planning on coming so we will know who to wait for, but hopefully there's no waiting.

Even I will be on time to this one.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chicago Lodging Part 2

Thus far we have only heard from Red Fox, Mike C, and Scott K. Everyone else, if we could please try this again. Let me know if there is anything confusing about this.

Also, I'll post a plan for the weekend long run by tomorrow.

Here it goes:

Although we have some team funding to use for lodging the weekend of the Chicago Marathon, hotel rates get jacked up that weekend and it is doubtful our funds will go very far. Because of this, we want to encourage anyone racing who has a convenient, comfortable, FREE place to crash, to please take advantage of said opportunity.

I know Red Fox plans to stay with a friend, and I tentatively plan to stay with my parents, who are coming out for the race. We will come up with a team meeting spot on race day. By next week, can everyone racing let me know what their plans are?

After we know who is taken care of and who is not, we can look into booking hotel rooms for members of the team. Perhaps if we do this soon we have a chance of getting decent rates. And perhaps we don't. But it's still good to do this sooner rather than later. Thanks. Feel free to post here or e-mail me at

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We need some able and willing souls to run Marine Corps this year. Our store is competing. If some of you want to run or are not running Chicago, let me know. we can get you an entry but you will have to pay.

in a few weeks there is a 10mile race called the WAWA 10mile race. Its in historic Fredericksburg, VA. Its one of the best local-rural races around. Beautiful country and lots of fun. Rolling hills and more.

We can get some athletes in the race as comped entries so let me know two weeks out. I think it would be cool to get a group up there. Wardian, Aaron Church and some others usually run it on a regular basis.

the race is on the 22nd of August

Leesburg 10 and 20K will be in a few weeks(the 8th) Nice run and lots of fun. I can get 5 people in for free. Need a week's notice.


LATER NEWS: Photos of Wiggy as a drill sergeant during Rileys Rumble

Photos uploaded this morning reveal that during the Riley's Rumble Half Marathon Joe Wiegner was found yelling at his teamates(in photo yelling at Patrick HUGE) to pick up the pace. Wiegner also is shown yelling at the camera man...

Training this week

I will be at BCC on Wednesday. I was thinking mile reps. Thoughts? Who's in?

Also, I'd like to go long this weekend, like 22, with the last 60 minutes at race effort. Does this work into any training plans? If so, what's a good venue? Towpath? I am up for doing it Saturday or Sunday.

Monday, July 26, 2010

LATE NEWS: Dog nearly attacks Tender while on bicycle


Yesterday was the annual Riley's Rumble Half Marathon beginning in Germantown, MD and traversing through the woods and farmland of Boyds, MD. Even with the hot scortching temperatures, runners still came out to participate in the non-timed event. All was well on course, especially up front until disaster struck. Andrew Sovonick of Germantown, MD (hiding behind helpless runners in photo above while on bike) was nearly attacked by an angry canine at about mile 7 on the course. Sovonick, a Montgomery County Native was out on course getting his daily bike ride in while cheering on teammates and friends running the event. As Sovonick paced 3 teammates (who requested to not have their names released), a dog came flying out of a boyd's residents garage and proceeded to run up on Sovonick and the three runners. "I have never been so afraid in my entire life!", said Sovonick last night during a pm interview at the Famous Dave's in Germantown. "I love Chicken Tenders but I don't have any beef with chickens while they are still alive." Investigation confirms that this attack had no affiliation with Sovonick's love for Chicken (in tender form) and the fact that the dog's property contained a chicken farm in the backyard.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010


I have read some blog posts and notice the mileage and subsequent pain and one step away from serious injury ridden state people are embarking on.

We can provide some mechanics to help keep your engines finely tuned or you can keep running with the light flickering in the brain that says "needs maintenance" and just ignore it.

Pacers has a PT/strength training coach who provides online guidance and once a week PT for them.

We can offer the same. PT and some online or live strength training post saturday run. It will certainly be different but might ad longevity to the muscles that get hammered via the run.

The choice is yours.

Saturday: 110 Degrees

"Men, today we die a little."
- Emil Zatopek at the start of the (very warm) 1956 Olympic Marathon.

Wiggy just rang me concerned about the heat and wanted to make sure we got going early on our morning run. He has a valid point. The "feels like" temperature tomorrow will be 110 degrees. If you plan to run from the Georgetown Store in the morning, please get there before 8, so that we can be out the door at 8:01. If not we all might melt.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


In Monaco a few hours ago...

Becomes 2nd-fastest American born athlete in history

3:29.30Bernard Lagat *(Nike)08/28/05
3:29.77Sydney Maree* (Puma)08/25/85
3:30.54Alan Webb (Nike)07/06/07
3:30.90Andrew Wheating07/22/10


So far I have the following down for comp entries

O Neil
Andrew Palmer(high school kid from the store)
Tom Harrison(high school kid from the store)
Devin Kelly

anyone else?


Weekend Runs

I'm heading to the Georgetown Store on Saturday morning for an easy 60-70 mins.

I know there are a bunch of guys running Riley's as a tempo on Sunday, but due to my leg issue, I'm going to try and run a "long" run of about 12 or so pretty easy...maybe Riley's Lock since the sunflowers are out in full force. If anyone wants to join me, let me know.

Dave Burnham on July/August racePacket cover

GRC's own Dave Burnham makes the cover of racePacket, in the throes of his victory at the Crossroads 17.75k. Clearer (not really) picture at

The dog-things on either side of him seem rather impressed.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Jake asked me to write a brief blurb about some of the local Ethiopians who were dawning donning running company singlets last weekend at the race. To make a long story as short as possible, the bottom line is one of the new employees at the store, Tefari Nigatu, was a journalist in Ethiopia and is friends with the Lets Run guys and famous runners in Ethiopia. He took interest in the local Ethiopian runners and we since added some of them to the team. They are a nice group and it appears theyare simply trying to earn some cash to send home and or eek out a living here.

They would like to train with the race team but are busy with jobs and of course, there is a slight language barrier.

It would be cool to figure out a way to train with them at least one day per week.

Two of the notable new recruits are Demessa and Gurmessa. Both of these guys have been racing in the area for some time and are very nice and easy going. Aside from that, they are very good runners.

I hope this general description helps.

As time progresses, the relationship may or may not pan out.

If anyone wants to reach out and try and work with these folks, I have their contact info.



For those in need of some expert medical advice, especially pertaining to the foot, the Chevy Chase RunCo is having Dr. Steve Kominsky at the store tomorrow to provide free screenings of the foot. NOTE: Many a well respected runner, wears orthotics or needs some good council about their little feet.

attached is the add we sent out. Max

On Wednesday, July 21st from 5-7pm, Dr. Steven Kominsky will be at the Chevy Chase Running Company providing free screenings of people's feet. He will be using Digital Gait System Technology to assess and analyze the foot as it lies on a scanning pad. This innovative and modern technology helps determine one's foot type, where the greatest amount of pressure is felt throughout the course of the foot and helps determine potential injury or pain areas.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the most vital aspect of any runner's body, THE FEET. The doctor is in the house to council you on your feet and answer all questions to the best of his ability. Come to the Chevy Chase Running Company and learn something new about how to improve your running!

Dr. Stephen Kominsky completed a surgical residency with emphasis in reconstructive surgery for the athlete; his post -graduate training in Northern California exposed him to several different running shoe companies as a running shoe tester and consultant for development.

Dr Kominsky has been practicing in Washington D.C. for the past 27 years. He is the podiatrist for the Washington Capitals, and the podiatry consultant for the athletic department at Georgetown University. Dr Kominsky continues to remain involved in the sports medicine world as he is a frequent speaker to a sports medicine class at George Washington University and interacts on a regular basis with some of the area running clubs. He is the in-house podiatrist for the Kirov School of ballet in Washington D.C.

The Chevy Chase Running Company is located at 4461 Willard Ave in Chevy Chase, MD. It is a five minute walk from the Friendship Heights Metro and can be reached via phone at 301.215.6355.

Wednesday Workout

Who is in for tomorrow?

I feel like there are two options. There is the usual track workout which we determine while warming up. I like a ladder.

Or, I have a feeling it might be a good week to sneak off the track and go medium long, like 15 miles. We could still meet at BCC, train on CCT and finish with some 200s on the track. I think I would be OK with just doing the run at a moderate pace, though I would also be open to inserting some tempo effort stuff in the latter stages.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Does anyone want to run Riley's Rumble half marathon in Germantown this Sunday morning? Its a great workout and our store is sponsoring it.

On a side note, Jake, if you want to see a professional PT or Chiro for your problem, let me know.


Lodging for Chicago Marathon

Although we have some team funding to use for lodging the weekend of the Chicago Marathon, hotel rates get jacked up that weekend and it is doubtful our funds will go very far.

Because of this, we want to encourage anyone racing who has a convenient, comfortable, free place to crash, to please take advantage of said opportunity. I know Red Fox plans to stay with a friend, and I tentatively plan to stay with my parents, who are coming out for the race.

We will come up with a team meeting spot on race day.

By next Monday, July 26, can everyone racing let me know what their plans are? After we know who is taken care of and who is not, we can look into booking hotel rooms. Perhaps if we do this soon we have a chance of getting decent rates. And perhaps we don't. But it's still good to do this sooner rather than later.

Thanks. Feel free to post here or e-mail me at

Saturday, July 17, 2010

UPDATE: Twilighter Results

Snyder, debuts in GRC singlet and is top Master!!

Okay, these are the FINAL (real) results:



Friday, July 16, 2010

Rockville Twilighter Team

This is the (final) team for the Rockville Twilighter:

Joseph Wiegner III
Karl Dusen
Lindsey Jerdonek
Shannon O' Neill
Christopher Bain
Jake Marren
Patrick Hughes
Matthew Ernst

Max and a few employees from the Store might also be racing.

The race starts at 8:45pm, but I suggest getting there around 7:30 to meet and then to warm up. Parking is tricky, but not just need to give yourself time since it's a large race.

You pick your numbers/swag up here: VisArts building at 155 Gibbs - it is the same invited athlete location as last year.

I will sit this one out due to a nagging injury, but will be at the race to support and cheer. I'll be at the invited runners room circa 7:30pm.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Workout Wednesday?

I haven't run fast in a long time, and I would like to do so Wednesday night. Wiggy suggested repeat thousands last week, does that sound good to anyone else?

Monday, July 12, 2010

HUGE Averages 5:39s at Boilermaker

Patrick Hughes run 52:35 for 9.3 miles...76th place.

The famous 15k road race was held over the weekend in Utica.

Friday, July 9, 2010

REPORT: Chix Tender to Attack 4:30 Mile

Tonight in Rockville...


MORE: Scott Koonce to debut for GRC wearing plaid/flannel GRC singlet


UNRELATED: GRC Store run to start at 8:30am on Saturday for Georgetown

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010 Spring WRR Rankings

GRC is well-represented in the 2010 Washington Running Report Spring runner rankings!

A snippet from the report: The line between the next four runners is razor thin. In March, Seth Hutchinson won the Martha Jefferson 8K in 31:45 and in April he motored to another overall win (these carry extra weight) at the Charlottesville 10 Miler with 50:58. That would have made him 23rd right behind Aaron Church (50:52) and Jake Klim (50:56). Church may not have even heard Klim as he was charging toward the finish against Bert Rodriguez for the 20th spot. Dirk de Heer moved to eighth place, heading off Church by beating him at the St. Patrick's Day 8K. Klim continued to draft off Church, finishing the Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10K in 30:57 to Church's 30:55.


1 Kipketer, James 32 Marion, VA
2 Endale, Abiyot * 23 Silver Spring, MD
3 Young, Tim 23 Fredericksburg, VA
4 Megressa, Gurmessa * 30 Silver Spring, MD
5 Berdan, Dave * 29 Baltimore, MD
6 Wardian, Michael * 36 Arlington, VA
7 Hutchinson, Seth ** 26 Charlottesville, VA
8 De Heer, Dirk 28 Silver Spring, MD
9 Church, Aaron ** 34 South Riding, VA
10 Klim, Jake 25 North Bethesda, MD
11 Molz, Jon * 23 Richmond, VA
12 Picard, Jimmy * 24 Richmond, VA
13 Christian, Will * 26 Norfolk, VA
14 Abuya, Jared * 33 Manassas, VA
15 Awol, Mohammed * 32 Silver Spring, MD
16 Puglsey, Ray 41 Potomac Falls, VA
17 Barresi, Matt ** 27 Falls Church, VA
18 Wade, Robbie *** 28 Arlington, VA
19 Mehmedovic, Izudin * 25 Columbia, MD
20 Hurt, Charlie * 26 Richmond, VA
21 Vivani, Will * 27 Arlington, VA
22 Kolata, Stefan 28 Washington, DC
23 Ingram, Benjamin 33 Baltimore, MD
24 Komen, Wilson 32 Washington, DC
25 Bitok, Kipchirchir * 30 Baltimore, MD
26 Wiegner, Joe 28 Rockville, MD
27 Peters, Gareth 31 Annandale, VA
28 Cheromei, David * 30 Marion, VA
29 Rhodes, Thomas ** 26 Arlington, VA
30 Renjifo, Carlos * 27 Columbia, MD
31 Zubko, Sergiy 21 Clarksville, MD
32 Blasiak, Sam 30 Fairfax, VA
33 Whitlow, Dustin * 23 Arlington, VA
34 Tepovich, Danny 30 Virginia Beach, VA
35 Murphy, Patrick 25 Washington, DC
36 Jurkovich, Evan 25 Washington, DC
37 Carroll, Ryan *6 27 Portsmouth, VA
38 Horner, Randy *** 26 Colonial Heights, VA
39 Sloane, Christopher 26 North Potomac, MD
40 Ban, Charlie 27 Falls Church, VA
41 Hryvniak, David 25 Chesapeake, VA
42 Tompkins, Mark * 34 Williamsburg, VA
43 Carrier, Chris * 25 Richmond, VA
44 Smits, Kyle * 31 Baltimore, MD
45 Meeker, Dustin 28 Baltimore, MD
46 Jacoby, Bert * 27 Fredericksburg, VA
47 Belasik, Wylie 26 Washington, DC
48 Daly, Jimmy * 24 Kensington, MD
49 Brown, Karsten * 36 Front Royal, VA
50 Lomogda, John 40 Norfolk, VA

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi all,

as you may have noticed: the NETHERLANDS MADE THE WORLD CUP FINAL!!! So, since this is very unique for such a small country, I want to make sure to do something at the final Sunday: either at my place or at a bar somewhere. What are your thoughts/ preferences and would you join in the celebration of Holland beating those Germans/ Spaniards?!!


With the temperatures going over the 100 degree mark... Continue to hydrate throughout today if you are planning an evening run. Circle around and continue drinking on your run as well... I always struggle with runs after work in the excessive heat because it can be tough to remember to continue to hydrate the entire day...

Also, with the temps at the same rate (or close to it) tomorrow, I am thinking of pushing the workout this week to thursday. i am not sure if that works for anyone... I am going to do my long run on saturday (from the store?)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturday run from the store?

Is anyone up for an easy 10 from the store tomorrow morning? I'm racing tonight, so I won't be taking it very hard, but if nobody else is interested I'll just run from home