Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We need some able and willing souls to run Marine Corps this year. Our store is competing. If some of you want to run or are not running Chicago, let me know. we can get you an entry but you will have to pay.

in a few weeks there is a 10mile race called the WAWA 10mile race. Its in historic Fredericksburg, VA. Its one of the best local-rural races around. Beautiful country and lots of fun. Rolling hills and more.

We can get some athletes in the race as comped entries so let me know two weeks out. I think it would be cool to get a group up there. Wardian, Aaron Church and some others usually run it on a regular basis.

the race is on the 22nd of August

Leesburg 10 and 20K will be in a few weeks(the 8th) Nice run and lots of fun. I can get 5 people in for free. Need a week's notice.


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Ian Hankins said...

I'm registered and ready to go for the Marine Corps Marathon.