Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chicago Lodging Part 2

Thus far we have only heard from Red Fox, Mike C, and Scott K. Everyone else, if we could please try this again. Let me know if there is anything confusing about this.

Also, I'll post a plan for the weekend long run by tomorrow.

Here it goes:

Although we have some team funding to use for lodging the weekend of the Chicago Marathon, hotel rates get jacked up that weekend and it is doubtful our funds will go very far. Because of this, we want to encourage anyone racing who has a convenient, comfortable, FREE place to crash, to please take advantage of said opportunity.

I know Red Fox plans to stay with a friend, and I tentatively plan to stay with my parents, who are coming out for the race. We will come up with a team meeting spot on race day. By next week, can everyone racing let me know what their plans are?

After we know who is taken care of and who is not, we can look into booking hotel rooms for members of the team. Perhaps if we do this soon we have a chance of getting decent rates. And perhaps we don't. But it's still good to do this sooner rather than later. Thanks. Feel free to post here or e-mail me at

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PR said...

VH and I have a room with the Askeys, so we're set.