Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekend Runs

I'm heading to the Georgetown Store on Saturday morning for an easy 60-70 mins.

I know there are a bunch of guys running Riley's as a tempo on Sunday, but due to my leg issue, I'm going to try and run a "long" run of about 12 or so pretty easy...maybe Riley's Lock since the sunflowers are out in full force. If anyone wants to join me, let me know.


Joe Wiggy said...

I will be at the store run... I have 9 miles on my schedule saturday but 10 or 70minutes sounds good.

P Murph said...

With temps hitting 100+ degrees, perhaps we should move the start time earlier. 8?

Also, is anyone up for going to Summers in Arlington for french toast and the Tour de France TT after the run?

KLIM said...

Probably a good idea regarding 8am start time. I changed it.

Please take note.

KLIM said...

Anyone who is NOT running Riley's Rumble want to join me at Riley's Lock at 8am?