Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May Day

I am leaving work early on Friday and heading out to celebrate my birthday. I don't plan to get ridiculous (per the race on Sunday) but I do plan to have a good time. I was thinking of starting at Union Jacks (Bethesda) at 5:30pm and seeing where I'll end up. I've got a small team of revelers thus far...anyone else out there interested?

Ryan McGrath promises to do stand-up.

If you don't like me, but still want an excuse to drink, come along.
Let me know.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Marathon Questions

I'm running my first marathon on Sunday in Frederick.

I'm wondering if I should wear racing flats or trainers. I've worn racing flats for a half marathon and was fine, but I don't know if they are good for a full marathon. I train in the Mizuno Wave Riders and have a pair of Mizuno Wave Ronin Racing Flats.

Also, what to people recommend for getting up(ie how many hours before the race), eating breakfast(what to eat and when), and prerace (warmup or not)? The race is early-at 6:30 a.m.

Do people usually carry gels/goo/beans with them or do they pass these out on the course? As for water, my thoughts are to take a little bit at each station but if people have any other thoughts please let me know.

I'm also considering changing my last name to Cheruiyot. I think you are automatically waived into Boston if that is your last name.



Workout Wednesday @ B-CC

In case anyone's interested, Murphy, Jake and I are hitting the track at 6:30 on Wednesday evening for a quick, 5k-pace ladder workout. Recovery jogs are in parenthesis:

1600 (400) 1200 (300) 800 (300) 800 (300) 400 (200) 400 (200), plus 4 x 200 strides

Bring the spikes if you have them (quiet, villainous laughter). Just post below in the comments section if you want join in.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

But Someone Did Well...

Raabe third at GW Parkway 10 Miler

1 Patrick Cheruiyot 22 M Fairfax 23:52 33:35 48:42 48:41 4:53
2 James Boitt 30 M Fairfax 24:11 33:55 49:01 49:00 4:54
3 Chris Raabe 30 M Washington 24:30 34:16 49:08 49:07 4:55
4 Andrew Dumm 24 M Washington 24:31 34:17 49:14 49:13 4:56
5 Nicholas Stanko 28 M Haslett 24:31 49:14 49:14 4:56
6 Corey Nowitzke 25 M Ann Arbor 25:08 35:06 50:18 50:17 5:02
7 Jordan Desilets 28 M Pinckney 25:10 50:31 50:30 5:03
8 Nick Polk 24 M Indianapolis 24:58 50:41 50:40 5:04
9 joel hamilton 24 M Lakewood 24:46 50:53 50:52 5:06
10 Dan Vassallo 23 M Wilmington 25:30 35:39 50:58 50:57 5:06
11 Seth Hutchinson 25 M Charlottesville 25:35 51:06 51:06 5:07
12 Greg Reindl 24 M Denver 24:58 35:07 51:23 51:23 5:09
13 Aaron Church 33 M South Riding 25:51 36:05 51:43 51:42 5:11
14 Taylor Smith 23 M Alexandria 26:07 36:28 52:03 52:02 5:13
15 Bert Rodriguez 29 M Arlington 26:07 36:28 52:33 52:33 5:16
16 Will Viviani 26 M Arlington 26:44 52:41 52:40 5:16
17 David Berdan 27 M Baltimore 26:28 37:11 53:15 53:15 5:20
18 phillip sneller 30 M astoria 26:37 37:10 53:33 53:32 5:22
19 Josh Ordway 28 M Fairborn 26:34 37:17 53:38 53:37 5:22
20 Edmund Burke 39 M Burtonsville 26:44 37:16 53:44 53:43 5:23

PP10K: Not So Great for GRC


1 1/122 4 Tesfaye Bekele 25 Bronx NY 28:30 28:30# 4:36
2 1/67 6 Worku Beyi 22 Bronx NY 28:54 28:53# 4:39
3 2/122 1 Demesse Tefera 27 Silver Spring MD 28:57 28:56# 4:40
4 3/122 10 Derese Deniboba 26 Bronx NY 29:07 29:06# 4:41
5 4/122 12 Gurmessa Megerssa 26 S.Spring MD 29:48 29:47# 4:48
6 1/188 14 Mohamed Awol 30 Bronx NY 30:01 30:00# 4:50
7 2/67 3 Abiyot Endale 22 Bronx NY 30:03 30:02 4:50
8 1/234 3304 Elarbi Khattabi 41 Westchester PA 30:29 30:28* 4:55
9 3/67 11 Abiyot Abebe 22 Washington DC 30:32 30:32 4:55
10 2/188 9 Wilson Komen 31 Washington DC 30:38 30:38 4:56
11 5/122 30 Jake Klim 28 North Bethesda M 31:22 31:22 5:03

12 3/188 3341 Daniel Too 32 Abingdon MD 32:04 32:03 5:10
13 1/189 39 Mika Luoto 36 Columbia MD 32:08 32:08 5:11
14 4/188 2189 Tim Schaefer 30 Gaithersburg MD 32:19 32:18 5:12
15 4/67 37 Patrick Reaves 24 Silver Spring MD 32:30 32:30 5:14
16 5/67 2154 Jossi Fritz-Mauer 24 Ardmore PA 33:22 33:19 5:22
17 1/54 2272 Nicolas Escobar 17 Rockville MD 34:06 33:59* 5:29
18 5/188 2842 Joel Adams 31 Manassas VA 34:08 34:06 5:30
19 6/122 38 Billy Askey 26 Arlington VA 34:09 34:08 5:30
20 2/234 2777 Peter Keating 43 Columbia MD 34:20 34:17 5:31

1 1/83 5 Meskerem Legesse 22 Bronx NY 32:59 32:58# 5:19
2 2/83 2 Hirut Mandefro 23 Silver Spring MD 33:03 33:01# 5:19
3 1/215 8 Olga Romanova 28 Gaithersburg MD 33:21 33:20# 5:22
4 3/83 282 Molly Pritz 21 Williamsport PA 33:25 33:24# 5:23
5 2/215 53 Hellen Jemutai 27 Chapel Hill NC 33:30 33:29# 5:24
6 4/83 7 Buzunesh Deba 21 Bronx NY 33:56 33:55# 5:28
7 5/83 52 Divina Jepkogei 24 Chapel Hill NC 34:11 34:10# 5:30
8 1/242 13 Elena Orlova 39 Gaithersburg MD 34:56 34:54* 5:37
9 6/83 32 Laurel Jefferson 23 Silver Spring MD 35:49 35:47 5:46
10 1/232 31 Meghan Ridgley 30 Reston VA 36:30 36:27 5:52
11 2/232 3108 Celia Brown 32 Birmingham UK 36:45 36:43 5:55
12 3/215 2141 Amy Baker 25 Manassas VA 37:01 36:58 5:57
13 2/242 35 Barb Fallon-Wallace 35 Alexandria VA 36:59 36:58* 5:57
14 7/83 17 Muluye Gurmu 24 Silver Spring MD 37:29 37:28 6:02
15 8/83 36 Lindsey Jerdonek 24 Washington DC 37:52 37:49 6:06
16 1/191 40 Denise Knickman 40 Baltimore MD 38:00 37:58* 6:07
17 3/242 34 Mary Davison 36 Bristow VA 38:13 38:09 6:09
18 3/232 1573 Amanda Tiernan 30 Gaithersburg MD 38:21 38:20 6:11
19 4/232 2034 Eileen Fleck 32 Baltimore MD 39:24 39:17 6:20
20 2/191 752 Paula Pels 41 Bethesda MD 39:47 39:40 6:23


I received this e-mail Chris Bain sometimes early this morning:

You won't believe this.... I just ran a PR--2:31:06 and took 4th place. I'm now officially a millionaire in Korea.

The trip so far has been amazing. The hospitality has been unbelievable; truly elite treatment for us invitedd runners. Tomorrow all of the other athletes head home and I head off into other parts of Korea.

Please note, Bain ran 2:36 for 26.2 LESS THAN a week ago!! I am going to throw my Lydiard/Daniels books into a fire.


Friday, April 24, 2009


I am having people over for egg sandwiches (and brew) after Pikes Peek (circa 11am). If you are interested let me know via email and I'll give you directions...or simply tap my shoulder after the race and ask me then.

2:55 Report


I sent this around to a few folks, but by popular demand am posting on the blog. Below is my coverage of Monday's excitement!

Going into the Boston, I was extremely hesitant due to an IT band injury from late feb-march. I was unable to do much of any running for a month, and could not consistently run until the beginning of april. I cross trained through the injury (lots of elliptical) and luckily recovered in time to get a few miles under my legs and gather the courage to approach the starting line.  

Navigating the start was crazy in itself. 25,000 people were running this thing=huge masses. I stayed on the outside so I wasn't smashed in the middle. I also wasn't scared to keep my elbows out and make sure people stayed out of my bubble. Pacing was tough, I generally have a good grasp of what race pace feels like  but my normal cues were totally off--the adrenaline was up, so reading my body was hard. It was downhill, which threw me off. And I'm stuck in a mass of people...even more confusing. Before I crossed the first mile marker, I was expected a 6:45ish mile, but was surprised with a 6:23...a little fast but I'll take it.

Miles 2-5: After the first mile, I was expecting for the mass to dissipate. But it was still pretty strong through mile two. Okay, get in your rhythm, I thought. I knew it was incredibly important to get the 6:30's going since I'd been warned and warned about the brutality of Boston and how people wrongly think it is free downhill mileage. Mile 2 split--6:03. Yikes!! I really need to slow down. Ignore the masses and get in your groove. Mile 3--6:15. Slow down!!! Mile 4--6:14 Okay, Caroline, what are you doing?? You KNOW this is wrong. I don't care if you run a 6:45 mile next---slow down. Mile 5--6:35 Ahhhhh, much better. Okay. Stay in your groove

Mile 6-16: This section of the race reminded me of Sat/Sunday--I was just waiting around for the 'real' part of the race to start. I felt very very comfortable--gliding along thinking about staying efficient and rolling effortlessly through the course. Just like any training run. I knew this is not the real or hard part of the race, and that I needed to be patient for the tough stuff. 
I also started to realize (yes, I'm very quick....just realizing) that Boston is so incredibly different from any other race I've ran. Generally it is just me and a few other girls in view who trade off places/pacing each other. Off in the distance I will see some of the fast males, but this usually isn't more than a handful of people. Even in the philly marathon (although I did the half there), the field was 15,000ish and it was me and 5 girls battling it out. But here there was a long long line of runners. It was kinda weird to not be among the leaders, but amongst a line of runners. This truly is a premier marathon. Another weird thing--there is pretty much 26.2 miles of continuous cheering. But I didn't allow myself to pay attention to the screaming crowds--just concentrate on your race.

It was also at this point that I realized, wow, I'm going to finish this thing. For legit reasons, I was concerned about my IT band or some misc tendon not being able to handle the impact and flaring up. I ignored this concern as much as possible, trying to keep the confidence up, but it was still in the back of my mind. At this point in the race, I hadn't had any pains and knew any injuries would stay at bay through the end.

Mile 17-21: Okay, its finally starting. I'd been told, once you pass the fire house, its a completely different course....and it was. This is where hills sprout everywhere, but I pushed through them and felt okay. My splits were slowing down--keep up the effort but don't go anaerobic. Once I got up heartbreak hill, I was feeling tired but still with it. I could still turn my legs over and wasn't in too much pain. Just get to mile 22!!!! My coach and I agreed before hand that I could start turning the speed on at 22

Mile 22-26: Okay, time to turn on the legs, right? hello? legs? No answer, but there was pain. Lots of pain. I couldn't turn my legs over at all and my speed was zapped, which was a weird feeling because my brain and my cardio were ready to get moving. I'd never felt like this, usually I'm either good to go or entirely exhausted, but here I was split. My legs just weren't cooperating with my lungs and mind; the lack of mileage started to catch up with me. I took my splits but didn't look at my watch because I didn't want to wouldn't help anything to quantify how much I was slowing down. The head wind wasn't too pleasant either (apparently winds got up to 18mph). But in the middle of the pain/complete body crampage, I thought this is exactly what you wanted, you wanted a race where you had the option to push yourself. Your IT band is cooperating and giving you the choice to race. Take it.

The last mile is one I will not forget; over a million people came to Boston to watch the race. The final stretch was deafening, with the crowds urging you to stride into the finish. The spectator's eruption and electricity reminded me of parachuting the American flag onto the 50 yard line of a 50,000 person stadium before the AF vs Navy football game....except this time, I'm running on fumes, trying to salvage whats left of my body. Ohhhh it hurts so good

My mile splits for the race:

So now that it's I do I feel about the race?
1) Got some room for improvement with negative splits. I knew this going into the race, and was committed to keeping 6:30's through mile 22. But the first 5 miles definitely need work. 
2) It was hard to be confident going into this, but it turned out well. I ignored as much as possible that my longest run going post injury was 13 miles. But I trusted my coach, who had faith in me running this race.  I also knew if I put my mind to something, I will do it. And I wanted to race this really really badly. 
3) I was hoping for 2:50ish, but considering pacing problems in the beginning, the wind, and the lack of miles, I'll gladly take my 2:55 (which scored 41st place, and the 24th American) And, afterall, this is my second real marathon. A 14 minute PR isn't to shabby. In sum, I learned some lessons, had fun, spent time with my parents, and got to experience the spectacle of Boston. All great things. 

4) Now I'm TOTALLY amped for twin cities. After graduating from UMD, the Air Force is putting me in the World Class Athlete Program. My pilot training start date is being pushed back, as I will be living in Colorado Springs, to train and hopefully qualify for the Olympic Trials at the Twin Cities marathon. Its going to take lots of hard work, but I'm ready for the challenge.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stimulating our runs

The Washington Post is reporting that $12M will be directed to repairs on the C&O Canal, and $5M to Rock Creek Park from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Patrick/Billy... you can't leave DC now!

Monday, April 20, 2009

BAIN - 2:36:06, WHITE - 2:55:14


BAIN - 2:36:06
WHITE - 2:55:14
JARRIN - 2:56:14
SHEENA - 3:24:49
ERNST - 3:39:21
GABLER - 3:39:23

KLIM (KATE) - 3:05:32...PR for lil sis.

Marathon Monday!

You can track both GRC teams HERE

Audio on WBZ (via Itunes and the 'net)

Video via Univeral Sports HERE

Weather - 42 degs in Boston...rising to mid-40s. Cloudy...wind later.

Splits and results coming...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jerdonek Wins Tri in Texas!

LJ wins the 2012 Talent ID sprint in Lubbock, Texas...not exactly sure what that is or even what that means, but I do know she brought home $650 for her "W". She is taking GRC to Ruth Chris!

Before Marathon Monday, There is Sunday


Reaves took second behind a LaSalle alum in 1:07:56.

Murphy followed in 6th 1:09:51,

Huges was 11th (first in age group) in 1:13:50.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend Runs

I plan to run from the Georgetown Store on Saturday at 9am. Anyone else?

Anyone have any ideas for a Sunday run? Lots of folks are in Boston/Philly for their respective races and it will be a good opportunity to talk bad about them behind their backs while they are away.


I was running on the treadmill after getting ART therapy treatment(great stuff) and turned on the TV. I put on the music video channel and watched what I think is a new M &M music video. He has lost weight and his anger is gone. The video has him acting goofy and wrapping with characters dressed in star trek costumes including the one and only Dr Dre. He makes sexual references to Sara Palin and others. Interesting career twist/turn for my rapping hero.

Turned to ESPN where I learned Garnet is out for the playoffs and so are the Celtics.

the ship moves forward.......................................................

MCM Registration

For those planning to run in this year's Marine Core Marathon, I've heard that registration is predicted to close (sell-out) around 1 pm tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i know i sound like an overbearing preacher at times but alas, its in the genes and non-negotiable. Bottom line is for all of you running real well, take heed and take days off, go to the massage table, and resist the temptation to keep running all of the time. Since you are all in peek shape, you will lose nothing by taking a few days off and letting the body totally recover/heal. you might not feel it yet, but all or microtears and damaged muscle incurred due to running is there.

cross train even if you are not injured.

don't wait to address injuries and fatigue once they have set in.

how does the saying go, the best healthcare is prevention.

Less than One Week

Marathon Monday Weather Report
Few Showers
Precip 30 %
High 53°F
Low 41°F

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Saturday Meeting & More

1. I am meeting at the store on Saturday at 9am for a long run/workout with Patricks Murphy and Reaves...and others?

2. I apologize for the late notice, but I was hoping I could wrangle the team together for a meeting at Dean & Deluca's (the same coffee shop we met at last time) after the Saturday run so that we could go over our FALL race plans. We'll probably get there at/around 11am. Again, like last time, we can throw out what races we want to do and see if there are many similarities. We can also go over any "team things" we want to go over. Grievances, areas to improve, questions, comments, suggestions...threats (?). I also want to give the blog a makeover and would appreciate any input you might have on that front.

I understand it is Easter weekend, but next weekend is Boston and I want to meet before we get too far into spring (Army 10 miler has already sold out). If you're around, please come out for the run and the meeting.

3. I created a RESULTS tab on the calendar. I've done my best to add results into the spreadsheet, but would appreciate it if you could look it over and add/amend what I've started. I KNOW I've missed some of you.

4. Singlets. I am giving Patrick Murray and Dickson a singlet. Does anyone else need one?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cherry Blossom Video Information

The Cherry Blossom video is currently being edited. I should have asked this question in the past, but if anyone does NOT want to be featured in the video (due to a bad race or privacy concerns) please let me know.

Easter Egg Run

Is anyone around on Easter Sunday? I am. Bain is.

We are going to run either at the Greenway Trail (starting at Riley's Lock) or Patapsco State Park. Both runs will be mostly trails...roughly 15-16 miles.

Anyone interested? If so, state your preference. I will go out the night before and hide eggs that Mitten the cockatiel laid. I will dye them. No I won't....

Pictures from the 2009 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Pictures from Cherry can be found here:

My apologies to those I missed, there were a lot of people out there.

Some of my favorites are pasted below.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Army Ten-Miler is Sold Out...

The 2009 Army Ten-Miler is Sold Out.

The Online Transfer Process will open on May 15.

Farewell My Friend

Diego, seen here clean shaven and running his favorite race course, is now on his way back across the Atlantic. He will be missed. Like MacArthur (or "The Terminator"), Diego claims he "will be back" someday. Godspeed Diego!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Break in the Clouds?

Today: Windy with showers and thunderstorms likely. Storms could contain damaging winds. High near 65F. Winds S at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

Tonight: Partly cloudy skies with gusty winds. Low near 45F. Winds W at 20 to 30 mph.

Tomorrow: Windy with a few clouds from time to time. High 63F. Winds W at 25 to 35 mph.

Tomorrow night: Clear. Gusty winds diminishing after midnight. Low 41F. Winds WNW at 20 to 30 mph.

Sunday: Times of sun and clouds. Highs in the upper 60s and lows in the low 50s.

Monday: Chance of showers. Highs in the low 60s and lows in the upper 30s.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. Highs in the upper 40s and lows in the mid 30s.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quaffable Hobbies

GRC, my supply of sweet succulent home brew beer is running low, it is time again to do the spring batch. As a team bonding event pre-cherry blossom I will be boiling the wort this Saturday afternoon sometime around 3:00 PM. We of course will only be consuming non-alcoholic beverages in preparation for the big dance the next morning.

I live right across the Key bridge from the Georgetown store, let me know if you need further details/directions:




I know it doesn't sell out as quickly as CUCB (especially since the field has expanded to 30,000 this year!), but I thought you'd all like to know.