Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May Day

I am leaving work early on Friday and heading out to celebrate my birthday. I don't plan to get ridiculous (per the race on Sunday) but I do plan to have a good time. I was thinking of starting at Union Jacks (Bethesda) at 5:30pm and seeing where I'll end up. I've got a small team of revelers thus far...anyone else out there interested?

Ryan McGrath promises to do stand-up.

If you don't like me, but still want an excuse to drink, come along.
Let me know.


DM said...

happy birthday!

I am not available for beers, though, until Sunday after 9 a.m.

KLIM said...

Update: my phone is dying. May not get calls/TMs. Will be at Union Jacks until 8:30pm or 9:00pm before finding another venue.

RM said...

Dude, I somehow didn't see this post until just today. So first, apologies for missing your birthday.

Second, awesome race today. Whatever you did or drank on Friday must have worked out. We in Baltimore find that getting really drunk two nights before a race makes you race well.

I was actually in College Park on Friday too, I could have swung by had I known. I went to the Ludacris/Art Attack concert at Maryland, despite being 27 years old.

I will come entertain at the next GRC party. I'll even bring props.

KLIM said...

Just like Carrot Top...