Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Marathon Questions

I'm running my first marathon on Sunday in Frederick.

I'm wondering if I should wear racing flats or trainers. I've worn racing flats for a half marathon and was fine, but I don't know if they are good for a full marathon. I train in the Mizuno Wave Riders and have a pair of Mizuno Wave Ronin Racing Flats.

Also, what to people recommend for getting up(ie how many hours before the race), eating breakfast(what to eat and when), and prerace (warmup or not)? The race is early-at 6:30 a.m.

Do people usually carry gels/goo/beans with them or do they pass these out on the course? As for water, my thoughts are to take a little bit at each station but if people have any other thoughts please let me know.

I'm also considering changing my last name to Cheruiyot. I think you are automatically waived into Boston if that is your last name.




RM said...

I will leave my sole bit of advice on the Frederick course as wear whatever shoes you're most comfortable in for a long run on roads that are SERIOUSLY crowned...

KLIM said...

Everyone is going to have their own individual answer for most of your questions...

I personally like to do a "test run" where I wake up early, run at race start time, wear my race shoes, shorts and whatever else...take my water and gels with me and see how I fair. What worked and what didn't.

I would get up as early as your comfortable getting up - 4:30am for a 6:30am start at least.

Drink a little bit of water (and/or sports drink) at EVERY stop. Not a lot, but just a gulp...even early when you don't need it.

Eat a little goo/gel every 8 miles or 50 minutes.

I would not wear any shoes you aren't comfortable racing in.

DM said...

Hey Jonathan,
I think everything said above is right on. I will see you out there on Sunday; I'm in for the marathon, too.

I am not familiar with the Mizuno Wave Ronin (I wear the Brooks ST4), but if it is the kind of flat that is specifically designed to go the marathon distance it should be fine. The ST is 8 ounces, and plenty supportive. There is the T3,on the other hand, which is 5 ounces; I would wear it for a half but never for a full. I am not sure if that comparison helps, but, yes, it is all about feeling comfortable. This is no time for experiments.

I don't think you should eat any different before a marathon than before any other race. Do what works for you. The one thing I bother to do prior to a marathon that I do not do for any other distance is apply chafe guard.

For Frederick, I will wake up at 3:30 a.m., eat a slice of toast with peanut butter, drink a couple liters of water, drink some coffee, drink some more water. I run around really, really easy for 10 minutes and stretch about a half hour before the race.
I also carry my own gels, three. I take one at about 8 miles, another at about 15, and this time I am really going to force myself to take the third.

Hope to see you on race day.

Unknown said...

Hey Jonathan!
I agree with everything written already.

I was in the same boat before Boston, because I had run a few workouts and longer runs in DS Trainers, but decided to stick with my Nike Equalons since that is what I did my long runs in (18+).

I eat oatmeal with a cut-up banana, twice slices of toast, as much Clif bar as I can handle, and a Roctane. I follow the "every 8 miles" rule for the energy gel, too.

GOOD LUCK!! Have fun!!

Patrick Hughes said...

I imagine you are all heading up on Saturday, but in case you were planning on driving up Sunday morning I will gladly pick up anyone's packet who wants me to. I'm running the half, but I'm sure I'll see you guys up there.

Jonathan said...

Thanks, everyone for the suggestions.

Patrick-I'm headed up on Saturday evening. Thanks for the packet pick-up offer.

DM said...

what are you guys doing up there on Saturday? Maybe we could get some food.

Patrick Hughes said...

Dinner would be good. I'm heading up around 2 or 3, so maybe dinner around 6 or 7? We could find some place with pasta.

Jonathan said...

I'm officiating the Draper Invitational at St. Stephen's/St,. Agnes on Saturday so I won't be leaving DC until 5 or so and then I will have to head to the expo to get my packet. Not sure how long you guys want to wait on dinner.

Peter said...

Jonathan, I'll see you at Draper. Does anyone know who is racing the Pacers' elite mile at Draper this year?

Billy said...

I know that Bert's in it, but I don't know who else. I think he was going to try and get Will V. to run it as well.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

agree with everything above and very cool that i am running the very same race; i will see you on those hills...