Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day run

I am in the ATL for a wedding and am going to try and run long(er) tomorrow, Labor Day, in Rock Creek Park. My long run today was not so good...or long.

6pm at THE LINE. Reaves is in. Any other takers? Maybe the Zoo Loop +.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday Run: Start time adjustment

Due to a few people's Sunday schedules, the 20 miler will commence at 7:30am, rather than 8am.

Kentlands 5K

15:14ish, pretty smokin' fast

Friday, August 29, 2008


In the name of being a responsible run leader I must break the silence and announce that due to tragic circumstances, the store might not be made open at 8:30am manana for the run. Yes, sometimes things take place that even I cannot thwart.

Bottom line is if you plan on doing the Saturday LOVE run bring very little or plan on storing your items in someone's auto as I am sure there will be a few cars.

Peter(the CANAL) Silverman and Melissa Tanner are leading the run.

peace out


PS. Peter, you cannot take them on a 10 mile canal run:)

PS2. The store will be open promptly at 10am for its regular business hrs.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Towpath... my trail of choice for the Sunday long run. Flat and fast, it is an efficient way to get your long run in and get on with your day. Some people ask me if I get bored of running there. My answer? Never. When you run on the C&O towpath, the trail stretches out before you with no obstacles in your way. Where else can you run in the city for 2 hours without stopping for traffic? The wide, dirt path is easy on the legs and allows a group to run 3 abreast.

The towpath is in my blood, I literally grew up exploring the banks of the Potomac and the woodlands between it and the canal.

But enough about my infatuation with the towpath. Here is the plan:

Location:Lock 5 (Milepost 5, aka Brookmont lock).

View Larger Map

Distance: 8-20 miles (Drinks and gels are recommended and can be placed along the route)
Pace: 7:30-6:40/mile
Time: Run will commence at 8am

The varying distance and pace options should make this run viable for people at a variety of different fitness levels

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Annapalarious 10 Miler

Repeat age group winner Christopher Bain (31) of North Bethesda, MD is going too fast and going to get a ticket.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thursday's Fun Run (8/28)

If the only thing keeping you from coming out to the fun runs in Chevy Chase is the absence of cold and delicious post-run beer, then consider this Thursday your lucky night.

That's right, it's time for Fun Run v.2.0. A pleasant six-mile run followed by happy hour.

Time: 7:00 pm

Georgetown Running Co,
4461 Willard Ave
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Hope to see you there!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kentlands 5K

I'm running this on's a fast and competitive race. Let me know if you're going.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lodging for the Philly Distance Run

Sheena and I just booked a room at the Holiday Inn- Historic District for Saturday 9/20, the night before the Distance Run. We had to do a lot of searching to find a room for less than $200 within 2.5 miles of the start. This one was the best we could find at $159/night, ~2 miles away. Just thought I would send a heads-up. Party at our pool, pictured above, after the race.

Nike Hood To Coast Relay

Bucknell Alumni Place 5th Overall
Seaside, OR. - In 1995, Bucknell entered their first alumni team and quickly became a presence with a third-place finish in their inaugural attempt. Three years later, they were kings of the 'hood, in a year when five-time defending champion Nike opted not to enter a team in the elite men's division. In 2001, Bucknell fielded their finest team, finishing the 195 mile event in 16 hours 47 minutes (5:10 pace) edging out the Princeton Running Co. in a dogfight that came down to the final last two legs. The victory was dedicated to the memory of Art Gulden, the patriarch of the Bucknell track and cross-country programs, who launched the program in 1970 and remained its coach until complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in May 2001.
The Hood to Coast Relay, a 195 mile, 12 runner-per-team event in Oregon similar to Reach the Beach, runs through northwest Oregon, from a 6,000-foot elevation on Mount Hood to the coastal resort town of Seaside. One thousand teams, each consisting of 12 members who run three legs apiece in rotation, made the overnight Friday-Saturday trek, elite teams went off at 7pm.
Everyone on the team was bringing their A game to Oregon, from 32 year old team captain Dave Granger (ten time relay member) to recent Bucknell alumni grads Wallace Campbell and Matt Forys. Leading up to the race, one of our studs Greg Costello (marathon trials 2:20 guy) started working for Nike and was required to run for the Nike Elite team, which consists of former Olympians and all-Americans, including Sean Duffy (former American U guy). Fuel to the fire my friends, fuel to the fire.
Our lead off man bolted down the mountain, handing off with the lead pack. We later found out Nike was 3 minutes down, their first leg bought a new pair of shoes the night before and made mince meat of his heels, moleskin and duct tape used in the 2nd and 3rd legs to keep his badly blistered and bloody feet in one piece. Rule #1: Never try something new on race day.
At the 3rd-to-4th leg exchange, Team Bucknell was in front, Evan Honeyfield putting in some serious work on the rest of the teams. After the 4th leg, we were in second place, about five seconds back of the Brooks team, coming up on a monster leg. Jesse Graytock (2:31 guy at Boston this year, running alongside PReaves) had a tough task at hand, Nike had a 2:13 marathoner they flew in from Germany. By the time my first leg came around, Nike and Brooks were pulling away, with Bucknell in a battle with two local teams (Team XO - "ex-Oregon" and Team Portland), but we suspect mercenaries and not genuine alumni teams.
It's now midnight, I'm outside the van waiting for 7th leg Sean McCarthy to roll in, getting updates on expected hand off time. Team XO rolls by, about 40 seconds later Team Portland, then I spot my teammate. Game on. Grab the wrist bracelet baton and was off into the darkness.
First leg was 4.55 miles, slightly downhill with some rollers at the end. All you see are reflective vests from other teams, paving the way toward team XO and Portland. Three miles in, finally pulled up behind Portland and slowly picked up the pace to see what we had in the tank. I hand off to Marcus Jones, we're now in 4th between XO and Portland. 5:15 pace for my first leg, all on adrenaline.
About an hour after my race, I'm thinking there's no way I can do that again in a few hours. Then I see everyone else around me, legs 1 through 6, all van 1 guys, post phenomenal times for their second run. Amazing.
After snacking on PB&Js, coke and pretzels, it was go time. My second leg was a beater, 5.75 miles with two climbs, the first one 500ft over 2 miles, the second 400ft over 2 miles, with a downhill between climbs and into transition. 5:48 mile pace later, we were within 2 minutes of team Portland, Nike and Brooks out ahead, Team XO pulling away.
No way I can do that again.
More PB&Js, pretzels and lots of coke later, time for my final leg, now in a heated battle with Team Portland. Time for tiredness to be replaced with adrenaline. Soon after team Portland goes by, I get the handoff and bust it. I'm making no progress on this guy, finally hit a slight uphill at mile 2 and slowly reel him in. Check his vital signs, the guy is hurting BAD, time to make a move. Final surge towards the transition I sprint it in. 4.1 miles at 5:15 pace later, we're ahead of team Portland.
The body is capable of doing amazing things on little sleep.
We ended up 5th overall, with the Nike Elite team on top, followed by Brooks, Team XO and Team Portland. 17 hours, 45 minutes, 5:24 pace for Bucknell. It would have been awesome to beat Portland, something to look forward to for next year.

Reaves Repeats at Annapolis!

Early reports from the State Capitol show Reaves defending his title at the inaugural 10 Miler.

Bain reportedly finished in 6th.

I'll let those who ran provide the details...

"The (pace) was insane" - Hall

Friday, August 22, 2008

Saturday Night Viewing

I assume people will have eaten by the time they arrive, if not some of us can order via delivery. I will have the 42" HD set tuned in at 7pm so come anytime after that. There are a few bottles of beer in my fridge, but bring a 40oz or a 6 pack if you feel the need. Also, I will make sample "Dark n' Stormy" drinks for anyone who wants one. They are a Cape Cod classic.

I'll likely throw everyone out to the mean streets by 11pm in order to rest up for the Sunday Long Run.

- The Worstest Host

Olympic Uniforms

I made this video for The Final Sprint after the trials. It's about how the new uniforms are supposed to make our sprinters faster (apparently it does not help them grip the baton well)

Thursday, August 21, 2008



A friend of mine is a yoga instructor and a runner. She has offered to do a presentation on a Saturday in September entitled YOGA FOR RUNNERS.

Would some of you be interested in attending?

I am doing some preliminary homework to see if I can garner up enough attendees to make it worth our while.

peace out

Tempo run Wed 8/27

Anyone interested in 3xmile at 5:30, 5minute rest, 3xmile at 5:30, 4 minute rest, 2 mile at 5:20/5:25.

I am fine with Wed evening and can even meet up in the bethesday area. Just toying around with 1/2 marathon pace... not meant to be a "killer" workout.

Chevy Chase Fun Run (8/21)

Hey, all,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm planning on doing the fun run from the Chevy Chase store tonight. The group meets at the store at 7 pm, and we usually run about 6 miles on the Capital Crescent Trail (although there's always the option to run more or less). Let me know if you can make it!

Note: Allen is getting back into race shape and needs some of you pace pushers to - well - push the pace already!

If you can't come tonight, keep in mind that the group meets every Tues./Thurs. at 7 pm. We might do a happy hour after next Thursday's run.

Take care,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. O'Hara

Hey folks!

Dave and I tied the knot on August 9! It was a perfect day; we really could not believe how smooth everything went and how much fun we had!

We just got back from our Costa Rican honeymoon yesterday. We left our running shoes at home, so we'll have to take a few weeks to get our legs back underneath us. We did do a lot of hiking, kayaking, ziplining, swimming, and went for a wild horseback ride!

I just got a request from Jake for wedding photos. We are still waiting for all of them, but here are the "teasers" our photographer sent. I will post the link to all of them when we get it.

Also, here are a few friends we met in Costa Rica!

Hope to see all of you soon! Thanks for all of your thoughts!



I just got word from my friend Susannah K that she is back on the mend from back surgery and itching to get back to running. Made me think of all of the running gods and goddesses out there that will do anything to get back to running when injured, etc. I think they(we) feel sort of like pent up race horses when we cannot run. Horrible. There are so many stories. Ray Pugsley had to get two surgeries, one to the Plantar area and one on the lower back, Wilson took 8 months off of running to mend his hamstring, Ed Burke has been in hibernation with multiple injuries, I think Jim Hage sleeps with an air cast on(not 100% sure) to deal with his gimpy Achilles, I am not sure about Robert Jarrin. I think I saw him yelling some profanity at me on his bike the other day. Must be injured and not running!

I get a better first hand look at this stuff than many as I witness first hand, the bundles of runners who line up to get fixed up by Terrel Hale every Saturday.

What a runner will do to stay on the roads

peace out

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


might take advantage of the numerous workouts and runs posted by Jake, Pat and others on this blog. I meet lots of folks who look at the blog, who run but are hesitant to come out and run with our group runs because they fear that they are too intense, long, hard, etc.

Please wipe these fears from your phyche. What is the famous saying "you have nothing to fear but fear itself".(if that's not it is something similar). Bottom line is you can learn from these more experienced runners the art of running and how to get faster and stronger in a methodical manner.

Heck, look at it as free coaching.

If you decide to go to workout and are hesitant about what to do pace wise, etc. please go up to Jake or Pat or one of the other more experienced runners and ask for some guidance. It will only take but a minute or so and I am sure they will be more than happy to lend you their advice.

Sunday Long

Looking for around 20 miles... ideally averaging 6:30s pace. I have work at noon, and it usually takes me about an hour to make that transition (shower, food, cry in anticipation of working another day with zach, get myself together, bike in)

so, depending on where folks want are willing, I'd like to get started around 8ish.

I propose difficult run, the MD line, or the store (11 mile loop, glover to RCreek with extenstions)

Saturday Run in Greenbelt

Hey GRC folks,

I realize it's still early in the week, but I just wanted to invite you to run with us Baltimorons in Greenbelt Park on Saturday morning. A few of us former Terps will be present, as well as some pretty quick guys in Kip Bitok and Brian Godsey. Planning on doing 3 loops, each a little bit quicker than the last. Since Brian is coming back from Austria on Friday, we're not looking to go terribly early, but likely around 9 or 9:30am, run for 2 hours and then eat at Bagel Place. I know some of you just ran there recently, but it'd be great to have a coming together of city runners. Email me if you would like some more details ( ~ Ryan

Monday, August 18, 2008

Super Saturday

Does anyone want to get together on Saturday for a lowkey trials watching session? I'd rather watch at someone's pad than a bar (no sound, small TV). I am happy to open up my place and HD TV, cook some pasta and drink a couple beers. Nothing crazy as some of us (not me) have races the next day.

The schedule on Saturday includes the Men's Marathon LIVE, men's 5k, men's 800 and women's 1500m. It's a SLAM DUNK night for track.

8:00pm is when the action starts.

Bad Moon Rising

When there is a full moon (like there is tonight), you can bet Chris Bain is running under it. He loves full moons...hell, I bet he's out running right now.

Workout Wednesday

To Whom It May Concern:

Jake Klim, Patrick Murphy and I cordially invite you to a workout this Wednesday evening, August 20, 2008.

Festivities will start promptly at 6:30 from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Bethesda, MD.

Activities will include 3-4 x 2-mile @ 10-mile/HM pace, featuring 1/2-mile jog recoveries. The venue will be the historic and scenic Capital Crescent Trail. Now a popular recreation destination, the trail was once a major commercial artery for the Washington, DC region, serving as a railroad line between Georgetown and Silver Spring from its construction in 1910 until its discontinuation in 1985.

Please RSVP at or, as an alternative, send dispatch to

Warmest Regards,

John Patrick Reaves


I have enjoyed watching the Olympics. All of the athletes for all of the sports are so dedicated and passionate and simply inspirational. Phelps aside, I have enjoyed seeing Bolt dominate the 100, Bekele and the Ethiopians do their thing with the 10,000 and have even gotten into Badminton.

Its too bad about Lagat in the 15oo and what about Kastor in the marathon. What happened to her foot? How tragic.

The REDEEM team thing is a little silly, I think. The US has always had the best talent for B-ball but for some years they let arrogance and a sense of entitlement get the best of them and simply got out-hustled by less talented international teams.

Seeing LeBron do two handed swats and Chris Bosh and Josh Howard control the interior tells me their minds are in it this year and the US will win gold.

Yesterday we had a nice little group at Difficult Run. We saw Samia Akbar(near Olympian) and some other goddess-like athletes running about.

peace out

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dual Ferries at 9 AM

For the Dual Ferries long run tomorrow, meet at the Edwards Ferry parking lot at 9:00. We'll probably get going around 9:15. Click the link below for directions.

View Larger Map

Our own Nostradamus

Peter had called Flannagan for bronze. Congrats Peter. His next big call is Lagat medaling in both 5k and 1500.

Perhaps if we rub his belly he can predict more answers? oh wait... perhaps he'll grant us three wishes instead...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have received some questions about the various group runs posted on the blog. All of these are good questions and thus, I suggest people provide some context for all group runs they are organizing and offering up.

For example, the Saturday run from the store is open to all runners of any ability. The purpose of the Saturday run is to have runners of different abilities meet, socialize, share running secrets and explore some of the nice running routes in Georgetown. The distance run is anywhere from 7-10 miles and 6:40-10 minute per mile pace. Upon conclusion of the run, people are more than welcome to meet and hang out at the store, get breakfast, etc.

Regarding the Difficult Run, run on Sunday, the run takes place out in Great Falls and is on trail and hills. We will run at moderate pace, 6:40-7 minutes per mile and go for 10-12 miles.

Those who want to run faster or slower are more than welcome.

For those who are leading other runs, perhaps you can provide some context as well so others who go to the Blog no whether the run might be suitable for them.

Peace out

YO 2

I am leading a run from the Chevy Chase store this evening at 7pm. I plan on exploring the streets of Chevy Chase for if and when I ever get married and want to settle down. Nice little neighborhoods and good schools, too boot.

Any and all are welcome.

Easy pace and good conversation.

Locale is 4461 Willard Ave( 5 minute walk from Friendship Heights Metro)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saturday Run, Option B

Following in Max's democratic footsteps I am offering an alternative to the store run on Saturday: ~12 miles, Difficult Run @ 9 am. It's one of my favorite places to run in the summertime and I'll be missing it on Sunday due to the Dual Ferries loop. I want to take advantage of the refreshing water as much as I can while it's still hot out...

RACE REPORT – Falmouth Road Race

I journeyed back home to Cape Cod, MA on Friday for some much needed R&R and a chance to strut my stuff at the Falmouth Road Race. The FRR, now in its 36th year, was originally a pub-to-pub race (ie – how fast can you run from bar #1 to bar #2). The race eventually caught the attention of bigwigs like Shorter, Rodgers and Salazar in the late ‘70/early ‘80s and now it is arguably (I think?) the biggest/most popular race (11,000 runners) in New England sans of course the Boston Marathon (fact check needed). I hadn’t run Falmouth since 1999, but before then had a 4 year streak in which I ran progressively faster each summer as I matured and my training got better. I was excited for this “Homecoming” and hoped to really run well. My training has been going great but my racing has been sub-par. I seem to be wussing out when the going gets tough and not pushing when there is no one around to push me. I hoped to change that at Falmouth.

I arrived at the starting line super early (buses shuttle you to the start and I’d rather get there early than wait in long lines later and muscle my way onto a bus). I sat down in the shade and proceeded to stretch for 45 mins before heading out for a warm-up. The sleepy town of Woods Hole was filled with running celebrities like Meb, Fernando Cabada, Jon Rankin, James Carney, Ed Moran and Boaz Chemboiyo. Surprisingly I saw a number of DC-area runners and friends including Michelle Sikes, Rod Koborski, Matt Ernst, Scott Munro, Mike Fleg and even some of the PACERs (they even follow me on my vacation!). I ran a 3 mile warm-up and chatted with some others I knew from yesteryear and then got ready for business. My goal had been to break 36:00 for the 7+ mile race and one of the top 20 Americans. My PR as a 19 y/o was a 38:22.
The course rolls along some solid hills for the first 2 miles and then levels out as you run along the beach before running up the “big hill” just 600m from a downhill finish under a ginormous American flag. Falmouth is definitely one of my most favorite race courses. The winding roads, the up and downs and of course the sandy roads that roll along the sandy beaches all make for a beautiful course. In addition, the spectators are top notch.

The “go” word was finally given and the crowd of thousands poured over the grated drawbridge and towards Falmouth Heights some 7 miles away. I had a great start and pushed up through the crowd towards the first hill. I passed about 50 people in the first 800m and really worked the hills (both up and down). I tried to key off of PACERS Robert Wade and kept him in my sights ahead of me. I had no idea how fast I was going but it “felt” right. I hit mile 1 in 4:59 (a bit too fast and ahead of schedule) and surged up the hill into the second mile. I had forgotten how rolling the course was but it really broke up the monotony of a flat race. Many of the DC-area races are fairly flat and I usually fair well on hills, so I was happy to have as many as I did. I hit mile 2 in 10:08 (5:09 – my planned race pace) and felt really good. Unfortunately I was all alone (and had been since mile 1) and spent my time chasing after Wade, Pete Gilmore and the rest of their 4 or 5 man pack ahead of me. Eventually their pack split apart and I chased down one of the guys who fell off sometime in the third mile. I hit mile 3 in 15:26 or so and tried to get myself to surge the flats. The route along this beach section was quite hot. There was a tailwind and the sun was really beating down on the runners. It wasn’t very hot outside (high 70s) but the asphalt/beach/sun/no wind combination made it feel worse than it was. I soon passed Gilmore who was throwing up in the sand along the side of the course (I didn’t know it was him until I chatted with him after the race). I kept grinding away but I would catch myself falling asleep out there and kept needing to remind myself I was in a race. I hit mile 4 in 20:44 and knew I was in trouble. My wheels were coming off as was evident in my positive splits. Push, push keep pushing damn it – I kept telling myself. I told myself that I was failing yet again, but then would argue back that I still had time to run well, but that I had to bury the negative thoughts (a battle between the angle and devil over each of my shoulders). The course was now pancake-flat and I had no excuses. I hit mile 5 just over 26:00 minutes and again tried to surge. I caught one other guy but then Gilmore came blazing back by me. I tried my best to go with him but his legs were rolling at a different speed. Mile 6 was hit in 31:29 (my 10k PR) and I got passed again (ouch!). Again, I tried to go with him and this time was a bit more successful. We curved our way back towards the beach and then began our climb up the “big hill”. I ran the hill quite well (evidence that I wasn’t going as fast as I should have during the last 2 miles) and then hammered my way towards the giant US Flag (further evidence I hadn’t used up my battery). I staggered across the finish and immediately grabbed an ice cold water from a fan then a bag of ice from the medical tent which I rested on my head like a strange hat.

I ended up coming in 32nd (19th American) with a time of 36:46…well off my goal. My goal time might have been a bit ambitious, but I was disappointed (again) with how I got “soft” mid-race. Regardless of competition, I need to learn to get tough when the going gets tough.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good News!

New study: running slows the aging process. I guess this study is more relevant to Max than anyone. Ok, I'm done with my cheap shots ;-)



I have to start the Saturday run at 8:15 this week because I have to be back at the store early to make sure it is open and staffed by 10am. If people can plan to be at the store at 8:ooish it would be much appreciated. This way we are sure to leave by 8:15 and I can be back in plenty of time.

Also, I know there is the famous Dual ferry loop run that many are going to. I encourage people to try it out.

Contrary to my own advice that I freely lend people, to only offer up one Sunday run, I will be going to my favorite spot, Difficult Run in Great Falls, to do 10-12 miles of hills on the soft trails. I need to be back by 11OO so 8am is the start.

Anybody is more than welcome to come. We meet at the G-town store at 7:30am.

Peace out

Monday, August 11, 2008


Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Half Marathon

This is a race that is directed by Jay Wind(best running name of all time).

There is prize money and such. The race is September 1st on the rolling and deadly Mt Vernon Trail in Alexandrea. Could be used as a tempo.

Let me know if interested.



ten miler on August 24th is a great race

Like Riley's and Leesburg, I have done this many times. Its a jewel. Located near historic Fredericksburg, it offers a beautiful rolling course in scenic rural VA.

After the race there is a pool party and all in all, a great time.

The race takes place the same day as the Annapolis ten miler. I know Pat and Pat and Chris are doing that one. Not sure who else, though.

It would be great to have a squad head up there and run it. Let me know in advance.

Peace out

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leesburg 20K Race Photos

Thanks Sara for taking all these pictures!


Today, the Georgetown Running Company race team went out to do Battle at the Leesburg 20 and 10K in historic Leesburg. As was usual custom, we woke up at the crack of dawn and made the pilgrimage to one of my favorite races in the area.

The typical cast of characters were lingering about pre-race including Mike Wardian, James Moreland, Derik Thomas, Betty Blank, and hoards of other familiar faces I have come to recognize over the years.

Though still trying(seems like forever) to get back into race shape, I was not going to miss this race. Its kinda like Riley's Lock for me. No matter what, you go out and be a sport and run.

Participating in the effort for the GRC was Chris Bain, Bill Askey, Murphy, Nate Timm, a visiting runner from Italy, Paulo Natali, Melissa and myself. Today, the weather was perfect as there was no humidity and the temperature must have been around 80 for the duration of the race.

Prior to the race, we did our little pre-race run and headed to the start. When the gun went off, everyone took off and it was on.

Personally, I decided to try and run 6-6:10 pace as that is the kind of shape I am in. So, without so much as losing any really sweat I simply kept the same pace the whole race. No watch and no stress just nice and comfortable. The only time I tried to push the effort was when the leading woman caught me at mile 10 or so. I decided to try and push her and we ran together for a mile or so but she was running hard and I let her go. Though my time was average. 1:16., I am ok with it as my legs are tight but not dead.

Aside from me, however, the rest of the team did great. Bill and Chris must have run one of their best races to date. Bain came in 4th in 1:09 and Askey played a brilliant stroke by sitting behind two Team Blitz guys, Bert Jacoby and George Ingham until the end, where he used a powerful kick to zoom past them in 1:10. Murphy did the Murhpy thing and Nate Timm ran really well, too. As usual, Tanner was right up there with the leading women.

As for the 10k, our visiting Italian Stallion, Paulo, used his talent alone to muscle out a 2nd place finish in 32 and some change.

After the race we cooled down and had fun and smiled at life.

Life is short and moments are to be cherished.

I am at the Chevy Chase Running Company store now doing my retail thing. If you want to come on by and say hi, buy some new shoes, etc. please feel free.

Peace out

Friday, August 8, 2008


If you are relatively healthy, running wise, I suggest you get a massage on a bi-weekly basis. Compare it to something like going to the dentist for a tooth cleaning and scraping. Its preventative care on an item, in this case the legs, that are constantly being abused/used(just like the teeth)

Since you all run 1 million times more than the average human you owe it to yourselves to spend the $$$$$$$$ and invest in this little but very important maintenance item.

If I had it to do all over again, i would have done them religiously when I was on my game and feeling the groove.

Water under the bridge now.

peace out

Difficult Resist!

Dear GRC,

I will be going to Difficult Run for a 10-12 mile cruise on the regular hilly trail there on Sunday morning.

Map Here

I live right across the key bridge from the store. I will leave at 8:00 AM and plan on starting the run at around 8:30. Let me know if you want a ride from near the store by e-mailing me ( or just post your contact info here (space is limited to the first four respondents.....if there are any respondents). ALSO! I will bring a couple watermelons and a big knife to cut them with in order to gorge ourselves post-run.


Sunday Long Run-Lock 5

I plan on running 20 miles starting at 8am from Lock 5/Milepost 5. This route is a modified out and back so you could easily run as short as 12 miles with company if you are not looking to go the full distance.


View Larger Map



I say this after just finished speaking with my friend Susannah Kvasnicka who, is recovering from significant back surgery for a herniated disk. Susannah, like many of the top runners in the area, ran for years at a high level, with various ailments. There was always something. The hamstrings, the feet, the back, etc. Through the years she went to every specialist in the area whether it be a massage person, Chiro, PT, Podiatrist and the list can go on. Each of these specialists had the answer and none at all, so to speak. In their minds they had the answer and it proved to be brain candy for Susannah as well as for other runners I know as well, including me.

I could name a list of other runners who have or are going through such bouts with trying to find the right remedy for ailments and battle wounds one gets from running hard. But why bother.

In the end, I really do not think there is a silver bullet medical remedy to protect one from the wear and tear.

I recently had a lengthy conversation with two highly accomplished Russian runners. In their youth, they could run like deer and recover without any problem.

Now, the only way they can run at all is to take Bikram Yoga for one hr. everyday. They swear by it.

Lesson learned for me is to take bits and pieces from each of the doctors, specialists, healers, trainers, etc. out there and try to incorporate them into some recipe for success that works for you.

Fall Races

Can you please post in the comments below your (tentative) fall racing schedule from 8/30 until early November? I'd like to see which races have team competition and then see about getting a team entry for that race. If you can, please note in your reply whether your race has team competition. I would love to hear from ALL of you who run regularly with GRC. below is mine.

Kentlands 5k - 8/30
Nat'l Press Club 5k - 9/13
Philly Distance Run (13.1) - 9/21 TEAM COMP
Army Ten Miler - 10/4 TEAM COMP
After October 4 is unknown


PS - I am away this weekend and NEXT Saturday, but will return for the SUNDAY LONG RUN on 8/17. I was thinking of heading up to Whites Ferry for the "Dual/Duel Ferries Loop" - 10 mile run on dirt roads x 2 = 20 miles. It's a SLAM DUNK.

Thursday, August 7, 2008



Recently I received some news on Mighty Chuck Moeser. As some of you know, every summer he takes one of his kids on some sort of pilgrimage to a remote place or places. This year he took his son Lee on a cross country bike trip. From what I gather, they were doing great things and seeing mother nature at her best when Lee busted his leg on a run in the Grand Canyon.

As legend has it, Moeser picked him up, carried him out and threw him on a plane back home and continued on the quest. According to recent news, he is now going solo and was last seen on a mountain top in southern Colorado.

More to come


Though I am getting old and am in the mode of feeling sorry for myself, I still like to throw on the shoes once in a while and go for a jog:) With this in mind, someone will be at the G-town store on Sat to open it up for people to stuff their belongings there and get some water, etc. The run will probably be an easy to moderate effort in the Glover Archibald forest area. People can go at their own pace and just enjoy the run as they may.

I believe Robert might take the lead on finding a breakfast spot post run, though I am not 100%. I know Melissa is going Kayaking.

As for Sunday, perhaps Pat Reaves, Robert or someone else can select a spot for long run. The run can be for all abilities so long as people know what to expect up front in terms of distance and the route. If someone has a suggestion send it to comment section of the blog and folks can work it out as to what run to do.

Old man Max

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I plan to go kayaking in Georgetown after the store run on Saturday morning. Others are welcome to come along. Jack's Boathouse is located at the head of the Capital Crescent, on the Georgetown Waterfront. []
It's $10/hr or $35/day. I only plan to go for 2 hours at most... I got hooked on kayaking when I
was on vacation last week and need my fix. It's also a good workout for those of us with scrawny arms.


Are the two interchangeable/ married forever intertwined, etc?

My friend Wilson once told me that at the running camps in Kenya he went to, guys would begin the camp running 3 times a day. Hard, easy and very hard and then do it all over again. Day in and day out. Eventually, guys started to abandon the ship and retreat to the forest and simply say "no mas" running is not for me. The scenario is sort of like a survival of the fittest thing.

Wilson, like many, survived. As he would and always does say to me "Max, running is no joke. Sometimes you will feel like dying and so, be thankful that the run is done and you can run another day"


Some of my predictions. Others can add or chime in.

Ryan Hall upsets Martin Lel and wins gold(marathon)
Ritz comes in 4th(marathon)
Sell comes in 5th(marathon)
Ratcliffe wins providing she finishes without going lame(marathon)
Kara Goucher will medal
Haile G. upsets Bekele in 10000 as he bids farewell to competitive running.
Lagat gets gold.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Who does it and what is the benefit? Curious that's all. Plus, I think its an interesting topic for discussion. Since some of the folks on the team work like mad to improve, stay strong, etc. it might be interesting to hear the rationale behind your training methods. Please someone reveal, unless, of course, these matters are top secret.

On a personal note I went running with some cats on the Glover Archibald trail this eve. Soon we will have to start wearing headlamps out there as it was getting dark by the end of the run. We hammered as there was some national class Italian Steeple Chase guy along for the ride who just killed us.

Legs are now jello.

Monday, August 4, 2008

B-CC Track Workout Tuesday

A bunch of us are heading to B-CC tomorrow for a workout at 6:30pm. Early reports suggest a 2k/1k workout on the track. Reaves will post details below...I think.

4301 East-West Highway
Bethesda, MD 20814

Park at the high school or take Metro Red Line to BETHESDA...which is only 1/4 mile from the track.

Army 10-Mile

Anybody interested in an Army 10-Mile number? I am considering reshuffling my schedule and selling my number (the race is sold out).

The transfer has to be completed by this Friday, August 8th.

Drop me an email if you're interested...


I have had many people ask me about the true value of compression shorts. Personally, they provide me with some more compression/support around a sensitive or tight muscle that is on the mend or feeling off.

I am curious what others think about them, what experiences they have had and, if they like them, what brands they prefer.



we did sight an animal of similar like speed and deftness speeding down the trails like lightening. I assume most of you can determine who/what it was.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Authorities Take Photos Of Elusive Large Cat

Authorities Take Photos Of Elusive Large Cat

By Martin Weil and Clarence Williams
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, August 3, 2008; Page C06

Authorities have apparently tracked down the animal that prompted reports of cougar sightings at the University of Maryland. Or at least, they came close.

They managed to snap pictures Friday of an unidentified feline that, while not quite a cougar, seemed far larger than a standard house cat.

The Department of Public Safety at the College Park campus said it got surveillance camera pictures of a "large feline" at the edge of a wooded area where what was believed to be a cougar had been reported. In addition, the department said, a university police officer got to see the big cat close up.

The verdict, after consulting with the state Department of Natural Resources, was no cougar.

In its size and markings, the safety department said, the mystery cat appeared to be consistent with the Savannah cat, which it described as a hybrid of a domestic short hair and a larger African feline, known as a Serval.

According to a statement from the safety department, Savannahs can weigh as much as 35 pounds, and can be much bigger than house cats. Savannahs, the department said, have been called the Great Danes of the cat world.

As of last night, the Savannah, if that is truly what it is, remained at large.

It was not immediately known how it came to be in the area where reports of cougar sightings Thursday created a summertime stir on campus.

Ecuadorian Attacked in PG County

Robert Jarrin of Washington DC was attacked today during a long run near University of Maryland. Officials point to Gus and gels left along the trail as a cause of the attack.

"Just as we were finishing up our long run, we noticed something near our food stash." says Billy Askey of Columbia Heights. "At first we thought it was a black dog which we'd seen earlier along the trail."

"F*!$ing cougar" says Jarrin. "I worked hard for those energy packets, wasn't going to let some pussy cat eat all my food."

Based on the aftershots, not sure who came out on top. Jarrin did get his Gus though.

Saturday, August 2, 2008



I spoke to some of you today after the run about a club/team concept. Seems that there are enough folks interested in being part of a broader G-town Running Company club/team that it is worth making it official

Currently, we have a small race team comprised of some very talented and motivated runners. These runners are all trying to achieve outstanding times in various races that get them ranked in the open division in the local running scene. As a small reward for their effort, these runners receive some compensation in the form of shoes and gear.

For others who are equally passionate about running, who participate in the weekly training runs and want to improve fitness and race times, we are setting up a separate component of our club/team.

This will not be anything fancy and we cannot promise much in the way compensation but, by participating, we will formalize the relationship between you and the GRC club/team.

If you are interested in joining, please send me the following:


My e-mail is

Once we have compiled all of your information, we will send you an e-mail explaining what we expect from you and what you get for being an "official" part of the GRC club/team.

On a side note, I have run for three days in a row for the first time in months. Though I am tired, the legs feel more liberated than they have in over a year.

take care,


COUGAR HUNT - College Park (also known as "Greenbelt Park Long Run")

A few of us are going cougar hunting in College Park tomorrow.

It's not what you think.

We are, however, running in College Park, heading to Greenbelt Park. Since there have been some wildcat sightings in College Park this week--who knows?--we may see one. The run there is a 100% shaded 6-mile loop; the plan is to leave water, etc., at the start of the loop and take some at each lap. I know for sure that Bain and I are doing three laps.

Post on here or drop me an email if you want to join:

Here's the meeting place...a small access road where we can park:

View Larger Map

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cougar Hunting

No! I am not talking about Allen's party...

Apparently a cougar has been spotted running* around the University of Md.

*denotes connection to GRC blog

Story HERE